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    December 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Hannah Basford   Mary Howse   Hannah Watts   Archibald Read   Jason Howes   Katie Ellen Joyce   Daniel Howes   Mary Wells   Ann Howes   Rebecca Howes   Hannah Williams   Victor Louis Brundle   Edmond Howes   Thomas Howes   Rebecca Jane House   Philip Howes   Lilly Royall Edmonds   Daniel Hows   Edward House   Hilda Daisy Austin   Mary Ann Howes   Richard Howes   Sara Howes   Charles Edward Howes   William Walter Howes   Ann Howes   Charlotte Marian Chapman   Ernest Alfred Willis   Mary Ann Howes   Mary Alice May   Esther Ann Saul   James Howes   Elsie Anna Howes   Archibald Ralph Wrixon House   Robert Howse   Lily Lucy Howes   George Frederick Chilvers   Susan Howes   William Warren   Margaret Howes   Cynthia Garlick   William Howes   James Howes   Theophilius Robins House   Anne Howse   Lydia Howes   George Bertie Willis   John Summers Howes   Elizabeth Osborne   Thomas Garlick   Harry William Mitchell   Phyllis May Terry   Sarah Howes   Alice Beatrice Howes   Thomas Howes   William Henry Howes   Joseph Howes   Anne Howse   William Howes   William Edwin Howes   George Stanton   Maud F Hunt   Thomas Howse   Fred Abel   Joseph Howse   Sarah Howes   John William Ward   Albert G Hall   Lionel Austin Howes   Anne Howes   Richard Howse   George Howes   William Howes   Thomas Muddiman   Elizabeth House   Harriett A Howse   Ann Howes   Edward Howes   Ann Bradshaw   James Castleton   Richard Howes   Selina Stebbings   Benjamin Howes   Beatrice Amy Wright   Ann Howes   Maud Eleanor Ryder   Sarah Howes   Maria Howes   Alfred Howes   George Pettitt   Alban Arthur Cooper   Robert Hudson   William Howes   Benjamin Howes   William Hall   Gladys Elsie Wells   Doris Gertrude Freak   Mary Ann Howes   Frank Howes   Ann House   Elizabeth Howes   Thomas Baker   John Howes   Elizabeth Esther Brown   Hanah Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Robert Howes   Elizabeth Warren   Sarah Howes   John Lock   Christopher William House   Harriet Hows   Simon Howes   Edward Addy   Mary Howes   Christopher House   Thirza Howes   Thomas Arthur Inman   Pierre Seth Boisse   Thomas Rees Howes   Richard Sheppard   Catherine Hows   George Carvell   John Samuel Butcher   Florence Carvell   Mary Howse   Thomas Howes   Joseph Howse   Arthur Howes   James Wells   Thomas Howes   John Howes   Charles Howse   Rhoda Neal   Sidney George Terry   Abigail Garlick   Mary Elizabeth Hillyard   Elizabeth Sarah Hutchings Bric...   Phyllis Annie Howes   Kate Simmonds   Josephine P Howse   Emily Stanton   Elizabeth Howse   Elizabeth Sarah Ann House   Thomas Howes   Maria House   John Howes   Robert Howes   James Howes   Thomas Howse   Sarah Cooper   William Hows   Jane Elizabeth Carvell   William Howes   Doris Eliza Willis   Robert House   James Howes   Gertrude Howes   Ernest Howes   Samuel J Howes   John Howes   John Howes   Winifred Warren   Robert Howes   John Howes   Francis House   Hannah Howse   Matilda Southgate   James Howes   Robert Howes   Trixie Doreen Rundle House   John House   Jane Esther Howse   Elizabeth Emma Lorimer   William Howse   Ernest Bush   Violet Howse   Beatrice Susanna Howes   Frank Abel   Thomas Howes   Elsie Maud House   George House   Anne Howes   William Charles Howse   Elizabeth Howes   Samuel Howes   Eleanor Hall   Joseph Howse   Frank House   John Howes   Grace Bartow   Archelaus House   Arthur James Ward   Mary Jane Howes   Ethel Carvell   Ivy Kate Farrer   George Howes   Benjamin Baker   Elizabeth Howse   Eva Annie House   George Harry Howse   Mary Howes   William Garwood   Maria Howes   James William Howes   John Henry Howes   Margaret Howes   Frederick William Bradshaw   Richard Howse   Ann Howse   Richard Cope   Thomas Howes   Benjamin Howes   Albert Knight   Christian Howes   Hannah Catherine Darby   Edwin May   John Howse   James Richard Ward   Alfred Howes   Francis Hardy Howes   Mary Ellen Howes   Henry Edward Ward   Herbert Warren   Helen Gertrude Howes   Thomas Willis   Marjorie Phyllis Mott   William Howse   George Harold Howes   Joseph Hall   Arthur Reeve   James House   Harriett Howse   Bridgitt Howse   Bridget Agnes Cope   Maud Carvell   Harriet Barber   Elizabeth Howes   Ellen Pollard   Selina Wells   Elsie Harriet Cooper   Sarah Howes   Kezia Brooks   John Howes   Henry George Carvell   Jane Jeffcoat   Rachel Howes   Charles William Howes   Frederick Bruce Howse   George Willis   Rachel Howse   Anthony Howes   Frederick Howes   Isaac Howes   Mary Elizabeth Bradshaw   George Marlow   Elizabeth House   Thomas Howes   Hughes Samuel Boyle   Charlotte Eliza Howes   Elizabeth Bolingbroke Butcher   Mary Howes   William Howes   Ernest Edmund James Howes   Kenneth Forsyth Howes   Francis Ernest Howes   John Howes   Charles Howes   Edmund Howes   George House   Millicent Gertrude House   Evelyn Miriam Tipper   Emily House   Ann Howes   John Haynes   Matilda Howes   Edwin Chamberlain   Alfred Howse   Ellen Howes   John House   Jesse Cobb   Alan Austin Antell   William Ernest Bush   Horace Frederick Smith   George Howse   Harriet S Tanner   Frances Ellen Cornick   Frances Jane House   Mary House   Hannah House   Albert House   James House   John Robert Howes   John D Howes   Rachel House   Robert House   Albert G House   Mary Ann House   Phyllis House   Gladys M House   Sophia Howes   Ivy Elizabeth Howes   Elsie May Mason   Mary House   Elsie F Hearle   Heather Beth Jackson   Harry House   Rose Linton House   William Henry Urry   Elizabeth House   Jane House   Mary House   Mary Jane House   William Ernest John Lunn   Aaron House   Ruth House   Ann House   Richard George Howes   Frederick House   Walter Noel George Howse   Edna Yarbrough   Thomas George Maydwell   Thomas Barnard   James House   Frederick James House   Clifford Willis Wadham   Mary H Howes   Ada F Taber   Eliza Crouchen   Mary Ann Howes   Frances Howes   James Howes   Edward James House   Elizabeth House   Minnie House   Joseph House   Albert Howes   Samuel House   Annie Gertrude Howes   Glanville House   Arthur George Hurst   Edward Howes   Thomas William Burrows   Alice Christine Halsey   Ann Howse   Emma Howse   Elizth K Slaymaker   Hannah House   Joseph L Abel   William Charles Howes   Elizabeth Howes   Clara Alice House   Bessie Line   Mary Howes   Joseph Brandon   Mark Howes   Thomas Manning Fowke   Percy Blazier   Anna Maria Howes   Teddy Howes   Clara Fitz Roy Strange   Emily Rhoda House   George House   Jane Amelia House   Frederick Arthur James House   Harriet House   Joseph House   Joseph Howse   Annie A Howse   Ann Killmaster   George Levi House   Sarah E L Alton   Benjamin Edward Quatromini   Sarah Jane Lawrence   Alfred Howes   George Howes   John Howes   Cecil John Sallis   Charles William Brown   James Howse   Leah House   Florence Edith Howse   Elizabeth Sarah House   Norman House   Mary Howse   Thomas Willcock Howes   Mary Howes   Miriam Violet Dale   Emily Jane Howse   Robert Howes   William Henry C Foot   Lena Howes   Robert Joseph House   Frances Samways   Edith May Howes   Maria V Stracchino   Joseph W H Palmer   Audrey Ruby Mitchell   Doreen Peggy Mitchell   Ann Howes   William Alfred Howes   Frederick William H Boots   Edith Haidee Dickson   Maria Collins   Anthony John Powley   Eliza Powley   Myrtle Powley   Noah Powley   Betsy Louisa Todd   Edith Anna Whybro   Doris E Howes   Laura E Allen   John Edward White   William Soley Martin   Ada E Brown   Martha Emily Howes   Marcel Louis Jarvis   Susannah Howes   Wilfred Edward Carter   Sarah Clarkson Copeland   Jane Elizabeth Howes   Ann Howes   Sarah Howes   Frederick Howes   Janet Thwaites   Thomas House   William Francis Pitts   Nancy Ellen Hows   William R Larkin   Beulah May Larkin   Albert House   Maggie Richardson   Oliver Howes   Elizabeth Howes   William Richard Burgell   Edward Pellatier   Kate E Munday   Louisa Sibbick   Henry Ewer   Charlotte Howes   Bertha Balderson Howes   Alice Hetty Howes   Eric Gordon Howes   Lydia Mollie Greaves   Alice Wones   George Arthur Watson   Amelia Savory   Flora E Haseltine   George Edward Meaden   Elizabeth Priscilla Howes   George Howes   Saphronia House   Alexander Thomas Holcombe   Thomas Howes   Grace Louisa Howes   Ernest George Apsey   William House   Horace Charles Irwin   Frank Charles Eager   Alice Sarah Howse   William Henry Davies   Dennis Joseph Hammersley   Sarah Chapman   Lilian Gertrude Howes   Minnie House   Myrtle F House   Clyde Brewer   Sophia Howes   Leah House   Henry Oscar House   Everett Hackworth   Arthur Frederick House   Elizabeth Howes   Thomas Howes   Ronald Hollis Bramwell   Eva Campbell   Walter Robert Howes   Amy Howes   Margaret Ellen Howes   Robert John Howes   Frances Rance   Robert John White   Robert James Leeds   Eva Dorothy House   Nora Louisa House   Lilian E M House   William George Howes   George Herbert House   Laura Gladys House   Lilian Ruth Sandys   Emily S B Grant   James William House   William Richard House   Maria Howes   Denis Roy House   Samuel Manning Howes   Shirley Blanche Lovell   Louisa Edith Grace Ward   Annie Osborne   William Thomas Carr   Henry James House   Frederick C B House   James Gee   Richard Allan Howes   Anna Maria House   Albert William Howes   James Baldry   Thomas Blyth   John House   Louisa House   Louvia Eliza Mildred Howes   Mary Elizabeth Howes   Emily Oatley   Harriet Howes   Samuel Hows   Henry Rushton   Caroline Pearl Howse   Edna House   Charles Edward Howes   Mary Howes   Dorothy Howse   Mary Howse   Emma Howes   Emma Jane Howes Heanes   George Fursman   Elizabeth Susan House   Iven Howes   Albert Howes   Clifton J Howes   Annie Morgan   May Singleton   Lester W Singleton   Annie Coate   Redvers Robert Norman Coate   Irvin H Atyeo   Julia H Branard   Mary Howes   William House   Helena Jane Smith   Mary E Laur   Mason E House   George W Swann   Harry R Ward   William E Howes   David Bolt   Virgil A Bolt   James Howes Chizlett   Paul Stewart Philips   Ann Howes   Ann Maria Howes   Thomas Howes   Ivy Elizabeth M Flint   Ivy Gertrude Quarrell   Hannah Howse   Joseph Howes   Rosa Foster Neat   Sarah Howse   Stanley James Howes   James Howes   Hannah Howes   Rose Lucy Howse   Conrad House   Archer Guy L House   Wilson Adams   Aggie May House   Genevieve House   John Jeffery Howes   Elizabeth Alice Harrison   Thomas Andrew Knowles   Ann Frizzle   Jane Shuckforth   James Howes   Mary Ann House   John House   Sarah Howes   Arthur George Harris   Martha Howes   Maurice J Howes   Rosa Nichols   Sarah Howes   Elizabeth Howse   Thomas Howes   Harry Howes   Alfred Ernest Pugh   Elsie Ellen Bacon   William House   John House   Maria House   Sophia Jane House   George House   Henry Sims   Jane House   Eva Daisy Barnes   Henry House   Lilian Gertrude Howes   Lucy Margaret Meade   Myrtle Maud Castle   Ellen Annie Tapp   Neville Howes   David Ernest Cutmore   Alexander House   Ida House   Dinah Matchem   Francis James D Ladkin   Agnes Scales   Sarah Poole   Richard Poole   Harold Robinson   Nancy Dora Shaver   Cassie O Shaver   William House   Elsia House   Lavinia? Unknown   Annie M House   Chester Herbert Guilford   John Collett   Elizabeth Hall   Bernadine M House   Ruth Ellen Howes   Charles House   William House   Thomas House   Elizabeth House   Francis House   Roy House   Fred House   Roy Howze   Fred Howze   David Howze   Dorothy Emma Howes   Derek Albert Clarence Rugman   Eleanor Howes   George Howes   George Howes   Florence A Britton   Ward C Howes   Henry Edmund Howes   Thomas West Howes   Jean Margaret Howes   Alfred Daniel Dadd   Jane Hannah Howes   Luke Kenneth Brandon Howes   Wilmer Howes   Iona L House   Ruth Howse   John Howes Butcher   Thomas Alfred John Hunt   Margaret Jane House   Harry Risley House   Marvin Wright Howze   Cora L Tackett   Thomas Cecil Barnard   Francis L Howze   Nellie Laver   Elizabeth Howse   Mary E Howes   Thomas Howse   Fanny Agnes Price   Wiliam F Howse   Ann Bristow   Kathleen Howse   Kate Howes   Richard Howse   Elizabeth Louisa McLachlan   Thomas Howes   Dorothy M Howes   Thomas Howes   Rachael Howes   Jane House   Jane House   Bige House   Sarah House   Gilmore Lewis   William Lewis   William E Howes   Dewey House   Jane Millington   Samuel Turner House   Thomas Howes   John O Howse   Glenn Alfred Howes   Richard House   Richard House   Margaret House   John Trinder   John Patrick Howe   Ellen Alicia Murrell   Elizabeth Howse   Hula House   Richard Howse   Eleanor Williams   Arthur Frederick Sturges   Edward Royal Howes   Emily Howes   Edwin John Howes   Charles Howes   Charles Wellingham Cooke   Anne Howes   Emily Howes   Rachel Howes   Thomas Howes   Thomas William Howes   Sarah Ellen House   Kate Farrants   John Howes   Mary House   Jane Moors   Charles Edwin Howes   Marjorie Mary Howes   Unknown Unknown   Ella Ytzen   Mary Howes   Dorothea Ruth Miller   Francis George Howes   Annie Elizabeth Mitchell   Betty House   Maria Howes   Lillian M Howes   Dorothy Howes   Vernon Howard Purkis House   Emma Agnes Bignell   Mary Wellstream   Lottie Louisa Howes   Marjorie May Clark   John George Cundy   Doris Emily Howes   Elizabeth Ethel Ada Howes   Elizabeth Blay   Sarah Howes   Henry Birch   Thomas Howes   Bertie Victor Howes   Frederick William Howes   Alexander Richard Smith   Samuel Howes   Rebecca Amelia Howes   William Howes   Gladys Elsie Wells   Ernest Whybro   Prudence Upshall   Leslie Thomas George Howes   Harry Plumptre Howes   Dorothy I Garner   Audrey O Haines   Mary Ann Chizlett   Mary Crick   Elizabeth Alice Foster   Charlotte Bazeley   Phoebe Sharpe   Owen House   Thomas Howes   Herbert Hawkes   Charles Howes   Gerald Biggs   George Edward Muddiman   Minnie Bannard   John Howse   Samuel James Howes   Percival Thomas Fairbrass   William Howse   Frederick Howes   Louisa Jane Howes   Frederick Howes   Rosanna Howes   Elizabeth Wood   Louisa Maud Howes   Eva May Howes   Lilian Mary Howes   Mary Victoria Fever   William Eli House   Samuel J Howes   John Howes   Walter Howes   Victoria Maud Ayres   Doris Luke   Lucy Howes   Wilfred Owen Flower   Bessie Josephine Anthony   Walter George Howes   Emma Gordon Robinson   John Howes   Ellen May Cranmer   Philip Howes   John Samuel Howes   Mary Kirtland   Gladys Violet White   Alice Rose Louisa Newcomb   Sidney Arthur Grant   Eleanor Hall   Anna Thayne Howes   Violet Wigmore Howes   Francis Harold Ward   Mary Howes   George Howes   Betsey Hall   George Harry Carvell   Mary Hunt   Benjamin Banham   Anne Gaze   William Albert Dickerson Howes   John Howes   Jane Unknown   Clara Mason   Richard Howes   Julia Norris   Frederick Richard James Howes   Susan Clara Carvell   George Robins   Mary Smallbrook   Lewis Grenville T Burt   Florence Kathleen House   Matthew Howes   Jonas Stanley Howes   Elisha Howes   Martha Howes   William Frederick B Howes   Hyrum Joseph Stewart   Arthur Howes   Sarah Huggins   Raymond Clarence Howes   Ruth Unknown   Mary Stockwell   Maisie Maud Hows   Lavinia Howes   Edith Ivy House   Alice Ladysmith House   Ruby Bateman   Alan Austin Antell   Samuel Edward Balls   Ena May Kirby   Doreen Burr   William Edward House   Alice Edith Howes   Alice Margaret Howes   Ethel Maud Howes   Margaret Annie Ward Howes   Victor Hubert House   Dorothy Muriel House   Hilda Evelyn House   Doris Ella House   Doris Eileen House   Eva Mary Bella House   Ethel Beatrice Steege   Charles House   Katherine Mary Elizabeth Ball   Edwin Frederick Hannam   Ruth Howes   John House   John House   Arthur William Howes   Louisa Holly Archer   James House   Henry George House   Joan Mary House   James Bennie Stewart   Thelma Patricia Snell   Ernest Frederick House   Sybil Gerner   Reginald Howes   Frank Howes   Edward Ernest Howse   Joseph Howse   Doris Lilian Salisbury   Thomas Howes   Cora Florence Hilder   Alan Frank House   Elizabeth Mary House   Cecil Norris Ernest House   David Robert House   Marguerite Rosine Greig   Austin Thomas Maggs   Charlotte Clark   Cyril William Howse   Caroline Emma Florence Howes   Amelia Norah Howes   Margaret Lucy Howes   Mildred Clarissa Howse   Lillian Edith Theresa Jones   Elizabeth Howes   Cecil Henry House   David Walter House   Frank Howes   Mary Patricia Bramham   Ronald Sydney Howes   William John Howes   William Henry Howes   Grace Burlingham   Mary Gertrude Burling Howse   Henry Wallace Wells   Constance Flora Hayman   John Stewart Howse   William John Brenton   Rita Bertha Livick   Gilbert Raymond G Drewett   Frederick Arthur Howse   Thomas Richard Howes   Edith Florence Howes   Ronald Leslie Howes   Rose Maud Howes   Horace Oliver Johnson   Elizabeth Hannah Mustoe   Reginald Frederic House   Bernard Arthur Fosker   Leslie Arthur Lambert   Richard Henry Howes   Charlotte Hill   Ann Smith Howes   Emily Sophia Ottaway   Denys Albert Pender   Nora Helen Thrower   Edith Anna Whybro   Alice Maud Howse   Gladys Dorothy Howes   Betty Maud Howes   Mavis Edna Badcock   Bernard William A Howes   Robert Howes   Frank Henry Howse   Lee Howse   Ernest Leonard Norman   Dorothy Ellen Howes   Walter House   Beatrice Cecilia House   Robert Howes   Madeline Maud Holman   James Stephen House   Ella Woolley Drinkwater   Doris A Read   Elizabeth Mary Roseline Howse   William Henry Howes   Annie Howes   John Howard Bassett   Joyce Unsworth Lake   Elsey Olive Howes   Dorothy Maud Marshall   Allen William Howes   Helen Mary Howes   Dora Howes   Beatrice Mary Plowright   Reginald Norman Howes   Delbert D Apsey   George Amase Marble   Dorothy Elizabeth Howes   John Raymond Howes   Hilda Louisa K Howes   Thomas Leonard Hurst   George Howes   Sarah Alice Howes   Patricia Leech   Harrold George R Howes   Gwendoline M Dooley   Hilda Ousby   Frederick Antony C Dickinson   George Goodall   James Ross House   Michael Robert House   Lily Hodson   Edith House   Elsie May Howes   Violet Dunn   Ivy Mary Langford   Enid V Howes   Phyllis Mary Thomas   Ernest Howes   Dennis Charles Houghton   Louisa Ruth House   Doris Emily House   Harold Howes   Beatrice Matilda Howes   Patricia Ann Howes   Louise Elizabeth House   Eunice Ivy F Howes   Irene May House   Irene Howse   Nancy May Haywood   Harold Surrey   Queenie May Aspey   Molly Florence Edwards   May Lillian Marshall   Mildred Amy Wiseman   Amy Howes   Audrey Violet Luck   John Henry Howes   Joan Gertrude Fountain   Charles Rupert Stead   Brenda Delphene Howse   Donald Reginald House   Walter Clare Seaman   Florence Elizabeth Marquis   Edwina Betty House   Norman Harold Denness   Harold William Howes   Violet Jennie Howes   Edith Hilda Randall   Arthur Thomas Salter   William Howes   Lillian Blanche House   Leonard Ralph House   Ellan Ada Hemmings   Mark Anthony Avery   Hilda Victoria Howes   William Ayres   Gladys Audrey Howes   Marjorie Lillian Hudson Baldwi...   Eileen Alice T Biles   Violet Irene Cole   Michael Leslie Howse   Leslie Charles Howes   Rolleston Raymond Brogden   Geoffrey Herbert House   Caroline Howes   Florence Yearsley   Lily Dorothy F Howse   Jessie Victoria House   William Henry Cunningham   Lucy May Howse   Winifred Kenahan   John Hardwick   Jack W E Penness   Reginald Lawrence House   Thomas Ernest Berrisford   Lionel Philip Miles   Marian House   Albert House   Mary Needham   John Arthur Freer   Cyril Howse   Hilda Rebecca Harris   Charles Alfred Inman   Mary Howse   Jack Rawlins   Lloyd W Howes   Cyril Walter House   Alex Gordon House   Unnamed Howes   Geoffrey Mallinson   Archibald Alfred Frederick G C...   Mary Doreen House   Thomas Coke Howze   Victor E Howes   Samuel Howes, jr   Violet Alice Freeth   Lily Elizabeth Howes   James Joshua Howes   Robert Collingwood Howes   Jessie Howes   Elsie Buxton   Florence Annie I Offord   Sheila Smetham   Mary Ann Quested   Madge Robina Smith   Kenneth Frederick House   Eva May Brophy   Roland Leslie Howes   Annice Emily Algar   Aileen Dorothy Courtenay   Ernest James Smith   Henry Lewis J Wood   David Ernest Freeman   Elsie Clara Carruthers   Isabella Jones   Mary Jennens   Ann Kington   Frances M Howes   Sheila Anne Howes   Ivy Douglas   Violet Irene Simms   Francis Henry Browning   John Robert Newton   Ronald Frederick J Howes   John Gerald Slingsby   Grace Alice Cole   Stuart Glynn Howes   Catherine Kinsey   Sonia Margaret Mayfield   Desmond James Green   Bessie Alice Clayton   James Evelyn Linder   Francis Reginald House   George Haley   Frederick Harold House   Ellen Florence Webber   Marianna A Weller   Alfred Ernest Howes   Arthur John Varley   Minnie Lavina Cox   Charles Richard William House   John Kenneth Patching   Winifred Maud Aldworth   Edmund Ernest Whitcher   Sydney Eric Callan   Alfred Charles E Gullis   Madeline Louise Wood   Albert James House   Frank Meakin   Cora Kathleen A Barnwell   Bernard Lionel House   Donald Percy Dodson   Joseph Raymond Howes   Rowland Howes   Dora Gwendoline Glover   John Lee House   Hephzibah Smith   Katherine Evelyn Howes   Beatrice Mary Richardson   William Stokes Hooke   Kathleen Fishwick   Robert James Holland   Evelyn May Wilson   Peggy Sutton   Emily Penhale   George Enoch Bulmer   Violet Nellie E House   Nancy Alice Charlotte Chandler   Evelyn Amelia Hearne   Richard Conrad Funnell   David George House   Eva May Hazell   Percy Barnes Howard   Harold Franklin House   Henry Hall   Peggy Janet Bray   Vera Gwendoline Seeley   George Walter Howes   Beatrice May Webb   Richard George Cottee   Elsie May House   Hubert Frederick Young   Robert Colson Wyatt   Ronald Walter Farley   Reginald Ernest House   Ruth Hook   Charles William Travis   Primrose Florence M Vincent   Ernest Charles Howes   Albert Edeward Victor Sandell   Agnes Wilkins   Annie May Beach   Herbert Cyril Grist   Paul R Grist   George Thomas Howes   Frederick Jesse Howes   John Frank Earney   Albert Cyril Earney   William Morris Evans   Patricia Theresa Lilian Wainwr...   George Edward Cable   Alfred Walter Andrews   Frank Albert L Poulton   Eric William Gerry   Phyllis Tressa House   Joan Tuckey   Elizabeth Short Thorborn   Ronald Leslie Taylor   Bessie Alice Roney   Herbert Richard Howes   Desiree Beryl Wadman   Mary Louise Dignum   Earl House   Rebecca Biedler   George Frederick Ford   Douglas Ronald Southwell   Leslie Maurice House   Donald Albert Veale   Eva Annie Busby   Thomas Herbert Stanley Connett   George Howse   Constance Betty Whitehead   Evelyn Phyllis Howse   Bertha Evelyn Edith Loveday   Reginald Frank Calcutt   Betty Margaret Osborne   Arthur Frederick Howes   Leslie David Lester   Ellen Elizabeth Bailey   Phyllis Mary Howes   Emily Elizabeth May Albrow   Martin Henry W Howes   Joan Sybil Parker   Joseph Edward Howes   Cecilia Beatrice Howes   Lily Vivian Moat   Irene Ada Luck   Thomas Ephraim Whidden   Owen Joseph Howze   Emmeline Howse   Mary Josephine O'Connor   Phoebe Lilian Howes   Arthur Samuel Richards   Alice Bertha House   Thomas Albert Henry Kinner   Monica Constance E Brown   Ethel Rose Lea   Leonard William House   William Ernest House   Ivy Dorothy Bowerman   John Anthony W Denton   Ruth Susan M Denton   Sidney Albert Worger   Florence Emma House   Leonard Arthur House   Edward Charles House   Frederick George House   Alfred Henry Howes   Kate Caroline Beer   Albert George Kitchener Baker   Lilian Beatrice R House   Alfred Graham H House   Gladys Leanora Curtis   Dennis Edward House   Edward John Powell   Edgar Nicholas L Barnes   Simeon Arthur Scott   Ada Florence Elizabeth Walker   Beatrice Maud Lee   Lilian Lois A Somerville   Edna May Batson   May Burgess   Herbert Frederick Horne   George William Parrish   Anne Jane Francis   Egbert George Loader   Unnamed House   Ernest Cull   Matthew Huckson   Anthony Alfred Millers   Ivy Grace Warner   Tony Beckett   Reginald Osgood   Virgil Henry Gleasure   Jack Eric James   Elsie Lilian Brian   Henry Norman Sumner   Colin Seymour Howes   Ivy Katherine Howse   Kathleen Joyce E Westley   William George Boon   Thomas Slater / Hannah Maria S...   Henry Denney / Lizzie Matilda ...   William Owen Timms / Beatrice ...   Victor Louis Brundle / Mabel A...   Joseph Ward / Edith Emma Thoma...   William Warren / Annie Elizabe...   Kenneth Jack Douglas Howes / J...   Sidney Arthur Grant / Florence...   Thomas Thorn / Sarah Davis   Frederick Wright / Jessie Mary...   Cyril George Applegate / Ivy J...   John Howes / Hannah Kingston   George Henry Stanton / Jane Ga...   John Kitchener / Isobella Eliz...   Benjamin Simnett / Harriet How...   Albert James Howard / Ivy Knig...   Fred Austin / Rosanna Howes   Charles Warren / Florence Emil...   Frederick Stanton / Hilda Amel...   George House / Mary Mullett   Frank William Howes / Victoria...   John Wells / Matilda Southgate   William Smallbrook / Ann Ewers   Charles Edward Bennett / Elean...   Ernest Royle / Alice Lovell   Thomas Birks / Lydia Carvell   William Hawes / Ann Smallbrook   Edwin Arthur Barnard / Alice C...   Albert E Oakley / Florence Win...   Arthur Dodson / Alice Ellen De...   George Hill / Sarah Ann Leeder   Benjamin Todd / Priscilla Hill   Edwin John Smart / Sarah Howse   Andrew S Howes / Amanda Nicker...   George Adrian Howze / Elizabet...   Hubert Fieldsend / Matilda How...