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    June 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Ida Mary Jane Howes   Glen Douglas Joseph Brown   James Howes   Cyril Timms   Thomas George Howes   Alfred Howes   Richard Howes   Mark Howes   Edward Howes   Walter Frederick Howes   Mary Howse   John Stanton   Henry Daniel Howes   Elizabeth Wade   William Albert Ovenden   Thomas House   Ernest George Wells   Walter John Howes   Sarah Ellen House   Richard Smallbrook   Bethia Crocker   Ann Elizabeth House   Ann Howes   Hannah Howes   Hannah Howes   Mary Ann Williams   Sarah Elizabeth Ward   Margaret Darby   Robert Howes   Winifred Balfour Percival   Hannah Vincent Howes   Isabel Bullock   William Carvell   Christopher Robert House   Hortensia Libbis Howes   Thomas Austin   Ann Howes   Harriet Howes   Henry Hezekiah Howes   Dorothy Howes   Leslie Hawes   Elizabeth Howes   Robert Howes   Anne Phyllis Howse   Edith Emma Thomas   Edith Mary Bateman   Mary Hill   James Howes   William Edward Charles Howes   Beatrice Mary Howes   Walter Howes   Harriet Howes   Richard Rayner   Sophy Howes   Hannah Howes   Willliam Bliss   Thomas Howes   Sarah Howes   Ada Williment Howes   Lawrence Napier Howes   William Warren   Maud Woodley   James Howse   Mary Howes   Matilda Wells   Elizabeth Higham Howes   Samuel Howes   Sophia Carvell   Frieda Emma Kracke   Grace Howse   Emma Howes   Gladys E Hall   George Hawes   Wickles George May   Charles Howse   Robert Wells   Emma Howes Willis   Unity House   Helena Rosa Howes   William Richard Howes   Charles Constantine House   Anna Maria Howes   John Howse   Thomas Howes Garwood   James B Howes   William Carvell   David E Nicholls   Thomas William Howes   James Howes   Ann Wells   Lilian Daisy Austin   James Stanton   Frederick Howes   Doris Howes   Joseph Howse   Henry Arthur Howes   Harriet Howes   Robert House   Ellen Howes   Robert Leonard   James Howes   Harry Bradford Ward   Sarah Howes   John Howes   Elijah Howes   Margaret M Mileham   Susanna Garlick   Emily Beatrice Howes   Edmund Howse   Eli House   Anthony Howes   Jane Ann House   James Howes   Richard Gleed Percival   Joseph Samuel Howes   Susan Howes   Ann Howes   Elizabeth Howes   John Howes   Robert Howes   Ann Howes   Deborah Howes   John Basford   Olive Frances Sedgwick   Emma Adelaide Wells   John Hows   Charlotte Andrews   Mary Ward   Thomas Howes   Agnes Howes   Phoebe Sharpe   Mary Rayner   James Lock   Harold S Long   Samuel Warren   Alfred Howes   Emily Howes   George Henry Willis   Lilly Elizabeth Howes   John Sheppard   Charlotte Howes   James William Carvell   Robert Howes   James House   Maria Howes   Emely Bloy   John Howse   Jane House   Edith Kate Howes   Mary Alice Wood   George Howes   Edward Howes   Hannah Basford   Ann Howes   Sarah Wakefield   Rosina House   Elizabeth Howes   Mary Howes   Elizabeth Howes   William Hubbard Howes   Eliza Maria Thirkettle   Richard Reeve   Leonard Keeley   Helen Bullock   Samuel Howse   Richard Howse   Henry Howes   Alfred Howes   Mary Howes   Edith Ellen Bradshaw   Ellen Stewart   Frank Broadis Mitchell   Abraham Howes   Laura Green   Eliza Gubbins   Mary Jane Reeve   Joseph Howse   Samuel Howes   William John Simmonds   James Herbert Grindlay Howes   Alice Ann Wilkinson   Eliza Abel   Benjamin Howse   Florence Emily Maycock   James Beck   John Bloy   Ethel Bangay   Anne Howse   Samuel Howes   Thomas Howes   Adah Louisa Cope   Sarah Howes   Frederick Stanton   Elizabeth Howes   Lena Howes   Edna Stanton   Elizabeth Howes   John Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Harry Cope   William George Hawes   William John Leggett   George Samuel Howes   George Percy Howes   William Richard Ward   Sarah Howes   William Harris   Ada Dorothy A Thomas   Benjamin Howse   Edwin Stanton   Amey Hows   Stephen House   William Stanton   Annie Louisa House   Charles Chamberlain   Annie Hillyard   George Harry Carvell   John Richard Martin   Ann Furniss   Susan Moore   Sarah Browne   Frances Howes   Henry Howes   Elija Howes   Sophia Wright   Kate Howlett   Thomas Howes   Walter Howes   Edith Elizabeth Howes   Charles Howes   Lucretia Howes   Martha G Fox   Henry James Howes   Frederick Samuel Howes   Sarah Howes   John Howes   Ann Howes   Kate Whalen   Mary Howes   Sydney William Cope   Richard Howes   James Williams   Hester Howse   Mary Louisa Abel   Charlotte Howes   Thomas Carvell   Mary Hannah Howes   Elsie Warren   Annie Ward   John House   Elizabeth House   Arthur William Parker   Jane Coates   May Victoria Gwendoline Howes   Cornelius Howes   Cornelius George Howes   James Francis Alexander Howes   Henry Chamberlain   Ann Howse   Leonard Royle   James Howse   Frederick Smallbrook   John Hillyard   Christian Howes   Laura Greenacre   Elizabeth Carvell   Bertie Wells   Mary House   Mary Ann Frances Howes   Ida A Cole   Alice Abel   Martha Howes   Benjamin Bazeley   Robert Howes   Hannah Howes   Constance W Warren   Ethel Howse   Walter S Mosher   William Thorn   John Rayner Howes   Susanna Callow   Leonard Howes   Mary Ann Carvell   Martha Howes   Clara Ethel Howes   Ann Howes   George William Howes   Alice Mary E Washington   Sidney David Mason   Richard Howes   William Howes   Martha Ann House   Atherton Howse   Dennis R Hall   Florence Mary Sullivan   Gladys A H Jones   Harry Stanton   Eliza Bazeley   Conrad Robert Thomas   Montague Frank John Howse   Catherine Seaman   John House   Beatrice May House   Cornelius Burt House   Mary Jane House   Mabel Etta Saint   Isabel House   Louisa House   Henry House   Frederick House   Lilian Mary House   William House   Douglas Samuel Howes   Ada Elizabeth Howes   Jean A Howes   James Howes   Joseph Howes   Caroline E Stockwell   Mary Elizabeth House   Beatrice Winifred House   Henry House   Mabel Eveline Scriven House   William John Sparks   William Frank Sprack   Martha House   Samuel House   John House   Henry House   Louisa House   Sarah May House   William House   Helen Howes   Blanche House   Kathleen House   Louisa Jessie House   Sarah Howes   Eliza Howes   Ann Howes   Helen L Howes   Eliza Howes   Ethel M Woodcock   Sarah Ann Howes   Frances Grace Williams   Violet Audley M Barber   Vinson Howes   Alfred Thomas House   Rosina Mann   William John Stacey   Edward Swazey   Rebecca Howes   Richard Howes   John Gulliver Howes   Edith Maude Allis   Henry House   William Henry House   Kate Brown   John House   Elizabeth Olive House   Albert Kirton   Eliza House   Frederick House   Emma Howse   Albert Cyril Eayrs   Gertie House   Ann Mitchell   Elizabeth Howes   Frederick Charles Cole   Stephen Howes   Verina Ann Howes   Eliza Howse   Sarah Howes   William Howes   John Howes   James Howes   Mary Howes   Annette Lucy Pipe   Charlotte Harris   Arthur Christopher Howse   Levi Howse   William Thomas Howse   Clara Howse   Beatrice Howes   Frederick H Pamphlion   Edith M Nunn   Claxton William Lacy   Vernon Howes Legg   James Thomas O'Connor   Edith Gertrude Osborne   Charles Rowland Powley   Pearl Powley   William Powley   Eleanor Harriet Ann Rising   George Edward Todd   William Arthur Todd   Wilfred Lawson Howes   Dorothy Ethel M Holden   Edwin Richard Howes   James M Allen   Benjamin W House   George House   James Stewart   Margaret Bruce Howes   Charles Edward Ireson   John Johnson   Albert Becker Hays   Minerva Hays   Thomas William Mason   Peter L House   Benjamin House   Robert Howes   William Howse   Marcia Thorpe   Florence Frost   Allan Howard Burnett   Minnie Howes   Maud Howlett   Minnie Edmanson   Samuel Herbert Watson   George Reynolds   Walter George Reynolds   Frank Atkins Howes   Mary Fuller   Arthur John Thurston   Norman Brooks   Marion B Mortson   Nellie Freestone   Ellen Maud Carrier   George Watkins Howes   John Howes   William Howes   Alice Matilda Allsop   Edward Griffiths   Phyllis Howes   Hannah Howard   Frederick George Howes   James Joseph Howes   Thomas Howes   Thomas Francis Howes   Wily C House   Kathleen Mary Sweatman   William Warlick House   Rosa Bent   Emma Howes   Ann Jennings   Lillie Unknown   Clarence Howes   Lara L Unknown   Henry Charles Garry   Rhoda Howes   Frederick Howes   Edward Howes   Maurice James Howes   Mary Ann Corps   Jesse L House   Douglas Frederick House   Joseph Howes   William Howes   Willard M House   Ulysses Grant House   James Howes   George John House   Philip Ellsworth Howes   Frances Bartram   Nellie Salmons   Benjamin V House   Thomas House   Ellen Wadham   William Howes   William Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Charles M Howes   Hannah Howes   Margaret Daisy Johnston   Alfred Charles House   Sophia Turvey Howes   Edith May Howse   Mary Jane Howes   Elizabeth House   Lavinia House   Joel House   Ann House   Harriet Howes   Florence Edith Howes   Rose Ethel Crossley   James Warner   Jack W E Penness   Annie Brailsford   Henry Cordall   Robert Howse   Beatrice Mary Hows   Sarah Ann Singleton   Ruth Singleton   Richard J Howes   Agnes Mary Matcham   Eliza Cousins   Catherine Vicaire   William Edgar Arnold   Benjamin Bargewell   Emma Maria Cooke   Richard Howes   Edgar R McClure   Sydney Jubilee Howes   Beatrice Bown   Verna Elizabeth Howes   Florence Howes   Edith Mary Wright   Eva Elizabeth Mason   Sarah Josephine Dunk   Elijah S Howes   Gertrude Summers   William Howes   Mercy Marrian Howes   Edwin James Howes   Grace Ray Unknown   Hanford L Sarles   Frank Cox   Ephraim House   Thomas Head Quested   Marshall D House   Harley M Sider   Paul R High   Louis Samuel Howes Benton   Sarah Howes   William Arthur H House   George Huckins   John Jack Howes   Alfred Wire Harwood   Honor Allen   Nancy House   Henry A Perrenoud   Gertrude Phipps   Herbert F B Howes   Eliza Munday   Mary Ann Bennett   Elijah B Howes   Flora Howze   Stanley Lewis Howes   Peter Edward Rowland   Marey Howse   Gladys May Self   Joanna Tills   Frederick Howse   Albert Raymond Scase   William Howse   Benjamin Howes   Lavinia Howes   Anne Pepys   Edward Drake   Frank Squibb   Daniel House   Helena Ellen Allison   Lorenzo Carey   Ada Eleanor House   Edward Cyril Boulton   Thirza Austick   Thomas Page   Rebecca Howse   Elizabeth Howse   Martha Howes   Charlotte Gilbert   Robert Berkeley Howse   William Grubb   Sarah Howes   Jetha T House   Mac Mowen   William House   Thomas James Doneathy   Charlie W Shaver   Roy Harold Wheeler   Martha Washington Phelps   Richard Simmons   Roy C Keller   Robert Howes   Cicero Howze   Gladys May Window   Dewitt House   Grace Violet Blake   Charlotte Howse   Susannah House   Catherine Hall Ruddell   Charles Wills   Eli Howse   Joseph Francis   Esther Seward   Sarah House   Mary Ann Bulgen   Justin Dickinson   Mehitabel Hollister   Eliezer Hubbard House   David Hills   Sarah Hubbard House   Mary Etta House   Alvin Risley   Mary House   Lois Allen   Henry Isaac Franklin   Mary Hanks   William Howes   William S Howes   Monroe C House   Millicent Lena Howse   Richard Luton Brain   George W Freshwater   William Howes   Russell N Howes   George W Howes   Ronald Edwin Smith   Mark Howse   Sally Maunder   Frederick House   Luke Thomas Howes   Joyce Emily Howse   Margaret Fowler   William Shuckforth Francis   Ellen Shuckforth Francis   George I House   Susan Lewis   Robert G Philpot   Mattie L House   John W House   Mauda House   Emily Powell   James Van Houten   Thomas W Forster   Helen M Gaither   Sylvia House   John Wise   Martha Tipple   Roovie House   Eleanorah Howse   John Ernest Welch   Mark Howes   Sarah Ann Rice   Doris May Tite   Henry Daniel Howes   Elizabeth Smallbrook   John Howes   Hilda Daisy Austin   William Howes   Richard Jordan   William Allitt Howes   Gertrude Matilda Howes   William Carvell   Eliza Howes   Esme Mavis R Howes   Hannah Howes   Lillian Violet Howes   Jane Howse   Margaret Howse   Francis William Wheeler   Cyril William L Howes   Benjamin Howes   Judith Bullock   Jonathan Howes   William Carvell   Ann Howse   Valentine Howes   John Franklin Leggett   Thomas Howes   Evelyn Mary Timms   Elizabeth Pymer   Muriel Dorothy Howes   Elizabeth House   Richard Howes   Betty Joan Green   Susan Thorne   Florence Emma Stanton   Annie Mary Glasper   George Albert Howes   Harriet Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Abel Taylor   Edward Francombe   Peter Bertie Charlish   Sidney John Wells   Grace Leona Howes   Patricia Penny De-Voisey   Albinus Howes   Henry Smallbrook   William Hows   William Arthur Austin   George Henry Stanton   Elizabeth Howes   Barbara Sydnor   Susan Mary Cooke   Frank George Howes   Ernest Charles House   Samuel Howes   Joseph William Howes   Nellie Green   Samuel Howes   Alfred George Howes   Dorothy Florence Howes   Frederick Stanton   Fransis Howes   Ernest House   Edgar Whybro   Gwendoline Ethel Howes   John Thomas Howes   Janice Elmer Woolnough   Thomas Carvell   Emily Bertha Howes   Herbert Sidney Hamilton House   Marian Elsie House   Amey Hows   Ann Percival   Alfred Howes   Elizabeth Thomas   George William Howes   Walter Howes   Richard Howes   Ann Carvell   William Howes   Henry Howes   Herbert Howes   John Howes   Susanna Lawes   Ann Lane   John Hows   Dorothy Howes   Matthew Howes   Doris Ada Howes   Sarah Lewis   Ambrose John Howes   William Bliss   Esther Lovett   Henry George Carvell   Hugh Reginald Waterson   Sydney Henry Albert Howes   Edward Plumptre Howes   Henry Robert Howes   John Howes   Robert Howes   Jack Wells   Thomas Thorn   Charles Edward House   Doris Susan House   Frederick Robert House   Joseph House   Emma Jane House   Roland William House   Alfred Charles Lilley   Lilian Rebecca Howes   Alexander George Howes   Betty Barbara Cock   Edith Annie Emily House   Annie Florence Kirby   Freda Margaret Bevan   Leslie Fred Davies   Walter Edmund Howes   Sarah Margaret Howes   Christmas Rose Howes   Norman Douglas House   Michael Lawson House   Alice Howes   James William Bays   Charles William George House   Joseph William House   Allan Teare Johnson   Norah Madeline House   Emily Mabel Irene Mundy   Edgar Robert House   Edith Alice Maud House   Edward Harding Howse   Alice Mary Howes   Margaret Ellen Winifred Robins...   Joyce Beatrice House   Violet Evelyn May House   Joseph Blakemore   Audrey Winifred E House   Frederick Charles House   Doris Eileen House   Arthur Robert Howse   Cicely Violet House   Roger A House   Eveline Hazel Jones   Ronald Dennis Eaton   Elizabeth Howse   Benjamin Richard Warnes   Jean Florence House   Bertha Fanny Salmon   William Howes   Albert Thomas Howes   Jim Howes   Ellen Elizabeth Howes   Reginald Howes   Edward Howard E Hiscox   William James Howse   Marjorie Elizabeth Prance   Helen Louise Lindsey   Norman Howse   Margaret Janette Howes   James Francis M Howes   Edward Kent Collins   Harriet Collins   James Wiggett Dove   Charles Hill   Hubert Trevanion Spilling   Lucy Preston Howes   Alice Greenwell Howes Thompson   Ruth Emily Howse   Ivy Florence Atkins   Alfred Edward Glasspool   Sophia Howes   Ethel Maud Howes   Ivy May Howes   Sylvia Janet House   Alma M Howes   Sarah Elizabeth Pitts   Dorothy Glencross House   Mary Glencross House   Charles Bertie House   Evelyn Howard Howes   Glanville Thomas Howes   Eric Alfred Howes   Grace Lydia Arnup   Thomas Charles Howes   Eileen May Wilson   Walter Howes   Elsie May Higgins   Lily Eliza Collins   Albert Fred Morris Howes   Ethel Mary Louisa Howes   Vernon Basil Howes   Doris Violet Howes   Sydney Frederick Emmerson   Samuel Jukes   Francis Napier Howes   Ernest Edward A Rye   Maud Lilian Bracey   James Howes   Edith Irene Howes   Rebecca Cowles   Helen Louisa Howes   Sidney Walter H Eager   Frank Stanley Howse   John H Howes   Ivy Howes   Phyllis Harriet Hawes   Gladys Annie Howes   Kate Elizabeth Howes   Donald Brodie House   Lilian Maud Reavil   Vera Kathleen Howse   Richard Charles Howes   Henry Charles House   John Albert Howes   Marjorie Rachel Kirkwood House   Lambert Smith   Albert Leslie Howes   Gordon Allen Dales   Catherine May House   Mary Frances House   James Patrick H Mellody   Joseph Howes   George House   Harold Farrington House   Hedley Farrington House   Violet Nellie House   Thomas Howes   Christopher Charles E Howes   Esme Iris Rix   Grace Rachel Beard   Florence Victoria Howes   Gladys Dorothy Stevens   Frederick Adsil Howes   George House   Samuel House   Raymond Cuthbert Howes   Walter Kenneth A Oxley   James George Howes   Iris Rose E Howes   Vera Howes   Mollie I White   Margaret Ellen Stevens   Elizabeth Mary Howes   Edith A Atkinson   David Glanville House   Ellen Mabel Palmer   Arthur William Howes   Freda Mary Holmes   Lily Frances House   George Albert Harding   Alec Cecil J House   Oliver Howes   Ethel May Bittleston   Ian Edward Howse   John Robert McKenzie   Lynford John Andrews   Gerard Charles Biles   Charles Henry Barber   Kenneth Panting   Sarah Howes   Edith Lorraine Howes   Doris Joan Howes   Lucy Field   Alfred Henry Pyle   Winifred Beatrice Eveline Barr...   May Evelyn Waite   Joyce Helen M House   Dorothy Emily Mary Keen   Derek Malcolm House   Elizabeth House   Doris Irene House   Hugh George Howes   Audrey Mary Howes   Albert Edward Howes   Doreen Howes   Harry Penness   Eric Bernard Penness   Frances Florence House   Eric George House   Matilda Mary Lawford   Garry Donald Haddow   Marjorie House   David Thompson Marr   Dorothy Strother House   Harvey Harrowell   Judith Browne   Frederick George Maidment   Mark House   Mildred House   Frances Joan House   Irene Joyce Howes   Elizabeth Parris   William Booth   Jane House   George Elwood Howes   Mary Ann Chizlett   Norman Cliff   William Howes   Raymond Frederick Overy   June Amelia House   Thankfull Eldridge   Florence Mary Boor   Elizabeth Unknown   William Almerin Howes   Thomas Howes   Barry William Howes   Philip George Howse   Stanley James Howes   George Henry Sewell   Edgar C Howes   Joan House   Quallie Howze   Nellie Elizabeth Barnett   Joseph Thomas William Maskell   Otis Columbus Thomas   Dorothy Violet Wootton   Florence Rose Wootton   Pamela Grace M Lambert   John Norman Page   Elizabeth Howes   Avis Ann Howes   John Robert Howes   Keith Richard W House   John House   Jean Howes   Richard Towers   Margaret Goldie Caruth   Cecil Valentine Ohrlund   Dinah Kingsbury   Jane Kingsbury   John Kingsbury   William House   Leonard Clifford Howes   Leslie Neville Newbold   Dennis George Webb   Vera Elizabeth Varney   Henry House   David William Stolworthy   Roy Henson Burdett   Florence Emily Howes   Marie Augusta B House   John Thomas Warltier   Thomas James Law Bailey   Clara Susanna Brookes   Susan House   Fred House   Hilda Baker   Oliver David House   Kathleen Annie Frankland   Amy Hewitt   Kenneth Bernard Withers   Annie Christina Kate Howes   Alice Imsworth Webster   Mary Doreen Harris   Edward Charles Jordan   Lelsie Frank Fernie   James House   Florita Adelaide House   Reginald William Duff   Gladys Ivy Howes   Ronald Harry Howes   Kathleen Alice Brown   Edith Margaret House   Edward Thomas House   Annie Marjorie Ennis   Frank Alfred Burgess   John Edward Plumridge   William Ewart Batt   Robert Newlove Boyes   Gladys May Jackson   Thomas Percival House   Kathleen McCarthy   Eira Maud House   Murray Shuldham L Bartrum   Dixie Lee Duncan   James Henry Bartlett   Gladys Parmley   Vera Daisy Howse   Winifred May Skinner   Edward John Bennnett   Robert Douglas House   Arthur Frederick Butler   Irene May House   Florence Lilian May Gilbey   Christopher Cornelius Roland C...   Ada Elizabeth Briggs   Stewart Owen C Howse   Constance Theresa Rosario   Mary Ann Kneller   Gerald David Hanson   George Ernest Hampton   Peter Collingwood Hancock   Sidney Mons Leighton   Hilda Emily Greenfield   Arthur Benjamin Wood   Gerard Woodrouffe Montague   John William Lewis   Alfred John Bishop House   Albert Edward Gray   Norman George Butler   Gordon Joseph H House   Edith Margaret House   Amelia Sarah Jane Fowler   Elwood Benjamin WIll   Sarah Agnes Moore   Harold Thomas Preece   Thomas Grover Cleveland House   Steven House   Mae House   Elsie May House   George Frederick Howes   Irene Joan House   Georgina June Taylor   James Harold House   Alan George Howes   Betty M Howes   Ann Goodrich   David William George Kenneth L...   Lois Allen   Clifford Gerald House   Esther Lilian Gibbins   Morgan B House   Amelia Hettie Constance House   May Hurt   Albert Frederick E House   Rodney Peter House   Doris Isabel Coles   Rosina Brockton   Annie Rose Kimble   Lottie Boffin   Brenda May Maidment   Leslie William Hannam   Gwyneth Margaret House   Eve Gwendolen Pavey   Beatrice Mabel Rowland   Richard Henry Furse   Graham Clifford Howse   Rhona Ivy Hughes   Edith Alice Millier   Peter Frederick Cowin   Ivy Dorothy Dickson   John Peter Watson   Arthur George Riches   Frank Ternent   Edward Victor Ward   Derrick Lawrence Brough   Cyril Beatty Burch   Douglas E Gregory   Thomas Douglas H Smith   Josephine Beesley   Barry James Howse   Richard House   Mary Lilian M Howse   Frederick Walter Beach   Dorothy May Eacott   John Bridge / Julia Turner   Benjamin Rising / Sarah James   John Stanton / Mary Alice Wood   Frederick William Hollis / Ros...   William Beaney / Marjorie Elle...   William Stanton / Alice Warbur...   Cyril William L Howes / Grace ...   Samuel Carvell / Hannah Arnold   Thomas Charles George Jones / ...   Peter Povall / Eileen Howes   Thomas Charles George Jones / ...   Thomas Jordan / Phoebe Sharpe   Ernest Norman Howes / Dorothy ...   Arthur Frank Green / Frances M...   George Ernest Davies / Lillian...   William Richardson / Mary Hutc...   Christopher Feek / Sarah Ann C...   Harold W K Hughes / Joan M Cro...   Wesley Hill / Emily Sophia Ott...   Henry Lambert / Emma Sarah Pit...   Harold Mosely / Nora Helen Thr...   Harry Thomas Whybro / Ellen Do...   Martin Millhousen / Lucinda Ho...   John Howes / Mary Ann Pelling   Ernest Harold Hartopp / Mabel ...   Isaac Howes / Martha Prince   Wallace Addison Howes / Clara ...   William Howes / Lucinda Cooley   E P Walton / Sarah S Howes   Louis C Holdren / Mildred Zeni...