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Slough, Berkshire


City/Town : Latitude: 51.5217, Longitude: -0.61859


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Ethel Ross A  Abt May 1892Slough, Berkshire I49596
2 Atkins, Edna M  Abt Sep 1910Slough, Berkshire I46936
3 Ayliffe, Kenneth House  Mar 1902Slough, Berkshire I47086
4 Batts, Gladys Jane  Abt May 1910Slough, Berkshire I46381
5 Bunce, Mary  Abt 1804Slough, Berkshire I46054
6 Flaxman, Amy Lilian  Abt Nov 1904Slough, Berkshire I46068
7 Flaxman, William George  Abt May 1902Slough, Berkshire I46074
8 Hammerton, Kate Alice  Abt Feb 1887Slough, Berkshire I46105
9 Hammerton, Nellie Elizabeth  Abt May 1889Slough, Berkshire I46108
10 House, Edith Harriet  Abt May 1883Slough, Berkshire I49616
11 House, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1848Slough, Berkshire I47709
12 House, Ernest  Abt May 1869Slough, Berkshire I38920
13 House, Jane Kate  Abt Apr 1850Slough, Berkshire I47710
14 House, Joseph  Abt Nov 1845Slough, Berkshire I47711
15 House, Sarah  Abt Aug 1872Slough, Berkshire I38921
16 Howes, William Robert  5 Feb 1856Slough, Berkshire I46426
17 Howse, Charlotte Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1883Slough, Berkshire I23529
18 Howse, Emily Jordan  Abt Aug 1885Slough, Berkshire I7236
19 Howse, Ernest Charles  20 Mar 1886Slough, Berkshire I46168
20 Howse, Frederick John  Abt Nov 1845Slough, Berkshire I36226
21 Howse, Harriett  Abt Feb 1893Slough, Berkshire I46401
22 Howse, Ivy Beatrice  3 Jan 1891Slough, Berkshire I24576
23 Howse, Jesse  Abt Feb 1897Slough, Berkshire I46409
24 Howse, Philip Charles  Abt 1880Slough, Berkshire I11286
25 Howse, Sarah Florence  Abt Feb 1898Slough, Berkshire I46234
26 Joel, Ellen  Abt Aug 1872Slough, Berkshire I46965
27 Joel, Thomas  Abt Nov 1868Slough, Berkshire I46973
28 Kipping, Sarah  Abt 1876Slough, Berkshire I46253
29 Looker, Ada  Abt 1901Slough, Berkshire I101639
30 Looker, Philip Richard Thomas  Abt Feb 1871Slough, Berkshire I915
31 Lucas, Constance Muriel  Abt May 1893Slough, Berkshire I47785
32 Lucas, Margery Florence  Abt May 1894Slough, Berkshire I47796
33 Piner, Rosanna Ellen  Abt May 1873Slough, Berkshire I68153
34 Proctor, Alice Eliza  Abt Nov 1877Slough, Berkshire I46658
35 Proctor, Arthur William  Abt Feb 1883Slough, Berkshire I46659
36 Stone, Charles  Abt 1832Slough, Berkshire I96382
37 Wakefield, Charles John  Abt Aug 1877Slough, Berkshire I46439
38 Webster, William Henry  Abt Aug 1878Slough, Berkshire I46295


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howse, Bruce Eric  12 Jan 2013Slough, Berkshire I70822
2 Wallington, Catherine Matilda  Jul 1998Slough, Berkshire I45710
3 Wallington, Yvonne Violet D  May 2000Slough, Berkshire I45721


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Ethel Ross A  Abt 1891Slough, Berkshire I49596
2 Ayliffe, Kenneth House  Abt 1901Slough, Berkshire I47086
3 Batts, Gladys Jane  Abt 1909Slough, Berkshire I46381
4 Bunce, Mary  Abt 1806Slough, Berkshire I46054
5 Flaxman, Amy Lilian  Abt 1904Slough, Berkshire I46068
6 Flaxman, Charles Henry  Abt 1907Slough, Berkshire I46069
7 Flaxman, Daisy Ruth  Abt 1898Slough, Berkshire I46070
8 Flaxman, Ivy Elizabeth  Abt 1896Slough, Berkshire I46072
9 Flaxman, Rose Dorothy  Abt 1899Slough, Berkshire I46073
10 Flaxman, William George  Abt 1902Slough, Berkshire I46074
11 Hammerton, Kate Alice  Abt 1886Slough, Berkshire I46105
12 Hammerton, Nellie Elizabeth  Abt 1888Slough, Berkshire I46108
13 Higgins, Edward  Abt 1867Slough, Berkshire I46119
14 Higgins, Emma  Abt 1871Slough, Berkshire I46122
15 House, Charlotte Ann  Abt 1836Slough, Berkshire I96359
16 House, Edith Harriet  Abt 1882Slough, Berkshire I49616
17 House, Elizabeth  Abt 1847Slough, Berkshire I47709
18 House, Ernest  Abt 1867Slough, Berkshire I38920
19 House, Ernest  Abt 1868Slough, Berkshire I38920
20 House, Ernest  1869Slough, Berkshire I38920
21 House, Joseph  Abt 1845Slough, Berkshire I47711
22 House, Sarah  Abt 1872Slough, Berkshire I38921
23 Howes, Matthew John  Abt 1846Slough, Berkshire I6616
24 Howes, William Robert  Abt 1856Slough, Berkshire I46426
25 Howse, Abigail  Abt 1884Slough, Berkshire I46390
26 Howse, Alice Kate  Abt 1874Slough, Berkshire I13352
27 Howse, Annie Elizabeth  Abt 1875Slough, Berkshire I46140
28 Howse, Charles Thomas  Abt 1883Slough, Berkshire I46393
29 Howse, Charlotte Elizabeth  Abt 1882Slough, Berkshire I23529
30 Howse, Charlotte Elizabeth  Abt 1883Slough, Berkshire I23529
31 Howse, Eleanor  Abt 1855Slough, Berkshire I46158
32 Howse, Elizabeth Susan  Abt 1842Slough, Berkshire I46162
33 Howse, Emily Jordan  Abt 1885Slough, Berkshire I7236
34 Howse, Ernest Charles  Abt 1885Slough, Berkshire I46168
35 Howse, Frederick James  Abt 1896Slough, Berkshire I46399
36 Howse, Frederick John  Abt 1841Slough, Berkshire I36226
37 Howse, Frederick John  Abt 1843Slough, Berkshire I36226
38 Howse, Frederick John  Abt 1844Slough, Berkshire I36226
39 Howse, Frederick John  Abt 1845Slough, Berkshire I36226
40 Howse, Frederick John  Abt 1846Slough, Berkshire I36226
41 Howse, George William Garrett  Abt 1890Slough, Berkshire I46650
42 Howse, Harriett  Abt 1892Slough, Berkshire I46401
43 Howse, Henry  Abt 1812Slough, Berkshire I46192
44 Howse, Henry Charles  Abt 1855Slough, Berkshire I46404
45 Howse, Henry Charles  Abt 1856Slough, Berkshire I46404
46 Howse, Ivy Beatrice  Abt 1890Slough, Berkshire I24576
47 Howse, Ivy Beatrice  Abt 1890Slough, Berkshire I24576
48 Howse, Ivy Beatrice  Abt Jan 1891Slough, Berkshire I24576
49 Howse, James  Abt 1876Slough, Berkshire I46201
50 Howse, James Edward  Abt 1854Slough, Berkshire I46202

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