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Chelmsford RD, Essex


City/Town : Latitude: 51.7966325, Longitude: 0.6376925


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brewer, Leslie R  Abt May 1918Chelmsford RD, Essex I92359
2 Delisle, Ethel Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1872Chelmsford RD, Essex I14144
3 Fosker, Bernard Arthur  30 Mar 1916Chelmsford RD, Essex I54801
4 Fosker, Phyllis Margaret  20 Mar 1913Chelmsford RD, Essex I54804
5 House, Keith John  8 Jan 1941Chelmsford RD, Essex I103378
6 Howes, Keith Arthur  25 Aug 1927Chelmsford RD, Essex I12078
7 Howes, Margaret Janette  Abt Aug 1921Chelmsford RD, Essex I54594
8 Howes, Ronald Eric  21 Jul 1912Chelmsford RD, Essex I54563
9 Howse, Pamela Christine  Abt May 1942Chelmsford RD, Essex I83968
10 Stevens, Margaret Ellen  26 Jun 1911Chelmsford RD, Essex I75647
11 Thorogood, Harry Arthur  22 Jan 1916Chelmsford RD, Essex I54831
12 Whitaker, Sheila P  Abt Nov 1949Chelmsford RD, Essex I116090


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Biles, Frederick  Abt Nov 1965Chelmsford RD, Essex I114345
2 Boyton, Hubert Watson  Abt Feb 1995Chelmsford RD, Essex I17521
3 Brett, Eleanor  Abt Feb 1959Chelmsford RD, Essex I5254
4 Brewer, Leslie R  Abt Nov 1968Chelmsford RD, Essex I92359
5 Brewster, Arthur E  Abt Nov 1993Chelmsford RD, Essex I87363
6 Brockington, John Francis  Abt Aug 1918Chelmsford RD, Essex I68914
7 Burchell, Ralph  Abt Feb 1948Chelmsford RD, Essex I106914
8 Dunnell, Laura Elsie  Abt May 1975Chelmsford RD, Essex I48405
9 Flower, Violet Marjorie  Abt May 1959Chelmsford RD, Essex I65564
10 Fosker, John William  Abt Nov 1951Chelmsford RD, Essex I54803
11 Gifford, Mabel May  Abt Aug 1960Chelmsford RD, Essex I104005
12 Hart, Herbert E  Abt Feb 1959Chelmsford RD, Essex I68927
13 Hart, William Frederick  Abt May 1956Chelmsford RD, Essex I64745
14 Hatton, Rosina  Abt May 2005Chelmsford RD, Essex I123658
15 Healy, Alice Sophia  Abt May 2000Chelmsford RD, Essex I123204
16 Hines, Herbert Walter  Abt Mar 1987Chelmsford RD, Essex I74919
17 House, Albert  Abt Dec 1989Chelmsford RD, Essex I82839
18 House, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1933Chelmsford RD, Essex I68933
19 House, George Henry  Abt Apr 1995Chelmsford RD, Essex I104760
20 House, Helen Maud J  Abt Feb 1992Chelmsford RD, Essex I31703
21 House, Henry Charles  Abt Jun 2006Chelmsford RD, Essex I69960
22 Howard, Dorothy Gladys  Abt Nov 1985Chelmsford RD, Essex I54591
23 Howes, Albert Edward  Abt Nov 1973Chelmsford RD, Essex I56295
24 Howes, Betty Doreen  Abt Aug 2003Chelmsford RD, Essex I52254
25 Howes, Charles Schulen  Abt Feb 1928Chelmsford RD, Essex I64610
26 Howes, Edward Charles  Abt Feb 1955Chelmsford RD, Essex I18
27 Howes, Ellen Kate  Abt Aug 2003Chelmsford RD, Essex I6813
28 Howes, Frederick Norman  Abt Aug 1960Chelmsford RD, Essex I3040
29 Howes, George William Edward  Abt Feb 1984Chelmsford RD, Essex I49977
30 Howes, Helen Theresa  Abt May 1962Chelmsford RD, Essex I11314
31 Howes, Irene Elizabeth Verdun  Abt Nov 1938Chelmsford RD, Essex I5949
32 Howes, Kate Louisa  Abt Feb 1960Chelmsford RD, Essex I54820
33 Howes, Lavinia  Abt Feb 1973Chelmsford RD, Essex I64758
34 Howes, Lilian Florence  Abt Aug 1967Chelmsford RD, Essex I25424
35 Howes, Marion  Abt Apr 2003Chelmsford RD, Essex I19409
36 Howes, Olive Edith Isabel  Abt Feb 1970Chelmsford RD, Essex I25209
37 Howes, Rebecca  Abt May 1919Chelmsford RD, Essex I72302
38 Howes, Thomas Edward  Abt Nov 1980Chelmsford RD, Essex I3855
39 Howes, Walter George  Abt Aug 1941Chelmsford RD, Essex I3941
40 Howes, William Arthur  Abt Feb 1932Chelmsford RD, Essex I22741
41 Howes, William Ashton  Abt Feb 1981Chelmsford RD, Essex I54590
42 Howes, William Edward  Abt Nov 1982Chelmsford RD, Essex I19524
43 Howes, William Quinton  23 Jan 1955Chelmsford RD, Essex I23993
44 Howes, Winifred Eleanor  Abt Nov 2001Chelmsford RD, Essex I10209
45 Howse, Elsie Evelyn  Abt May 1972Chelmsford RD, Essex I65576
46 Martin, Antonia Dorothea  Abt Feb 2001Chelmsford RD, Essex I125060
47 Murphy, Bert Charles  Abt Nov 1988Chelmsford RD, Essex I123660
48 Noble, Edwin  Abt Nov 1882Chelmsford RD, Essex I72323
49 Penn, Eveline Mary  Abt May 1964Chelmsford RD, Essex I9549
50 Pimm, Christopher  Abt Aug 1955Chelmsford RD, Essex I87365

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brockington, Mary Frances  Abt Aug 1907Chelmsford RD, Essex I68915
2 Fosker, Bernard Arthur  Abt May 1916Chelmsford RD, Essex I54801
3 Fosker, Phyllis Margaret  Abt May 1913Chelmsford RD, Essex I54804
4 House, Emma  Abt Nov 1887Chelmsford RD, Essex I92129
5 House, Harry  Abt Feb 1891Chelmsford RD, Essex I92122
6 House, Keith John  Abt Feb 1941Chelmsford RD, Essex I103378
7 House, Robert Joseph  Abt Nov 1910Chelmsford RD, Essex I52147
8 House, William  Abt May 1889Chelmsford RD, Essex I92130
9 Howard, Dorothy Gladys  Abt Nov 1908Chelmsford RD, Essex I54591
10 Howes, Harold Ernest  Abt Nov 1908Chelmsford RD, Essex I54575
11 Howes, John  Abt Feb 1864Chelmsford RD, Essex I18733
12 Howes, Keith Arthur  Abt Nov 1927Chelmsford RD, Essex I12078
13 Howes, Kenneth Jack Douglas  Abt Nov 1919Chelmsford RD, Essex I14524
14 Howes, Peter William  Abt Aug 1933Chelmsford RD, Essex I3467
15 Howes, Ronald Eric  Abt Aug 1912Chelmsford RD, Essex I54563
16 Howes, William Ashton  Abt May 1904Chelmsford RD, Essex I54590
17 Markham, Ada  Abt Feb 1873Chelmsford RD, Essex I67376
18 Neal, Emily  Abt Nov 1865Chelmsford RD, Essex I23476
19 Place, John Ralph  Abt Feb 1908Chelmsford RD, Essex I42006
20 Stevens, John  Abt Nov 1852Chelmsford RD, Essex I131042
21 Stevens, John William Charles  Abt Feb 1881Chelmsford RD, Essex I131043
22 Stevens, Margaret Ellen  Abt Aug 1912Chelmsford RD, Essex I75647
23 Thorogood, Harry Arthur  Abt Feb 1916Chelmsford RD, Essex I54831


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Holloway, William James  Abt Aug 1970Chelmsford RD, Essex I114212
2 Howes, Harold Ernest  Abt Jul 1995Chelmsford RD, Essex I54575
3 Howes, William Quinton  Abt Feb 1955Chelmsford RD, Essex I23993
4 Howse, Pamela Christine  Abt Nov 1944Chelmsford RD, Essex I83968
5 Johnson, Mary  Abt Oct 1997Chelmsford RD, Essex I54564
6 Tapp, Eileen Mary  Abt Aug 2005Chelmsford RD, Essex I114211


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brewer / Howes  Abt Nov 1940Chelmsford RD, Essex F26780
2 Brown / Rand  Abt Feb 1934Chelmsford RD, Essex F32962
3 Hart / House  Abt Feb 1920Chelmsford RD, Essex F19748
4 House / Green  Abt Feb 1887Chelmsford RD, Essex F26694
5 House / Jackson  Abt May 1948Chelmsford RD, Essex F19698
6 House / Smyth  Abt May 1952Chelmsford RD, Essex F15670
7 Howes / Ashton  Abt May 1903Chelmsford RD, Essex F15988
8 Howes / Howard  Abt Aug 1935Chelmsford RD, Essex F15998
9 Howes / McMorland  Abt Feb 1918Chelmsford RD, Essex F18689
10 Howes / Perkins  Abt Nov 1932Chelmsford RD, Essex F3448
11 Thorogood / Fosker  Abt Aug 1943Chelmsford RD, Essex F16049


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hopkins / Howes  Abt Feb 1884Chelmsford RD, Essex F20579
2 Howes / Johnson  Abt Aug 1941Chelmsford RD, Essex F15989