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Hackney, London


Location : Latitude: 51.5428705, Longitude: -0.0602248


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adgo, Elsie May  Abt Aug 1909Hackney, London I94384
2 Atkins, Albert E  Abt 1869Hackney, London I44761
3 Atkins, Alexander S  Abt 1872Hackney, London I44762
4 Atkins, Alfred William  Abt 1864Hackney, London I44758
5 Atkins, Harriet E  Abt 1868Hackney, London I44760
6 Atkins, Richard James  Abt 1866Hackney, London I44759
7 Barrett, Edith Adelaide  Abt Nov 1882Hackney, London I74454
8 Bishop, Edith Maud  29 Aug 1879Hackney, London I83862
9 Bryan, Clara  18 Jan 1893Hackney, London I136679
10 Bulbrook, Edward  Abt 1886Hackney, London I97708
11 Bysouth, Annie Elizabeth  Abt 1866Hackney, London I1589
12 Charnick, Rose Emma  18 Aug 1895Hackney, London I72015
13 Coan, Sidney Walter  Abt Feb 1881Hackney, London I89582
14 Dodd, Emily Sarah  Abt Nov 1872Hackney, London I30402
15 Evennett, Ivy Grace  Abt Sep 1890Hackney, London I23185
16 Gande, Albert  Abt 1888Hackney, London I34451
17 Gande, Alice  Abt 1902Hackney, London I34454
18 Gande, Edith Ethel  Abt Feb 1894Hackney, London I34452
19 Gande, Emma  Abt 1883Hackney, London I34449
20 Gande, Florence  Abt 1885Hackney, London I34450
21 Gande, George Thomas  Abt Nov 1881Hackney, London I34448
22 Gande, Rose  Abt 1899Hackney, London I34453
23 Goode, Ruby Laverna  16 Mar 1907Hackney, London I87837
24 Gotch, Avis Janet  Abt Aug 1892Hackney, London I9381
25 Gotch, Charles William  Abt May 1878Hackney, London I7608
26 Gotch, Edwin George  Abt May 1880Hackney, London I23947
27 Gotch, Ernest William  Abt Feb 1887Hackney, London I4264
28 Gotch, Louis Richard  Abt Nov 1896Hackney, London I28336
29 Gotch, Nellie Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1889Hackney, London I20206
30 Gotch, Robert Victor  Abt Nov 1882Hackney, London I20153
31 Groves, Caroline Emily  Abt May 1889Hackney, London I64310
32 Harper, Joseph  Abt 1855Hackney, London I29153
33 Harrington, Mary Ann  4 Aug 1874Hackney, London I16187
34 Harsent, Charles  Abt 1898Hackney, London I64312
35 Hawker, Jessie  6 Jan 1892Hackney, London I45385
36 Hoon, Norman Frederick  Abt 1889Hackney, London I104719
37 House, Eliza Louisa  Abt Aug 1847Hackney, London I39565
38 House, Elizabeth M  Abt Aug 1866Hackney, London I68625
39 House, Frederick George  Abt Feb 1902Hackney, London I40947
40 House, George Francis  Abt Nov 1870Hackney, London I68627
41 House, James  Abt 1825Hackney, London I39433
42 House, James David  Abt May 1852Hackney, London I68628
43 House, Lucie Ellen Bayley  Abt 1845Hackney, London I39598
44 House, Queenie Frances  Abt 1896Hackney, London I68571
45 House, Rachel Alice  Abt Nov 1868Hackney, London I68630
46 House, Rosina Emily  Abt Feb 1873Hackney, London I68631
47 House, Rosina Emily  Abt Feb 1907Hackney, London I40953
48 Howes, Ada Augusta  Abt May 1895Hackney, London I64313
49 Howes, Albert Edward George  15 Dec 1906Hackney, London I527
50 Howes, Alfred Charles  17 Jan 1915Hackney, London I73400

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clarke, Eliza  Aug 1861Hackney, London I61538
2 Greenwood, George Charles  16 Jul 1984Hackney, London I72030
3 Howes, Amy Gertrude  Abt Nov 1888Hackney, London I45384
4 Howes, Edmund  16 Oct 1881Hackney, London I29673
5 Howes, Frank Ernest  Abt Aug 1883Hackney, London I45382
6 Howes, Gladys Irene  1 Feb 1982Hackney, London I72023
7 Hows, John  Abt 25 Jun 1830Hackney, London I21121
8 Knight, Charles Frederick  Abt May 1969Hackney, London I5053
9 Mileham, Margaret M  Abt May 1878Hackney, London I9322
10 Shelbourne, John  1888Hackney, London I23751


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Howes, Ernest Arthur George  10 Jun 1886Hackney, London I1080


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Banks, Esther  Abt 1821Hackney, London I78942
2 Barrett, Edith Adelaide  Abt 1882Hackney, London I74454
3 Bird, Charles  Abt 1874Hackney, London I74797
4 Bird, Edith Alice  Abt 1872Hackney, London I74798
5 Bird, Frank Thomas Ralph  Abt 1864Hackney, London I74799
6 Bird, Frank Thomas Ralph  Abt 1865Hackney, London I74799
7 Bird, Katherine Gertrude M  Abt 1870Hackney, London I74800
8 Bird, Katherine Gertrude M  Abt Nov 1870Hackney, London I74800
9 Bird, Laura Charlotte Anne Christie  Abt 1863Hackney, London I74801
10 Bird, Thomas  Abt 1832Hackney, London I74802
11 Bishop, Edith Maud  Abt 1879Hackney, London I83862
12 Browne, James Rufus  Abt 1851Hackney, London I17901
13 Chalmers, Alfred Henry  Abt 1854Hackney, London I46056
14 Charnick, Rose Emma  Abt 1895Hackney, London I72015
15 Coan, Sidney Walter  Abt 1880Hackney, London I89582
16 Dodd, Emily Sarah  Abt 1872Hackney, London I30402
17 Driver, Reginald Joseph  Feb 1900Hackney, London I61586
18 Edenborough, Albert Edward  Abt 1870Hackney, London I53656
19 Freeman, Edward  Abt 1886Hackney, London I30981
20 Gande, Albert  Abt 1889Hackney, London I34451
21 Gande, Edith Ethel  Abt 1893Hackney, London I34452
22 Gande, Emma  Abt 1884Hackney, London I34449
23 Gande, Florence  Abt 1886Hackney, London I34450
24 Gande, George Thomas  Abt 1881Hackney, London I34448
25 Gande, Rowland Augustus  Abt 1861Hackney, London I34445
26 Goode, Ruby Laverna  Abt 1906Hackney, London I87837
27 Gotch, Avis Janet  Abt 1892Hackney, London I9381
28 Gotch, Avis Janet  1893Hackney, London I9381
29 Gotch, Charles William  Abt 1878Hackney, London I7608
30 Gotch, Charles William  1879Hackney, London I7608
31 Gotch, Edwin George  Abt 1880Hackney, London I23947
32 Gotch, Ernest William  Abt 1886Hackney, London I4264
33 Gotch, Ernest William  1887Hackney, London I4264
34 Gotch, Louis Richard  Abt 1896Hackney, London I28336
35 Gotch, Louis Richard  1897Hackney, London I28336
36 Gotch, Nellie Elizabeth  Abt 1889Hackney, London I20206
37 Gotch, Nellie Elizabeth  1890Hackney, London I20206
38 Gotch, Robert Victor  Abt 1882Hackney, London I20153
39 Gotch, Robert Victor  1883Hackney, London I20153
40 Gotch, Sophia D  Abt 1873Hackney, London I7104
41 Groves, Caroline Emily  Abt 1888Hackney, London I64310
42 Groves, Caroline Emily  Abt 1889Hackney, London I64310
43 Groves, Caroline Emily  15 Apr 1889Hackney, London I64310
44 Gutteridge, Annie Sophia  Abt 1845Hackney, London I78919
45 Hallpike, Caroline  Abt 1821Hackney, London I17782
46 Hallpike, Caroline  Abt 1822Hackney, London I17782
47 Hallpike, Caroline  Abt 1823Hackney, London I17782
48 Harper, Joseph  Abt 1851Hackney, London I29153
49 Harrington, Mary Ann  Abt 1873Hackney, London I16187
50 Harrington, Mary Ann  Abt 1874Hackney, London I16187

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Crowther, Rouhdoft Garlick  13 Jun 1886Hackney, London I78256
2 House, Emily  13 Jun 1886Hackney, London I78252
3 Howse, Phyllis Mary  Abt May 1893Hackney, London I42755
4 Parker, Jane Sarah  20 Dec 1849Hackney, London I109467


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Drake / House  11 Jul 1866Hackney, London F9830
2 Gotch / Howes  Abt Aug 1877Hackney, London F6678
3 Howes / Mason  27 Dec 1879Hackney, London F15759
4 Howes / Ward  Abt May 1900Hackney, London F16481
5 Howes / Wollrauch  Abt Nov 1918Hackney, London F23175
6 Mayes / Bird  22 Feb 1884Hackney, London F22097


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Miller  Abt Feb 1878Hackney, London F4975
2 Howes / Wollrauch  10 Dec 1918Hackney, London F23175