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    October 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Leah Darby   Sophia Howes   Mary Howes   Arthur Cecil Southwood   Henry Hill   Catharine Louisa Howes   Mark Howes   William Eugene Speelman   Elizabeth Howes   John Howes   Thomas Howes   Nicholas Timothy Powell   Walter Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Sarah Howes   William Howes   Stanley Howes   Ann Thorn   Thomas Howes   Emily Webley   John Howes   stillborn Bliss   William Howse   Edgar Tower   Harry Berkeley Howse   Margaret May Bushel   Winifred Hester Howes   William Willis   Elizabeth Thorn   Thomas Henry Howes   Thomas Howes   James Howes   Jacques Louis Boisse   Lydia Howes   John Howes   John Howes   William Howes   Phillis House   Mary Howes   John Burton Howes   Bridgette Howes   Alice Bloy   Harold Victor Howes   John Howes   Mary Ellen Howes   Theodosia Howes   Henry Howes   Eliza Howes   Agnes Howes   John William Howes   Alfred John Harris   Sarah Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Esther Hows   Sarah Howes   George Alfred Howes   Sarah House   Elizabeth Howes   Henry Howes   Gregory Howes   Dorothy Rose Lucy Hollis   John Howes   John Able Colman   Mary Jane Howes   Tom Henry Charles House   Frederick William House   Mary Howes   Thomas Howes   Elizabeth R McInnis   Daniel Howes   James Howes   Millicent Emily Howes   Doris Blanche Howes   Elizabeth Howes   James Howes   George Beaumont   George House   Mary Howes   Edward H Fox   Richard Howes   William Robert Howes   Thomas Howse   Seth W Heartfield   James Charles Bullock   Robert Harman Howes   William Howes   Charles Frederick Deck   Frederick William Clarke   William Claxton Howes   William Howse   Robert Masters   Jane Howse   Anthony Howes   James Hillyard   William Howes   Edward James Howes   John William Darby   Elizabeth Bazeley   Elizabeth Howes   Charles Howes   George Howes   Thomas Howes   James Howes   Elsie Duckworth   Maud Helen Howes   William John Stevens   Mary Ann Wheeler   Samuel Howes   John Howes   Samuel Howes   Ann Jegosha May   Sarah Howes   Charles Howse   Doris May Howes   Thomas Howes   Henry Smallbrook   Nellie Mary A Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Jane Howes   Robert Howes   Mary Howes   Elizabeth Jeffs   Kathleen Knights   James Howes   Susanna Howes   Albert J Warltier   Raymond Gregory Howes   Charles Leonard   Hannah Howes   Ernest Henry House   Lydia Howes   Ann Robinson Taylor   Sarah Gibbs   Elizabeth Massingham   Isaac Howes   Sophia Howes   John Howes   Benjamin Howes   Alfred James William Howes   Ida Howes   Margaret Howes   Jonathan Howes   Emma Claridge   Leonard Turner Cooke   Jane Howes   William Howes   Doris Southwood   Edward Green   Joseph Howes   John Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Emily Howes   Thomas Burman   Samuel Howes   Alice Percival   William Brown   Mary Ann Hillyard   Susan Howes   Prudence Machin   William Howes   Winifred Howes   William May   William Howes   Denness G Garratt   Joseph Howes   Ann May   Mildred Mary Ann Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Frederick John Hillyard   James Howes   Clara Louise Howes   John Howes   Richard Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Maria Howes   Richard Howes   John May   Richard Howes   Susan Howes   John Howes   George Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Richard Hows   Sarah Howes   John Robert Race   Edward Curley Sexton   Annie Needs Howes   Gerald Balfour Percival   Frank Benedict Heartfield   Samuel Howes   Arthur Merrill McKee   Katharine Elizabeth Wells   Daniel Howes   Ernest Charles House   Arthur James Palfrey   Samuel J Howse   Richard Howse   Charlotta Mihill Howse   James Hows   Robert Howse   Elizabeth Howes   Frederick Hows   William Howes   Jane Howes   Thomas Howes   William Bazeley   Thomas Thorn   Elizabeth House   John Howes   John Hillyard   Anne Howes   Frances Gertrude Minnie Howes   William Howes   John Henry Howes   Robert House   Harry Charles Howes   Jesse Jordan   Judith Howes   Robert Howes   Charles Howes   Elizabeth House   John House   William Stokes   Harry Howes   Henry Smith   George House   Jane House   Dinah House   Edward House   Elizabeth House   George House   Mary Maria House   Charlotte Ann Watts   Frederick Robert House   Mary Martin   Charles House   Allen House   Alice Sarah House   Richard Glanvile House   Michael Gordon Howes   George Howes   Bessie Churchill   Edith House   Eliza Howes   Phyllipp Howes   Walter George Laws   William Charles Sturgess   Edith Mary House   James House   George Frederick Hall   Reuben Howes   Lilian Frances Knox   Ann House   Frederick John House   Henry Thomas House   James House   Richard Carey House   William House   Donald Smith House   Arthur Reginald Condon   David House   Rebecca House   Adelaide Mary Howes   Alice House   James Crittendon Yarbrough   John Richard Howes   William E Howes   Cecilia Margaret Howes   Naomi Crouchen   Harriet Maria House   Elizabeth Howes   John Alexander McWilliam   Duane Bishop   Emily House   Mary Elizabeth Claydon   John Howes   Samuel House   Elizabeth Pritchard   Jane Howes   Edward Howes   Margaret May Pritchard   Edith Annie Gardner   Alfred Ambrose House   Ann Howes   Ellen Tysoe   Frank Bernard House   Bonney W Blair   Hannah Howse   Helen Frances Howse   Ann E Howes   Annie Howes   Emily House   Dorothy Mildred Bott   John William Stransom   George House   James House   Martha House   Mary House   William House   William House   George Howse   Mary Anne Howes   Hannah Jemima Howes   Edwin Howes   Maria Howes   Redvers J Hancock   William Powell Howes   Frederick George Howes   Charles Griffin Howse   Jane Howse   Elizabeth Howes   Hutton Howes   Alfred James May   Emily E Beaney   Charlotte Louisa Howes   Constance Eugenie Howse   John Mason   Maud Powley   Essie O Allen   Alice M House   Richard William Lundy   Elizabeth Jane House   James Monroe Pitts   Robert Pitts   Isabella House   Agnes Margaret Kean   Isaac House   Nora House   William House   John Talbot   Harriet Howes   William J Sanborn   Helen Howes   Mary Ann Howes   Zoe Constance Howes   George William Harris Howes   Alice Eliza Howes   John Lorimer Howes   Lattuce Howes   Jessie Mercer House   Barbara Lothrop   Elizabeth Neave   Elizabeth House   Sarah House   James Howes   Ernest Robert Ebbs   Amy Florence Howes   William C House   Maria Susannah Howes   William Howes   James R Apsey   Francis H Howes   Laura Frances Kay   Samuel Thomas Allsop   Annie Saunders Howse   William A Lyall   Frederick Robinson   Richard Frederick Futter   Julia Alice House   Arthur Thomas Howes   William Newitt   Anne Flora House   George Etheridge Howes   Florence M Chambers   Ida B Borders   Percival John Rogers   Caroline Jennings   Barnie N House   Eleanor Pleasants   Sarah Howes   George House   Anna Howes   Kermit Hackworth   James Howes   George Arthur Howes   Hilda Evelyn Howes   Jessie House   Marcion V Farrington House   James House   Ebenezer Howes   Ellen Howes   Lavinia Howes   Marian Argent Rowe   Gertrude L Heaton   Ann Sarah House   Edward Howes   Austin Howse   Frederick George H Howes   Lena Maude House   John D Berryman   Andrew House   Alethea Emily F Freeman   William Richard Howse   William Howse   Lillie White   Mary Ann Howse   Jane House   Archibald George Pike   Edwin Walter Pownceby   Ronald C Boreham   Amelia Agnes Howse   Frederick John Owen   Anna Maria Parker   Margaret Howes   Ruby E Howes   Ross M Howes   Eliza House   Emma Jane House   Mary House   Emma J Unknown   Levi Fifield   Bennett Fifield   Alice Blood   Frank Albert Hughes   William Henry Messenger   Edward Charles Lewis House   Thomas Howes   William J Parfitt   Hester House   Leslie Albert Snelling   Beatrice Louisa House   Mary House   Hannah Howes   Lydia House   John Hardwick   Matilda Howes   Clara Howes   Velma Gracie Howse   Orville Hawkins Howse   Joseph House   Caroline House   Martha Sykes   Donald House   John Howes   Allen J Howes   Havilah Unknown   Robert House   Daniel Howes   Ernest Alfred Drake   Sidney Richard Coate   Thirza House   William Pierce House   Florence Josephine Howes   Hilda Jane Street   Esther Howes   William P Howes   Harry H Bolt   Beatrice Ethel Whittingham   Frederick Osborne   William A Howes   John George Parker   Florence Norah J McKee   Mary Howes   Elizabeth Millington   Matilda Howes   Edward C Marsh   Edith G Marsh   George Arthur Maurice Freeman   John Francis Howes, jr   Mary McKenzie   Amy Ellen M Fowke   Everett Taylor House, jr   Hattie M House   Lilian Howes   Gladys House   Francis Konkle   Robert Philip House   Mary Elizabeth Irving   John Howes George   Fred Ernest Howes   Hester Howes   Horace Charles H Lewis   Charles Windsor   Milton A Howes   Israel Lothrop   James Edward Howes   Ellen Louisa Howes   William Cross   Frederick Henry Perrenoud   William House   James House   Lambert Howes   Will A House   Edith Howes   Albert Thomas Bradbury   John Bradbury   Harry Browning   Alfred Town   Robert Johnson Lown   Ruth Fisk   Harriet Colburn   Charles Walter Dixon   Olive May Balls   Walter William House   Herbert Austick   Walter Austick   Eliza Howes   Emma Bowen   Walter Halliday   Fanny Howes   Richard Howse   James House   John House   William House   Mary Langdon   Sarah D Callow   Dorothy Lilian Rogers   Martha Hows   James Howes   Thomas Alleyne Howse   Elizabeth Ann Howes   Ebenezer Howes, 3d   Benjamin Howes   Mary E Norman   Clifford Howes   Ansel Lewis   Thomas Jefferson House   Wade House   Priscilla Howze   Albert Panter   Clara A Cloud   William Howes, jr   Leland R House   Elizabeth Howse   Albert Ruby   Ralph E Ruby   Lulu Z Peer   Donald Keller   Francis J House   Myrtle A Robison   Nelson Eli Richens   Edith House   Lucy Johnson   Francis House   Mary Jane Price   Hester Annie James   John William Lewis   Walter Wesley Howes   Paul Howes   Larral Howes   Rose Pullen   Ruth M Howes   William Lawrence   Mary Emma Norman   Clifford Howes   William Henry Reed   Eli Wills   Emma Elizabeth Wills   John Howes   Etta Williams   Electa Hollister   Jared Wier   Abraham Webster   Manoah Smith   Sarah House   Marilla House   Dency House   Sophia Smith House   Eleanor J Roberts   Harvey Howze   Albert Edward Moye   Francis Marion Howze   Robert Howes   Ida Caroline Howes   Rachel Rayner   Edwin Arthur House   George Brain   Ellen Humphries   Henry Lay   Emily Annie Smith   Alfred Hutton Coomber   Ellen Maria Knibbs   George Howes   Alice Maud Arrowsmith   Nathan M House   Naomi Hampton   George James Lee   Sallie H Unknown   William R Forster   Ellen M Pratt   Emma Merrill House   Joseph Perkins   William Perkins   Hannah Hackman   Elizabeth House   William Bartlett   Joane Wise   Alice Mary Donegan   Margaret Florence Howes   May Ellen Howes   John Chilvers   Ernest Hill House   Robert Howes   Frederick Sawyer   Harry Edward Howes   Elizabeth Brundle   Bethia Crocker   Jonathon Bassett   Samuel Howes   Maud Elizabeth Starkey   Thomas Baker   Margaret Elizabeth Howes   Doris Irene Howes   Hilda May Howes   Edith Ruby Howse   Sarah Howes   Miriam D Howes   Ernest Howes   Donald George Goodwin   Sheila Yvonne Rosemary Burke   Charles Howes   Edward Howes   William Howes   Susanna Howse   Archibald Charles Howes   Susanna House   John Howes   Elizabeth Moreton   Mary Marler   Robert Warren Cottrell   Norman Jack Howes   Thomas Howes   Richard Howes   Flora May Howes   Simpkin Howes   Mary Katharine Jessopp   John A Howes   Ernest Clarence Jones   Sarah Ann Howes   Kenneth John Dedman   Ernest Norman Howes   Christine Alana Inglis   Hannah Bazeley   George Edward Howes   Margery Olliffe   John Bazeley   Edward Howes   Anne Elizabeth Howes   John Howes   Leslie Howes   Ronald Maynard Burt   William Rice   Elizabeth Unknown   Marjorie Howse   Albert Howes   Alice G How   Eric Bertram Gulbrandsen Milne...   William Leslie House   Ellen Howes   Robert Moors House   Frederick Hugh Thurnall Tatham   George Alec Howes   William Howse   Amy Martha Howes   John House   Lewis W Howes   William Howes   Dorothy Gwendoline House   Eva May Howes   Sarah Ann Hedges   Joseph Howes   Ruth Marion Waters   Mabel Mary Ann Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Percy Norman Huggett   Lizzie Holt   Amy Dorothy Howse   Mary Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Charles H Codd   Elizabeth Howes   John Childerhouse Howes   Thomas Hope Findlay   Elsie Esther Roberts   Lilian May Freeman   Rosina Howes   Walter Howes   Dorothy Beatrice Eliza Hopkins   Charles Thomas Bateman   George House   Alan House   Grace Kathleen Mabel House   Everil Marjorie Howse   Edith Mary Howes   Frederick Stanley Howes   George Ernest Cradock   Godfrey Burr   Jane House   Richard House   Thomas Trivett House   Mildred Alice Howes   Walter Frederick Howes   Mildred Marion Howes   John Arthur Howes   Thomas House   Reginald John Howse   Doris Isabel Coles   Jane House   John House   Mary House   Ada Winifred West   Edith Katherine House   Jemima James   Barbara Annie Howes   Gladys Maud Howes   Phyllis Winifred House   Arthur Noel Morrow   Joyce Margery Ruddock   Fanny Maria Maw   Walter Edward Norman Howse   Louisa Phyllis Cane   Charles John Howes   Gilbert Charles Gardner   Mary Elizabeth Howse   Robert William George Howse   Anne Mason   John Alister Seymour Williams   Florence Eva House   Henry House   William House   Violet Mary Puzey   Marion Kathleen Howse   Daniel Joseph House   Frank C Dunlop   Kenneth Elwyn Howes   Winifred Barbara House   Ambrose McLaren   John William Howes   Gwynedd Helen Lightfoot Harris...   William Harold Backus   Edith Winifred Watson   Elsie May Howes   Margery Edith Hughes   Ellen Dorothy Wigmore   Roy Thomas Howes   Lilian May Hubbard   Kenneth Peter R Tomei   Fanny Florence Howes   Samuel John Bradbrook   Ann Ambler Howes   Dudley John Frederick Howse   Laura Evelyn Bloy Howes   Frederick John Howes   William Lewis Howse   Edna Howes   Norman Frederick Howes   Eleanor Isabella House   Muriel Dakin House   Herbert Percival Borrell   John George C House   James Lewis Howes   Kate Elizabeth Howes   Doris Katie Tompkins   Edna Joyce Howes   Evelyn Mary Bassett   Donald Overton   Jane Lothrop   George Alfred Thurston   Alice Eleanor Mary Howes   Charles Howes   Derek Brackenridge   Thomas Leighton Howes   Frederick Charles Coleman   Herbert Henry Howes   Doris Mary Howse   Ivy Jane Shearer Hommet   Hilda Ethel Smart   Iris May Cropley   Kathleen Eva House   Florence Gladys Bates   John Albert Ormesher   Charles William Howes   George Eric Spencer   Bertie Thomas Howes   Michael John James House   Ivy Gladys Howes   James Ernest Howes   George Arthur House   Violet K H Robinson   Jane Goodall   John H Howes   Henry Joseph House   Rosina Barbara House   George Alfred Brittain   Joan Eileen Simmonds   Florence Elizabeth House   Florence Elizabeth Stonebridge   Alfred Charles Howes   Louisa Sarah Vincer   Sidney Albert Howes   Muriel Morris   Alice Elizabeth House   Kathleen Elizabeth Piercey   Winifred Iris Howse   Charles Henry Montague Baldwin   Doreen Esther Howes   Arthur William House   Violet Gwendoline Annie House   Ernest Frederick Matthew House   Peter Edward Howes   Ronald Leslie House   Harry Nelson Back   Irene May Howes   Wilfred House   Mabel Rhodes   Emily Florence Howes   William Hudgell Howes   Betty Irene Howes   Charles Robert Howes   Vivian Sylvia Mitchell   Francis Henry House   Grace Amelia Mitchell   Donald Frederick S Howes   Peter Howse   Haralambos S Symeonides   Gwendoline Margaret House   Norah Frances Faulds   Kathleen Augusta Seviour   Kenneth Leslie Raymond Howes   Arthur William Seeley   George Henry Howes   Hodson Trevor Howse   Violet Bertha Lillian Sayer   Phyllis Muriel Howes   Gladys Elizabeth Cole   Rose Evelyn House   Peggy Howes   Christopher Alderson Howes-Smi...   Barbara Florence Howes   Doris Lilian Cross   Thomas William H Howes   Amy Alice House   Ethel May Walton   Doris Ivy Kathleen House   Albert Henry Howes   Frank James Howes   John Fielder House   Dorothy Irene Howse   James Arthur Howes   Clifford Harold Howes   Margaret Catherine Jubb   Jacqueline Marie Perrin   Jack Richards   Ceinwen May House   Jack Stewart Mannings   Vera Annie King   Herbert Charles G House   Rose Wiltshire   Ronald Frank Howes   Doris House   Henry John House   Evelyn Dorothy House   Arthur Edward House   Roger Hylton Howes   Florrie Wellens   Charles William Howse   Daisy Maud Henderson   Marjorie Rosaline House   Irene Victoria House   Harry Kenneth Howse   Beverley Jane Anderson   Winnie Gardiner   Minnie Howes   Roland House   Denis Coleman   Minnie Smart   Luther Llewellyn Parry   Martha Howse   John Howse   Nellie Jessie E Dewis   Maud Lilian Howes   Hilda May House   Viola Howes   Arthur Howse   Richard Gray House   George Henry J Checketts   Sylvia Mary Lovell   Thomas Trivitt House   Maurice Noel Howes   Daniel Raymond Webster   Florence H Billings   Belle Maria Barrett Howes   James Sturgis Howes, jr   Salonika Ethel Elizabeth Howes   Mabel Howes   Peter Anthony Howes   Ralph C Howes   Vera Burns   Doris Patricia Howes   Michael John Freeman   Hilda Gleadall   Edgar Loftus House   Lily Rose Howes   Evelyn Margaret Simms   Clifford Leslie Benton   Doris Ivy Faulkner   Arthur Mickleburgh   Wilfred Owen Wilkinson   Gordon Leonard Dye   Margaret Ruth Barker   Alice Sarah J Nurse   Frances Ruth Aindow   Myrwyn Elizabeth Dicks   John Riggs   Elsie Lilian Roll   John Frederick Plane   Stafford Ernest Ash   Kathleen Dorothy Bishop   Thomas Christopher J Howes   Joyce Ada Burley   May Louisa Collins   Lewis House   Tracey William Howes   Walter Morris Drake   Florence Louisa Peaty   Charles Douglas Cox   Rebecca Howse   Percy Gerald Howes   Ruby Vivien Violet Luff   Harman Howes   Harold Dunn   Eunice Pearson   Gladys House   Nellie Barnett   Betty Eunice E Howes   Margaret Ann Howes   William Merchant House   Francis Augustin Howse   Robert James Howse   Peggy Nita Howes   Victor David New   Ralph James Hucker   Percy Clarence Gregory   Edwin Harold G Douse   Leslie John Sherman   Doris May Garratt   Walter George Patey   Albert Charles Howes   Jean Howes   Olive Alexandra House   Graham William House   Thomas Charles Leslie Dennett   Kathleen House   Harriett Sylvia Luff   Leslie Victor Phillips   Elsie Helena Milrida Howse   Ivy J Rowe   Edith May Howse   Florence Gertrude Kelly   William John Patrick   Doris Linda Cox   Ernest Ewart Cook   Cecil William Elphinstone   Barbara Anne Howes   Annie Irene Howes   Joyce Patricia Howes   Ivy Maud Small   Eric Stanley Albert Carwithen   Eva Emily Davey   Leslie Charles Howes   Alice Myra House   Olive Eliza Shepherdson   Eric Stafford Jay   Douglas James N Williams   Joseph Pumford   Mary Elizabeth Reay   James William Ricks   James George Howes   Thomas Patrick Noonan   Georgina Dorothy Syms   Bertha Doreen Phillips   Leonard George Ernest Morgan   James Edgar Holford   Alfred John C Woodward   Leslie George Frederick Tappen...   Chloe Hollister   Elizabeth Florence Gibson   Thomas Charles Howes   Peggy Irene Ellis   Mary Elizabeth Spencer   Shirley Kelly   Dorothy Annie Bundle   Michael Naunton House   Ronald Albert House   Alfred John Suich   Ellen Hathorn   Edward Boffin   Marie Emily Walker   Jessie Isabel Diane Grindley   Malcolm Stuart House   Percy Howes   Ernest Charles Pomeroy   Edith Mary Anstis Prideaux   Percy Edward Grout   Ida Lilian May Randall   John Henry Peckham   Percival Ernest Harris   Beatrice Iris House   Abraham Sullivan   Mildred Rose Louisa Chandler   Georgina Dormer   Richard Howse   Vera Barbara Edwards   Kenneth Harry Neaves   Edward James Henry Darvill   Elsie Unknown   John George Ternent   Winifred Ellen Howes   Jack Edwin Elson   Jessie Lovelock   Gerald Bethell House   Vera Annie Adendorff   Gilbert Leonard Creek   Dennis Cotterell   Kenneth T Orchard   Nellie Elizabeth Ranger   Emily Elizabeth Howse   Edward Wellington Howe   William Deller   William Howes / Mary Sheppard   Reginald Victor Sedgwick / Emi...   Robert Bushee Howes / Olive Bu...   Earl D Howes / Charlotte Wyman   Stanley Francis Head / Sybil V...   Stanley Clouting / Doris Maud ...   Paul Winfield Amore / Dorothy ...   Chancey W Bradley / Rosalia Po...   James Wier / Hannah House