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Chilton Polden, Somerset


Location : Latitude: 51.1558, Longitude: -2.89554


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 House, Albert William  Abt Feb 1888Chilton Polden, Somerset I37451
2 House, Bessie  Abt 1862Chilton Polden, Somerset I23668
3 House, Caroline Anna  Abt Aug 1876Chilton Polden, Somerset I25336
4 House, Ernest Herbert  Abt Jul 1890Chilton Polden, Somerset I37500
5 House, Ernest James  Abt Feb 1878Chilton Polden, Somerset I5477
6 House, Florence Rosina  Abt May 1886Chilton Polden, Somerset I37508
7 House, Frederick William  Abt Feb 1873Chilton Polden, Somerset I5965
8 House, George Edward  Abt Feb 1868Chilton Polden, Somerset I27411
9 House, John Albert  Abt May 1885Chilton Polden, Somerset I22631
10 House, Lilly Frances  Abt May 1882Chilton Polden, Somerset I12927
11 House, Robert Angus  Abt Feb 1887Chilton Polden, Somerset I20603
12 House, Rosa Elizabeth  Abt May 1879Chilton Polden, Somerset I17260
13 House, Susan Rugg  3 Apr 1891Chilton Polden, Somerset I33822
14 House, Thomas Edwards  Abt Feb 1865Chilton Polden, Somerset I8864
15 House, Walter John Hill  18 Sep 1871Chilton Polden, Somerset I24413
16 Nicholas, Ada Margaret  Abt Feb 1892Chilton Polden, Somerset I37667
17 Nicholas, Annie Rosina  Abt Nov 1889Chilton Polden, Somerset I37668
18 Nicholas, Mabel Florence  Abt Jan 1891Chilton Polden, Somerset I37670


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 House, Albert William  Abt 1887Chilton Polden, Somerset I37451
2 House, Ernest Herbert  Abt 1890Chilton Polden, Somerset I37500
3 House, Ernest James  Abt 1879Chilton Polden, Somerset I5477
4 House, Florence Emily  Abt Aug 1874Chilton Polden, Somerset I15235
5 House, Florence Rosina  Abt 1886Chilton Polden, Somerset I37508
6 House, Florence Rosina  19 Apr 1886Chilton Polden, Somerset I37508
7 House, John Albert  Abt 1884Chilton Polden, Somerset I22631
8 House, Lilly Frances  Abt 1880Chilton Polden, Somerset I12927
9 House, Robert Angus  Abt 1886Chilton Polden, Somerset I20603
10 House, Walter John Hill  Abt 1870Chilton Polden, Somerset I24413
11 Nicholas, Ada Margaret  Abt 1891Chilton Polden, Somerset I37667
12 Nicholas, Annie Rosina  Abt 1889Chilton Polden, Somerset I37668


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cleaver, Annie  1881Chilton Polden, Somerset I7273
2 Cleaver, Annie  2 Apr 1911Chilton Polden, Somerset I7273
3 House, Alfred John  1881Chilton Polden, Somerset I15718
4 House, Alfred John  2 Apr 1911Chilton Polden, Somerset I15718
5 House, Caroline Anna  1881Chilton Polden, Somerset I25336
6 House, Ernest James  1881Chilton Polden, Somerset I5477
7 House, Ernest Reginald  2 Apr 1911Chilton Polden, Somerset I37501
8 House, Florence Emily  1881Chilton Polden, Somerset I15235
9 House, Frederick William  1881Chilton Polden, Somerset I5965
10 House, George Edward  1881Chilton Polden, Somerset I27411
11 House, Herbert  6 Apr 1885Chilton Polden, Somerset I37527
12 House, John Edwards  1881Chilton Polden, Somerset I10484
13 House, Lilly Frances  2 Apr 1911Chilton Polden, Somerset I12927
14 House, Richard John Whitting  2 Apr 1911Chilton Polden, Somerset I37590
15 House, Rosa Elizabeth  1881Chilton Polden, Somerset I17260
16 House, Rosa Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Chilton Polden, Somerset I17260
17 House, Thomas Edwards  1881Chilton Polden, Somerset I8864
18 House, Walter John Hill  1881Chilton Polden, Somerset I24413
19 Nicholas, Mabel Florence  5 Apr 1891Chilton Polden, Somerset I37670
20 Tutt, Mary Annie  2 Apr 1911Chilton Polden, Somerset I37701