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    April 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Thomas Howes   Elizabeth Jane Howes   Sarah Howes   James Howes   Esther Howes   James Barrett   William Howes   Rachel Kirtland   Mary Howes   Walter James Howes   John Hows   Joseph Sheppard   Matilda House   Henry Howes   Stephanie Mary Howes   Dorothy M Field   John Howes   Mary Ann Brown   Mary Howes   John Wakefield   Henry Howes   Frederick Wells   Walter John Howes   Henry Howes   Katherine Rawlins Howes   George Stickland   James Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Lucy Irene Howes   James Hill   Edward Howes   Martha Ann Howes   William Howes   John Howes   John Howse   Richard Howes   Elizabeth Howes   William Chilvers   Benjamin Howes   Albert Alfred Howes   John Howes   Jane House   Robert Howes   Alice Howse   William Howes   William Howes   Joseph Fulcher   Ann Howes   Robert Bond Howes   William Howes   Mary Basford   John Hows   John Haile   John Howes   John Howse   Sarah Howes   Benjamin Golden Howes   James Howes   Samuel Mason   Jonathan Howes   Sarah Howes   Robert Howse   Mary Wakefield   Joseph Howes   Mary Howes   Charlotte Bazeley   Sarah Howes   Edmund Howes   Charlotte Baker   Mary Howse   Charles Young Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Elizabeth Howse   Harriett Howes   George Howes   Mary Couch   Marian Howes   Mary Howes   Robert Howes   Herbert George Howes   Stephan Bertram Blunt   Sarah Sophia Sadd   Sarah Hill   Mabel Alice Howes   Walter John Howes   Jemima Howes   Sarah House   Frederick George Howes   Alfred Howes   Bertha Lewin   James Howes   Ethel Marjory Starling   Mary Anne Bazeley   Robert Howes   Ann Howes   Jesse Baker   Thomas Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Emma Ann Howes   Henry John Howes   William Howse   James Howes   Sarah Valentine   Mary Sheppard   Maria Hows   John House   Rose White   Walter Pink Simmonds   Frank S Mason   Suckling Howes   Maude Elizabeth E Gooding   John James Howes   George William Wells   Sarah Elizabeth Howes   Flora Howe   George Edward Howes   James Howes   Susanna House   John Arnold Howes   John Howes   Mercy Howes   Anne Howes   Margaret Howes   Frances Howes   Ann Wakefield   Elizabeth Howes   Mary Kirtland   Thomas Self Howes   Susanna Elizabeth Carr   Elizabeth Esther Howes   Fanny Howse   Edward Howse   Charlotte Howes   Mary Ann Hawes   Rebecca Howes   Horace Keable Piper   Amelia Howes   Henrietta Elizabeth Baldwin   Thomas Howes   Sarah Ann Howes   James Howse   Eliza Howes   James Benjamin Howes   William Howes   John Hows   Arthur Miller Howes   Joseph Philip Bricknell   Charles Howes   Ann Percival   George Howes   Eliza Carvell   John Howes   Leah Wright Howes   Hephzibah Howes   Joseph Howes   John Howes   Harriet Howes   Frances Howes   Samuel Howes   John Howes   John Howes   James P Howes   Olive Minnie Howes   Thomas Howes   Susannah Howes   Maria Howes   Hannah Howes   Hester Howes   Frances Townsend   Alfred Howes   John Green Howse   Jane Emma Howes   Elisabeth Howes   Damaris Howse   Samuel Howes   Charlotte Rachel Howes   William Rising   Elizabeth Howes   Thomas Howse   Susanna Garlick   James Clarke Howes   Mary Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Florence Eliza Howes   Philip Howes   Mary Howes   Elisabeth Howes   Robert Howes   Frederick Charles House   Jasper Parsons Howes   Isabella Howes   Thomas Howse   Robert Isaac Howes   Frances Wright Howes   William Howes   John Howes   Jane Hatcher   Martha Howes   Joseph Howes   Mark Howes   Emma Elizabeth Rawlings   Martha Howes   Matthew Howes   Elizabeth Esther Howes   William Hubert House   Caroline House   Hannah Howes   Frank Howes   Louisa Howes   Mary Ann Howes   William House   George Alexander House   Joseph Charles House   Mary House   Deborah Batten   Henrietta House   Laura Bessie Mullett   Frances Laura House   Caroline May Stevens   George House   James William House   Thomas House   Norman Stephen House   John House   Alfred House   Thomas Howes   Solomon House   Celia Howes   Charles George Palmer   Mary Howes   Edward Willcock Howes   Agnes Catherine James   Thomas George House   Elizabeth Barrington   Mary Elizabeth Barrington   Gladys House   Henry House   James House   Jane House   Thomas House   Wallace Hector House   Charles Albert House   William James Howes   Hubert Jesse House   Thomas Ernest House   William George Beach   George House   Nancy C Unknown   George Howes   Thomas Howes   Frank Frederick Howes   Harold Howes Stear   Abigail House   Charlotte Elizabeth House   Naomi Howes   Jessie M McWilliam   Albert Frederick Curtis   Arthur Idris Dobbs   Mary Elizabeth Howes   Phyllis Mary Howse   Mary Ann House   Henry House   John Howes   Harriet Elizabeth Howes   Emma Susanna Howse   William George Howse   Ann House   John House   Robert House   Robert House   Sarah Ann Plastow   Susanna Howes   Caroline Matilda Howes   William Frank Jones   Jane Kate House   Ada Speechley   Jennie Unknown   John Howes   Henry House   Jane House   Charles John Evans   Rachel Howes   George Henry House   Martha Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Thankful Howes   Esther M Howes   Garney Thomas Howes   William Howes   Elsie May Howes   William Howes   Joseph Howes   Walter House   Mary Loo Springer   William Preece   William Howes   Lucy Reno   William Henry House   Bertie Howes   George Harry Howes   Marguerite Ruth Howse   William James Evens   Dorothy E Evens   Hannah Howes   Lafayette House   Ladye Jane Hows   James Wallis House   Robert Howes   Elizabeth Lincoln   Susan B Barlow   David Howes   Albert Ernest Secombes   Henry William Watson   Mary Ann Griffin   Edgar Francis Howes   Harrison L House   Charles M House   Charlotte Howes   Sarah Howes   John Humphrey   George Harold Howes   Lilian Ellen Howe   Glenn I Apsey   Horace Henry Lindy   Richard T Howes   Susanna Howes   Lilian Ada Howes   Edith Daisy Howes   Sarah Elizabeth Howes   George William Howes   Ellen Jane Howes   John C House   Rosanna House   Willie House   Richard House   Edgar Glynn House   Eliza Louisa Jennings   Maria House   Charles G Howes   Mabel Fanny House   Maude Brock Chandler   Quillian Chandler   Elizabeth Howes   Mary Eliza Butler   Isaac Howes   Ethel May Howes   George Edwin House   Susan Rebecca Howes   Henry A House   Ronald Henry Smith House   May Emily Mitchell   Eva H House   Carrie House   Rose Pratt   John Howes   Robert H George   Emily Fern House   George Stephen House   Emily Ann House   Moses Howes   Kathleen Nora Edwards   Suckling Howse   Elizabeth Howes   Mona House   Sarah Howes   John Howes   Mary House   Francis Howes   Francis Herbert Biles   Ada Howse   Aberdeen Child Howes   Theodosia Kate M Cockrill   Helen M House   Augusta Howze   Hannah House   Sarah House   Elizabeth House   Richard Halliwell   Minnie House   Walter Sydney Draysey   Henry S Hows   Joseph A Howse   Ernest Leslie Howes   Amelia M House   Elizabeth Howse   Lucy Dawson Howes   Susannah Goodfellow   Winifred Howse   William Henry Coate   John Barrington Atyeo   Henry Howse   Hannah Sophia Haward   Walter James Dennis   William House   Thomas Leonard Howes   Paul Howes   William T Howes   Neva J Bolt   Eliza Ann Howes   Lavinia Howes   Edith M Howes   Frederick House   Levi A Howes   Edmund James Howe   Etta L Phillips   Mehitable Miles   Arthur James Livy   Samuel Howes   Hannah Howse   Edith Unknown   Raymond House   Harriet George   Mary Emma Frizzle   Linda Elizabeth Wilcutt   Robert Nathaniel Warmack   Raymond Ralph Mason   Minnie Gomm   Gertrude M Herrick   Freda I Thompson   Louise E Thompson   Gladys Eliza Howes   John Howze   Sarah Ann Howes   Tamar Howes   Louisa Howes   Emily Howes   Emma Howes   Verbena Sarah Nurse   Mary Pepys   Henry House   Hilda Valeria Howes   Henry House   Jane House   Eugene Howes   Albert Howes   Richard G Howes   Genoa Spradlin   Charlotte Howse   Charles House   Esther Howes   James Howse   Bartholomew Howse   Edward Howes   Thomas Poole   George Edward Hector   Samuel Howes   Pearl D Howes   Viola B Carber   Itanna Howes   Alfred Steel   Sanford Tilman Slaughter   Hattie House   Mattison House   Martin House   John Frank Corder   Joseph Howse Brogden   Louese Margaret Seim   John Henry Simmons Hows   Mary Josepha Palmira Blandford   Sarah Ann Howes   Louisa Brown   Richard John Howes   Ann House   Christian House   William House   Ina House   Maggie House   Maggie Howze   Michael William House   Nadine Emig   Lena M WIll   Edward Reuben Howes   James Howes   Jessy Howes   Pearl D Howes   Marjorie Jessie Howes   Verinda House   Sarah House   Caroline House   George House   William House   John House   Thomas House   Maud Unknown   Sarah House   Jessie L Brown   Elizabeth Blinn   Abigail Hollister   Margaret Wier   Nancy Hubbard   Jonathan Porter   Giles House   Orrin Sellew   Helen M Bates   Martha Marie Howze   James Howes   John Howes   James Lloyd Howes, jr   Osman House   Sarah Brain   Frances Howes   Sarah Flemming   John House   Ann Fleming   Ann Arrowsmith   Annie House   Thomas Benge   Jarvis Pinner   Sophia Pennington   Lilian House   Gladys M Howes   Madeline J Howes   Mary A House   Mary Alice Kremer   Martha Howes   Jane Perkins   Ezra H Baker   Charles John House   John House   Annie House   William Cherrington   William Deller   Violet Annie Donegan   Joseph Pavier   Thomas Charles Pavier   Amy House   Margery House   Thomas Howse   Herbert Aubrey Howes   Edward Arthur Howes   Hedley Roy House   John Howes   Albert Edward House   William Nickerson   Edith May Howes   Emma House   Frederick Raymond Toon   Sarah Ann Hows   Edith E Griggs   Irene Violet Howes   James Howes   Margaret Howes   Viola Howse   George Stickland   Hannah Gay   Gladys Winifred Howes   Charles Robert Shorten   Thomas Howes   Rebecca Howes   Ethel Murphy   Winifred Edith House   David Stanley House   Robert Howes   Arnold Edward Browne   Rowland James Howse   Robert Howes   Irving Albert Howes   Daphne Betty Weller   John Hows   William Herbert Edward Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Gordon John Howes   Doris Grace Isabella Loynes   Frederick William Howse   Jean Beatrice Howes   Christopher William House   Thomas Beasley   Winifred Elizabeth Howes   Harry Horace Hines   Walter Harold Howes   Mary Howse   Susanna Howes   Mary Howes   Stephan Bertram Blunt   Leonard Albert James Howes   Mary Dobson   Mary Jacobs   Susan Howes   Louisa Howes   Eileen Dorothy Gardner   Walter Howes   Robert Howes   Mary Louisa Carey   Elizabeth Barril   Daniel Howes   John Howse   Elizabeth Newstead   Daisy Elizabeth Howes   William Howes   Matthew Howse   Marion Howes   Lydia Howes   Samuel Howes   Lily Rose Irene Howes   Henry Baker   Ann Larner   Edmund Howes   Richard Howes   Roy Herbert R Howes   Mary Bagg   William Howes   Henry Howes   John Howes   Violet Grace Howes   Dora Elizabeth Plumptre Howes   Nancy Marina Joyce Howes   Emily Howes   Helena Jessie Hollamby   Aaran Gilbert   Ellen Todd Howes   James Howse   Dorothy Unknown   Herbert Frederick J Wright   Alice Muriel Howes   Edward Connah   James Clarke Howes   Florence Edith Howes   Frances Gibbs   Doris Laura Dorcas House   George Howes   Alfred John House   Elizabeth Trafford   Hilda Hurst   Anna Bassett   John Lewis Howes   James Edmund House   Gwyneth Marjorie House   Ann Middleton   Thomas Richard Henry House   Thomas House   George House   Eric William House   Michael Lee House   Rhoda May Sparks   Gladys Kate West   Hilda May House   Ellen Louisa Howes   John Nash   Dorothy Edith Muriel Meadus   Ann Brewer House   Harry House   Emma Harriet Howes   Elizabeth Barrington   Robert James Barrington   Aaron House   Elizabeth House   John House   Stephen House   Ethel May House   George Payne   Charles House   Dorothy Florence Swayne   Margaret Olwen Morris   Thomas William Hannam   Agnes Howse   Moses House   Benjamin Howes   William Henry House   Frances Mabel Price   Arthur Ivor House   Ethel Lydia Baldwin   Winifred Marion Howes   Victor Harold Ward   Walter Charles Page   Norah Eileen Howes   William Herbert Howes   Denis Edwin House   Gladys Ethel Fifield   Violet Rosemary House   Frederick Arthur James House   Fanny Howes   Frederick House   Webster Howes   Lynne Howes   Elizabeth Charlotte Howes   Albert Edward A Eayrs   Florence Nurden   Meriel Bertha Palmer   John Henry Howes   Martin Walter Howes   Stanley James Howes   William Frederick Howse   James John Howse   Frederick Walter House   Jessie Adeline Tant   Rose Howse   Elizabeth Howse   Arthur Lionel Pottinger   Christobel Phyllis Howse   Freda Alice Howes   Thomas Howes   Vera May Darnell   Dorothea Hilda Ethel Howse   Charles Howes   Hilda Mary Howes   Renee Elizabeth Howes   Irene Gladys Greig   Frederick William Howes   Thomas Richard Howes   Conrade A Howse   Phyllis Margaret Fosker   William Preece   Kathleen Mabel Boots   Mary Adeline Lines   Frederick John Wesley Barnes   Irene Margaret Bunce   Eric William Howes   Hettie Gribble   Evelyn Spence Howes   Agnes Steele Howie   Leonard Howes   Alonzo D House   Priscilla Bradwell   Thomas Wilkinson Marvelley   Alfred Frank Howes   Lucy Lavinia Howes   Laura Kilby   George Joseph Howes   Richard George Howes   Margaret Esther Morley   Jessie Bassett   Stanley Weston Trim   Florence B Worsfold   Wilfred Davison   Mary Kathleen Fisher   Margaret Esther Gibson   Cyril George Howes   Florence Maud Garner   George Alfred Howes   Louisa Alice Dixie   Gilbert Lawrence Lawes   Robert Raymond Howes   Anne Lothrop   Joseph Lothrop   Jack Alec Howes   Dudley Frank Stannard   Arthur Howes   George F Smyth   Ellen Alice Claydon   Lilian Mary Belleny   Ivy Elizabeth Howes   Elizabeth Smith   Clifford George E W Howse   James Howes   Ann Brown   William Howes   Arthur Thomas Howes   Gwendoline Elizabeth May   Miriam Maud Warner   Mabel Elsie Howes   Arthur Jesse Howse   Daisy Agnes Plumridge   Thomas Frederick Bailey   Stanley Richard Howes   John House   Robert Drinnan   Frederick Alexander Howes   Clifford Bruce Lions   Tom Howse   William Henry House   John Raymond Olliffe   Grace Elizabeth Grange Paynter   Arthur Gordon Howse   Midian Ann House   Keith Allen Howes   Percival Francis C House   Stanley Peter B House   Gladys May House   Elsie May Carver   Edna Mary House   Hilda Lily House   Sybil Viola Farrington House   Eustace William Woodger   Norman Glendenen Siddons   Percival Christopher Stephenso...   Betty Helen Howes   Cecil Charles James Howes   Norman George Rudd   Amy May Challender   Reginald William Cobbold   Helen Cruickshank   Frederick W Howse   Nellie Howes   Arnold Alexander House   Charlotte Isabel House   Lillie Agnes Howes   Moody Howes   Richard Hall   William Frederick Watson   Miloslav Jan Fuchs   William Douglas Howes   David Howse   Edith Violet Davies   Waltraut Sellmer   Thomas Frederick Mounch   Christina Grace Harris   Victor Clive House   Florence Ada Howes   John Henry Howes   Edmund Howes   Fanny Edith Howes   Edith Ada Matthams   John Frederick Howse   Margery Lloyd House   Kate Halfyard   Edith Halfyard   Sidney W J House   Dorothy Elizabeth Botting   Emily Annie Bond   James Ernest A Hazell   Marjorie Ethel E House   Ronald Joseph England   Doreen Queenie House   Eric Cyril Wilkie   Austin James F Williams   Emily House   Clara Kenahan   Joseph Kenahan   Kevin Murphy   Doris Ivy House   George Bernard Chapman   Ronald William Thould   Elsie Doreen House   Elsie Beatrice House   Herbert Howse   Edith Annie Howse   Doris Bromby   Charles Jesse Howes   John Howse   Elizabeth Howse   Reginald Edgar Cutler   May Rawlins   Frank Percival House   Jonah House   David J Howes   Ada Maria Howse   Katherine Elizabeth Maria Hows...   James Charles House   Margaret C Unknown   Harry Homer Howes   Samuel Herbert Enticott   Violet Zoe Evelyn Howes   Eva Elsie House   Gladys Ella Morgan   Winifred May Howes   William Edward Bowen   Walter Edmund Lechmere   Louisa Winifred May   Bertram Joseph Harvey   Alfred Henry Howes   Grace Lilian House   Donald William Spain   Reginald Wootton   Bertha Lilian Shinn   Alfred Loomis Howes   John Francis Mallon   Florence Mabel Smith   Frederick William A Dockrell   William Howes   George Henry House   Dulcie Evelyn Wood   Vera Howes   Lourdes Anna Alecio   Laura Ellen Biddle   May Orchard   Dinah Jane Kingsbury   Ivy Florence Howes   Rodney Howes   Lily May Allen   Barbara Yvonne A Howes   Bernard Cyril House   Dorothy Evelyn Canty   Marl Strickland House   Samuel Arthur Bensley   Winifred Mary Neville   Marjorie Jean Rispin   Jack Howes   Gerald Edward Howes   Eva Alice Crayle Liston   Voldemars Dovkants   Hephzibah Hows   Eileen Good   Marjorie Olive Coldron   Charles Henry Hancock   Jean Nelly Howes   Ivy Ethel Mary Howes   Stephen John Thomas Howes   Rosa Hardwick   Millicent Mary Clark   Denis Stinchcombe   Dulcie Jean Howes   Lilian Grace Howse   Ellen Alice Howse   Annie Gertrude Dale   Ivy Howes   Walter Stanley Taylor   Thomas Alfred S Duff   Ivy Gladys Amy Howes   Florence May Victoria Howse   Kathleen Isabel House   Jack Howes   Desmond Cyril Williams   Frances Violet Hopkins   Shirley Anne Walker   Zbigniew Sulik   Lydia Eunice H K Scott   Edith Annie House   Hilda Constance Howes   Neville Alfred Howse   Marjorie Grace Forsdyke   William Robert Bakewell   John Frederick Patterson   Mavis Joyce I Mendham   Donald Edwin Howes   Robert Henry Howes   Harold Roy Clarke   Ernest Rupert Dennis Reeder   Victor Henry Saw   Reginald Charles House   Harvey Jelly   Keith John Hewlett   Reginald Leonard House   Alberta Dorothy Duffin   Kathleen Mary Parker   Kathleen Mary House   Raymond Leonard Fleetwood   William John H Howes   Marie Howes   Frank Farran   Ronald Setter   James Penry Bower   Robert Albert Fisher   Christabel Rose Howse   Mary Margaret Borge   Beryl Muriel Brayley   Monica Valerie Howes   Samuel John Small   Florence Monica Howes   Robert Ray Slagle   John Floyd   Mary Fleshman   Edward Richard M Jacobs   Rose Mary Howes   Florence Louise Howse   Joyce Dorothy Wren Howes   Norman Arthur Hanson   Marjorie Clarice Button   Geoffrey W Collins   Robert Baxter W Rackstraw   Cyril John Smallman   Arthur Robert London   Frank Melvyn Howes   Christine May Howse   John Geoffrey Thursfield   Maria Sarah Ann Bulbrook   John Edwin J House   Maisie Ellen Louise House   Lenox Howes   Porter Lee Howse   Arthur James Howes   Edward Henry L Case   May Edith Holloway   Ernest Sidney Garstang   John Patrick Fitzgerald   Colin David R Bennett   Frederick William J C Nichols   Doris May Moir   Pamela Mary Parris   Florence May Breeds   Barry Malcolm House   June Howes   Violet Lamb   Edith Cecilia House   Philip Ernest Harris   Nellie Jennings   Lilian Marie Holland   Margaret R Herneman   Jack Angove   George Shane Pinnicks   Mina J Howse   John William Waters   Stanley Howes   Noel Norman Dearing   Robert Sydney Smith   Rosina Brooks   Ann Frances Howes   Sheila Dorothy House   James Mark Neaves   Herbert Victor Collins   Elsie Margaret Nott   Edith Jessie Dack   Leslie John Newman   Hilda Dawn   Daisy May Oakley   Julita Rosa Unknown   Edith Alice Crossley   Conrad Frank Thorndike   Margaret Ann Howes   Alfred Smith   Joseph Perkins   John Francis Creek   Richard House   William Feretah Griffin   John Howse   John Frederick Clark   Albert William George Howse   Hilda Margaret Burns   James Henry House   Joyce Purnell   Nellie Prescott   Violet Maud Butler   Stanley Victor Carr   Harold Henry Hurford   Florence Emily Wright   Ansley John F Dowding   Kenneth George House   Edward Castleman Wright   Walter John Curtis   Harry Goddard / Muriel Louisa ...   Richard House / Anne Reeves   Henry House / Kate Symes   Alfred William Howes / Mary An...   John Harris Addley / Elizabeth...   William Frederick Sedgwick / D...   Samuel House / Elizabeth Hammo...   Harry G. Saults / Frances Howe...   Albert Edward Howes / Maud Ali...   Arnold Edward Howes / Audrey P...   Harold Roy Gibson / Edna Marjo...   Richard Howse / Elizabeth Lind...   S Parker Hatch / Louise Donnel...   John William Waters / Lilian L...   John Tazewell Toogood / Irene ...