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    March 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
William Edward Birt   Judith Howes   Caroline Howes   Ellen Howes   Anne Elizabeth Howes   Sarah Howes   Anne Howes   Sarah Howes   Alfred Ward   Benjamin Bazeley   Priscilla House   Edith Florence Hall   Frederick Warren   William Howes   Margaret Emily Messenger   Nathaniel D Fox   John Howes   Jane Howes   Cecil Stanley Howes   Thomas Howes   Robert Howes   Freeda Alice Smart   Richard House   James Cole Carvell   Emma House   William Arnold Howes   Mary Howes   William Stanton   Muriel Messenger   Rhoda Howes   Thomas Baker   Ann Howse   Francis Howes   Hannah Howes   Joseph Hodge Jackson   Susan Keziah Moss   Annie Elizabeth Mitchell   Sarah Howes   Victor Tulubieff Howes   Ann Howes   Gertrude Susan Birch   Anne Howse   Anne Hutt   Hannah Howes   Margaret House   Rose Gladys Howes   Nicholas Howes   Sophia Judd   Edith Kate House   Charles B Heartfield   James Howes   Anthony Howes   William Howes   Mary Howes   Jemima Bloy   Anne Howes   Stanley Royle   George Howes   John Thomas   Honor Howes   Emma Howes   Alfred Richard Howes   Florence Ellen Simmonds   James Howes   Harriett Howse   Lucy Howes   Hannah Maria Stanton   Frederick Charles Spicer   Mary Basford   Charles House   Seymour Howes   James Stearman   Annie Elizabeth Hillyer   John Walter Townley   John Robert Howes   William Callow   Alice Howes   James Howes   George Wells   Joseph Hunt   Anne Phillis Howes   Nellie Howes   Joseph Howes   Doris Ethel Carvell   Charlotte Howes   Harry Garlick May   Robert Howes   Henry Howes   Sydney James Cope   Henry Edward Gabriel Howes   William Howes   Augusta Annie Stanton   Walter Howes   Florence Birch   Richard Howse   Catherine Thorneycroft   Stephen Howse   Daisy Warren   Matilda Howes   Julia Howes   female Howes   Charles Howse   Clifton Sidney Mason   Richard Kirtland   Sarah Thorneycroft   Green Howes   Elizabeth Lawrence   Henry John Howes   Amy Heartfield   James Howes   John House   Mary Ann Chilvers   Robert Howes   Isaac Howes   Daisy May Carvell   Edith Mary Howes   Harold Henry R Want   Susan Howes   Thomas Reeve   Sarah Howse   Christian Howes   Gerald Fountain Howes   Owen Jones   Frank Albert James House   John Henry Howes   Louisa Howes   John Howes   Eugene Basford   Maria Howes   Alfred Codd   John Howes   Ellanor Howse   Charles House   Edward Groves Gidney   Mary Howes   Mary Jane Howse   Lazarus Howes   Sarah Vincent Howes   William Carvell   Harriet Kindle   Fanny Jordan   Ada Emily Birch   Samuel Howes   Ethel Warren   Frederick Charles House   Mary Anne Howes   Elizabeth Nippred   Ann-Basford Brampton   Annie Maria Cope   John Howes   Jason George Howes   Harriet Goodings   Ellen Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Sarah Lock   Hannah Carvell   Annie Laura Howes   Kate Amelia Messenger   Daniel Howes   Horace Frank Willis   Elizabeth Joan Howse   Adnah Howes   George Parker   Richard Moulder   Ann Howes   William James Cook   Edith Stanton   William Howes   Thomas O Hall   Elizabeth Hows   John Stanton   William Howes   William Howes   William Howes   Joseph Howse   Mary Ann House   Anna Rebecca Howes   Agnes Martha Dennett   Herbert Ernest Howes   Thomas House   Sarah Howes   Sarah Howes   Francis Harold Ward   John House   Hetty Lilian Farrer   John Bloy   Rosa Margaret Reeve   Florie Howes   Agnes Howes   William Hows   Hannah Basford   George Howes   Eleanor Elizabeth Marshall   Lydia Myhill   William Howes   Walter Bruce   John Howes   George Howes   Richard Howse   Susan Howes   Ivy Warren   Henry Hill   Kezia Caroline Howes   James Raynes Howes   Mary Howse   Elizabeth Howes   John Millington Howse   Lilian Ethel Bloy   Matthew Howes   Susan Ann Wiley   Lydia Carvell   Mary Lizzie Stanton   Mary Howes   James House   Emanuel Bazeley   Frederick William Howes   Elizabeth House   Ethel Howes   Sarah Basford   Anthony Howes   Robert House   Mary Ann Harriet Howes   William Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Pleasance Howes   Fanny Howes   Ephraim Howes   Abigail Parsons   Ann Howse   Amy Carvell   Frederick George Howse   Ann Whiley   Elizabeth Howes   Leah Maria Howes   Thomas Carey   Mary Howes   Ruth Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Philip Howes   Edith Harriet Hall   George Carvell   George Robert Howes   Mary Howse   James Clarke Howes   Richard Howes   Edith Elizabeth House   Sarah Ann Stanton   Fred Austin   Eliza Cowley   Sarah Howes   John Howes   Thomas Howes   Thomas Howes   Dorothy Muriel Howes   Ann Howes   Hannah Hill   Jack Wells   Mark Howes   Samuel Howse   Jane House   Thomas Howse   David Howes   George Bullock   William Howes   Arthur George House   Emily House   George Robert House   James House   William House   Louisa Susannah Ann House   Daisy May House   Muriel Evelyn Florence Howell   Bessie Jane Marks   George Richard Bedding   Annie Bessie Mary House   John J Meek   Grace E Knott   Emma Stokes   Hilda Lilian Hows   Gordon L House   Mary Ann House   Stephen House   Charles House   Thomas George Mullett   William House   Hannah House   Harriet Howe   Henry William House   Philip Metford Frost   Henry Allen House   Kate Howse   Annie Hill   Emma Howes   Catharine Howes   Harriet Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Philip Howes   Gilbert Norville   Fred House   Sidney George Page   Charles Robert John House   Sydney Ralph Vine   Edith Amy House   Robert James Barrington   Walter Charles House   William House   Madonna Daisy L K A Field   Stephen House   Caroline House   female Emmett   Norman Ernest Broomfield   un-named Humby   Frances House   Edith Frances Hann   George House   Thomas House   William Henry House   Haywood Yarbrough   Joseph Hartley   Emily House   Frances Eliza Glasbey   Edgar W Harper   Samuel Howes   William George House   Seth D Taber   James Howes   Emmeline House   Francis James Abbott   Dorothy Groves Newton   Albert James House   Beatrice Mary House   Ernest C Atkins   William Edward Brown Webb   Hannah Charlotte Webb   Florence Howes   William House   Ernest John House   William House   Kenneth House Ayliffe   Elizabeth Howes   Doris Luckett   Virtue Howes   Ann Howes   John Manning Howes   Francis Ambrose Lucas   Edward A Howes   Jonathan James House   Charles William Evans   Edith Violet House   Sarah Ann House   Blanche Caroline Louise Howse   Lauretta Harriet House   William Thomas House   Edward House   James House   Charles George Howse   Female Killmaster   Elizabeth Howes   Esther Elizabeth Howes   Alberta Emily Oliver   William Edward Howse   Jesse Howes   William Alan Howes   Effie Howse   Robert Howse   Richard Joseph Howse   Mary Howes   Annie Phyllis House   Harriet Howse   Emma Louisa Parsons   Bertie Radford   Mary Ann House   Robert E Leggett   Winifred Alice Busby   Kate Jones   Elizabeth Howse   Richard Howse   Nellie Howes   Phyllis Howes   Margaret Elmyra Howse   Thomas Howes   George Alfred Knight   Dinah Mason   Harold W K Hughes   Deette Victoria Lacy   Charles William Lee   Claxton W Lee   Mary Alice O'Connor   Adeline Aletta Powley   George Powley   Ellen Maude Spilling   Daisy Violet Thrower   Anna Ann Todd   John William Howes   Gladys Mabel Law   Ruby B O House   Mary Ann Howes   Sarah Howes   Robert Howes   Charles Herbert Howes   Winifred Montie House   William Robert James Howes   Charlotte House   Elizabeth Eygabroat   Julia Ann Hows   Cora S Carr   Frances House   Mary J Brauer   Nicholas Stark   Edith Mabel Howse   Ernest Howse   Howard Pellatier   Mildred Pellatier   Harriet Pellatier   Robert Arthur Carrington Howes   Emmila Howes   John Nunnally Howes   John Howes   John Cott Howes   Memory House   Charles Gilson Howes   Louis Chamberlain   Arthur Henry Neave   Betty House   Albert James Howes   Eliza Howes   James Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Robert Arthur Massingham   Fred Howes   Viola Unknown   Parmelia House   Thomas Reginald Fickling   Ann Norton Jacobs   Albert Frederick Howes   Unnamed House   Nancy House   James Lloyd Howse   Leonard Walter Dowton   Selina Mary Benest   William H Howes   John William Howse   Olivia Hannah Howes   James Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Mary Ann Humphries Howes   Herbert Frederick Howes   Ida L House   Ellen Pearl House   Frank Bailey   Sidney William Gadbury   John Thomas Howes   Ann Chambers   Walter Sidney Howes   Edwin Clack   John Howes   Henry C Cooper   Catherine C Cooper   Brice Chandler   Harrell Chandler   Emma Howes   John Oswald McKenzie Howes   Eliza Howes   John Thomas Howes   Martha Howse   Agnes Maud House   Ann Elizabeth House   Isabella Howes   James G McDowell   Albert Hall   Florence May Robson   Gladys Gertrude A House   John William Hunter   James L House   Mary E Unknown   Mary L House   Harriet Chase   Ernest Thomas Cobbold   William Howes   Sarah House   Albert G Perry   Eliza Maud M House   Lillian A Gardner   George Gert Gauntlett   Joseph Hubert Howes   Beatrice Bertha Howes   Calvin White   Mary Anne Howes   Maude Mary House   Alfred David House   William Howes   William Howes   John Sayers Howse   Ruth Alice Rhodes   John Howes   Wallace Dermot Young   Minnie Fifield   Desire Howes   Norah Messenger   Alan Tuffley   Arthur Wellesley Howes   Alfred House   Thomas House   Arthur Henry House   Frederick John Burris   Judith Howes   Benjamin Howes   Lydia House   Walter Halliwell   Harriet Fox   Mary House   Stanley Howes   William Howes   James Howes   Henry J Howes   Nancy Howes   Thomas Ernest Berrisford   Alice Hornsby   Emma Howes   Hannah Elizabeth Clarke   William Henry Howes   Luella M Howes   Thomas Howse   Elizabeth Howse   John A Hows   Mable D Singleton   Oliver C Atyeo   Kate Eliza Blyth   Elizabeth Howse   Annie Mumford   Elizabeth Lowe   Jane House   James House   John House   Samuel House   Ann House   Evelyn Maud Katie Howes   Joseph Benjamin Boast   Albert Coghlan   Lacy May Howze   David Burchard Howse   Edward Everett Howes   Daisy Georgina Quarrell   Joseph Daniel Nichols   Stanley M Brandon   Maria Brandon   Minnie Eliza Howes   John Howes   Wilfred George Randle   Alfred Thomas House   Carrie A Marsh   Mary Ann House   Margaret Trageser   May Knibb   Loyal House   Doris Paul   William Taylor   Cecil Wills   Winnifred Konkle   Joseph Henry Howes   Ernest J House   Thomas James Broomhall   Baby Davis   Gertrude E Hewett   Sidney Jackson   Horace Noble Courtney   Joseph Stanley Teasdale   Winifred May Howes   John House   Benjamin House   Thomas House   Elizabeth Langley Howse   Nellie Phipps   Leonora Tonks   Herbert N Howes   Bessie Annie Young   Frank Page   Kate Louisa Finlayson   Stewart L Howes   Alice Lilian Foreman   Archibald George Lamb   Leslie Alfred Link   Thelma Howze   Emma Howze   Unnamed Clarke   Miriam Youngs   Walter Ladbrooke   Hannah Howse   Elizabeth Howes   Edward Andrews   Stephen Andrews   Emma Maud Andrews   Eleanor Jane Howes   Un-named Johnson   Isaac Tattersall   Thomas Winson Howes   Joseph H Howse   Mary House   Sarah E Oakley   Charles House   Edward House   John Howse   Harry Barnard   Sarah Jane Barnard   Raymond House   Harman Howes   Frances Anne Howes   John Harman Howse   John Millington Chambers   Ann Chambers   Mary Anna Millington   William Poole   Isaac Howes   Harriett Howes   Fred Wilkinson   John William Bradley   Hannah Howes   Alfred Strutton   Annie Lee Shaver   George T House   Maudie House   Dorothy M Howe   Marguirette House   Gerald John Howes   Banton House   Lorenzo D House   Martin H House   Nancy A House   Susanna Dewing   Rose H Howes   Morjorie May Harris   John T House   Harriott Howse   Viola Ruby   Anne House   Ann House   Thomas Howes   George V House   Walter Blake   Ann House   Newton House   Artelia House   Artelia Howze   Gillmore Emig   John Howes   Mary Howes   Eva House   Clara Howse   Harry A Howes   Annie E Smith   George House   Ethel Lucy Howse   Jefferson Carson House   Ann House   Ruth Hollister   Hilda House   Leonard Dickinson   Loisa House   Julius House   Julia House   Halsey House   Elizabeth House   Mary Elizabeth Barwick   John Keeley   William Keeley   Mary Ann Howes   Jeremiah Howes   Frederic Howes   Mary F House   Almira Jane House   Elfreda Palmer   Nellie Howes   Fanny Brain   Rachael Howse   Martha Heritage   Frederick Howes   William Howes   Myrtle Blanche Howes   Samuel John Price   Violet Mary Rose   Walter Cecil Joyce   James House   Elizabeth House   Susanna Hows   James Hows   John Henry Hodge   Charles Cull   John Pennington   Taylor Pennington   Mowbray John Howes   Catherine Howes   Thomas F Howes   Cora B Unknown   Mary E Howes   George Howes   John Perkins   Arthur Ethelma Howse   Jane Kirby   Ales House   Jane House   John House   John Tipple   Sarah Cherrington   Samuel Bevin Howse   Robert Pawley Tipple   John Henry West   Violet Emily White   Thomas Howes   Mary Howes   Walter Howes   Martha Hows   Eliza Friston   Fanny Stanton   Gloria Virginia Marchant   Walter Coker Howes   James John House   Ellen Emma Howes   Ada Florence Howes   William House   Elizabeth Warnes   Ethel May House   Samuel Thompson   Lucy Judd   Doris Emily Nina Howes   William Stanton   Mary Ann Carruthers   Louisa Elizabeth Howes   George Howes   Rachel Phoebe Hows   Ruth Mesk   Joseph Smallbrook   Ann Sarah Howes   Mary Unknown   Sarah Howes   Ethel Marham   Bertram Robert William Howes   James Howes   Cubitt Case Howes   Ann Howes   Annie Mary Howes   Mary Francklin   Hannah Howes   Samuel Howes   Marjorie Ellen Austin   Arthur Evatt   Florence Edith Howes   Doris Edith I Howes   Winifred Eva Howes   Susannah Howes   Robert Edwin Newcomb   Joseph Howse   Stanley Royle   Mary Howes   Frederick William Golden Howes   Ellen Florence Gibbons   John William Howes   John Howes   Helen Dorothy Howes   Mary Slater   Sabina Maggs   John Walter Townley   Stanley Howes   Elizabeth Harriet Howes   George Howes   Mary Nightingale   Charles Howes   Mary Ellen Howes   Susan Gillham   James Wilfred Austin   Frank Howes   Frederick Arthur Goodwin   William Philip Unwin   Dorothy Annie May Booden   John Howes   John Castleton   Charles Howes   George Carvell   Percy Charles Austin   Harold Henry R Want   Charlotte Howes   William Howes   John Frederick Lile House   Peggy Moore Howes   John Kilworth   Hannah Basford   Sarah Ann Elizabeth Howes   Owen Edward Howes   Percival Albert Muddiman   Cecil George James   Selina Ann Howes   Joseph Howes   Cyril Richard Hall   Samuel Howes   William James Green   Mary Howes   Henry Henson   Alexander Wilfred Howes   George Carvell   George House   Sydney Charles Birt   William Howes   Thomas William Howes   Joseph Howse   Marjorie Irene Howes   Ann Ewers   Hannah Carvell   Joseph House   Susanna Unknown   Susanna Rogers   Harold William Akerman   Gladys Elsie Howes   Albert Edward Duncan House   Beatrice Allchorn   George Stanton   Elizabeth Sayer   Grace Florence Helen Howes   William Harris   Sarah Howes   John Lewis Howes   Anne Howse   Norman Frederick Soper   John Howes   Charles Chamberlain   Frank B Heartfield   Charles George Howes   Olive Kathleen Howes   Gerald Basil Coote Palmer   Norman Andrew L House   Mary Newell   Hannah Parsons   Eric Robert House   Marian Jean House   Walter Bruce   Ellen Howes   Atherton Howse   Albert Charles House   Anne Maggs   Eleanor Mabel Jenkins   Henry Codd   Mary Ellen Howes   Sarah Howes   William Howes   Matthew Howes   Ann Smallbrook   George Howes   Ruby Elizabeth Matilda House   Mary Hows   Martha Howse   Thomas House   Emma Howes   Lawrence Ernest Goodwin   Henry Hawes   Ruth Bazeley   James Clarke Howes   Mary Ann Frances Howes   Richard Hall   Dorothy Unknown   Philip Howes   Sarah Howes   William House   Keith Raymond Toon   Fred Austin   Laura Mary Howse   Elizabeth House   Arthur Edward Beare   Martha Ann House   Charles Gough   Gladys A H Jones   Harry Carvell   Madge Barlow   Margaret J M House   Robert Henry House   Eveline Emily Tripp   Hannah Howes   Alfred Enoch Banks   Kenneth Bertie Clarke   Betsey Way   Doris Nellie Boone   Sarah Catherine Howes   Joseph Howes   Muriel Frances M House   Helena M Passmore   Gwendonlyn Annie Howes   Ethel Ellen Chapman   Herbert Henry Brewster Howes   Clifford James House   Florence May Howes   Ann Payne   Ernest Edward Howes   Frank House   Rebecca House   Emily Rebecca House   Ellen Mildred E Howard   William House   John Gurney   Kathleen Norris   Peter Arthur House   Grace Hilda Jones   Florence Evelyn House   Arthur Ralph House   Charles Howes Scott   Arthur Leonard Howse   Alice Mary Fink   Gladys Eva Merriman   Lottie Albena Howes   Thomas Nathaniel Bradley   Samuel Leslie Hignett   Joyce Hilda M Miller   Kathleen Ida Howes   Ellen Harridine   Freda Lilian M Howse   Lilian Grace Howse   Ivy May Warnes   Frederick Ernest House   Doris Phyllis M Griffin   Daisy Ethel Howse   Ethel Mary House   John Robert Moyce   May Esther Harriet Howes   Mary Howes   Emily Patricia Parsons   Norman James Howes   Joseph John Howes   Elizabeth Collier   Doreen Howes   Robert Howat   Albert Edward Dack   Eric John Fosker   Sidney Thomas Howes   Bernice Esme D Weaver   Samuel Hill   William Ernest John Whybro   Hilda Helen Williams   James Watt Thompson   Eva Madge Emma Howes   Edith Marguerite Howes   Catherine Pieroni   William Henry Howes   Frederick Gordon House   Gillian Mary Bickell   Alice May Howse   Russell Howes   Doris Rose Conyers   Harold Hugh Howes   Harry Howes   Alice Gertrude Minns   Philip Victor Howes   Edith Margaret Bassett   Thomas Howse   Keith Allen Overton   Kenneth Overton   Stanley Bertram Emmerson   Edith Gladys Daniels   Jennie Chamberlain   Joe Sydney B Chamberlain   Ivy Irene Howes   Mary Ann Howes   George Victor Goodson   Florence Ruth Howes   Jack Howes   Kathleen Louisa Jane Howes   Everil Hilda Evans   Elsie Louise Connor   Vivian Idella Howse   Basil Kenneth Howse   Bessie Couch Williams   Sidney Leonard Howes   Albert Ernest Howse   Joyce M Elvy   John Alfred House   Helena Annie Moore   Jack Geoffrey Howes   Ethel Maud Howes   Edward Bennett Howes   Winifred Maud Gadbury   Sidney Maurice Howes   Dorothy Lilian N Howes   Ivy Dorothy Head   Winifred Lawrence   Leah Unknown   Mary Elizabeth Harlacher   Sarah Louise House   Ellen Gaskell   Donald House   John Lewis Howes   William Frederick Charles Howe...   William George Howes   Phyllis Mary House   Nellie May House   Colin B House   Ena Jessie House   Marion House   Nora Kate House   Ruby May House   Kenneth Thomas Houghton   Harriet Lille Howes   James Barton Dilkes   Patricia Joy Howes   Doris Patricia Howse   Edward Richard Howes   Alfred Harry Isaac Howes   Nellie Howes   James Oldfield   Doris Ada Rowe   Henry George House   Herbert Walter Hines   Edward Hows   Herbert Edward Turner   Gladys Beryl Field   Austin Ernest Bacon   George Octavius Winslow Sayer   Sarah Raymond   Dorothy Joan Marshall   Cecil George Crook   William Edwin House   David Mervin House   Cecilia May O Howes   Dorothy Howes   Harry Howes   Dorothy Phylis P Clarke   Albert Victor Howes   Iris Clytie House   James Howes   Ellen Jane House   John House   Thomas Capel Howes   John Morgan Howes   Frank Runvik Albro   Grace Howes   Emily A Plank   Phyllis Louisa Biles   William Ivor House   Audrey Mary L Ricketts   Sidney Charles Howes   Kathleen Ena Marshall   Priscilla Esme F House   Phyllis May House   Oliver Wilfred Hunt   Ivor Victor Leslie House   Mary Rae House   Lilian Eva Read   Arthur Edward House   Ethel Iris Howse   William Scott Howes   Gwyneth Howes   Joshua Howes   Kathleen Clara Pittam   Joseph James Howes   Osmond Beecroft Howes   Gertrude Gladys Smith   Joyce Mary Howes   Edith Howes   Emily Green   Beatrice Alexandra Goff   Miriam Frances Morse   Ivy Pickard   Edith Rose Howes   Elizabeth Howse   Thomas Falconer Howze   Dorothy Bessie Hoare   Phyllis Marie Florence Howes   Warren E Singleton   Margaret Norbury Howse   Enoch Crumpton   Nicholas Howes   Robert Raymond Weems, jr   Thomas Coke Howze   Lorna Grace Hitchmough   Mary Catherine Harris   Jack V Baker   David Howes   Enoch Howes   Harold Albert Collin   Frederick George Williams   Margaret Howes   Lilian Sophia Millard   Russell L Howes   Mary Ellen Carew   Edna Mary Hyde   Kathleen Margaret Hyde   Alice Maude Howes   Lily Lawson   Leonard House   Sarah Dickins   Maureen Margaret Howes   Nicholas House   Martha House   Harold H House   Dora M Payton   Evelyn Phyllis Staines   Ronald Alfred W Howes   Kenneth Norman Jarvis   Raymond Hughes   Dorothy May Chase   Francis Harry Payton   Margaret Murray   Hilary Stuart Kent-Woolsey   Eric Leslie Howse   Mary J C Jenkins   Vera Ann Upchurch   Daniel House   Lilian Helen Mary Gouldstone   Charles John Rowland   Margaret Ena Tranfield   Eva Maud House   Albert William Seaborne   Edward Littleton   Alice Amelia Scott   George Bernard Colley   Mary Elizabeth Poulton   Glenn W House   Jack Landon Howes   Kenneth Ferris Cox   Hector House   Francis Maurice Walton   Frederick William Gilbert   Enid Wright   Ernest Sidney Adams   Ronald John R House   Herbert William Holman   John Frederick Howes   Vera May Howes   Eric Kingsley Jordan   Peter Desmond Campion   Ida Agnes Hambling   Winifred Frances Pearson   Albert George Howes   Arthur Austin   Sylvia Ely   Evelyn Blanche Griffin   Jean Ann House   Ellen Chick   Norman Edward Parsons   Peggy Violet Hall   Daphne Violet Young   Emily House   Irene Heather House   Leslie Norman Smith Howes   Elizabeth Ruth Cox   Louisa Elizabeth Sycamore   Franklin Edward M Howse   Esther House   Patricia Maureen V Herbert   John Frizzell House   Edith Eliza Knapman   Arthur Charles House   Minnie Mills   Patricia Hyatt   Jean Ann House   Nelson James Austin   Doris May Wedgbury   Ivy Patricia Plumbly   Reginald James Melton   Peter Frederick Howes   William Edward Neilson   James Joshua Howes   William Frederick M Field   Frederick Darby   Enid Melinda Sheppard   Edward Arthur Howes   Roy Orville Howes   Marian Howes   Frederick John Howes   David McAlonan   Constance Mary Wearne   Charles Frederick J House   Barbara House   Kenneth David Sturgess   Eugene Frederick Howes   Dorothy Howes   George Robert Pinkney   Frederick James Preece   Joan Marguerite Montague   Annie Julia House   Nevil Frederick Burton   Harold David Howell   Joseph Francis Howes   Derek Leslie Dickinson   Edgar Thomas James House   Ruby Eileen House   Thomas Howes   Thomas McManus   Lilian Aslett   Harry James W Holford   Cyril George Howse   Harry Robins Bloom   Maurice Ernest Cecil Page   Christopher Malone Howes   Electa Swan   Catherine Rosina Wilton   Dorothy Lilian Pearce   Maisie Bennett   Reginald James Ellis House   Mary E Goff   Bertram William Eastwood   Douglas Louis House   Cyril Bernard House   Leonard Carlton House   James Joseph Brennan   Blanche Mabel Caplin   Robert Asine Howes   Arthur William House   Audrey Anne House   Charles Gordon House   Ada Bowie   John Thomas Austin   Beryl Celia House   William Douglas House   Sally Letitia House   Dorothy Georgina Howes   Horace Albert Jephcott   Chester Mihill Howes   Edward Leslie Ashdown   Stephen Charles Finn   Mercy Lydia Howes   Frederick James H V Day   George Henry Robinson   Norah Elsie Louise Hallett   Bertie Harry Wolfe   Raymond Arthur House   Dorothy Annie May House   Doreen E Holt   Doris Mabel Kingswell   George Albert Howse   Lewington Reginald James   Mabel Blanche Godwin   Gwendoline Alexandra Beasley   Peggy Doreen Crew   Grace Emily Prickett   Ruth Rozelle Cansdale   Raymond Gibbs   Doris Minnie House   William Thomas House   Herbert John House   Marjorie S S Bowles   Elizabeth Mary House   Winifred Goulding   Frederick Michael House   Bernard Arthur C House   Ivy Doris Burgess   Geoffrey Bertram Turner   Charles Edwin Howes / Constanc...   Peter V Campbell / Ida J E How...   Jonas Stanley Howes / Ethel Ma...   Ernest Joshua Harker / Carolin...   James Howes / Mary Slater   Charles Alec Howes / Daphne Be...   Samuel Alfred Howes / Cornelia...   Thomas Jones / Gladys Elsie Ho...   Walter Wordingham / Mildred Ma...   Jesse Jordan / Elizabeth Osbor...   Charles Turvey Darby / Emma El...   William Ernest John Whybro / E...   William C Bales / Alice Hill   William Michael Bartram / Henr...   Charles Rowland Powley / Elsie...   William Ernest John Whybro / R...   Sidney J Watson / Rosa M Hill   Albert Thomas Thrower / Helen ...   John Washington Powley / Susan...   William Lewis Howes / Matilda ...   Otto Joseph Howard / Dora J Ho...   Hugo Theodore Meske / Bina Jos...   Timothy Easton, jr / Hannah Be...