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Truro RD, Cornwall


City/Town : Latitude: 50.416277, Longitude: -5.264505


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Candy, Edwin  Abt Aug 1917Truro RD, Cornwall I131524
2 Edwards, Elsie Jane  1 Jun 1911Truro RD, Cornwall I14145
3 Healey, Hugh Frederick  Abt Nov 1902Truro RD, Cornwall I17529
4 Hearle, Emma P  25 Sep 1918Truro RD, Cornwall I131498
5 House, Frances Ellen  Abt Aug 1863Truro RD, Cornwall I23117
6 House, Louisa  Abt Aug 1851Truro RD, Cornwall I131543
7 House, Nicholas  Abt May 1844Truro RD, Cornwall I10906
8 House, Roger C  Abt May 1940Truro RD, Cornwall I131495
9 House, Susan Ann  Abt Aug 1842Truro RD, Cornwall I2824
10 Juliff, William Charles  2 Sep 1868Truro RD, Cornwall I119514
11 Payne, Henry Edwin  Abt Aug 1871Truro RD, Cornwall I12374
12 Pearce, Arthur Lewis  Abt Feb 1905Truro RD, Cornwall I29579
13 Rowland, Beatrice Mabel  25 Dec 1893Truro RD, Cornwall I131527
14 Tamblyn, Alice  19 Feb 1900Truro RD, Cornwall I131526
15 Walkey, Charles Percy Hubert  Abt Aug 1883Truro RD, Cornwall I129436


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cocking, Mary Jane  Abt May 1946Truro RD, Cornwall I20137
2 Donnithorne, Eliza Grace  Abt Feb 1974Truro RD, Cornwall I5678
3 Gerdes, Kenneth Brian S  Abt Feb 1979Truro RD, Cornwall I120142
4 Harrowell, Harvey  Abt Jun 1995Truro RD, Cornwall I83910
5 Hearle, Emma P  Abt May 1953Truro RD, Cornwall I131498
6 House, Constantine  Abt May 1843Truro RD, Cornwall I20250
7 House, Constantine Henry  Abt Feb 1970Truro RD, Cornwall I17056
8 House, Edwin  Abt May 1873Truro RD, Cornwall I16330
9 House, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1877Truro RD, Cornwall I22347
10 House, Hedley Roy  Abt Apr 1999Truro RD, Cornwall I1287
11 House, Henry  Abt Nov 1878Truro RD, Cornwall I15823
12 House, Henry Theodore  Abt May 1937Truro RD, Cornwall I26189
13 House, John Henry  Abt Aug 1989Truro RD, Cornwall I5183
14 House, Louisa  Abt May 1852Truro RD, Cornwall I131543
15 House, Margaret Thelma  Abt Jul 2002Truro RD, Cornwall I5626
16 House, Marian  Abt Feb 1980Truro RD, Cornwall I28109
17 House, Marian Jean  Abt Mar 2002Truro RD, Cornwall I22845
18 House, Richard Arthur  Abt Jan 1998Truro RD, Cornwall I11950
19 House, Richard Guthrie  Abt Aug 2004Truro RD, Cornwall I82065
20 House, Robert  Abt Nov 1853Truro RD, Cornwall I29262
21 House, Roger C  Abt May 1940Truro RD, Cornwall I131495
22 House, Ronald John  Abt Jan 1999Truro RD, Cornwall I19220
23 House, Susan Ann  Abt Aug 1841Truro RD, Cornwall I27624
24 House, Susan Ann  Abt May 1843Truro RD, Cornwall I2824
25 House, Violet I  Abt Feb 1951Truro RD, Cornwall I59970
26 House, William Abraham  Abt Feb 1984Truro RD, Cornwall I119888
27 House, William C J  Abt Feb 1969Truro RD, Cornwall I131529
28 House, William Douglas  Abt Mar 2005Truro RD, Cornwall I131616
29 House, William Henry  Abt Feb 1939Truro RD, Cornwall I1873
30 House, William Thomas  Abt May 1945Truro RD, Cornwall I30075
31 Howes, David Cecil  Abt Aug 1981Truro RD, Cornwall I94019
32 Howes, Lavinia  Abt Dec 2003Truro RD, Cornwall I31001
33 Howes, Ralph Sydney George  Abt Feb 1998Truro RD, Cornwall I131860
34 Howes, Sylvia Mary  Abt May 1977Truro RD, Cornwall I131933
35 Howse, Leslie Walter Charles  Abt May 1955Truro RD, Cornwall I81262
36 Lawrence, James  Abt May 1867Truro RD, Cornwall I21958
37 McCarthy, Kathleen  Abt Jun 1991Truro RD, Cornwall I113563
38 Mitchell, Thomas Carlyle  Abt Feb 1908Truro RD, Cornwall I53057
39 Prowse, Norman Tregoning  Abt Nov 1977Truro RD, Cornwall I26216
40 Rowe, Ethel Louisa N  Abt May 2006Truro RD, Cornwall I74723
41 Rowland, Beatrice Mabel  Abt Jun 1985Truro RD, Cornwall I131527
42 Sowden, Frederick Joseph C  Abt May 2002Truro RD, Cornwall I132069
43 Steele, Jessie  Jul 1998Truro RD, Cornwall I103774
44 Stevens, Edwin James K  Abt Nov 2004Truro RD, Cornwall I131937
45 Townson, Isobel Violet  Abt Nov 1980Truro RD, Cornwall I100057
46 Unknown, Elizabeth  Abt May 1875Truro RD, Cornwall I20518
47 Unknown, Jane  Abt Nov 1858Truro RD, Cornwall I19931
48 Ward, Charles J W  Abt Aug 1981Truro RD, Cornwall I74736
49 Waters, Joseph K  Abt Aug 1978Truro RD, Cornwall I3863
50 Wooldridge, Phyllis May  Abt Feb 1983Truro RD, Cornwall I131638

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Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Edwards, Elsie Jane  Abt Aug 1911Truro RD, Cornwall I14145
2 Hearle, Emma P  Abt Nov 1918Truro RD, Cornwall I131498
3 House, Constantine  Abt Feb 1841Truro RD, Cornwall I20250
4 House, Ellen Jane  Abt Aug 1846Truro RD, Cornwall I10454
5 House, Henry  Abt Feb 1875Truro RD, Cornwall I18794
6 House, James  Abt Feb 1843Truro RD, Cornwall I7574
7 House, Louisa  Abt Nov 1855Truro RD, Cornwall I28722
8 House, Maria  Abt Nov 1870Truro RD, Cornwall I15436
9 House, Martha  Abt Aug 1858Truro RD, Cornwall I2783
10 House, Mary  Abt May 1860Truro RD, Cornwall I6096
11 House, Susan Ann  Abt May 1838Truro RD, Cornwall I27624
12 House, William  Abt Aug 1858Truro RD, Cornwall I17314
13 Juliff, William Charles  Abt Aug 1868Truro RD, Cornwall I119514
14 May, Emmalina  Abt Aug 1855Truro RD, Cornwall I28290
15 Pearce, Mary House  Abt May 1902Truro RD, Cornwall I16023
16 Rowland, Beatrice Mabel  Abt Feb 1894Truro RD, Cornwall I131527
17 Skewes, Thomas James  Abt Nov 1863Truro RD, Cornwall I21076
18 Stribley, Matilda  Abt Aug 1876Truro RD, Cornwall I1461
19 Tamblyn, Alice  Abt Feb 1900Truro RD, Cornwall I131526
20 Uren, Martha  Abt Feb 1845Truro RD, Cornwall I2029


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Clifford Norman  Abt Apr 1989Truro RD, Cornwall I40679


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Furse / House  Abt Aug 1942Truro RD, Cornwall F39947
2 Grigg / Bennett  Abt May 1879Truro RD, Cornwall F8075
3 Healey / House  Abt Aug 1926Truro RD, Cornwall F5237
4 House / Bennett  Abt May 1867Truro RD, Cornwall F8076
5 House / Edwards  Abt May 1937Truro RD, Cornwall F5134
6 House / Evans  Abt May 1938Truro RD, Cornwall F39972
7 House / Hearle  Abt Nov 1942Truro RD, Cornwall F39936
8 House / Richards  Abt May 1855Truro RD, Cornwall F1451
9 House / Rowland  Abt Aug 1917Truro RD, Cornwall F39946
10 House / Stribley  Abt Aug 1900Truro RD, Cornwall F1496
11 House / Tamblyn  Abt Nov 1948Truro RD, Cornwall F39945
12 House / Wooldridge  Abt May 1962Truro RD, Cornwall F39976
13 Lawrence / House  Abt Feb 1845Truro RD, Cornwall F7467
14 Moloney / House  Abt May 1933Truro RD, Cornwall F3176
15 Watts / House  Abt Nov 1924Truro RD, Cornwall F6883