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Rochford RD, Essex


Location : Latitude: 51.7966325, Longitude: 0.6376925


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blackborrow, Mavis  13 Jul 1925Rochford RD, Essex I97942
2 Bowmaker, Edward James C  Abt Nov 1904Rochford RD, Essex I36039
3 Clark, Marjorie May  23 Aug 1903Rochford RD, Essex I6351
4 Grellier, Keith C  Abt Nov 1924Rochford RD, Essex I78183
5 Hilliker, George Frederic  Abt Nov 1884Rochford RD, Essex I104736
6 House, George Henry  9 Nov 1930Rochford RD, Essex I104760
7 House, William Joseph C  18 Mar 1914Rochford RD, Essex I78101
8 Howes, Charles Sidney  18 Aug 1911Rochford RD, Essex I98879
9 Howes, Eric Gordon  Abt Nov 1909Rochford RD, Essex I25899
10 Howes, John Robert  11 Jun 1927Rochford RD, Essex I104747
11 Howes, Leslie Thomas George  2 Aug 1929Rochford RD, Essex I10447
12 Howes, May Louise  2 Feb 1914Rochford RD, Essex I11794
13 Howes, Winifred A  Abt May 1914Rochford RD, Essex I104835
14 Howse, Benjamin  Abt Nov 1914Rochford RD, Essex I48572
15 Howse, Mollie A  Abt Feb 1917Rochford RD, Essex I104832
16 Howse, Sidney William  12 Jul 1911Rochford RD, Essex I36350
17 Howse, William Francis  22 Dec 1914Rochford RD, Essex I83966
18 Leeds, John  Abt May 1892Rochford RD, Essex I71923
19 Monk, Florence Ella  4 Jul 1899Rochford RD, Essex I130788
20 Moring, Douglas Frank  Abt May 1900Rochford RD, Essex I9949
21 Morrow, Arthur Noel  27 Aug 1915Rochford RD, Essex I43940
22 Pain, Betty A  Abt Aug 1912Rochford RD, Essex I134890
23 Rackham, Florence Eleanor  Abt Feb 1889Rochford RD, Essex I83965
24 Roberts, Lynda Carole  29 May 1949Rochford RD, Essex I104792
25 Springell, Frederick Samuel  Abt Feb 1907Rochford RD, Essex I104798
26 Townsend, Leonard John  11 Sep 1903Rochford RD, Essex I120296
27 White, Nellie C  Abt May 1915Rochford RD, Essex I93143
28 Willis, Frederick Reginald  Abt Aug 1910Rochford RD, Essex I51002
29 Willis, Ivy Alice  Abt Feb 1913Rochford RD, Essex I51004
30 Willis, Violet Beatrice  Abt Feb 1909Rochford RD, Essex I51003
31 Willis, Walter Frank  Abt Nov 1914Rochford RD, Essex I51005


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aistrope, Mary Ann  Abt Nov 1930Rochford RD, Essex I38890
2 Auvache, George William Louis  Abt May 1929Rochford RD, Essex I64809
3 Baker, Eliza  Abt May 1913Rochford RD, Essex I105181
4 Bellars, John Thomas  Abt Feb 1950Rochford RD, Essex I111476
5 Blunden, Grace Mary  Abt Feb 1971Rochford RD, Essex I29916
6 Bowen, Martha Ann  Abt Nov 1941Rochford RD, Essex I51345
7 Byles, Edith May  Abt May 1965Rochford RD, Essex I52789
8 Carter, Caroline  Abt May 1903Rochford RD, Essex I38891
9 Coombs, Harold Alfred  Abt Aug 1934Rochford RD, Essex I118358
10 Croft, Arthur Henry  Abt Aug 1884Rochford RD, Essex I43404
11 Croft, Gurky  Abt May 1879Rochford RD, Essex I43413
12 Croft, William George  Abt Aug 1889Rochford RD, Essex I43424
13 Culley, Clara  Abt May 1969Rochford RD, Essex I10140
14 Doggett, Dorothy Ellen  Abt Feb 1974Rochford RD, Essex I103376
15 Evison, Esther Grace  Abt Nov 1955Rochford RD, Essex I75930
16 Francis, Llewellyn  Abt Nov 1973Rochford RD, Essex I51350
17 Fry, Jane  Abt Feb 1933Rochford RD, Essex I64813
18 Hattrell, Harriet Henrietta  Abt Feb 1930Rochford RD, Essex I49901
19 House, Bertha Louise  Abt Aug 1955Rochford RD, Essex I52143
20 House, Dorothy Ellen  Abt Feb 1974Rochford RD, Essex I104796
21 House, Emmeline Florence  Abt Feb 1949Rochford RD, Essex I37818
22 House, Wilfred George Thomas  Abt Feb 1963Rochford RD, Essex I42426
23 Howes, Alfred Argent  Abt Feb 1915Rochford RD, Essex I29440
24 Howes, Charles  Abt May 1903Rochford RD, Essex I16575
25 Howes, Charles Richard  Abt Feb 1947Rochford RD, Essex I16858
26 Howes, Elsie Anna  Abt Feb 1946Rochford RD, Essex I3245
27 Howes, Emma  Abt May 1968Rochford RD, Essex I36222
28 Howes, George Newby  11 Aug 1937Rochford RD, Essex I13110
29 Howes, Hannah Sarah  Abt Aug 1937Rochford RD, Essex I28858
30 Howes, James  Abt May 1913Rochford RD, Essex I17149
31 Howes, Jesse  Abt Nov 1849Rochford RD, Essex I104744
32 Howes, Tamar  Abt Nov 1852Rochford RD, Essex I104745
33 Howes, Violet Adelaide  Abt Feb 1931Rochford RD, Essex I72370
34 Howse, Benjamin  Abt Nov 1914Rochford RD, Essex I48572
35 Howse, David Berkley  Abt Feb 1965Rochford RD, Essex I9304
36 Howse, John Edward  Abt Aug 1970Rochford RD, Essex I42905
37 Howse, William Francis  Abt Aug 1967Rochford RD, Essex I36346
38 Leeds, John  Abt May 1892Rochford RD, Essex I71923
39 Leeds, William Harry  Abt Feb 1961Rochford RD, Essex I71925
40 Monk, Annie Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1938Rochford RD, Essex I65342
41 Punt, Marian Maud M  Abt Feb 1971Rochford RD, Essex I104797
42 Rackham, Florence Eleanor  Abt Nov 1936Rochford RD, Essex I83965
43 Robinson, Charles George  Abt May 1959Rochford RD, Essex I118166
44 Rose, Sarah Amy  Abt May 1916Rochford RD, Essex I18262
45 Springell, Frederick Samuel  Abt Aug 1963Rochford RD, Essex I104798
46 Sturges, Sidney Herbert  Abt Feb 1929Rochford RD, Essex I99013
47 Tully, Thomas  Abt May 1904Rochford RD, Essex I41058


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Kathleen Rose  Abt Feb 1914Rochford RD, Essex I29395
2 Blackborrow, Mavis  Abt Aug 1925Rochford RD, Essex I97942
3 Bridge, Frederick Wyatt  Abt Nov 1901Rochford RD, Essex I104802
4 Brooks, Ada May  Abt May 1925Rochford RD, Essex I28328
5 Burt, Emily Eliza  Abt May 1879Rochford RD, Essex I35982
6 Croft, Arthur Henry  Abt Feb 1884Rochford RD, Essex I43404
7 Croft, Charles  Abt Aug 1885Rochford RD, Essex I43405
8 Croft, Charles Sidney  Abt Feb 1904Rochford RD, Essex I43406
9 Croft, Edward  Abt Aug 1880Rochford RD, Essex I43407
10 Croft, Elizabeth Esther  Abt Feb 1882Rochford RD, Essex I43408
11 Croft, Emily Jane  Abt Feb 1887Rochford RD, Essex I43410
12 Croft, Gurky  Abt May 1879Rochford RD, Essex I43413
13 Croft, James  Abt Feb 1878Rochford RD, Essex I43414
14 Croft, Katherine Mary  Abt May 1892Rochford RD, Essex I43416
15 Croft, Rose Lily  Abt Nov 1893Rochford RD, Essex I43419
16 Croft, Sarah Ann  Abt May 1876Rochford RD, Essex I43421
17 Croft, Sidney  Abt Aug 1890Rochford RD, Essex I43422
18 Croft, William George  Abt Aug 1888Rochford RD, Essex I43424
19 Hawley, Donald Frederick  Abt May 1921Rochford RD, Essex I2034
20 House, Caroline Kate  Abt Nov 1898Rochford RD, Essex I38893
21 House, David George  Abt Aug 1934Rochford RD, Essex I43806
22 House, Emily  Abt Feb 1903Rochford RD, Essex I81458
23 House, Ethel May  Abt May 1900Rochford RD, Essex I38896
24 House, Frederick Clifford  Abt Nov 1915Rochford RD, Essex I78097
25 House, George Henry  Abt Feb 1905Rochford RD, Essex I38898
26 House, George Henry  Abt Nov 1930Rochford RD, Essex I104760
27 House, Ivy May  Abt Feb 1890Rochford RD, Essex I33150
28 House, Nellie  Abt Nov 1908Rochford RD, Essex I38902
29 House, William Joseph C  Abt May 1914Rochford RD, Essex I78101
30 Howes, Annie Helen  Abt Aug 1905Rochford RD, Essex I7609
31 Howes, Charles Sidney  Abt Aug 1911Rochford RD, Essex I98879
32 Howes, Eliza Mary  Abt Nov 1864Rochford RD, Essex I93858
33 Howes, Emma  Abt Feb 1860Rochford RD, Essex I93857
34 Howes, Jesse  Abt Nov 1838Rochford RD, Essex I104744
35 Howes, John Robert  Abt Aug 1927Rochford RD, Essex I104747
36 Howes, Kathleen Marie  Abt Feb 1903Rochford RD, Essex I15836
37 Howes, Leslie Alfred  Abt Nov 1901Rochford RD, Essex I29708
38 Howes, May Louise  Abt Feb 1914Rochford RD, Essex I11794
39 Howes, Tamar  Abt May 1841Rochford RD, Essex I104745
40 Howse, Henry Fulding  Abt Aug 1910Rochford RD, Essex I35387
41 Howse, Sidney William  Abt Aug 1911Rochford RD, Essex I36350
42 Howse, William Francis  Abt Feb 1915Rochford RD, Essex I83966
43 Leeds, George John  Abt May 1893Rochford RD, Essex I71922
44 Matthams, Edith Ada  Abt May 1909Rochford RD, Essex I78103
45 Monk, Florence Ella  Abt Aug 1899Rochford RD, Essex I130788
46 Morrow, Arthur Noel  Abt Aug 1915Rochford RD, Essex I43940
47 Nunn, George Robert  Abt Aug 1896Rochford RD, Essex I122863
48 Peacock, Herbert Harry  Abt Feb 1900Rochford RD, Essex I78102
49 Roberts, Lynda Carole  Abt May 1949Rochford RD, Essex I104792
50 Stibbards, Emma  Abt May 1843Rochford RD, Essex I93855

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Fishwick, Winifred  Abt May 1943Rochford RD, Essex I134888
2 House, Charles James  Abt Feb 1947Rochford RD, Essex I38894
3 House, George Henry  Abt Aug 1942Rochford RD, Essex I38899
4 House, Sarah Bertha  Abt Aug 1965Rochford RD, Essex I51996
5 Howes, George Henry  Abt Nov 1966Rochford RD, Essex I4089
6 Howes, George Newby  Abt Aug 1937Rochford RD, Essex I13110


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bain / Anslow  Abt Nov 1899Rochford RD, Essex F11336
2 Bridge / House  Abt Feb 1925Rochford RD, Essex F31020
3 Chawner / Doggett  Abt Aug 1962Rochford RD, Essex F36128
4 Chawner / House  Abt Aug 1962Rochford RD, Essex F31016
5 Chenery / Howes  Abt Feb 1930Rochford RD, Essex F30604
6 Chenery / Howes  Abt Nov 1934Rochford RD, Essex F30601
7 Croft / Hardie  Abt Nov 1898Rochford RD, Essex F13222
8 Dean / Howes  Abt Feb 1924Rochford RD, Essex F31037
9 Gunn / Howes  Abt Aug 1927Rochford RD, Essex F20593
10 Harris / Howes  Abt Aug 1926Rochford RD, Essex F29085
11 Haynes / Howes  Abt Feb 1925Rochford RD, Essex F3236
12 Hilliker / Sweet  Abt Nov 1913Rochford RD, Essex F30994
13 House / Carter  Abt Aug 1924Rochford RD, Essex F31002
14 House / Cox  Abt May 1939Rochford RD, Essex F22148
15 House / Doggett  Abt Nov 1939Rochford RD, Essex F30542
16 House / Matthams  Abt Aug 1938Rochford RD, Essex F22151
17 House / Punt  Abt Feb 1932Rochford RD, Essex F31017
18 House / Snell  Abt Aug 1933Rochford RD, Essex F13311
19 House / Snell  Abt Aug 1937Rochford RD, Essex F13312
20 Howes / Barsby  Abt Aug 1943Rochford RD, Essex F27530
21 Howes / Beetchenow  Abt Nov 1913Rochford RD, Essex F30995
22 Howes / Burton  Abt Aug 1926Rochford RD, Essex F31038
23 Howes / Clark  Jul 1924Rochford RD, Essex F2892
24 Howes / Dines  Abt Feb 1952Rochford RD, Essex F31046
25 Howes / Ellison  Abt Aug 1926Rochford RD, Essex F30998
26 Howse / Batchelor  Abt Aug 1936Rochford RD, Essex F9500
27 Howse / Harker  Abt Aug 1947Rochford RD, Essex F31035
28 Howse / Williams  Abt May 1939Rochford RD, Essex F23995
29 Hyland / House  Abt May 1926Rochford RD, Essex F31021
30 Johnson / Bush  Abt Nov 1921Rochford RD, Essex F11333
31 Moring / Howes  Abt May 1924Rochford RD, Essex F2661
32 Peacock / House  Abt Aug 1919Rochford RD, Essex F22150
33 Shreeve / Howes  Abt May 1930Rochford RD, Essex F20595
34 Springell / House  Abt Nov 1932Rochford RD, Essex F31018
35 Stephenson / Howes  Abt May 1937Rochford RD, Essex F9339
36 West / Bush  Abt Nov 1917Rochford RD, Essex F11332
37 Wilman / Howes  Abt Aug 1918Rochford RD, Essex F24461
38 Wilson / Beetchenow  Abt Nov 1915Rochford RD, Essex F30996


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Butcher / House  Abt Aug 1903Rochford RD, Essex F8381
2 Croft / House  Abt Feb 1875Rochford RD, Essex F13230
3 House / Bailey  Abt Aug 1876Rochford RD, Essex F11309
4 House / Chater  Abt May 1908Rochford RD, Essex F11308
5 Howes / Simmonds  Abt Aug 1908Rochford RD, Essex F9020
6 Howse / Woollard  Abt Nov 1910Rochford RD, Essex F11307
7 Jagged / Howes  Abt May 1927Rochford RD, Essex F5622
8 Lavers / Howse  Abt May 1892Rochford RD, Essex F16925
9 Tully / Baker  Abt Aug 1896Rochford RD, Essex F8934