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    July 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
George House   Eliza Carter   Joseph House   Elijah Howes   Edward Howes   Mary Slaymaker   Hannah Howes   Walter Howes   Eva Mary Allen   William Howes Percival   Elizabeth Smallbrook   John Howes   John Francis Hows   Samuel Howes   William John Charles House   Frances Wakefield   Elizabeth Howes   Elizabeth Brundle   William Howes   Effie M Holbrook   Samuel Howse   Thomas Bruce Howe   Eliza Priscilla Starling   Noah Adam Howes   Anthony Burrows   Robert Howes   Margaret Elizabeth Howes   William Reynolds   Mary Ann Howes   Thomas Carter   Horace William Howes   Catherine Howse   Sarah Beck   Robert Howes   John Howes   Nellie H Holbrook   Ambrose Howes Warren   Thomas Holmes   Mary Howes   Sarah Wright   George Howse   David Howes   Elizabeth Higham   Martha Thurston   Florence May Cottrell   Emma Howes   Samuel Thaine Howes   Emily Chamberlain   Ann Howes   Frances K Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Frances Elizabeth Howes   Eliza Louisa Howes   Edward Howes   James Wells   Doris M Ward   Edward Howes   Mary Wells   Mabel Howes   Mary Howes   Mary Howes   Joseph Robert House   Bartholomew Howes   Rebecca Howes   James Howes   Annie Howes   Richard House   Emma Colman Howes   Mary Ellen Howes   Rachel Colman Howes   Henry James Howes   Sarah Sophia House   Elizabeth Howes   Richard Howse   Charles Howes   Elizabeth M Wilkins   William Howes   Ann Howes   Bertie Ernest Howes   Thomas Howes   Sam Emery Howes   John Howes   Susanna Howes   James Browne   Edward House   John William Le Bert Howes   John Sheppard Howes   Herbert Howes   George Beech   Sidney Charles Howes   William Howes   Sarah Ann Howes   James Howse   Louisa Agnes Howes   Charles Howes   Sarah Howes   Samuel Howes   Elizabeth Bliss   Charles Earsham Cooke   Cyrus Howes   Louisa Howes   John Howes   Emma Selina Cook   Frances Larner   Charles Phipps Hillyard   Charlotte Howes   Dinah Hows   Jeremiah John Carr   John Howes   William Howes   Robert Hewett   Joseph Turner   Agnes Mary Howes   Robert Howes   Sarah Jane Martin   Sarah Garwood Howes   George Abiatha Howes   Arthur Howes   George James S Booth   William Howes   Samuel Howse   Richard William Darby   Arthur William Howes   Thomas Hill   William Howes   Mary Howes   William Howes   Mary Ann Howes   James Freeman   John House   Arthur Howes   Francis House   Rachel Sargent   John Howes   Ida Sarah Frances Garrett   Margery Howse   Frederick Charles House   Rebecca Thurston   James Swithin Howes   John Howes   Mary Ann Howes Thomason   John House   James Joseph House   Sarah Daniels   William Howse   Kate House   Mary Howes   Isabella Slipper   Wilfred Howse   Edward Howse   Elizabeth Howes   Frances Wells   Maria Howes   Caroline Augusta Octavia Brook...   Mary Howes   Cicely Leonard   Robert Flook   Atherton Howse   Fanny House   Harriet Howes   Mary Sheppard   Charles Henry Cannell   Mary Howes   William Howes   John William Maude   Jemima Barker   Charles Henry Howes   Henry House   Richard Freeman Howse   Henry James Howes   William Howse   Sarah Howes   Thomas Howes   David Millington Howse   Ann Howes   George Howes   Martin Holbrook   Anthony Howes   Simon Howes   Jane Howse   Samuel Howes   Richard Hill   Thomas Howes   Susannah Howes   Susan Howes   Gertrude Amy Simmonds   Elizabeth Chilvers   Edith House   John Lee Howes   Eveline Howes   Mary Anne Howes   Horatio Hare Coombs   George Howlett   Alfred John House   Alice Howes   Mary Ann Leach   Robert Randal Howes   Eliza Brine   Arthur Howes   Mary Gleed Deacon   Leslie Douglas Howes   Francis Gibbs   Thomas Wells   Charles House   Lydia Bazeley   Mary Howes   Cheesman Howes   Mary Alderman   Ellen Howes   Annie Elizabeth Street   Johanna Jane Howes   Maria Harvey   Ellen Jane House   Harold George House   Thomas James   Robert Cornick House   Charles Thrupp Hows   Lucy Dora Hows   Elizabeth House   Frederick William House   Elizabeth House   Eric V Fiander   Wilfrid Goodall   Christiana House   Eliza Mary House   John House   Martha Ann House   Charles House   John Thomas House   Winifred Daisy Cuff   Leonard George Beale   Iris Daphne Grace Inkpen   Emma House   Jane House   Richard Glanvile House   Alfred Manning   Harriet Howes   Thomas Leslie Green   Hannah House   Frederick John House   Eliza Howes   Robert Howes   Samuel House   James Howes   Henry House   George Washington House   Robert James Riley   William Alfred House   Eliza House   Ernest Herbert House   Frederick Ernest House   James House   Mary Jane House   Frank A House   Kenneth V Milburn   Eveline Annie Prowting   John Leonard Howes   Elizabeth Gladys Ford   Edward House   Doris Ellen E House   Peter Jones   Thomas Henry Howes   James Howes   Edward Howes   Annie Howse   Ethel Joyce House   Joseph Howes   Hester Saunders   Fanny House   Cyril John Alliston   Alfred George House   William James House   Elvin Jonathan Howes   Daniel M Howes   Eva E Taber   Frances Mary Davey   Edmund B Place   Benjamin Howes   Hannah Howes   Frank M McWilliam   Humphrey Francis Howse   George James House   Stanley John Trotman   Margery M Baker   Amanda House Drake   Albert Edward Wearn   Emily Mary House   Ellen House   Lilian Mary Howes   Edith Maria House   Cyril John Howes   Florence Elizabeth Overnell   Florence May Lowe   Albert Harold Johnson   Edith Dawson   Mary Howse   Francis House   Elizabeth House   Kate Annie House   Ellen Howes   Eleanor Grace Plaistowe   Ann Howes   Ralph Edward Howes   Richard James House   Lemuel Perkins Blair   Charles Thomas Crook   John N Swazey   Eliza Howes   John Howes   Walter John Foster   William Shakespeare House   Sydney Ralph House   Avery House   Hubert Wilfred W House   James House   Ethel Margaret Tredwell   Florence House   Emily Lilian House   Mary House   Thomas John Howes   Ann Key   Ann Mary Howes   Ethel Howes   Louisa Addison   Bertie Howse   Sarah Hutton Howes   Alice Samways   Edward Howes   Walter Charles Howes   Elizabeth Amelia Howes   Lavinia Howse   Margaret Loveless   Evelyn May Howes   Alice Mary Pearce   Muriel Powley   Robert Sidney Howes   Clara Jessie Howes   Henry Edwin Baser   Albert Blyth Howes   Charlotte Howes   Clyde R Howse   Mary Ann Rippon   Ivy Foggin   Minnie Kidd   Thomas Howes   Ena Howes   Felix Robert Howes   Louisa White   Charles Fox   Amy House   Jane House   William Henry House   Mary Ellen House   Annie House   Robert House   Charles Henry Redvers George H...   Nellie Y House   Enoch Lumley   Eliza Jane Howse   Doris Howes   Frances L Edmanson   Caroline Millicent Childerhous...   Lily M Braginton   Harold R Howes   Sarah Fuller   Emily Chamberlain   Edward George Rusby   Sylvia G Rusby   Stephen House   William Howes   Lucy Crowell   Maud Mary Smith   William Turner   Emily Howes   Alfred William Carrier   Arthur S Ellis   Eliza Howes   Vernon Ira House   Thomas Henry Maguire   Elizabeth Howes   Lottie May Apsey   Milford McKinley Apsey   Hiram H House   Kenneth John Lindy   Grace Gosling   John Crow   John James Howe   George Howes   William Howes   James Howes   John Charles Howes   Alfred William Frederick Dobso...   Mary Jane House   Tom House   Oleta June House   Benjamin Howes   George Howes   Henry E Howes   Harry House   Alice House   Dorothy Cook   Ruth House   Frances Ada Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Thomas Edward House   W Carl House   Clare E Unknown   Nelly House   Emily Martha House   Thomas W Howes   John Crudgington   Mary Ann Howes   Boycat Procter Howes   Benjamin S White   Richard Cleaver   William House   Edward House   Jack Donaldson Howes   Oliver Howes   Sarah Elizabeth Thorne   Edith Maria Howse   Melinda House   Violet Beesley   William Benjamin House   Clara J House   George James House   Kenneth O Culverhouse   Nora Mildred Edwards   William Frederick Loud   Harold George Pearce   William Henry Triggol   Hester Seviour   Louisa House   Rose House   Gerald House Russell   Sydney Frederick Crossley   Jethro Howes Hardwicke   Harriet Howse   Frank Richardson   Sydney Thomas French   Abigail Howes   Francis George Howse   Constance Amélie Sarah Howse   Harry Howes   Jennie Martin   Annie Gertrude Reece   Bessie L Butt   Edward George House   Emily N Unknown   Sarah Ann Langford   Gladys M Hibbs   James Matcham   Henry Palmer Green   Caroline Webb   Anne Howes   Joseph Booth   Margaret Howes   William John Windeatt   Alice V Howes   Dorothy Smith   Anne Charlotte House   John Arnold   Elizabeth Howes   Walter William Abigail   Mary Tyler   Elizabeth Bartlett   William Howes   Ethel L McClure   Ellis McClure   Charles Henry Cook   Sarah M W Nash   Sidney George Fisher   Eliza House   Edward Henry Barnett   Ellen Matilda Snare   Joseph Robert Carrington   William Arnold Tombling   Harriet Linnington   Percy Enoch Reynolds Davies   John Howes Millington Howse   John Thomas Lear   Anne Howse   Mary Howse   Alfred Wright   Penelope Simmons   Raymond Cox   Mary Ann Quested   Cora B Quested   Florence Taylor   Dorothea May Davis   James Watts Howes   Frederick William Skuce   Jeremiah Howse   Sarah Ann Howse   Frederick John Howes   Winifred Mary E Howse   William Howes   Mattie E Sharp   Laura L Sharp   Mary E Pearson   Martin James Andrews   Edgar Loftus House   Sarah F Unknown   Annie Munday   Joan House   Ivy Louisa Waite   Oliver Howes   Arthur W Millen   John James Howes   Mary Howes   Charlotte Baldwin   William Holt   Henry Ryder   George Donald House   Lewis Wisselman   Louisa Clara Page   Neva Howes   Charles J Howes   Gypsey Howes   Arazona Davis   Sarah J Howes   Jennie F Howes   Frances Eales   Edward Howse   Thomas House   Rebecca Howse   Wade Clay   Susannah House   Vida M Herring   Annie Louise Watts   Richard Fletcher Howes   Alice Poole   Emily How   William A House   Pauline Unknown   Charity Howes   Verma C Carber   William O Carber   Esther Howes   Edward Charles Giles   Mamie A Shaver   Mary W Slaughter   Charles E House   Margaret Emma Witham   Dora Howse   Samuel Howse Coles   Rebeca House   John House   Henry Howse   Francis Howse   Richard John Howes   Owen House   Rosilla House   Nona House   Prince House   Prince Howze   Mildred B Howes   William Gifford   Eliza Howes   Anna Hall   James House   Herbert A Bargewell   Martha House   William Faulke   Charles Henry Howes   Horace William Hows   William House   Jane Howse   Sarah Humphries Howes   Inez L House   George Hollister   Dolly Hollister   Nehemiah Hollister   Anson Dickinson   Orra House   Almira Fox   Lucy House   Charlotte House   Andrew J Howze   William Farmer Howse   John Howes   Mary Hows   Mary E Howes   Fannie House   Eleanor Howes   Henry House   Etta Florence Howse   Harman Howse   Mary Howse   Henry Howes   Hannah Robottom   William Howes   Frederick Henry Howe   Henry Humphries   Ann Maria Humphris   Emily Maria Smith   Richard Ellis Rose   Lilla Howes   John H Howse   Jane Elizabeth Francis   Thomas Howes   Nancy House   Henry A House   John Howes   Joseph Howes   Henry Howse   Leonard Abbis   Frederick James Abbis   Millicent Annie Hackman   Thomas House   John House   David Archer   Albert Edmund White   Jack Leeroy Woolery   Percy Albert Howes   Hannah Howes   Elizabeth Stephens   John Howes   Rose A Dearlove   William Howse   Hilda Annie Howes   Richard Howse   Alice House   Bertie Leonard Charlish   Margaret Thelma House   Thomas Elijah Jacob Howes   James House   James Howes   Muriel Louisa Sedgwick   Doris Agnes C House   Alan William Howes   Margaret Jane Howes   Avis Houks   George House   Robert Lovell   Rosanna Howes   Elsie Ann Howes   Eleanor Howes   Robert Howes   Sarah Howes   Kathleen Rose House   Henry Dawe   Ann Howse   George Howes   Robert Howes   Hannah Howse   Michael Dennis Boast   Mary Norris   Charles Howes   Edward Charles House   Doris Eliza Willis   George Henry Viner   Arthur Edward Dietrich   David A Bond   Alan Herron   Verna Alice Howes   Nora May Evans   Amelia Ellinor Howes   Elizabeth Martin   John Howes   Elizabeth Howes   George Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Iranah Nickerson   Benjamin Baker   Lilian Katharine Oliphant Brad...   Lucy Howes   John William James House   Ann Howes   Winifred House   Alice Ada K Howes   Mary Ann Howse   John Howes   Mary Alice K Hills   Reginald Hedderly   Alice Maud Howes   Lucretia Howes   Francis Hardy Howes   Ronald Martin Howes   Judith Howes   Rose Sabina Howes   Stewart Howes   Thomas Howes   Charles Howes   Ann Howse   Ephraim Howes   Abigail Humphry   Mabel Beatrice Howse   Percy Victor Howes   Anthony Howes   Edward Howes   Henry Howes   Alice Lottie Howes   Emily Alice Howes   Eliza Gillard   Emily Harriet Florence Dornom   William Howe   Kenneth G Charlish   Robert House   Francis Gibbs   Veta Grace Beatrice Howse   Major Courtney House   Muriel Jasmine House   Walter Jonathan Harris   Walter Wilfred House   Francis House   Thomas Kiddle Burgess   Frederick James House   Henrietta House   Audrey Mary P House   Percy Walter House   Raymond D Howes   Rosalie Dearman   William Alfred Gooch   Annie Elizabeth House   Jane House   Gladys Lilian Howes   Charles Albert House   Maude Mary Howes   Ethel May Howes   Hester Saunders   Sybil Pettit   Hilda Gladys House   William Howes   George Howes   Arthur Walter L Wright-Green   Ralph Edward Russell   Jemima Andrews   George Howes   Leonard Arthur Read   Doris Nellie Beatrice Oliver   Herbert Edward House   Jack Alan Howes   Lois May Howes   Susan Howes   Thomas Howes   Annie Gwendoline M Gardner   Joey-Johanna McCorquodale   Florence Beatrice Carter   Lily Elizabeth House   Edith Emily Howes   Sarah Ellen Howes   Leslie James Holloway   Catherine Matilda Wallington   Frank Arthur Howes   William James Parrish   Alfred Norman House   Barbara Mary Targett   Albert Edward House   William Thomas House   Florence Edna M House   Emma Jane Allen   Rita Emmeline Rose   Vivian Elliot Howse   Henry Cuff House   Mary House   Daisy Mary Gladys Howse   Michael John House   Louisa House   William Arthur Howes   Charles Howes   Edith M Howse   Eva Annie Zebedee   Mabel House   Lily Howes   Emma Dorothy Middleton   Morva Mary House   William George Coombes   Evelyn Dora Day   Ernest Edwin Howes   Walter Douglas Gosling   George Ronald Howes   Ariego Esterio Marchini   Albert Edward Douglas Howes   Harold Ernest Howes   John Edward Benjamin Warnes   Alfred Watts Howes   Jack Howes   Beryl Matilda Hadley   Berge Arthur Lacy   George Henry Howes   Elizabeth Brown   Samuel Walter House   Violet Maud Howes   Jean Howes   Dorothy Joan Saunders   Robert Alan Howse   Violet Rena Wellard   Sarah Elizabeth Stubberfield   Ronald Campbell   Richard Howes   Lesley Megan Elizabeth Howse   Alvin Justus House   Elsie Mary House   George Cunningham Blackwood   Ruth Boxall   Percy Walter Howse   Grace Pannell   Kate Elizabeth Fancy   Leonard James Howes   Evelyn Gladys Reading   Lilian Rose Smith   Florence Eva Howes   Alice Edith Howes   Fred Smalley Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Cyril Frederick Howes   Charles Vallance Brown   Florence Margaret Stoneman   Ernest David Howes   Doris Phoebe Luker   Joan Howes   Edith Sylvie Clarke   Joanne Barnard   Herbert Howes   Vera Creighton   Edwin Thomas A Howes   John Henry Callingham   Herbert Joseph Howes   Bernard Wallace Mayes   John Edwin Major   Gladys Rosa Tyzack   Marion McHarg   Gordon William A Howes   Alfred George Howes   Ernest Patrick Howes   Hazel Millicent Howes   Albert Thomas Walter Wakefield   Audrey Ruth Howes   Ralph Howes   George Day Burgess   Madeline Florence H Smith   William Farrington House   David Richard Howes   Elsie Margaret Howes   Rose Edith Mary Howes   Pamela Claudine Lilley   Esther Harriet Edmondson   Leslie Sydney Martin   Irene Frances R Howes   Marjory Josephine P Sansom   Florence May Howes   Frederick William Victor Buckl...   Ann Maria Winder   George E D Ellis   Betty May Howes   Reginald House   Kathleen Frances House   Bessie Florence House   Hilda Winifred M Chaplin   Edward Horace Howes   Albert House   Mary Cook   Derek Hugh Howse   Albert Henry House   Barbara May White   Mabel Eveline House   Doris Evelyn Howes   Ivy Suter   Leslie Sidney Falco   Albert William Biles   Daphne Rose A House   Evelyn Phyllis R Howse   Lionel Reginald Claude Howse   Kate Kathleen Fouracres   Margaret Llenorah House   William Walter J Grant   Anne E Denton   Caroline Howes   Phyllis Howes   Leonard William Perris   Ernest Edward House   Constance Emma Mott   Albert John House   Walter Charles House   Violet House   Evelyn Joan Howes   Gwendoline Irene Alice Howes   Irene Frances Soloman   Edna Tagg   Bertram Mayor   Allen Douglas Howes   Mary Ellen Spencer   William Brook Sykes   Colin Pashley   Ernest House   Frederick House   Sylvester Seacombe   David Howes   Phyllis Pickard   James Howes   David Rawlins   Frances R Howze   Cyril N V House   Henry Baxter Mallinson   Thomas Edward Norledge   James House   Eiluned Mavis Lloyd   Robert A Howes   Anthony Hugh Cooper   Ellis John Tew   Ann Howes   Martha Howes   Michael W A Saunders   Elizabeth Constance Jennings   Florence Emily Perrin   Ernest David Freeman   Barbara Rose Gale   Annie Carter   Elsie Evans   Joan Porch   Elizabeth Cross   Ronals Lewis Daniel   Jessie Steele   Ellen Lois Howse   Stephen Howes   Myrtle Irene Howes   Rodney Wallace C Sayer   Lynda Carole Roberts   Winifred May Howes   William Albert Howes   Harry Howes   Edward Thomas C Lloyd   Frank William Howse   Emily Elizabeth Herbert   Pauline Vera Howes   Harry W House   Maximilian Cyril House   Charlotte Elizabeth Branch   John Edward Roblin   Charlotte Walster   Harriett Masters Howes   Gladys Maud Green   William Alfred Selley   Norman Alexander   Winifred Nellie Howes   Valentine Patrick Jordan   Leslie Frank Peacock   Huldah Fail   Phyllis Moorhead   William Allen   Zachariah Howes   Gladys Ellen Carvell Price   Ada Louie Beak   Harry Watts Evans   John Ralph Howes   Alfred James Tancred   Frederick Lawrence Howard   Hilda Caustin   James Francis Penfold   Margery Edith M House   Brian Thomas Funnell   Donald Thomas Kilmister   Kathleen Primrose Howes   Ann Dewing   Thomas W Ruby   Arthur Leonard Patterson   Charles Roe Huffman   Geoffrey Charles O Howes   Annie Elizabeth Louisa Maysey   Frederick Alexander Blackwell   Herbert C Johns   William Richard House   Alice Maud Farmer   Ivy Louisa Brown   Kenneth Hubert House   Edna May Poole   Bernard Albert E Harcourt   Cecelia Maud Woodcock   Luigi Alphonso Ponzio   Barry Roger W Howes   Rose Churchill   Ivy Violet Thomas   Robert Howes   George Henry Redfern   Lilian Anne Ralph   Albert Charles Blake   Eric Norman Howes   Lucy Alice Pridmore   Ronald Freeman   Annie Alexandra Revill   Anne R Greenslade   Brinley Garfield Bevan   Beryl Violet A Beels   Arthur Clarence West   Charlotte Isobel D House   Louisa Florence Jenkins   Charles Henry Turner   Charlotte Skinner   Kenneth James Hansen   Sidney Whittingham   Mary Blanche Davies   Peggy Gertrude Howse   Norman Philips Rawlinson   Doris Louise Frary   Bertha Hodgkinson   Gordon Richard House   George Henry Howes   Howard Victor Warrant   Geraldine Mary Carvell   Louisa Wilkie   George Hollister   Reginald Arthur Howes   Eleanor Nellie Lawrence   Edith Elizabeth Brown   Stanley James Hartland   Charles Ernest Wales   Florence Gwendoline Roberts   Lilian Sarah Baylis   Bernard William Kilby   Winifred Isabelle Nyburg   George Robert Rogers   Elaine Cicely House   Maude Caroline Howes   Grace Hester Smith   Alan John Wooding   Frederick James Hicks   Constance May Dawe   Mary King Topping   Edwin Thomas Troon Barnicoat   Violet Howse   Henry Halliday   Albert George William Partlett   Lawson Hoyt Day   Nora Lovelock   Molly Gregory   Florence Mary Hall   William Samuel Howes   Beatrice Van Horn   Thomas House   Joyce Beryl Hanney   Emily Maude Creek   Dorothy Long   Robert James N Preece   Harold Edward Cornish Howes   Leonard George Howse   Albert George W Howse   Rodney John Howse   Harold Thomas Howse   Frederick John Jakeman   Harold Robert House   Edwin Thomas Carey / Milly Mar...   Leslie Alfred Howes / Marjorie...   Richard House / Daisy Heath   Samuel Eric Howse / Louise L L...   Bertie Harry Wolfe / Florence ...   Thomas Hale / Lucretia House   James Edward Howse / Mary Parr...