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St Columb RD, Cornwall


Location : Latitude: 50.40370362389581, Longitude: -4.95758056640625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barbary, Eliza Jane D  Abt May 1899St Columb RD, Cornwall I20212
2 Clemens, Lottie  Abt May 1879St Columb RD, Cornwall I19463
3 Donnithorne, Eliza Green  Abt Feb 1885St Columb RD, Cornwall I5678
4 Hicks, Albert Constantine  Abt Feb 1899St Columb RD, Cornwall I15731
5 House, Amanda Jane  Abt Aug 1863St Columb RD, Cornwall I745
6 House, Archie  Abt Nov 1911St Columb RD, Cornwall I12667
7 House, Beatrice E  Abt Feb 1911St Columb RD, Cornwall I16516
8 House, Constantine E  Abt Nov 1911St Columb RD, Cornwall I17056
9 House, Elsie Louisa  Abt May 1893St Columb RD, Cornwall I23104
10 House, Hedley R  Abt Nov 1916St Columb RD, Cornwall I1287
11 House, Henry  Abt Aug 1851St Columb RD, Cornwall I28082
12 House, Henry  Abt May 1868St Columb RD, Cornwall I18305
13 House, Jane  Abt Feb 1874St Columb RD, Cornwall I1996
14 House, John  Abt Aug 1862St Columb RD, Cornwall I20993
15 House, John  Abt Aug 1866St Columb RD, Cornwall I2074
16 House, John H  Abt Nov 1911St Columb RD, Cornwall I5183
17 House, Lavinia  Abt Nov 1871St Columb RD, Cornwall I26767
18 House, Marian E  Abt Feb 1914St Columb RD, Cornwall I21140
19 House, Mary Elizabeth  Abt May 1868St Columb RD, Cornwall I19423
20 House, Nicholas  Abt Feb 1853St Columb RD, Cornwall I20006
21 House, Rebecca  Abt Nov 1848St Columb RD, Cornwall I4024
22 House, Richard G  Abt May 1915St Columb RD, Cornwall I82065
23 House, Ronald J  Abt May 1913St Columb RD, Cornwall I19220
24 House, Vera M  Abt Aug 1920St Columb RD, Cornwall I23051
25 Key, Richard William  Abt May 1876St Columb RD, Cornwall I104260
26 Kneebone, Harriet Wilmot  Abt Nov 1887St Columb RD, Cornwall I28473
27 Mitchell, Thomas Carlyle  Abt Aug 1902St Columb RD, Cornwall I53057
28 Trebilcock, Jane Ann  Abt Nov 1876St Columb RD, Cornwall I14982


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Benny, William  Abt Aug 1916St Columb RD, Cornwall I15480
2 Carter, Catherine Jane  Abt Aug 1885St Columb RD, Cornwall I24418
3 Chenoweth, Ann Glanvill  Abt May 1926St Columb RD, Cornwall I8516
4 Grigg, Rosa  Abt Nov 1887St Columb RD, Cornwall I24212
5 Hammill, Ellen  Abt May 1923St Columb RD, Cornwall I18311
6 Hicks, Ann  Abt May 1885St Columb RD, Cornwall I14103
7 House, Archie  Abt Nov 1911St Columb RD, Cornwall I12667
8 House, Catherine Mary  Abt Aug 1884St Columb RD, Cornwall I18002
9 House, Cilicia Mary  Abt Aug 1906St Columb RD, Cornwall I27416
10 House, Constantine  Abt Feb 1884St Columb RD, Cornwall I2218
11 House, Constantine James  Abt Aug 1892St Columb RD, Cornwall I23731
12 House, Constantine Nicholas  Abt May 1923St Columb RD, Cornwall I10408
13 House, Constantine Richard  Abt Feb 1923St Columb RD, Cornwall I10569
14 House, Eliza Selina  Abt Aug 1925St Columb RD, Cornwall I28450
15 House, Elizabeth Hannah  Abt Nov 1916St Columb RD, Cornwall I3582
16 House, Ellen Jane  Abt Nov 1905St Columb RD, Cornwall I10454
17 House, Fanny Glanvill  Abt May 1876St Columb RD, Cornwall I18956
18 House, Fanny Louisa  Abt May 1892St Columb RD, Cornwall I17466
19 House, Frances Edith  Abt Nov 1887St Columb RD, Cornwall I3086
20 House, Henry  Abt May 1879St Columb RD, Cornwall I6741
21 House, Henry  Abt May 1922St Columb RD, Cornwall I28082
22 House, Henry  Abt Feb 1929St Columb RD, Cornwall I18305
23 House, James  Abt May 1888St Columb RD, Cornwall I1114
24 House, Jane Ann  Abt Aug 1934St Columb RD, Cornwall I9999
25 House, John  Abt Aug 1893St Columb RD, Cornwall I15307
26 House, John  Abt Nov 1899St Columb RD, Cornwall I20993
27 House, Kathleen Adela  Abt Feb 1886St Columb RD, Cornwall I8326
28 House, Mary Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1883St Columb RD, Cornwall I19423
29 House, Mary Jane  Abt May 1906St Columb RD, Cornwall I3531
30 House, Nicholas  Abt May 1878St Columb RD, Cornwall I10906
31 House, Nicholas  Abt Feb 1885St Columb RD, Cornwall I6843
32 House, Nicholas  Abt Aug 1910St Columb RD, Cornwall I20006
33 House, Rebecca  Abt Feb 1912St Columb RD, Cornwall I4024
34 House, Robert  Abt Feb 1866St Columb RD, Cornwall I2181
35 House, Stephen  Abt May 1877St Columb RD, Cornwall I16777
36 House, Susan  Abt Feb 1847St Columb RD, Cornwall I14576
37 House, Vera M  Abt Aug 1920St Columb RD, Cornwall I23051
38 House, William Ellis  Abt May 1876St Columb RD, Cornwall I1445
39 House, William Henry Hawkey  Abt Aug 1874St Columb RD, Cornwall I21816
40 Martyn, Richard Johns  Abt Feb 1917St Columb RD, Cornwall I27165
41 Mitchell, Philippa  Abt Nov 1887St Columb RD, Cornwall I29217
42 Phillips, Samuel  Abt Nov 1929St Columb RD, Cornwall I21186
43 Reynolds, Ernest Albert  Abt Aug 1929St Columb RD, Cornwall I12680
44 Trebilcock, Joseph  Abt May 1885St Columb RD, Cornwall I15842
45 Trebilcock, Joseph  Abt Nov 1888St Columb RD, Cornwall I454
46 Unknown, Agnes  Abt Aug 1843St Columb RD, Cornwall I16503
47 Unknown, Elizabeth  Abt May 1896St Columb RD, Cornwall I27457
48 Unknown, Frances  Abt May 1887St Columb RD, Cornwall I15955
49 Unknown, Jane  Abt Feb 1881St Columb RD, Cornwall I12849


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brenton, Joseph Henry  Abt Feb 1893St Columb RD, Cornwall I69468
2 Carter, Catherine Jane  Abt Nov 1839St Columb RD, Cornwall I24418
3 Chenoweth, Ann Glanvill  Abt May 1838St Columb RD, Cornwall I8516
4 Chenoweth, Martha Ellen  Abt Nov 1886St Columb RD, Cornwall I7363
5 Coad, Susan  Abt May 1852St Columb RD, Cornwall I23563
6 Drake, Kathleen Joan  Abt May 1910St Columb RD, Cornwall I79569
7 Furse, Phyllis Mary  Abt Feb 1895St Columb RD, Cornwall I2626
8 Hicks, Charles Johnson  Abt Aug 1904St Columb RD, Cornwall I29602
9 Hicks, Rosaline Pickford  Abt Aug 1895St Columb RD, Cornwall I2728
10 Hicks, Thomas Edwin  Abt Feb 1901St Columb RD, Cornwall I8562
11 House, Agnes Jennifer  Abt Aug 1881St Columb RD, Cornwall I8474
12 House, Agnes Lenore  Abt Aug 1891St Columb RD, Cornwall I16130
13 House, Aileen Lilian  Abt May 1903St Columb RD, Cornwall I20264
14 House, Ann  Abt Feb 1887St Columb RD, Cornwall I22747
15 House, Archibald Noel  Abt Nov 1889St Columb RD, Cornwall I7466
16 House, Catherine Mary  Abt Aug 1853St Columb RD, Cornwall I18002
17 House, Charles Constantine  Abt Aug 1910St Columb RD, Cornwall I7102
18 House, Cilicia Mary  Abt Aug 1881St Columb RD, Cornwall I27416
19 House, Clara Lilian  Abt Aug 1894St Columb RD, Cornwall I19307
20 House, Constance Ella  Abt Nov 1908St Columb RD, Cornwall I7376
21 House, Constantine  Abt May 1840St Columb RD, Cornwall I3208
22 House, Constantine James  Abt May 1855St Columb RD, Cornwall I14880
23 House, Constantine Nicholas  Abt Aug 1878St Columb RD, Cornwall I23839
24 House, Constantine Richard  Abt May 1855St Columb RD, Cornwall I10569
25 House, Eliza Jane  Abt May 1851St Columb RD, Cornwall I28991
26 House, Eliza Selina  Abt Feb 1870St Columb RD, Cornwall I28450
27 House, Elizabeth Hannah  Abt Aug 1864St Columb RD, Cornwall I3582
28 House, Ellen Hicks  Abt Nov 1867St Columb RD, Cornwall I10258
29 House, Ellen Jane  Abt Feb 1862St Columb RD, Cornwall I1740
30 House, Ellen Maud  Abt Aug 1881St Columb RD, Cornwall I2517
31 House, Ellen Middleton  Abt May 1888St Columb RD, Cornwall I4236
32 House, Elsie Florence  Abt Nov 1876St Columb RD, Cornwall I11354
33 House, Elsie Maud  Abt Nov 1910St Columb RD, Cornwall I19043
34 House, Ernest  Abt Feb 1875St Columb RD, Cornwall I5389
35 House, Ernest Henry  Abt Nov 1880St Columb RD, Cornwall I17117
36 House, Fanny Glanvill  Abt May 1876St Columb RD, Cornwall I18956
37 House, Fanny Louisa  Abt May 1873St Columb RD, Cornwall I17466
38 House, Frances Edith  Abt Feb 1871St Columb RD, Cornwall I3086
39 House, Gladys Muriel  Abt Feb 1891St Columb RD, Cornwall I27738
40 House, Harry  Abt May 1902St Columb RD, Cornwall I28402
41 House, Henry  Abt Nov 1837St Columb RD, Cornwall I6000
42 House, Henry Arthur  Abt May 1864St Columb RD, Cornwall I2855
43 House, Henry Theodore  Abt Feb 1893St Columb RD, Cornwall I26189
44 House, James Strout  Abt May 1885St Columb RD, Cornwall I23525
45 House, Jane Ann  Abt Aug 1860St Columb RD, Cornwall I9999
46 House, John  Abt May 1845St Columb RD, Cornwall I29409
47 House, John  Abt Feb 1886St Columb RD, Cornwall I8976
48 House, Kathleen Adela  Abt Nov 1866St Columb RD, Cornwall I8326
49 House, Kathleen Adele  Abt Nov 1886St Columb RD, Cornwall I18429
50 House, Leonora Ellen  Abt Aug 1905St Columb RD, Cornwall I14514

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Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bath / House  Abt Feb 1873St Columb RD, Cornwall F1099
2 Benny / House  Abt Aug 1867St Columb RD, Cornwall F2074
3 Brenton / Mitchell  Abt Aug 1923St Columb RD, Cornwall F15577
4 Curra / House  Abt May 1867St Columb RD, Cornwall F7739
5 Fox / House  Abt May 1923St Columb RD, Cornwall F6625
6 Furse / House  Abt Feb 1894St Columb RD, Cornwall F5996
7 Hicks / House  Abt Nov 1892St Columb RD, Cornwall F9246
8 House / Barbary  Abt May 1923St Columb RD, Cornwall F6870
9 House / Carter  Abt Feb 1863St Columb RD, Cornwall F8063
10 House / Chenoweth  Abt Nov 1870St Columb RD, Cornwall F3497
11 House / Chenoweth  Abt Feb 1909St Columb RD, Cornwall F3173
12 House / Clemens  Abt Feb 1901St Columb RD, Cornwall F6663
13 House / Coad  Abt May 1875St Columb RD, Cornwall F7823
14 House / Cocking  Abt May 1884St Columb RD, Cornwall F6850
15 House / Donnithorne  Abt Aug 1910St Columb RD, Cornwall F2698
16 House / Hammill  Abt Nov 1861St Columb RD, Cornwall F6311
17 House / Hawken  Abt Nov 1863St Columb RD, Cornwall F8788
18 House / Hicks  Abt Feb 1851St Columb RD, Cornwall F5120
19 House / James  Abt Nov 1873St Columb RD, Cornwall F5083
20 House / James  Abt Nov 1887St Columb RD, Cornwall F4516
21 House / Kneebone  Abt Aug 1916St Columb RD, Cornwall F9235
22 House / Mitchell  Abt Aug 1842St Columb RD, Cornwall F9451
23 House / Oakes  Abt Feb 1902St Columb RD, Cornwall F6078
24 House / Phillips  Abt Nov 1879St Columb RD, Cornwall F1190
25 House / Rowe  Abt May 1910St Columb RD, Cornwall F8170
26 House / Rundle  Abt Aug 1909St Columb RD, Cornwall F9601
27 House / Tremaine  Abt Feb 1935St Columb RD, Cornwall F9438
28 Howes / O'Connor  Abt Aug 1933St Columb RD, Cornwall F39151
29 James / House  Abt May 1933St Columb RD, Cornwall F5788
30 Lawer / House  Abt Feb 1895St Columb RD, Cornwall F7161
31 Lowe / House  Abt Nov 1932St Columb RD, Cornwall F6095
32 Martyn / House  Abt Aug 1893St Columb RD, Cornwall F2089
33 Mitchell / Carlyle  Abt Feb 1900St Columb RD, Cornwall F15576
34 Mitchell / House  Abt Feb 1856St Columb RD, Cornwall F4137
35 Pearce / House  Abt Aug 1892St Columb RD, Cornwall F1577
36 Phillips / House  Abt Feb 1870St Columb RD, Cornwall F4053
37 Reynolds / Chenoweth  Abt Nov 1882St Columb RD, Cornwall F3498
38 Reynolds / House  Abt May 1895St Columb RD, Cornwall F9226
39 Skewes / House  Abt Nov 1894St Columb RD, Cornwall F7690
40 Stephens / House  Abt May 1890St Columb RD, Cornwall F1294
41 Tinney / House  Abt Nov 1890St Columb RD, Cornwall F1406
42 Trebilcock / House  Abt Nov 1875St Columb RD, Cornwall F6222
43 Trebilcock / House  Abt Nov 1887St Columb RD, Cornwall F3922