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Bristol, Gloucestershire


City/Town : Latitude: 51.6211802, Longitude: -2.3972742


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ackery, Henry Joseph  Abt 1850Bristol, Gloucestershire I61468
2 Adams, Eliza  Abt 1813Bristol, Gloucestershire I81813
3 Baker, Matilda  Abt 1857Bristol, Gloucestershire I34657
4 Baldwin, Ethel Lydia  16 Feb 1898Bristol, Gloucestershire I45065
5 Bartlett, Ellen  Abt 1883Bristol, Gloucestershire I45015
6 Bennett, Thomas  Abt May 1880Bristol, Gloucestershire I31465
7 Bentley, Maria  Abt 1845Bristol, Gloucestershire I80740
8 Bignell, Gladys Maud  8 Nov 1919Bristol, Gloucestershire I81028
9 Birth, Henry James  Abt 1861Bristol, Gloucestershire I82017
10 Bizley, Constance Emma  Abt Nov 1887Bristol, Gloucestershire I93221
11 Boucher, Henry Edward  Abt 1850Bristol, Gloucestershire I3606
12 Browning, Kathleen  Abt Aug 1893Bristol, Gloucestershire I64985
13 Bryan, Emmet James  Abt 1871Bristol, Gloucestershire I81408
14 Bryan, Kathleen Rosetta M  Abt May 1904Bristol, Gloucestershire I81409
15 Bryant, Alice Maud  25 Dec 1912Bristol, Gloucestershire I82064
16 Burris, Frederick John  Mar 1911Bristol, Gloucestershire I81245
17 Burris, Phyllis May  Abt 1904Bristol, Gloucestershire I81244
18 Burris, Samuel  Abt 1879Bristol, Gloucestershire I81242
19 Busteed, Henry Leonard  5 Mar 1906Bristol, Gloucestershire I81236
20 Callow, Lucy A  Abt 1867Bristol, Gloucestershire I109263
21 Callow, Mabel  Abt 1879Bristol, Gloucestershire I109265
22 Callow, Sarah D  Abt Oct 1870Bristol, Gloucestershire I109264
23 Calvey, Alice Ellen  Abt 1876Bristol, Gloucestershire I33615
24 Cann, Beatrice Louise  17 Oct 1881Bristol, Gloucestershire I20314
25 Cann, Elsie Mary Bicknell  26 Aug 1883Bristol, Gloucestershire I111769
26 Cannings, Alice Maude  Abt 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire I43980
27 Channon, Sarah  Abt 1822Bristol, Gloucestershire I81058
28 Chilcott, Ann  Abt 1822Bristol, Gloucestershire I23721
29 Chillcott, Mary Ann  Abt 1867Bristol, Gloucestershire I44952
30 Chivers, George  Abt 1906Bristol, Gloucestershire I35454
31 Chivers, John  Abt 1909Bristol, Gloucestershire I35456
32 Chudleigh, Bertie  12 Jun 1910Bristol, Gloucestershire I81025
33 Chudleigh, George James  Abt Aug 1878Bristol, Gloucestershire I80778
34 Chudleigh, George James  Abt 1907Bristol, Gloucestershire I81024
35 Chudleigh, Ivy May  Abt May 1906Bristol, Gloucestershire I81023
36 Clark, Edith Evelyn  Abt 1866Bristol, Gloucestershire I80772
37 Clement, William S  1848Bristol, Gloucestershire I22565
38 Clevely, Charles  Abt 1837Bristol, Gloucestershire I44300
39 Coles, Ann Eliza  1854Bristol, Gloucestershire I5892
40 Coles, Charles  1848Bristol, Gloucestershire I14605
41 Coles, Harriet  1850Bristol, Gloucestershire I23282
42 Coles, Mary N  1850Bristol, Gloucestershire I12258
43 Coles, Sarah Jane  1862Bristol, Gloucestershire I22465
44 Cook, Hester Norman  Abt 1826Bristol, Gloucestershire I128997
45 Cording, Mary Ann  14 Apr 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire I82054
46 Craven, Rebecca Mannuel  Abt 1843Bristol, Gloucestershire I43402
47 Dawe, Eva Florence M  Abt May 1902Bristol, Gloucestershire I34986
48 Dawe, Gwendoline Mabel  Abt May 1910Bristol, Gloucestershire I34991
49 Dinham, Harold Francis  Abt 1907Bristol, Gloucestershire I81792
50 Doel, Lewis Daniel  Abt Aug 1865Bristol, Gloucestershire I1076

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Matilda  22 Aug 1897Bristol, Gloucestershire I21708
2 Birch, Lucy  21 Dec 1943Bristol, Gloucestershire I44321
3 Britten, Ralph George W  Abt Nov 2005Bristol, Gloucestershire I51588
4 Brown, Barbara  7 Feb 1991Bristol, Gloucestershire I83669
5 Dinham, Francis  Abt May 1960Bristol, Gloucestershire I81789
6 Ellis, George E D  Jul 1984Bristol, Gloucestershire I75621
7 Fey, Frederic  9 May 1938Bristol, Gloucestershire I14333
8 Fey, Hector George  Abt May 1989Bristol, Gloucestershire I5287
9 Filer, Frederick John  Abt Feb 1959Bristol, Gloucestershire I81247
10 Flook, Abraham  23 Jun 1864Bristol, Gloucestershire I4744
11 Harris, Sophia  5 Jan 1846Bristol, Gloucestershire I44076
12 House, Benjamin Walter  Abt May 1956Bristol, Gloucestershire I80713
13 House, Clifford Josiah Lee  12 Dec 1950Bristol, Gloucestershire I33642
14 House, Eleanor  Abt 24 Jun 1847Bristol, Gloucestershire I118622
15 House, Frederick Ronald  8 Dec 1940Bristol, Gloucestershire I76526
16 House, Reginald Thomas  3 Nov 1968Bristol, Gloucestershire I80823
17 Howes, Denis  23 Mar 1970Bristol, Gloucestershire I12570
18 Howes, Dimon Frederick  21 Jun 1903Bristol, Gloucestershire I52566
19 Howes, Gilbert  Abt Feb 1920Bristol, Gloucestershire I4517
20 Howes, Roland Leslie  Dec 1977Bristol, Gloucestershire I97674
21 Howes, Rowland  11 Jun 1968Bristol, Gloucestershire I15336
22 Howes, Ruth Veysey  21 Sep 1972Bristol, Gloucestershire I58083
23 Howse, Eleanor  Abt 9 Dec 1904Bristol, Gloucestershire I12548
24 Huddlestone, Sarah  Abt 11 Jan 1825Bristol, Gloucestershire I108811
25 Leonard, Samuel Robert  Abt Feb 1916Bristol, Gloucestershire I10316
26 Nicholls, Martha Gertrude  6 Mar 1981Bristol, Gloucestershire I52570
27 Olds, Emily Alice  17 Feb 1971Bristol, Gloucestershire I25706
28 Phelps, Mabel Vera  19 Feb 1948Bristol, Gloucestershire I89868
29 Scuse, Mary  15 Apr 1829Bristol, Gloucestershire I4078
30 Shortman, Abraham  Abt Aug 1942Bristol, Gloucestershire I26977
31 Silcocks, Albert Edward  Abt Jan 1985Bristol, Gloucestershire I82061
32 Stagg, Sarah  Sep 1857Bristol, Gloucestershire I3829
33 Tippett, Francis  Abt 24 May 1841Bristol, Gloucestershire I108815
34 Webley, Maud Laura  Abt Nov 1970Bristol, Gloucestershire I21200
35 Willis, Ernest Alfred  Abt Nov 1942Bristol, Gloucestershire I2776


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Huddlestone, Sarah  15 Jan 1825Bristol, Gloucestershire I108811


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 House, Melinda  28 Sep 1879Bristol, Gloucestershire I80733
2 House, William Peter  21 Apr 1811Bristol, Gloucestershire I135916
3 House, William Peter  17 Oct 1827Bristol, Gloucestershire I135916
4 Robbins, Clara Elizabeth  19 Sep 1858Bristol, Gloucestershire I117891
5 Tapp, Phyllis Murielle Daphne  4 Aug 1895Bristol, Gloucestershire I44105


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Matilda  Abt 1847Bristol, Gloucestershire I21708
2 Baker, Gertrude Emily  Abt 1873Bristol, Gloucestershire I23332
3 Bennett, Thomas  Abt 1852Bristol, Gloucestershire I31464
4 Bentley, Maria  Abt 1846Bristol, Gloucestershire I80740
5 Bizley, Constance Emma  Abt 1887Bristol, Gloucestershire I93221
6 Browning, Kathleen  Abt 1893Bristol, Gloucestershire I64985
7 Browning, Kathleen  27 Aug 1893Bristol, Gloucestershire I64985
8 Bryan, Kathleen Rosetta M  Abt 1903Bristol, Gloucestershire I81409
9 Calvey, Alice Ellen  Abt Nov 1877Bristol, Gloucestershire I33615
10 Cann, Beatrice Louise  Abt 1881Bristol, Gloucestershire I20314
11 Carter, Frances  Abt 1849Bristol, Gloucestershire I44071
12 Channon, Sarah  Abt 1821Bristol, Gloucestershire I81058
13 Chapman, Emmeline Eliza  Abt 1863Bristol, Gloucestershire I72423
14 Chappell, Ellen  Abt 1856Bristol, Gloucestershire I71970
15 Chilcott, Ann  Abt 1821Bristol, Gloucestershire I23721
16 Chilcott, Ann  Abt 1823Bristol, Gloucestershire I23721
17 Chillcott, Mary Ann  Abt 1868Bristol, Gloucestershire I44952
18 Chudleigh, Bertie  Abt May 1910Bristol, Gloucestershire I81025
19 Chudleigh, George James  Abt 1878Bristol, Gloucestershire I80778
20 Chudleigh, George James  Abt Feb 1908Bristol, Gloucestershire I81024
21 Chudleigh, Ivy May  Abt 1906Bristol, Gloucestershire I81023
22 Clode, Florence May  Abt 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire I4638
23 Cooper, Jane Ann  Abt 1855Bristol, Gloucestershire I54621
24 Cording, Mary Ann  Abt 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire I82054
25 Craven, Rebecca Mannuel  Abt 1842Bristol, Gloucestershire I43402
26 Crees, Caroline  Abt 1867Bristol, Gloucestershire I43043
27 Dawe, Eva Florence M  Abt 1901Bristol, Gloucestershire I34986
28 Dinham, Dorothy Gwendolyne  Abt 1901Bristol, Gloucestershire I81791
29 Dinham, Harold Francis  Abt Feb 1908Bristol, Gloucestershire I81792
30 Dinham, Reginald Thomas  Abt 1900Bristol, Gloucestershire I81790
31 Doel, Dorothy  Abt 1891Bristol, Gloucestershire I29694
32 Doel, Lewis Daniel  Abt 1865Bristol, Gloucestershire I1076
33 Doel, Lewis Daniel  Abt 1867Bristol, Gloucestershire I1076
34 Doel, Louis Lancelot  Abt 1894Bristol, Gloucestershire I26614
35 Down, Arthur Stanley  Abt 1909Bristol, Gloucestershire I80767
36 Down, Beatrice Florence  Abt 1895Bristol, Gloucestershire I80760
37 Down, Elsie Alice  Abt 1901Bristol, Gloucestershire I80763
38 Down, Frank Edward  Abt 1904Bristol, Gloucestershire I80765
39 Down, Henry  Abt 1906Bristol, Gloucestershire I80766
40 Down, Herbert Thomas  Abt 1898Bristol, Gloucestershire I80762
41 Down, Lily Rosina  Abt 1897Bristol, Gloucestershire I80761
42 Down, Thomas Curnoch  Abt 1871Bristol, Gloucestershire I80759
43 Down, Thomas John  Abt 1903Bristol, Gloucestershire I80764
44 Drewett, Winifred Florence  Abt 1894Bristol, Gloucestershire I80820
45 Edwards, Ada Maud  Abt 1886Bristol, Gloucestershire I80395
46 Edwards, Ethel Annie  Abt 1888Bristol, Gloucestershire I80396
47 Ellis, Terence Dunbar  Abt Nov 1933Bristol, Gloucestershire I75622
48 Evans, Ethel Florence Alice  Abt 1871Bristol, Gloucestershire I72201
49 Fey, Ethel Ruby  Abt 1903Bristol, Gloucestershire I16897
50 Fey, Frederic  Abt 1876Bristol, Gloucestershire I14333

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Derrick, Edith Maud  10 Jun 1977Bristol, Gloucestershire I80824
2 Harper, Herbert WIlliam Hugh  1 Sep 1986Bristol, Gloucestershire I12335
3 House, Phyllis Mabel  Abt Jan 1986Bristol, Gloucestershire I34097
4 House, Reginald Thomas  3 Nov 1960Bristol, Gloucestershire I80823
5 Howes, Jesse  Abt Nov 1880Bristol, Gloucestershire I20537
6 Howes, Lucy Jane  Abt Nov 1943Bristol, Gloucestershire I3761


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Departure    Person ID 
1 Cutler, Beatrice Jessie  23 Aug 1913Bristol, Gloucestershire I15167
2 Howes, Lorna Elizabeth  23 Aug 1913Bristol, Gloucestershire I100070
3 Howes, Percy  23 Aug 1913Bristol, Gloucestershire I24908


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Howse, Edith Mabel  12 May 1912Bristol, Gloucestershire I85078
2 Howse, Samuel Eric  12 May 1912Bristol, Gloucestershire I85074


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Almond, Charles Stuart  25 Apr 1949Bristol, Gloucestershire I108805
2 Birch, Lucy  25 Feb 1944Bristol, Gloucestershire I44321
3 Cann, Beatrice Louise  30 Nov 1918Bristol, Gloucestershire I20314
4 Cann, Elsie Mary Bicknell  24 Oct 1960Bristol, Gloucestershire I111769
5 Chick, Albert Victor  23 Jan 1967Bristol, Gloucestershire I120331
6 Churchill, Thomas  9 May 1868Bristol, Gloucestershire I128701
7 Coate, Sidney Richard  2 Sep 1938Bristol, Gloucestershire I86454
8 Cornish, Mary Silke  8 Mar 1978Bristol, Gloucestershire I117876
9 Crook, Kate Ellen Maria  2 Feb 1972Bristol, Gloucestershire I109492
10 Davis, Emily Mary Eva  14 Jun 1982Bristol, Gloucestershire I76316
11 Frost, Gilbert  26 Apr 1973Bristol, Gloucestershire I76320
12 Grace, Mary  17 Jan 1947Bristol, Gloucestershire I4302
13 Greenstreet, Esther Jesse  Bristol, Gloucestershire I31594
14 Guerin, Marion Joyce  28 Jan 2014Bristol, Gloucestershire I54838
15 Harris, Hubert Charles  22 Nov 1943Bristol, Gloucestershire I101664
16 Harris, Sophia  18 Oct 1846Bristol, Gloucestershire I44076
17 Hawkins, Ada  25 Jan 1973Bristol, Gloucestershire I43798
18 Heinke, Edwin Harry Alfred  30 Jun 1909Bristol, Gloucestershire I22143
19 Hinton, Margaret Ann  4 Apr 2013Bristol, Gloucestershire I72767
20 Hobbs, Charles Richardson  9 Oct 1961Bristol, Gloucestershire I108809
21 House, Arthur Jesse  3 Dec 1979Bristol, Gloucestershire I120958
22 House, Clifford Josiah Lee  26 Feb 1951Bristol, Gloucestershire I33642
23 House, David  16 Apr 1874Bristol, Gloucestershire I50751
24 House, David  17 Aug 1883Bristol, Gloucestershire I50751
25 House, Donald Vaughn  15 Oct 1941Bristol, Gloucestershire I33978
26 House, Doris Churchill  22 Apr 1964Bristol, Gloucestershire I59985
27 House, Gwendoline Dorothy  15 Dec 1972Bristol, Gloucestershire I43817
28 House, John  26 Feb 1862Bristol, Gloucestershire I48146
29 House, Percy  2 Nov 1964Bristol, Gloucestershire I25025
30 House, Phyllis Mabel  19 May 1986Bristol, Gloucestershire I34097
31 House, Stanley Victor  14 Jan 1957Bristol, Gloucestershire I37601
32 House, William George  27 Apr 1944Bristol, Gloucestershire I32689
33 House, William Lee  3 Oct 1941Bristol, Gloucestershire I33671
34 House, William Peter  10 May 1859Bristol, Gloucestershire I135916
35 Howes, Arthur Sidney  8 Jun 1993Bristol, Gloucestershire I53435
36 Howes, Edna Beatrice  24 Apr 1959Bristol, Gloucestershire I7388
37 Howes, Elijah  24 Jul 1930Bristol, Gloucestershire I44323
38 Howes, Ellen Huddlestone  6 May 1953Bristol, Gloucestershire I108810
39 Howes, Enos  19 Aug 1874Bristol, Gloucestershire I25389
40 Howes, Enos  5 Jul 1876Bristol, Gloucestershire I11027
41 Howes, Eva Dorothy  30 Sep 1993Bristol, Gloucestershire I1569
42 Howes, Francis Tippett  1 Jun 1949Bristol, Gloucestershire I11101
43 Howes, Frederick George  18 Aug 1952Bristol, Gloucestershire I29664
44 Howes, Gilbert  3 Jul 1963Bristol, Gloucestershire I7121
45 Howes, Gwendoline Rita  11 Jul 1980Bristol, Gloucestershire I17440
46 Howes, Henry  16 Jun 1937Bristol, Gloucestershire I9188
47 Howes, Isaac  5 Jun 1882Bristol, Gloucestershire I16790
48 Howes, Jesse  2 Dec 1880Bristol, Gloucestershire I20537
49 Howes, Joseph Tippett  4 May 1891Bristol, Gloucestershire I4160
50 Howes, Lucy Jane  12 Jun 1944Bristol, Gloucestershire I3761

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Howes, Dorothy  Abt 1920Bristol, Gloucestershire I3391
2 Howes, Ellen Louie  Abt 1920Bristol, Gloucestershire I28611
3 Howes, Gilbert  Abt Feb 1920Bristol, Gloucestershire I4517
4 Webb, Maggie Charlotte Blatine Louise  14 Feb 1931Bristol, Gloucestershire I114041


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bryant / Howes  5 Jun 1838Bristol, Gloucestershire F8781
2 Churchill / Howes  5 Jan 1818Bristol, Gloucestershire F39036
3 House / Winter  2 May 1869Bristol, Gloucestershire F19422
4 Howes / Hibbs  26 Dec 1826Bristol, Gloucestershire F3542
5 Willis / Broughton  Abt Nov 1904Bristol, Gloucestershire F21455
6 Withers / House  11 Apr 1825Bristol, Gloucestershire F21942


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Howes  Abt May 1888Bristol, Gloucestershire F5974
2 Flook / Howes  1 Jan 1840Bristol, Gloucestershire F9568
3 Golding / Howes  Abt Nov 1869Bristol, Gloucestershire F6599
4 Howes / Chilcott  Abt Aug 1843Bristol, Gloucestershire F7870
5 Howes / Clode  Abt May 1904Bristol, Gloucestershire F2391
6 Howes / Eamer  Abt 1888Bristol, Gloucestershire F3574
7 Howes / Hobbs  1839Bristol, Gloucestershire F6584
8 Howes / Horder  Abt Feb 1896Bristol, Gloucestershire F1823
9 Howes / Jenkin  Abt May 1912Bristol, Gloucestershire F9414
10 Howes / Jones  5 Dec 1814Bristol, Gloucestershire F5912
11 Howes / Maggs  Abt Aug 1880Bristol, Gloucestershire F3621
12 Howes / Pettegrove  20 Jul 1840Bristol, Gloucestershire F7979
13 Howes / Pillinger  Abt Aug 1880Bristol, Gloucestershire F2550
14 Howes / Scuse  18 Jul 1815Bristol, Gloucestershire F2242
15 Howes / Shepherd  Abt Nov 1850Bristol, Gloucestershire F4894
16 Jones / Howes  7 Nov 1860Bristol, Gloucestershire F7235