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New Brunswick, Canada



Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howes, Alice  20 Jul 1873New Brunswick, Canada I122764
2 Howes, Christina  25 Dec 1879New Brunswick, Canada I122766
3 Howes, Edith Sarah  14 May 1896New Brunswick, Canada I122781
4 Howes, Inez M  Abt 1890New Brunswick, Canada I84155
5 Howes, John W  Jun 1850New Brunswick, Canada I2490
6 Howes, Olive M  Abt 1895New Brunswick, Canada I84156
7 Howes, Richard  Abt 1846New Brunswick, Canada I122773
8 Howes, Sarah Eliza  25 Mar 1871New Brunswick, Canada I122763
9 Howes, Walter McNaughton  23 Nov 1900New Brunswick, Canada I122783
10 Howes, William  1 Mar 1844New Brunswick, Canada I122760
11 King, Blanche I  Abt 1869New Brunswick, Canada I84154
12 Quinsler, Maggie Fraser  Abt 1875New Brunswick, Canada I122775


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bateman, Ruth Hannington  Abt 1868New Brunswick, Canada I102532
2 Bateman, Ruth Hannington  Nov 1869New Brunswick, Canada I102532
3 Cole, Sarah  Abt 1842New Brunswick, Canada I122761
4 Cole, Sarah  Abt 1843New Brunswick, Canada I122761
5 Cole, Sarah  Dec 1843New Brunswick, Canada I122761
6 Cole, Sarah  28 Dec 1843New Brunswick, Canada I122761
7 Howes, Alfred Edward  Abt 1875New Brunswick, Canada I122765
8 Howes, Alfred Edward  25 Sep 1875New Brunswick, Canada I122765
9 Howes, Alfred Edward  Abt 1876New Brunswick, Canada I122765
10 Howes, Alfred Quinsler  Abt 1914New Brunswick, Canada I122776
11 Howes, Alice  Jul 1873New Brunswick, Canada I122764
12 Howes, Alice  Abt 1874New Brunswick, Canada I122764
13 Howes, Christina  Abt 1882New Brunswick, Canada I122766
14 Howes, Edith Sarah  Abt 1895New Brunswick, Canada I122781
15 Howes, Edith Sarah  Abt 1896New Brunswick, Canada I122781
16 Howes, Frances Willard  Abt 1897New Brunswick, Canada I122782
17 Howes, Frances Willard  Abt 1898New Brunswick, Canada I122782
18 Howes, Frances Willard  24 Apr 1898New Brunswick, Canada I122782
19 Howes, Frederick  Abt 1881New Brunswick, Canada I122767
20 Howes, Frederick  Abt 1882New Brunswick, Canada I122767
21 Howes, Frederick  Abt 1884New Brunswick, Canada I122767
22 Howes, Frederick  22 Mar 1884New Brunswick, Canada I122767
23 Howes, Howard Ambrose  Abt 1893New Brunswick, Canada I122780
24 Howes, Howard Ambrose  Abt 1894New Brunswick, Canada I122780
25 Howes, Howard Ambrose  27 Sep 1894New Brunswick, Canada I122780
26 Howes, Mildred Christina  Abt 1915New Brunswick, Canada I122777
27 Howes, Richard  Abt 1866New Brunswick, Canada I122768
28 Howes, Richard  Abt 1866New Brunswick, Canada I122768
29 Howes, Richard  19 Jun 1867New Brunswick, Canada I122768
30 Howes, Richard  Abt 1868New Brunswick, Canada I122768
31 Howes, Sarah Eliza  Mar 1871New Brunswick, Canada I122763
32 Howes, Sarah Eliza  Abt 1872New Brunswick, Canada I122763
33 Howes, Stephen  Abt 1880New Brunswick, Canada I122759
34 Howes, Stephen  1 Jan 1882New Brunswick, Canada I122759
35 Howes, Walter McNaughton  Abt 1900New Brunswick, Canada I122783
36 Howes, William  Abt 1843New Brunswick, Canada I122760
37 Howes, William  Abt 1868New Brunswick, Canada I122762
38 Howes, William  Abt 1869New Brunswick, Canada I122762
39 Howes, William  24 Jan 1869New Brunswick, Canada I122762
40 Howes, William  Abt 1870New Brunswick, Canada I122762
41 Quinsler, Bessie Curran  Abt 1877New Brunswick, Canada I122774
42 Teakles, Mary Jane  Abt 1866New Brunswick, Canada I122779
43 Teakles, Mary Jane  Abt 1867New Brunswick, Canada I122779
44 Teakles, Mary Jane  6 Feb 1868New Brunswick, Canada I122779