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Northrepps, Norfolk


Location : Latitude: 52.9047, Longitude: 1.33744


Northrepps, Norfolk
Northrepps, Norfolk
St Mary


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howes, Agnes Sarah  23 Mar 1881Northrepps, Norfolk I16566
2 Howes, Anna Rebecca  Abt Mar 1871Northrepps, Norfolk I20669
3 Howes, Ellen Charlotte  18 Feb 1883Northrepps, Norfolk I62102
4 Howes, Florence Sarah Ann  Abt Nov 1869Northrepps, Norfolk I16961
5 Howes, George  Abt Nov 1844Northrepps, Norfolk I56185
6 Howes, George  Abt Nov 1868Northrepps, Norfolk I23591
7 Howes, George Edmund  11 Sep 1887Northrepps, Norfolk I62104
8 Howes, George William  Abt May 1854Northrepps, Norfolk I62122
9 Howes, Hannah  Abt 1816Northrepps, Norfolk I13967
10 Howes, Helen Mary  Abt May 1872Northrepps, Norfolk I486
11 Howes, Henry  Abt 1872Northrepps, Norfolk I15320
12 Howes, Henry Horace  Abt Nov 1862Northrepps, Norfolk I13892
13 Howes, Horace Joseph  Abt Sep 1860Northrepps, Norfolk I7421
14 Howes, Horace William  Abt Jul 1846Northrepps, Norfolk I4807
15 Howes, Robert  Abt 1822Northrepps, Norfolk I29830
16 Howes, Robert Hugh  3 Jan 1871Northrepps, Norfolk I1662
17 Howes, Samuel  Abt May 1845Northrepps, Norfolk I19132
18 Howes, Samuel  Abt Apr 1848Northrepps, Norfolk I25634
19 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt Nov 1850Northrepps, Norfolk I27485
20 Howes, Susanna  Abt Nov 1849Northrepps, Norfolk I14197
21 Howes, William  6 May 1819Northrepps, Norfolk I2337
22 Howes, William  Abt Feb 1844Northrepps, Norfolk I14778
23 Howes, William Herbert  Abt May 1867Northrepps, Norfolk I28461
24 Matthews, Hannah  Abt 1822Northrepps, Norfolk I9807
25 Payne, Mary Jane  Abt 1845Northrepps, Norfolk I9658
26 Starling, Ethel Marjory  Abt Apr 1900Northrepps, Norfolk I14565
27 Walpole, Sarah Anne  Abt 1826Northrepps, Norfolk I9167


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howes, George Edmund  Abt 25 Apr 1888Northrepps, Norfolk I62104
2 Howes, John  19 Dec 1873Northrepps, Norfolk I3958


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howes, Agnes Sarah  Abt 1880Northrepps, Norfolk I16566
2 Howes, Agnes Sarah  22 Mar 1881Northrepps, Norfolk I16566
3 Howes, Anna Rebecca  Abt 1869Northrepps, Norfolk I20669
4 Howes, Anna Rebecca  Abt 1871Northrepps, Norfolk I20669
5 Howes, Ellen Charlotte  18 Feb 1881Northrepps, Norfolk I62102
6 Howes, Ellen Charlotte  Abt 1882Northrepps, Norfolk I62102
7 Howes, Florence Sarah Ann  Abt 1867Northrepps, Norfolk I16961
8 Howes, Florence Sarah Ann  Abt 1868Northrepps, Norfolk I16961
9 Howes, Florence Sarah Ann  Abt 1869Northrepps, Norfolk I16961
10 Howes, Florence Sarah Ann  Abt 1870Northrepps, Norfolk I16961
11 Howes, Florence Sarah Ann  Abt 1871Northrepps, Norfolk I16961
12 Howes, George  Abt 1844Northrepps, Norfolk I56185
13 Howes, George William  Abt 1854Northrepps, Norfolk I62122
14 Howes, Hannah  Abt 1813Northrepps, Norfolk I13967
15 Howes, Helen Mary  Abt 1872Northrepps, Norfolk I486
16 Howes, Henry  Abt 1873Northrepps, Norfolk I15320
17 Howes, Horace William  Abt 1846Northrepps, Norfolk I4807
18 Howes, Samuel  Abt 1848Northrepps, Norfolk I25634
19 Howes, Samuel  Abt 1848Northrepps, Norfolk I19132
20 Howes, Samuel  Abt 1849Northrepps, Norfolk I19132
21 Howes, Samuel  Abt 1850Northrepps, Norfolk I19132
22 Howes, Samuel  Abt 1852Northrepps, Norfolk I19132
23 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt 1854Northrepps, Norfolk I27485
24 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt 1856Northrepps, Norfolk I27485
25 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt 1858Northrepps, Norfolk I27485
26 Howes, Susanna  Abt 1849Northrepps, Norfolk I14197
27 Howes, William  Abt 1819Northrepps, Norfolk I2337
28 Howes, William  Abt 1843Northrepps, Norfolk I14778
29 Howes, William Herbert  Abt 1866Northrepps, Norfolk I28461
30 Howes, William Thomas P  Abt 1867Northrepps, Norfolk I16989
31 Howes, William Thomas P  Abt 1868Northrepps, Norfolk I16989
32 Payne, Georgianna Augusta Wem  Abt 1864Northrepps, Norfolk I23645
33 Payne, Georgianna Augusta Wem  Abt Aug 1864Northrepps, Norfolk I23645
34 Payne, Mary Jane  Abt 1843Northrepps, Norfolk I9658
35 Reynolds, John  Abt 1814Northrepps, Norfolk I62226
36 Savory, John Howes  Abt 1838Northrepps, Norfolk I62240
37 Savory, Lucy  Abt 1854Northrepps, Norfolk I62241
38 Starling, Ethel Marjory  Abt 1900Northrepps, Norfolk I14565
39 Summers, Mary Elizabeth Golden  Abt 1848Northrepps, Norfolk I20170


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Earl, Helen Louisa  1871Northrepps, Norfolk I26670
2 Howes, Anna Rebecca  2 Apr 1871Northrepps, Norfolk I20669
3 Howes, Elizabeth  1871Northrepps, Norfolk I62216
4 Howes, Florence Sarah Ann  2 Apr 1871Northrepps, Norfolk I16961
5 Howes, George  1871Northrepps, Norfolk I23591
6 Howes, John  1871Northrepps, Norfolk I15657
7 Howes, Robert  31 Oct 1849Northrepps, Norfolk I29830
8 Howes, Robert Hugh  2 Apr 1871Northrepps, Norfolk I1662
9 Howes, Samuel  2 Apr 1871Northrepps, Norfolk I19132
10 Howes, William  19 Jul 1846Northrepps, Norfolk I2337
11 Howes, William  1871Northrepps, Norfolk I14778
12 Howes, William Herbert  1871Northrepps, Norfolk I28461
13 Howes, William Thomas P  2 Apr 1871Northrepps, Norfolk I16989
14 Matthews, Hannah  1871Northrepps, Norfolk I9807
15 Payne, Georgianna Augusta Wem  2 Apr 1871Northrepps, Norfolk I23645
16 Payne, Mary Jane  2 Apr 1871Northrepps, Norfolk I9658
17 Savory, John  1871Northrepps, Norfolk I62239
18 Savory, Lucy  1871Northrepps, Norfolk I62241
19 Savory, Stephen  1871Northrepps, Norfolk I62245
20 Spink, John  11 Aug 1846Northrepps, Norfolk I62248
21 Unknown, Mary A  1871Northrepps, Norfolk I12682
22 Walpole, Sarah Anne  19 Jul 1846Northrepps, Norfolk I9167