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    September 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Susanna Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Minnie C Holbrook   James Walter B Shingles   Ethel May Rowley   Eric Trevethan White   Edith Matthews   Arthur George Darby   Reginald Montague Barson   Alice Jeannette Howes   John Howse   Lena White   Maria Howes   Henry Garlick   Lillian Reeve   Frederick Hows   Rosanna Lake   Ernest Arthur House   Elizabeth Howes   Jacob Howes   George Darby   Ann Playford Burman   Doris M Rogers   Eli James House   Agnes Howes   Charles Stanton Ward   Rebecca House   Maud Howes   Daniel Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Jane Moors   Frederick Howes   John Howes   William Howes   Harriet May Warren   George H Royle   Ellen Elizabeth Howes   John House   Thomas Howes   Sarah Jane Henson   Susannah Hyde   Susanna Howes   Lewis Howes   Jane Chinner   Thomas Robert Howes   John Richard Howes   Samuel Sheppard   Thomas Hillyard   Elizabeth Louise Howes   Jacob Howes   John Richard Howes   Mary Howes   Samuel Howes   Florence Ivy Howes   John Libbis Howes   Mark Hillyard   Elizabeth Williams   Eva Hetty Howes   Harriet Howes   Harry John Charlish   William Bazeley   John Howes   Charles Howes   Jacob Burman   Frances Lily Howes   Mary Burman   Mary Howes   Thomas Howse   Minnie E Holbrook   Harriett Warren   Mary Ann Matilda Hillyard   Samuel Deacon Percival   William Stanton   Bernice R Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Horace Joseph Howes   Laura Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Sarah Howes   Frederick Thomason   Sarah Howes   William Howes   Ethel May Howes   William Burman   Gertrude Alice E Wright   Ethel Maude Rising   Robert Wellington Gamble   Robert Howes   Sarah Howes   George A Pallant   Sarah Tipping   Henry Howes   Susannah House   Jane Kirtland   Richard Howes   Betty Joan Green   Herbert Chilvers   Florence Emma Stanton   Solomon Howes   Emma Ann Henson   Olive Kathleen Dyer Houise   Cecil Ernest Alflatt   William Howes   Joseph Lockington Hall   Richard Howse   Joseph Wakefield Whitton   Dorothy Annie May Booden   John House   Arthur Howes   Jane Gardner   Ann Howes   Ann Howse   Lilian Knight   Abel Taylor   George Thomas Howes   Emmeline Howes   George Frederick Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Richard Howes   Emma Elizabeth Huggins   Marjorie Edith Terry   Frank Carvell   Thomas Henry Knight   Thomas William Warren   George House   Susan Howes   George Edward Muddiman   Robert Howes   Roger Howes   Emma Howse   John Howes   Sarah Ann Howse   Constance Hearn   William Hillyard   William Howes   Sarah Burman   Thomas W Burman   Ivy Knight   Agnes Mary Wright   Ethel Mary Bawcutt   Edgar George Stanton   Elizabeth Howse   John Bazeley   Margaret Mary Howes   Phillip Thomas Cope   Ann Parker   Joshua Howes   William Henry Howse   Mary Ann Howes   Stella May Cooper   Evelyn M Wallace   Elizabeth Susan A Howes   Edward W Plaster   William Whitton   Herbert Butler   Patience House   Cyril Richard Hall   Emily Louisa House   Mildred Emily Mott   Amy Elizabeth Cree   Charles Howes   Ann Howes   Robert Howes   Louisa House   Samuel Hawes   Edmund Howse   Millicent Spencer Cope   Victoria Maud Ayres   Sarah Hill   Gwendoline Rita Howes   Florence Emily Thorne   John House   Sarah Ann Howes   Adah Louise Cope   Charles Stephen Cope   Lazarus Howes   William Henry Warren   Christian Howes   Dorothy Gertrude Mott   Robert Moors House   James Howes   Caroline Mary Draper   John May   Thomas Warren   Philip Howes   George Howes   Henry William Howes, sr   Samuel Howes   John House   Hannah Howes   Joseph Howes   Alice Mary Ward   William Howse   Mary Howes   Hallage Howes   Alice Howes   Fanny Howse   James Howes   Thomas Carvell   Samuel Sheppard   Harriet Matilda Howse   Dilmond John Howes   Matilda Howes   Elizabeth Horner   Elizabeth Sayer   Julia May Evans   Peggy Darby   Amy May Goddard   Thomas Howes   Winifred Howes   Henry James Muddiman   Thomas Burman   Ruth Bazeley   Edmund Howes   Anne Watts   Mary Louise L Beagley   Ivy Grace Evennett   John Wells   William Thomas   John William Howes   Ann Carvell   Winifred Mary Wright   Martha Elizabeth Howes   Frederick George Willis   Charles Edward Howes   George Howes   Hortensia Mountjoy Howes   Jane Butler   Charlotte Julia Howes   Douglas Balfour Percival   Ernest J Hall   Cicely Alice Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Hilda Amelia Simpson   Frederick John Messenger   Thomas Hill   Ethel Martha Howes   Julia Howes   Henry Howes   Arthur Edward Charles Howes   George Howes   Ellen Howes   Lewis Grenville T Burt   Thomas Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Martha Howse   Nellie Tibbets   Ernest Plumptre Howes   Joseph Cook   James Howes   Charles Howes   Samuel James Hemmings   Robert Howes   Ann Howes   Henry Thomas House   Mabel Thompson   Amos Penn   Sarah Wakefield   Eliza Howse   Robert Howes   James Howse   Charles Howes   Joseph Howes   Emily Rebecca Howes   William Howes   John Howes   William House   John Basford   Uriah Bazeley   Eva Emma Cooper   Robert Edward Howes   Edith Mary H Reynolds   Richard Edward Stanton   Elizabeth Howes   Charles T Fox   James Howse   Mary Howes   George House   Sydney George Howes   Ada Hall   Ann Howes   Elizabeth Howes   William Turvey   John William Birch   Mary Ann Howes   William House   Charlotte Hall   Edith Mary House   Sam William Howes   Sarah Ann Louisa Howse   Frederick Howes   Henry W Howes   E Elizabeth Howes   Marion Maud House   Jane House   Mary House   Winifred Doris House   Opal Bateman   James House   Minnie Walters   Ellis House   Sarah Ann House   Hector Salmon   Jessie Eliza House   Elizabeth Turvey   Mary Ann House   Susannah Howes   Esther Victoria M Howes   Amy Amelia Howes   Jane Elizabeth House   John Howes   William Arthur Howes   Daisy Beatrice Howes   Jane Howes   Ivy Maud Cosby Howes   Emma Matilda House   John House   Alice House   Frank Turner House   John House   Martha House   Sarah House   Alfred John House   Elizabeth Jane Pyke   Isabel Gladys Maud Cooper   Elizabeth House   Ivy May Bond Knights   Martha House   Nellie Howes   Melicia Elizabeth Yarbrough   John Howes   William Howes   Alfred James Salter   Cecil Gray   Moses House   Elias House   Mary House   Henry House   Florence House   George P Howes   Bert Ross Taber   Naomi Howes   John House   George Howes   William Stolworthy   Dorothy Sharp   Annie Mary E Barber   John Joseph Howes   Frederick House   James T Stickland   Lionel James House   Elisha Howes   Julia Rose House   Martha House   Dorothea Ellen H Gilkes   Sarah Maria Howes   Philip Howes   Robert William Crome   Jane Smith   Ann Bennett Tisdall   John Greenhill Howes   Mary Howes   George Howes   George Howes   Jane Risley   Edward Mafeking Higgins   Herbert Charles Howse   Elizabeth House   Emily House   John Howard   Alice Summers House   Edna M Atkins   Edwin Reeves   Henry C Nettle   Elizabeth Howes   Albert Howes   Josiah Careless   Thomas Howes   Charlie Alfred House   George House   Jane House   John House   John Philip Howes   Edith Sarah Howse   Robert William Howes   Edward Howes   Jemima Howes   George Levi House   Mary House   Lilia Beatrice Mary Harris   David Howes   Emma Howse   Mary Howes   Henry Howse   Gertrude Jane Pitt   Joseph Howes   Sarah Elizabeth Howes   Flora M Kimber   Louise May Beaney   Mabel Bray   Amelia Spensley Howes   Edith Katherine M Wells   Thomas George R Wells   Ida May Howse   James John Howes   Francis Howes   George Howse   Elijah Greenbury Cooke   B J Howse   William Dougal Howse   Sarah Hannah House   Frederick William Taylor   Florence Nunn   Rosa Graham   Benjamin Mason   Isabelle Houseman   Jane Howes   Albert George Powley   Alice Maria Powley   Fred Abel Powley   George William Powley   Helen Phoebe Powley   Mary Ann Powley   Thomas Sutfield Rising   Frederick William Spilling   Hubert Trevanion Spilling   Rosalie Florence Harriettte Sp...   Henrietta Elizabeth Todd   Sarah Gertrude Todd   Mildred Edith Whybrow   Margaret Barnes Woolston   David Howes   Unnamed Turner   Edith Campbell   Ivy E Howes   Lilian L Borthwick   Letitia Frances Tate Hazelwood   Alfred Frampton   William Howes   Lloyd C Howes   Zachariah Taylor Pitts   Emmaline Isabelle Stricklin   Anna Bonner   Robert Nicholas Hill   Catherine Howse   Lilian Gray   Evelyn House   Alice Howes   Harriet Howes   Kenneth Vivian Morris Howes   Kathleen Beckett   Arthur Piercy   Gertrude Piercy   Samuel Jukes   Jane Lothrop   William Henry Brooks   Gideon House   Edith S Sampson   Jack O Crundwell   Charles Howes   Charles H Fuller   Thankful Bangs   Ann Hannah Howes   Mary Howse   Myrtle Q Unknown   Martha Howes   Robert Howes   George Samuel Howes   Harry L Talbot   Robert McVey House   Joshua Howes   James H Howes   Effie B Howes   Alfred Brook Kay   John William Albert Howse   Maria Howes   Caroline Louisa Howes   Harry Mills   Edward Temple Whitehurst   Frank House   Unnamed House   Elizabeth Esther House   Elizabeth Howes   William Howes   Daisy Parsons   Joseph Kenneth Howes   William Wright   George Henson House   Olly L House   Charles A House   Vernon House   Virginia I Perry   George Duncan   George W Howes   Mary Howes   David House   Martha Frances House   John William Cox   Elizabeth Howes   Kate L Crudgington   George Hunt   Henriette Howes   Edward Hows   Elijah Kemp Howes   Edith Barnes   James Pinkney House   Phoebe Manning Howes   Royal C Howes   Mary Anne Howes   James Howes   John Howes   George Smith   Frederick Hawkins House   Harriet House   James House   Florence Lilian Hacker   Mary G Howes   Charlotte Howes   Christian Howes   William Howes   Dorothy House   Winifred C Loud   John House   Hannah Halliwell   Bridget House   Alfred Charles   Elizabeth Howes   Emily Jane Howse   John Hardwick   Annie Senescall Brewer   Eva M Wiliard   Edward John Howes   Thomas Steemson House   Hannah Eliza House   Eva Pickering   Ebenezer House   Emily Howes   Stella Winifred Robinson   Alice E Perrigo   Clara Unknown   Mildred Hows   Alice E Singleton   Sarah A Unknown   Norah Mary Percival   Jane Day   William House   Jane Lowe   Norman W House   John House   John Garlick   Mary Howes   Richard Howes   Sarah Howes   Edna Hazel McClure   Charles W Howes   Hugh William Pheysey   Eoline Howze   Susan P Stevens   Samuel Paddock Howes   Francis Howes   Robert A Howes   Hannah Maria Futter   Edith Chapman   Jessie Mabel Ravenhill   Phyllis Kathleen James   Matthew Swiney   Arthur Samuel Baden Howes   George Thomas Wallace   Benjamin Eggleston Sarles   Sarah Howse   William Albert Sparklin   Mary Marsh   John House   Arthur Henry William Howes   Norman Michael Hayes   Kenneth O Howes   Harding Wills   Agnes Huffman   Anne George   Ada Louisa Howes   Herbert Robert Vallance   Ellen Howse   Florence Rose Howes   Martha E Howse   Adeline Marie Howes   Nicholas House   Francis Richard Howse   Alfred Howard Watson   James House   William Bennett   Kate Lydia Welman   Mary Howse   Lillian Hopkins   John Edward Howse   Anna Maria Howes   Anna Catherina Howes   Thomas Cushing Long   Florence Nightingale Balls   Frederick Robert Nurse   Eliza Riggs   Rhoda House   Emma Jane Giddings   Selina May Lansdown   Vera May Howes   Martha Howes   Edgar Howes   Ann Elizabeth Jeffs   Ephraim Howse   Hanna Howse   Dorothy Ellen Walker   Thomas Howse, sr   Caroline House   Katherine House   Frances Howse   Robert Howse   Bridget Morris   Marie Augusta B House   William Tom Hoddinott   Georgina Rought   Jacob Howes Underwood   Octavius Howes   John Chambers   Francis Chambers   Elizabeth Howse   Charlotte Howes   Anne Howes   Sarah Ann Howes   William Hector   Anna Eliza Matthews   Zachariah Howes   Rose R House   John W Howes, jr   George Elmer Carber   Tressie R Quinn   Mary Ann Owen   Mattie Lou Shaver   Nancy Ollie Unknown   William John Howe   Myra May Knight   William Robert House   Elizabeth Day   Mary House   Harry Fletcher Howes   Lily Florence House   David R House, jr   Ann House   Amanda Hollingsworth   Charlott Unknown   Charlotte McLaughlin   Addison Howze   Hannah Howes   John Albert Chestnut   John W Howes   Edna Howse   Ellis Bell Howes   Peter Waldo   Lawrence W House   Harriet E Beard   Alfred House   George Willliam Howes   Wiley J House   Amanda E House   Thomas Hale   Zeri House   Philip Slatter   Daniel P House   John T House   William Keeley   Henry Knivett Howes   Ernest Marshall Howse   Gertrude Julia White   Delia Wright   Robert Howes   William Edward House   Raymond Howes   Norris M Howes   Harry House   Alice Lewis   James Pennington   Etta House   Catherine Howse   Harry Howes   Joseph P Howes   Jane House   Richard House   Anne House   Elijah Howes   Florence Beatrice Howes   Leonora Elizabeth Wisdom   William Owen Timms   Edith Helen Jane Howes   Elizabeth Unknown   Walter Woods   Thankful Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Mary Allen   Ann Howes   Ralph Frederick Howes   Henry Hezekiah Howes   Mary Anne Howes   Lilian Marjorie Bruce   Sarah Stagg   Muriel Messenger   Sarah Howes   Annie Elizabeth Taylor   Walter Howes   Jane Southgate   Hannah Howes   Amelia Ellen Howes   Theodosia Howes   William Howes   Anne Hutt   Hiram James Montgomery   Hannah Bloxham   George Howes   Robert Henry Howes   Thomas Thorn   Frederick Thomason   Lilian Daisy Austin   Albert B Mason   Arthur William Howse   Phyllis Gwendoline Lily Howes   Thomas Warren   Winefred Unknown   Mary Ann Childerhouse   Alfred Lawrence Hart   Augusta Annie Stanton   Jane Louisa Hyatt   Thomas Seaman Howes   Anthony Howes   Jane Gardner   James Howes   Anne Howes   Isaac Howes   Martha Howes   Sabara Reade   Constance Hearn   Florence Alice House   Ella Irene Armitage   Goss Christmas Howes   Mary Alice Wood   William James Howes   George Bradshaw   Ethel Mary Bawcutt   Mary Anne Bazeley   Jane Howes   Agnes Mary Eleanor Hilda Howes   Ernest John Philip House   William Baker   Audrey Joy Flower   James Howes   Charles Brundle Howes   Ronald Joseph Wright   Albert Alexander Hume   John House   June O Waddell   Rebecca Howes   William Muddiman   Irene. O. Barker   Catherine Matilda Durrell   Elizabeth Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Benjamin R Mason   Ann Allin   Lucy Collier   George Howes   Thomas Brown Newcomb   Sarah Howse   Mary Ann Fox   William Baker   Ernest Royle   Frances Howes   William Muddiman   William Howes   Thomas John Howes   Ada Dorothy A Thomas   Winifred Ella Bull   John Groome Howes   Henry James Muddiman   John Howes   Henry Leggett   Sophia Browning   Frederick William Howes   Joseph Hall   Thomas Howes   Ernest Plumptre Howes   Charles Henry Howes   Frederick Smallbrook   Henry William Howes   Wilfred Thomas Howes   Joseph Turner   Bertie Wells   Nelson John House   Noah Hendry Howes   Mary Howes   Wilson Howes   James Howes   Harold Howes   Polly Howes   Eliza Jane Denyer   Beatrice Helen Lovell   Esther Elizabeth Openshaw   Harry Cope   Mary Ann Hornsby   Charles John Carey   Patrick L. Russell   John Wells   Lydia Bazeley   Cyril Wyndham George House   Florence Emily House   Issadora Matilda House   Charles William Marks   Metford Edmund John Morris   Samuel Wood House   Robert Antell   George House   Ann Unknown   Henry William House   William House   Thomas House   Clifford Lee W House   Lottie Margaret Turner   Herbert James Howes   Benjamin Case   Ethel May Jackson   Wallace Hector House   Jean Romley House   Jeremiah House   Mildred Rosina Howes   Elsie Beatrice Howes   Lilian May Howes   Mollie Margaret House   Charles Lucius House   Violet Julia May White   Sarah House   Audrey Nancy Truby   Marion Ord   Kathleen Nora V House   Charles Edwin J House   Arthur Vivian House   Mary Jessie Walker   Agnes Panter   Nellie Hartley   John Percival Howes   Leonard Jack Howse   Edith Alice Pilgrim   John Howes   Ellen May Buss   Iris Muriel J Emery   Dennis Stuart House   Albert Edward H Kent   Kenneth Victor Howes   James House   Mabel Elizabeth House   Frederick J Howes   George Richard House   Edward Alfred Lock   Lottie Matthews   Albert Victor Howes   Emily Wright   Marjorie Alice Stiff   Alec Nicholson   James George Howes   Horace Howes   Phyllis Irene Rawlings   Geoffrey George Howes   Ethel Mary Kirk   Grace Lereina Howes   Thomas William Howes   Rosaline Frances Howes   Beatrice May Freegard   Betty Howse   Geoffrey Thomas Howes   Clarence Frederick Pipes   Alan Walter Staley   Ivy May House   John Arthur G Howse   George Alfred Howes   Margaret Emma Howse   James Bane   George Vernon Bore   Sarah Ann Collins   William Rising Howes   George Powley   Louisa Powley   Thomas Sutfield Rising   Harry Thomas Whybro   Hilda Maud Howes   William George Howes   Cecil George Mabbitt   William Colbear Howes   Thomas William Howes   Hilda Dorothy Miller   Percy James Howes   Thomas James Neal   William Henry W Howes   Thomas Howes   Edwin Gilliat Westwick   John Evans P L H White   Catherine Elizabeth Repper   Dennis Alfred Ram   Geoffrey Woolley   Frank Morris Howes   Sidney Bernard Bassett   Anthony George Coles   Mabel Anna Howes   Nellie Caroline Learner   Mary Mullett   Jessie Mercer House   Hazel May Howes   Lottie Catherine Howes   Jonathan House   Arthur Henry Goodson   Mildred Fawcett Howes   Irene Mary Ovens   Arthur Victor Howes   John W Howes   Christopher Frederick Marmoy   Lilian Florence M Pook   William Thomas Howes   Frederick Charles G House   Leslie George Howes   Fanny Augusta House   Lily May Olive Howes   Unnamed House   Wilfred Cullen   Philip Christopher R Howes   Beatrice Gladys A Howes   Constance Violet Vivian Howes   Janet Poulter   Eileen Maud Howes   Charlotte Howes   Elizabeth Mary Howes   Elizabeth Charlotte Rogers   Mary Ann House   Harold George Howes   Richard Charles Howes   May Florence House   Maud Florence Beck   Olive Edith Howes   Grace Margaret Howse   Alfred Harry A Back   Edgar Gene Farrington-House   Gladys Irene House   Herbert House   John Charles G House   Clara Evelyn Howes   John Ernest Moffett   Wilfrid George Howes   Hephzibah Cairncross   Joyce Edith Howes   Dennis Norman Oxley   Margaret Dorothy B Oxley   Arthur Donald S Sims   Ivy Amelia House   Cyril Walton Howes   Albert William R Howse   Ronald Edward Howse   Nora Faith Cole   Ronald Ernest Howes   Elizabeth Ann Mayhew   Thomas Howse   Herbert James Higgins   Andrew Robert Howes-Smith   Nellie Catherine House   Leslie Robert L House   Oliver Howes   Thomas Howes   James Howes   Eliza House   Charles Henry Howes   Stella Irene Howes   Lilian Edith Howes   Frederick George Sillett   Frederick Arthur J House   Alice Maud Clifford   Nora Elizabeth Gregory   Eunice Amelia White   John Harold Assinder   Frederick Herbert House   Dorothy Gwendolyne Dinham   Alice Maud Bryant   Gerald Frederick Amos   Etheldreda Lucy Elizabeth Wool...   Kenneth Milton House   William James House   Austin House   Arthur Richard Howes   James Henry House   Leonard Montgomery   Selina Howes   Winifred Pickard   Arthur Thomas Walter Inman   Constance Edith Howes   Joanna Stone   William George Darby   Lily Martha Love Shearing   Frances Caroline Howes Arnold   Esther Howes   Frank Tyler House   Alice Maud Howes   Elsey Howes   Michael Harold Howes   Allen Percy Howes   Henry Stephen Howes   Thomas Howes   Ronald Arthur Broad   Leona Isabel Campbell   Mercy Barnum Crosby   Caroline White   James Robert Blackstaffe   Leslie Harcourt Viner   Anne Cross   Jean House   Richard Fenton Howes   William Burrows   Lowis Simms   Keith John House   Evelyn Paine   Hazel D Kinzy   John Hutchison   Elizabeth Warbey   Richard Howes   Ronald Wilfred House   Frederick Wyatt Bridge   William Norman Hart   Olive Beardsley   Effie Norah Lubbock   Cynthia Ann Forty   Ernest Albert Balls   Henry Bonner   Monica Mary Howse   Harold Edward Kearse   Dorothy Bertha Russell   Charles House   Arthur William T House   David George House   Harold House   Andrew Jackson Conley   John Hallett   James Arthur Gauge   Vera Dodds   Derek Roy Bird   Vera Christina House   Walter Frank Wilkinson   Frederick Robins Parker   Cecil Howes   Jacques E. E. A. Robert   Lucinda J Howes   Reginald George Golby   Phyllis Muriel Hill   Edwin Walter Holland   Graham Charles Bullock   Edward Sidney Grey   Ernest Frederick Charles Fry   Rose Mary House   Mabel Ellen Hooper   Dennis Robert Keen   Pamela Irene P Howse   George Henry Hanson   Madeleine Agnes L Maskell   Lottie Athelyn Webb   Victor Frederick Howes   Louis Wilfred Sherress   Ivy Beatrice Reed   George Edward Green   Joyce Marjorie House   Raymond House   Norman Stanley Thomas House   Irene M House   Norman Watt   Kenneth Robert House   George Victor Howes   Violet Louise Forbes Stephens   Lilian Violet Simpson   Gwendoline Inns   Victor Leslie Phillips   Mabel Alice Howse   Henry Howes   Gwendoline Rosa Larkin   Anthony James Howes   Gertrude Maud Howse   Joan Eileen Peters   Kathleen Stokes   Vera Frances Panting   Frederick Charles Harding   Kathleen Beryl King   Peter Ronald C Balls   Herbert Leslie Howes   Walter John D Howes   John William Small   Tryphena Maud Mary Howes   Eileen Elizabeth Harris   Hilda May Lawson   James Carl House   Lucinda J Howes   John Walter House   Henry Alfred Truslove   Edward Lillywhite   Mary Elizabeth Bushell   Florence May Geach   William H Vaughan   Barton Braisby C Howes   Stephen Ward Margetts   Mary Dalgleish Howes   James Alfred Sims   Margaret Ada Howes   Beatrice Mary Baldwin   Doris Violet Howse   William Robert Gray   James Llloyd Howes   Rose L Ray   Mary Polly Fields   Joan Audrey Saunders   Harry Howes   Harold Howes   Thomas Patrick Buckingham   Olive E Parker   Gwendoline Cynthia House   Ethelreda Josephine Bould   Robert Capon Taylor   Rose Cross   Patrick James Lowry   Iris Lilian Mumbray   Frederick Henry T Howse   Doris Sophie House   Olive Maud House   Dorothy Joan Chilcott   William Albert Shayshutt   Leonard Kenneth Lane   Gerald Peter Wilson   Richard George Dickson   Elsie Howes   Norman Dudley Beard   Richard Thomas Ford   Robin Geoffrey Cook   Leonard Alfred Randall   Sidney Charles Howes   George William Charles Ashby   Wallace Deans   Henry Sanderson   Esther Carr   Frances L Bridgewater   Owen Buckingham   Ivy Alice Nelms   Miriam Nowell   Elizabeth Ethel Taaffe   Cyril Timms / Louisa Howes   George Herman Palmer / Beatric...   John Stanton / Sarah Mayers   William James Howes / Fanny Fr...   John William Howse / Hannah El...   Sidney Wells / Ellen Carpenter   James Cole Carvell / Abigail P...   Frederick Raymond Toon / Nelli...   Frank Willis / Mary Louise L B...   Wilfred Cooper / Lilian Marjor...   William Henry Howes / Mabel El...   Harold Henry R Want / Violet D...   John William Cupper / Emma How...   Lawrence Frederick Lane / Mary...   James Stanton / Martha Lewis   Walter Johnson / Susan Clara C...   Henry Bond / Ellen Neve   Thomas Carvell / Mary Ward   Samuel Warren / Ivy Kate Farre...   William Garner / Peggy Darby   Percival Albert Muddiman / Min...   Sidney George Terry / Ada Hall   William Smith / Agnes Pitchers   Walter George Howes / Doris Lu...   Richard Edward Stanton / Alice...   Bertie E Brown / Ethel Alice E...   Frederick Abel / Elizabeth Car...   Edward Taylor / Jessie Howes   Edward Alfred Lock / Sybil Vio...   Thomas Edward Wells / Katherin...   Richard J Howes / Nora Yvonne ...   B J Howse / Ruby Cleek   George Vernon Bore / Mildred E...   Robert Gidney / Charlotte Clax...   John Robert West / Alice Mary ...   George Fisk / Charlotte Hill   Samuel Hill / Louisa Powley   Anthony John Powley / Ethel El...   Michael O'Connor / Alice Maria...   Albert Arthur Osborne / Edith ...   Thomas S Borthwick / Edith Coo...   Samuel Tebbutt / Sarah Anne Ge...   George Robert Howse / Emmy How...   Frank A Pierce / Verna Elizabe...   William Robert B Mason / Janet...   John Hall / Rebeccca Howes   Edward Kenney / Lois M Hills   James Joseph House / Sue Tanne...