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Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk


Address : Latitude: 36.8468, Longitude: -76.2852


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Balderstone, Laura Elizabeth  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I63666
2 Fuller, Cecil G  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I63668
3 Fuller, Charles H  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I63669
4 Fuller, Charles Henry  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I63665
5 Fuller, Laura E  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I63667
6 Holt, Alice Ann  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I14584
7 Howes, Ann Eliza  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I895
8 Howes, Noah Adam  1881Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I3165
9 Howes, Noah Adam  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I3165
10 Howes, Noah Adam  2 Apr 1911Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I3165
11 Thompson, Elizabeth  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I1191
12 Thompson, George  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I28672
13 Thompson, Jacob Frederick  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I10034
14 Thompson, Jacob William  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I28028
15 Thompson, John  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I29302
16 Thompson, Selina  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I29767
17 Thompson, Walter  1901Thrigby Road, Filby, Norfolk I15982