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    January 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
William Basford   Sarah Howes   Henery Howse   George Thomas Reeve   William Howes   Thomas Howse   Catherine Anslow   Frederick Howse   George House   Fanny Stanton   Mary Wakefield   John Howes   Sarah Howes   William Howes   Robert Howes   Richard Howse   Jane Howse   Donald Slipper Darby   Dorothy Fairbrass   Andrew House   Harry Howes   Ida Green   Emily Elizabeth Chizlett   Elizabeth May   Ada House   William Howes   James Howes   Martha Maria Howes   Harriett Howes   Grace Maud Pryer   George Boyce   Herbert Frank Simmonds   Frederick Henry Andrews   Sophia Elizabeth Cope   Edmund Howes   John Howes   William Cooper Howes   John William Hillyard   Athaliah Old   George Howes   Sophia Wells   Sarah Howes   Abraham Flook   Edith Ruby Howse   Alfred Howes   Jane Southgate   Harry Saunders   Robert Howes   Florence M Crowley   William Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Elizabeth Goodyer   Eva Harriet Howes   George Howes   Jane Howes   Thomas Sheppard   Richard Howes   James Howes   John Hill   Ann House   James Howes   Sarah Howes   Marjorie Ellen Austin   Charles Thomas Howse   Everett Freak   Ivy Miles   Isaac Howes   Elijah Ebenezer Howes   Annie Howes   Emily Beatrice Howes   Joseph Howes   John Frederick Harwin   Sarah Ann Howes   Florence Alice Read   Mary Howes   Charles Howes   Charles Howes   Annie Shott   Thomas Edwin Hicks   James Howes   Sarah Howes   Dorothy Howes   Henry Howse   Susanna House   Charles Howes   Henrietta Louisa Howes   John Howes   Charles W Howes   Frank Oliver Warren   Harriot Tipple Howes   James Howes   Charlotte Howes   Emily Howes   Mabel Elizabeth Howes   Samuel Howes   Jane Louisa Hyatt   Louisa Harriett Howes   Samuel Howes   Ann Howes   Fanny Howes   Charles Richard Howes   Sydney Charles Simmonds   Stanley Augustus Stringer   Richard Howes   Elizabeth Mary Howse   Thomas Riggs House   Dorothy Edith Thompson   Edward Moren   Stephen Groves Gidney   Rebecca Howes   Anthony Howes   Humphrey House   Hannah Bazeley   Minnie F A Golding   Sarah Howes   John House   Goss Christmas Howes   William Howes   George House   Robert Howes   Albert Howes   Levi Howes   John Howes   Albert Howes   Reginald John Howes   Mary Howes   Ann Howes   Selina Ann Howes   Frederick James Howes   Sarah Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Sarah Elizabeth Howes   John Howes   William House   Evan John Silverthorne   Sarah Hill   Jane Jordan   Elizabeth Sophia Howse   Charles Howes   James House   Frances Howes   Sydney Charles Birt   William Howes   Maurice K Heartfield   Eliza Thurston   John Howse   Ernest Lovell Simmonds   Richard Howes   Charles Henry House   Mary Howse   Annie Martha Howes   Charles Percival   Richard Albert Howes   John Howes   Maria Howes   Hannah Goulding   Maud Mary Pollard   Rebecca Howes   Stanley Howes   Sarah Ann Howes   Edmond Howes   Daniel Howes   Charles Bazeley   Charles House   John Howes   Esther Howse   Lydia Rose Tipping Howes   Arthur Norman Statham   Edith Mary Dummer   Maria Howes   Willy George Thomason   Sarah Howes   Charles William Howes   John Wright Thomason   Edward House   Winifred Eliza Jane Howes   George Henson   Henry Kirtland   William Henry Howse   James Howes   Henry Ostrom   Jane Rainbow   Edward Howes   William Albert Pitchers   Anne Howes   Sidney Howes   Joseph Hill   Frederick John Howes   Alfred Howes   William Cooper Howes   Sarah Ann Howes   Mary Howes   Samuel Howes   Elizabeth Thomas   Ann House   Elijah Howes   Samuel W Rogers   Marion Tibbets   Mary May   George William Howes   Anne Hows   Katherine Vere Window   George House   Barbara Sexton   Jane Maria Howes   Dorothy Howes   Frank Bernard Howes   George William Howes   Violet Kezia Howes   Martha Howes   Emeline Selina Kate Howes   Tabitha Howse   Charles Howes   Rhoda Howes   Samuel Howse   Alfred William Howes   William Howes   Elijah John Carr   John Howse   George Howes   John Thorn   Joseph Howes   Mary Ann Parish   John William Roberts   Rosanna Howes   George Massey Howes   Henry Hawes   Thomas Howes   Penry Howes   Robert Howes   Francis Howes   Caroline Julia Howes   Ambrose John Howes   Lucy Jane Howes   Thomas Howes   William House   Arthur Howes   Sarah Howes   Emily Annie Howes   Gladys Muriel House   Hollage Hows   Herbert Henry Cuell   Hannah Foster   Charles Frank Simmonds   Elizabeth Howes   Bethia House   Joshua James Howes   Robert Edward Howes   Richard Howes   John Howes   Mark Howes   John Howes   Thomas Howes   Bessie Maria Hardy   Harry George R House   Frederick Walter Crabb   Arthur Edward Badcock   Sarah Christina Bell   Sarah Dawes   Robert Henry Howse   Maud Rosina Blandford   Ethel M Payne   Albert House   Henry House   Martha Stickland   Catherine Ada House   Christine Margaret House   Francis House   Percy James House   John Douglas Whitehead Akers   Bertha Howes   Edward Sampson House   Evelyn Mary Bush   Deborah House   Thomas House   Thomas House   Ernest William House   Grace Meesham House   Maria House   William Howe   Ann House   Nathalie Beale   Frances Emma House   Mary Palmer   Emily Alberta House   Austin W Lawrence   Marion Frost   Frank House   Job House   William Charles House   Henry William Howes   William Howes   Nathaniel Churchill   William Lyth   William F Stockwell   Thomasin Howes   William Rix   Edgar Norville Hughes   Annie G Knight   James House   William Howes   Henry James House   Mary Ann House   Olive D Webster   Frederick James Knox   Thomas Barrington   Francis Henry House   Jane House   William House   William House   Mabel Florence Nicholas   Ernest Alfred House   John Francis Potter   Edith Henrietta House   Moses House   Ada Lilian Goodson   Albert House   Ivy May Whitlock   Alice Claxton   Ernest House   Lydia May House   Louisa Smith   Lizzie Payne   Sarah House   Elizabeth Emily Butcher   Mary Pierce   Frank George Howse   William George Giles   William Charles J House   Grace Victoria Britt   Bessie Louisa House   Ellen Emma House   Betty Georgina Mary Inman   Annie Edith House   Samuel Bertram Howes   Daisy Maria House   Joseph Howes   Jane Howes   Thomas Howes   Hannah House   Samuel Smith   Merrit L Taber   Allen McWilliam   George Howes   Minnie Beatrice House   Jesse Benjamin Sumners   Albert Henry Dyer   James Howes   Sarah Adeline Serell House   William John Fortune   Jane House   Emily House   Lilla House   Minnie Rose Kimpton   Elizabeth Mabel Sandy   James William Ford   Ellen Howes   Emily Harriet House   Charlotte Johanna House   Florence Howes   Edith G Harris   Alfred Edwin Howse   Elizabeth Mary Howse   Jesse Howse   Ellen House   Alice House   Ernest House   Frederick House   Emma House   George Tyso   Hylda M V Battcock   Sarah Howes   Harriet Howes   James Frederick Fowke   John Charles Welch   Sophia Howes   Charlotte Ann Howes   Mary Ann Leonora Howes   Cecil Herbert Howes   Gwendoline Helena Lucas   Samuel Howes   Lizzie Howes   Alice Maud House   Elizabeth House   Ada Wilkinson   Evelina Lauretta Greenaway   Elizabeth Kirton   Jane Howes   Ivy Dorothy House   Eveline Harriett Ridgway   William Riley   Doris Howes   William Howse   Lizzie Brown   Charles Brown   Frederick House   Sarah Howse   Florence M Howes   Emma Augusta House   William Howes   William Howes   Arthur Thomas Howes   Arthur William Howes   Violet Irene Howse   Charles Percy House   Thomas William Pocock   Catherine Mary Ann Howes   Albert Edward Field   Frederick William Howes   Charles Andrew Howse   Albert Edward Day   Hypatia Howes   Edward Collins   Mary Ann Collins   Sarah Ann Collins   William Francis Lee   Owen L Powley   Thomas Howes   Edith M Donald   William Arthur Howes   Leonard Richard Mark Howse   John Marriott Howes   Willie B Allen   Mary House   Florence Howes   John James Martin   Edward Howes   John Hodgson Howse Johnson   David Larkin   Henry S Carr   John Slater   Jennie Gray   Elizabeth Oliphant   Mary House   David Woodrow House   Sophia House   John Howes   Clarence House   Harry Hope Howse   Harry Pollard Howes   Harriet Greenwood   Herbert James Smith   William Henry Chapman   Walter Howes   Thomas Howes   Jemima Howes   Mary Elizabeth Howes   Mary Ann Reynolds   Phoebe Hunt   Howard C Howes   Charles Howes   Winifred Willsher   Alfred Howes   Swain Ward House   Swain W House, jr   Ada Louisa Howes   John Howes   Lemuel Howse   Hiram J House   Albert John Howse   Henry Ernest Howse   Thomas Elwood Howes   Charles Edouard Kay   Mary Ann Howes Tocque   Sarah Willby   Angelina Aggus   Thomas Tinsley   Catherine Louisa Howes   Anne Chinn   Anna Maria Howes   Martha Ann Howes   Michael John James House   Margaret Edwards   Floy L House   Virginia House   Elizabeth House   Fanny E D Lovelock   Sidney John Walter Howes   William Sidney Howes   Thomas O Howes   Julia Georgia Chandler   Samuel Smith Chandler   Pauline Pittman   Edward Victor Howse   Alice J Garry   Eliza House   Amanda L Howes   Sarah Howes   Charles Howes   Christiana Maud Howes   Florence Gaston Howes   Elsie Howse   George H House   Ernest Farrington House   Doris V A Lewis   Emma Howes   Albert H Perry   Victoria Elsie House   Mary Ellen Unknown   Kenneth Albert John Rich   William Howes   William George Lovell   Mary A House   Alice Howes   Minnie Lee Mayfield   Levi O White   Gertrude Annie House   Jane Howes   Marion Costilla Howes   Rose O'Brien   Anne Manning Howes   Mary Ann Howes   John Howes   Mary Howes   Sophia Elizabeth Howes   David R House   Robert Howes   David George House   George Malsom   Henry Odell Agutter   Rosa Beatrice House   Clara Emma Howes   Victoria Beatrice Dunford   Frederick Howes   James A Purnell   Emmeline Howze   Henry Baldry   Hannah Blyth   Charles House   Mary Anne House   John House   Alice House   Forrest John Bolton   Ethel Howes   William J Birth   Nellie Winifred Howse   Charlotte M Howes   Edward Rushton   Joseph Howse   Alice Smith   Alice Howes   Rose Annie House   Albert House   Helen Farr   Sarah E Shull   Thomas B Hows   Walter Frederick House   Robert Howes   Sarah Keturah Foster   Glydeth G Bowersox   Margaret Shields   Alice Elizabeth Howes   Leslie Ira Edgar Dicks   Charles Davis Hillard   Henry Coate   Sophia House Coate   Annie Elisa Hibbs   Elizabeth Booth   Sarah Jane Booth   George House   Lila Gertrude Hannah Howes   Evangeline House   Matthew Arnold   Catherine Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Christiana Swash   John Howes   Theodore Nathaniel Howes   Elsie Palfrey   Harry W Howes   Zelda W Howes   Dorothy M Coghlan   Henry Hewitt   John Winter   Alice Ellen Burt   Charles Brandon   Edith Mary Howes   Benjamin William Wallace   Violet Howse   Emily E Loader   Annie Smith   Virginia Cox   Anna House   William Pinkerton Howes   female Ostrander   Celia M House   George Lloyd   Celia Unknown   Hugh House   Bessie House   Virginia S Unknown   Claude W High   Ethel Louise Hartley   Lydia George   Edward Bulbrook   Ernest Charles Thomas Bunsell   Robert Thomas Howes   Jessie A F Howes   Charlotte Harman Howes   John Harman Howes   William Penry Howes   William House   Mary House   Harry House   Irene Williams   William Thomas Richardson   Sandra E Howes   Gwendoline Daisy Howes   Benjamin Franklin Howze   Robert Clark Howse   Lucy House   Robert Howse   Matilda Howes   Maria Franciska Brok   Leslie R J Shingles   Fanny Moore   Ann Maria Fisk   John Howse   Adelaide Reynolds   Francis George Edwards   Harriett Frizzell   Mary Elizabeth Howes   Richard James House   Christine E Ashley   Ernest Albert Thoms   Rhoda Beatrice Austick   Rosa Honor Wales   Augusta Howes   Alexander W Liddell   Hyman Sheechman   John M Fergusson   Fanning House   Margaret Howse   Marjorie Maguire Almond   Jordan House   Mary House   Charles Richard William House   Mary Ann Ayres   William Howes   Charles Hodges   Katherine Howes   Elizabeth Poole   Leland L House   Martha Howes   Lyman C House   Ernest John Hambling   Hilda Isabella Cooke   Kathleen Gladys Stinchcombe   John William Howes   Margaret V Saxton   Clover Chloe Carber   Susan Steel   Ethel Mary Bradley   James S Hilend   C Jennie Hilend   Cyril Frank Baldwin   Blanchard O Bliss   Edward Sylvester Howes   Ethel B House   Olive Jane Miles   Lydia Abbey Miles   Lena Marion Guilford   Elizabeth Dewing   Vechel House   Harold House   Sarah Leonard Howes   Amie Trotter   Allie M House   Mary House   Maggie House   George L Howes   Claude Gifford   Jane Howse   Matilda Howse   William Howes   Jane Herbst   William Howes   Sarah A Meadows   Joseph Pigeon   Margaret V Saxton   Thomas George Crouching   Sarah Ann House   Harriet Rosina Payne   Francis Howse   Ruby Clara Howes   John George Farquhar   Kathleen Mary Hows   Sarah Ann Howes   Christopher White   Minnie White   Lila B House   Ann Goodrich   Britta Hollister   Asahel Hollister   Elizabeth Fox   George House   Vine Porter   Jesse House   Selah House   Elisha House   Elizabeth Howse   Philip Henry Howse   Theodosia O House   Mary Elizabeth Willis   Edwin Powell   Caroline Howes   Louisa Austin   William Dean   Jean Hows   Nellie Howes   John Howse   John Howes   Mary Howse   James Howse   Violet May Summerton   Elizabeth Fleming   Alice Eveline May Stevens   Emily Maria Arrowsmith   Lilian May Briggs   Sarah House   Roy Pennington   Benjamin Pennington   Rhoda J Martin   Fanny Lucy Howes   Ellen House   Richard Sheldon Stonehouse   Arthur Benjamin House   Eliza J Unknown   Judith House   Elmer Doyle House   Albert Richard Howes   Frederick Arthur Howes   Lionel House   Olive Ellen May Howes   John Howes   Marjorie Emily Stevens   John House   Elizabeth Nellie Howse   Wilfred Gordon Heath   Elizabeth Unknown   James Howes   Abraham Howes   Elizabeth Pain   Gladys Gertrude Howes   Jacob Howes   Eliza Frances Howes   Walter House   Minnie Lavinia Howes   Clarissa Vera Bond   Stella Maud Chart   Norah Alice Darken   Frederick Charles Freeman   Doris Annie Day   Harriet Maria Howes   Arthur Frank Howes   Jessie Minnie Howes   May Elsie Alice Howes   Paul H Lonergan   Reginald Harry Collins   Rachael Gosling   Joseph Howes   Margaret Hatch   Mary Anne Howes   George Howes   Maud Lilian Howes   Dennis Ronald Howes   William Clarke Howes   Emily May Hawkes   Joyce Howes   Elizabeth Ann Webb   Ethel Gladys Howes   Margaret Helen McArthur   Robert Sweeting   James Howes   Robert Howes   Leah Olive Howes   Frederick Alflatt   Ronald George House   Rose Lilian Howes   Elizabeth Watson   Herbert Frederick Howes   Harry Arthur Gardner   May Louise Howes   Richard Arthur House   Thomas Howes   Rebecca Howes   Amy Howes   Anthony Howes   Frederick Leonard Willis   George Boyce   John Howes   Mary Howes   Barbara Lombe Cooke   Alan Frank Charsley   William Howes   Philip Howes   George Howse   Henrietta Easter Howes   Kurt Martin Hoxter   Henry Howes   Percy George Arthur Howes   Henry Howes   William Howes   James Howes   Winifred Lucy Sedgwick   Annie Eliza Crump   George House   Ronald John House   James Howes   Albert Arthur Gibbons   Mary A Turner   James Howse   Amy Norman Howes   John House   Edgar Philip Keep   George Oliver Pickard   Rebecca Howes   Joseph Hill   Ada Dorothy House   Anne Howes   Frederick George Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Mary Howes   George James Peach House   Thomas Howes   Maria Howes   William Howes   John Howes   Harriett Goodings Howes   Norman Robb   Ernest Charles House   Hubert Lewin Howse   Hellen Palmer   Greville James Browne   Grace Louise Hutton   Kenneth George Howes   Eli House   James Clarke Howes   Alice Dorothy House   William Howes   Grace Evelyn Howes   Catherine Howes   Lily May Howes   Lilian Rose Gosling   Eileen Beryl House   Audrey Elizabeth Ruck   Marian Hampton   Albert James Pond   Olive Mary House   John Robert Howes   Nellie Lowe   Ursula Mary Flower Bull   Peggy Audrey M House   Alfred Frederick Howes   Isobel Mary Bowden   Maud Alice Howes   William Frederick Goater   Phyllis Winifred Howes   Helen Waneta Gowan   William House   John King   Willis House   Doris May Higgins   Sarah House   Thomas House   Jane Unknown   James House   Mary House   Neville John Howes   Emily Howse   Grace Adelaide House   Lily Violet Raggett   Edmund House   Alice Maud Hathaway   Wilfred Charles House   Harry Frederick House   Audrey Gaywood Fish   Freda Gertrude Gerner   Edith Cecilia House   Doris Elizabeth Howes   David Howes   William Whyburn Blackmore   Wilfred Herbert Howes   Frederick Embury Hamlin   Jessie Florence Howes   William Edward Brown Webb   John Henry Webb   Hannah Charlotte Webb   Roy Albert Wallington   Frederick George House   Edward Seymour Williams   Emily Fuller Howes   Marjorie A Wood   Lilian May Howes   Cecil Clifford Jesse Salter   Ivy House   Jane House   Edith May A Halsey   Margaret Irene Howse   Madge Howes   Lilian Charlotte Howes   William Charles V Howse   Marjorie Stella Howes   James William Howse   Edith Lilian Hodges   Ruby Eileen Cattermole   Bernard John Nicholson   Violet Maud House   William Frederick House   Eliza Pether   Hilda Dorothy Hirons   Charles Vernon House   Frank Stanley House   James Bertie Dugdale   Ida Iris Howes   Florence Ethel Howes   William James Howes   Sidney Stanley Dugdale   Ethel Maud Dent   Rosa Ellen Howes   Grace Howes   Sidney Albert Deverill   Edith Florence Hartwell   Norman Henry Howse   Albert Henry Howes   William Thomas Maynard   Ivor Leslie Schott   Arthur O'Dell Howse   George Howes   Elsie Gladys Edith Howes   John James Harman   William Watson Tripp   Florence Mildred Howes   Ronald Aynsley   Benjamin Gray Howes   Irene Howes   John Humphrey Howes   Laura Taylor Howes   Rosina Borthwick   Violet Lillian Borthwick   Derek Michael Neal   Muriel Telfer   Benjamin F Larkin   Owen Wild House   Mary Ann House   Walter Chantler W House   Rex Hull   Kenneth Pattison   Catherine House   David Woodrow House   Mattie May Leach   Minnie Edith Howes   Richard Edward Howes   Michael James Howes   Cyril William Howes   Eva Mildred Leathers   Lilian Violet Wisker   Jack Turvey Howes   Malcolm Arthur Stevens   Doris Adelaide Howes   Basil Charles Field   Bernard John H Field   Robert Fernley Howes   Harold Jack Thurston   George Howes   Martha Howes   Alice Fisher   Edna Doris Howes   Frank Henry Howes   John Howes   Nancy Mabel Evans   Ivy Maude Helen Howes   Louisa Howes   Joan Dorothy M Howes   Olive May Howes   Victor Charles Howes   Evelyn Joyce Myhill   Maurice Filtness   Kate Howes   Ellen Maud Bolley   Thomas Donald Howes   Marjorie Elizabeth Moore   Albert Ronald Howes   Phyllis May Howes   Albert W Lock   Winifred B Dyde   Patricia Irene Townshend   Enoch James House   Harriet Florence Blake   Harry Ellis Howes   Stanley Frank Howes   Bessie House   Martha Lydia House   Lilian Violet Howes   Ethel Emily Howes   Alfred James Howse   Reginald George J Howes   Ada House   Charles Eric Kitchener Howes   Nora Howes   Edna May V Thompson   Irene Joanna Howes   Douglas George Howse   Edith Mary Walford   Nadine Betty Hillier   Grahame Trevor House   John Edmund House   Lily Violet House   Alfred Howse   Clifford Howse   Roy Cyril Brundell   Mary Avis Frances Howes   Muriel Emily Howes   Kathleen Jessie Howes   Walter John House   Leonard George Howes   Dorothy Theresa Brunner   Stanley Girling House   Edgar Spendlove House   Vera Joan Giles   Stanley Alfred Oxley   Beatrice Howes   Sylvia Howes   Franciszak Menzfeld   Gita R Richter   Daisy Missouri Mayes   Dorothy Gwendoline Townshend   Reginald Arthur Sayer   Percy H Sayer   Gladys Irene House   Winifred Harris Pankhurst   Harry Clinton Howes   Winifred Annie House   Frances Kathleen House   Clifford George House   Roger James Howes   Beryl Edith Howes   Doris May Blow   Janet House   Dorothy Eileen House   Leonard Arthur Howes   Evelyn Jane Robins   Ruby May Carter   Doris Constance Howes   Ellen Howes   Reginald Wilfred Howse   Dennis Alfred Meadows   Reginald Victor Howes   Frederick John Trasler   Joyce Lilian Howes   Richard Deck Grice   William Ewart Brind House   Beatrice Ellen Cantillon   Albert Herman Kogel   Ronald George Howse   Dorothy May V Collett   Nancy Sylvia L Howse   Iris Joan Howse   Ronald Mervyn Brown   Rosina Sophia A House   Doris Beatrice N Neal   John Harvey Milton   Hilda Mary House   Jack Purslow Elsden   Joseph Howes   Frederick Hawkswell Dickinson   Minnie Florence Dix   Ethel Kate Allen   Maud Beatrice House   Albert Edward Silcocks   Fredericik William Cording   Edna Richardson   Bayne Howes   George C House   Charles House   Robert Andrew House   Joan Margaret West   Thomas Walter House   Sarah Howse   Cissie Newton   George Henry Nelder   John Robert Garrod   Bob Joffre Howes   Dorothy Jessie Foot   Laurence House   Amy Morgan Howse   Anna Blanche Howze   Florence Henrietta Spendlove   Cyril Andrew S House   Lily Clarissa E Howse   Unnamed Howes   Ernest Frank Ward   Patricia S Crawford   Winifred Hale Brown Cruzen Hay...   William Douglas Garner   Marjorie G Howes   Alan George Howes   Eva Schofield   Phyllis Irene Shaw   Raymond Eric House   Amelia Elizabeth Jane Smith   Phyllis Maud Tedds   Joseph George House   Olive Margaret Howes   William Percival House   Thomas Challis House   Leonard Richard Sadler Howes   Darrell David L Guyver   Rosa Howse   John Howes   female Ostrander   Ivy A Dillon   Albert Sheargold   Geoffrey Cecil Carefull   Gordon Thomas Rostance   Alice Emily Weond   Violet Goodman   Kenneth Henry Carruthers   Gladys Emily Jennings   Frederick Charles House   Henry Kington   Grace Winifred Smith   Maurice Frank House   Harry House   Irene Alberta Fielding House   Ernest Henry Colley   Lambert Howes   Kenneth Samuel J Bristow   Raymond William Howes   Marion E Howes   Ellen Waite   Clara Dias Howes   Audrey Margaret Hirst   Kenneth Edwin Kemp   Hazel Gwendoline Howes   Neville E Staples   Stanley Ernest Howes   Jessie Elizabeth Beresford   Mildred Howes   Mary Cockcroft   Terrence Norman Howse   Florence Hilda Adamson   Cicely Eva M Hambidge   Doris Maud Woodrow   Dorothy Elizabeth Child   Stanley Alexander G Howes   Doris Louise Chambers   Richard William Yarrow   Reginald Gaskin   Thomas Percy Howse   Frederick W House   Elsie Grace House   Beatrice May House   Kathleen Violet Jones   Nora Phoebe Frost   Frank Claud Sutton   Rosamund Irene Howse   Abigail Benedict   Elsie Maude Oliver   May Jeanette Howes   Dorothy Joan Ringrose   Mary Violet Odlum   Ruth Shenton   Edna Mary Rushall   Raymond Arthur Goodman   Charles E Howes   Dorothy Olive Edwards   Joan M Hopkins   Kathleen Mary Nicholas   Darcy King   Annie Durham   John Leslie D Routledge   Kenneth Roland Leitch   Irene Maude Bryant   Ethel Willis   Kathleen Moore   Harris Cornelius Howes   Margaret Kirby   Sidney Quigley   Cyril William J Howes   Stanley William Howes   Dorothy Margaret Harbour   Cora Howes   Ivan Arnold   Herbert James Angell   Anthony Harold Ruff   Roland Alfred Howse   Terence Sidney Howes   Ronald Preston Howes   Amy Cecilia Smith   James Monroe House   John Langmead House   Marjorie Stracey Gibbs   Leslie John Selmes   Albert Ernest Howse   Charles Phillip Woolley   Constance Vera Howes   Margaret Mary Goddard   Olive Minnie Stapleton   Douglas Henri Howse   Gladys Lilian McIntyre   Margery Emily Lake   Dennis Ronald Biles   Willis Hall   Ida Beatrice Young   David Rankin House   Helena Selina Rose Owen   Dorothy May Miles   Amy Caroline Howes   Gerald Roy Clarke   Doris May Howse   John Henry G Price   Brenda Audrey House   Ethel Gwendoline Rose England   Edward Arthur House   Flossie Irene Buckle   Iris Mary House   Esther Alice Barnes   Raymond Albert Cook   Dorothy Mary Williams   Sylvia Ellen Hayman   Irene Grace Fisher   Ronald Richard Durnford   Sylvaline Bunty Sismey   Albert Arthur Vincent Howse   Doris Nellie Bird   William John Patrick   William George Palmer   Kathleen Joan Blackburn   Cyril Leonard Campbell   Harriet Maud Earney   Sidney L McVicar   William Bertie Card   Margaret Florence Dawes   Ada Elizabeth Stobie   Raymond Kenneth L Howes   Herbert J Wiseman   Elsie Rose Small   Gladys May Small   Coral Cecilia V House   Alan Victor Howes   Margaret Howes   Ellen Louisa Box   Leonard John Townsend   Douglas Dickenson   James Thomas Wardley   Daniel Gribben   Doris Irene Howse   Mary Ann House   George Robert Nunn   Nicholas Holman House   George Cyril Howes   Reginald Thomas H House   Rose Howes   Annie Elizabeth Ratcliffe   May Louise Bunce   Elsie Nora L Lewis   Brian Thomas Howes   Stanley Frederick Dermody   Leonard James Chambers   John Barwell   Jonathan Smith   Reginald Edward Albert Wood   Eileen Ivy Howes   Violet Ivy Hazelwood   Robert James Redding   Brian House   Clinton Albert Howes   George Dibben Luker   Gladys Edith Howes   Ada Emily Turner   William John Jeffrey   James Robert Neighbour   Edward Bernard Dunning   Esme Eva M Geering   Walter Howard Maskell   Florrie Davis   Marchant William Howse   Percy Stanley Westbrook   Robert Edward Howes   Leslie John Howes   Emily May Johnston   David Alan House   George House   Joan Southall   Elsie Elizabeth Bennett   William Frederick Howes   William Archibald F Dove   James Sydney Guyton   Robert Thomas Burgess   Ernest Fordham   Joy Ann Fulcher   Alfred James Stannard   Arthur Henry Smyth   Alan William Smyth   Doris Margery Finney   Brian Norman Plummer   Lionel Cecil Partlett   Dorothy Nellie L Howes   Clifford Frederick Valentine V...   Leo T G Smith   Violet Daisy Smith   Gerald Arthur Burch   Leslie John M Powell   Harvey House   Ethel Ella House   Ruth J Flanders   Maizie Snow   Kathleen L Beckett   Richard Edward Ranger   Millicent Kemp Taylor   Hannah Mary Howse   Leslie James Howse   Dorothy Burgoyne Manners   Dorothy Annie Godwin   Kathleen D Cuffley   Douglas John W Howse   Enoch Dole / Elizabeth Howes   Richard Thomas Howes / Maria P...   John Hyde Hall / Annie Helen H...   Herbert Cotgreave / Unknown Vi...   George Edward Bowden / Alice G...   James Frederick Benjamin Fry /...   Adam House / Hannah Seraphim   William Read / Emily Durden   Robert House / Christina Eliza...   Kimbal Howes / Lucy Taylor   Barnabas Wixon / Huldah Howes