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Richmond RD, Surrey


City/Town : Latitude: 51.2742865, Longitude: -0.3880845


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andre, Philip Sidney Ewart  6 May 1903Richmond RD, Surrey I137330
2 Clifton, Pamela Anne  Abt Nov 1931Richmond RD, Surrey I136858
3 Cracknell, Nancy Ethel  2 Sep 1903Richmond RD, Surrey I49563
4 Dafforne, Edna F  Abt Aug 1913Richmond RD, Surrey I36798
5 Elgar, William Arthur  4 Mar 1905Richmond RD, Surrey I78464
6 Howes, Cynthia Daphne  Abt Nov 1917Richmond RD, Surrey I67648
7 Howes, Elizabeth Ann C  1 Jun 1932Richmond RD, Surrey I69070
8 Howes, Leslie James  18 Feb 1917Richmond RD, Surrey I117374
9 Howes, Peter Ronald Greville  Abt May 1917Richmond RD, Surrey I52452
10 Howse, Henry Harold  Abt Nov 1894Richmond RD, Surrey I117335
11 Howse, John Arthur G  12 Jan 1920Richmond RD, Surrey I55037
12 Howse, Rose Emma  Abt Nov 1884Richmond RD, Surrey I117334
13 Knapp, Maurice Arthur  26 Nov 1914Richmond RD, Surrey I64132
14 Loader, Herbert Ronald  Abt May 1904Richmond RD, Surrey I101149
15 Loveridge, Peggy Ethel Joyce  28 Sep 1923Richmond RD, Surrey I135079
16 Martin, Leslie Sydney  23 Feb 1912Richmond RD, Surrey I73270
17 Morrell, Albert Sydney  Abt Aug 1912Richmond RD, Surrey I127209
18 O'Neill, Mary Bernadette  24 Apr 1925Richmond RD, Surrey I86909
19 Readwin, Cecil Edward  3 May 1912Richmond RD, Surrey I116925
20 Roots, Reginald Henry C  Abt Aug 1915Richmond RD, Surrey I76448
21 Shaill, William Henry  Abt Feb 1890Richmond RD, Surrey I56579
22 Soole, Amy Seymour  Abt Nov 1886Richmond RD, Surrey I87231
23 Sweatman, Betty M  Abt Nov 1918Richmond RD, Surrey I67394
24 Sweatman, Marjorie G  Abt Aug 1913Richmond RD, Surrey I67401
25 Sweatman, Yvonne I  Abt May 1915Richmond RD, Surrey I67405
26 Williams, Ivy Clara  2 Feb 1916Richmond RD, Surrey I109118


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Ellen  Abt May 1912Richmond RD, Surrey I36233
2 Brown, Alice Maud  Abt Nov 1989Richmond RD, Surrey I64704
3 Bullock, Graham Charles  Abt Sep 2005Richmond RD, Surrey I112426
4 Cooke, Mary Margaret  Abt May 1984Richmond RD, Surrey I40145
5 Day, Roger Edward  Abt May 1994Richmond RD, Surrey I132974
6 Dickson, Ivy Dorothy  Abt Jun 1997Richmond RD, Surrey I132936
7 Feasey, William A  Abt Nov 1983Richmond RD, Surrey I101037
8 Hodge, Gegard Mark  Abt May 1982Richmond RD, Surrey I126394
9 House, Charles Thomas  Abt Nov 1897Richmond RD, Surrey I50482
10 House, Edith Amy  Abt Nov 1881Richmond RD, Surrey I36809
11 House, James  Abt May 1919Richmond RD, Surrey I32552
12 House, Lucy Sophia  Abt Aug 1863Richmond RD, Surrey I50488
13 House, Robert  Abt Feb 1868Richmond RD, Surrey I50489
14 House, Sidney Arthur  Abt May 1979Richmond RD, Surrey I42418
15 Howes, Albert  Abt Aug 1990Richmond RD, Surrey I22448
16 Howes, Alice Maud  Abt Aug 1986Richmond RD, Surrey I2004
17 Howes, Arthur Scovell  Abt Feb 1928Richmond RD, Surrey I52455
18 Howes, Emma  Abt Nov 1918Richmond RD, Surrey I11968
19 Howes, Ernest Arthur  Abt Aug 1915Richmond RD, Surrey I951
20 Howes, Ethel Phyllis  Abt Nov 1979Richmond RD, Surrey I112418
21 Howes, Julia Jane  Abt Feb 1906Richmond RD, Surrey I54979
22 Howes, Mildred Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1966Richmond RD, Surrey I23421
23 Howes, Peggy Nita  Abt Oct 2002Richmond RD, Surrey I112425
24 Howes, Robert William  Abt Nov 1921Richmond RD, Surrey I4803
25 Howes, Thomas William  Abt Nov 1995Richmond RD, Surrey I50368
26 Howes, William Thomas Henry  Abt May 1880Richmond RD, Surrey I129382
27 Howse, Charles Ernest  Abt Feb 1914Richmond RD, Surrey I53006
28 Howse, Henry Harold  Abt Feb 1898Richmond RD, Surrey I117335
29 Howse, Joseph William  Abt May 1928Richmond RD, Surrey I49235
30 Howse, Laura Lilian  Abt Nov 1973Richmond RD, Surrey I70777
31 Howse, Rose Emma  Abt Aug 1885Richmond RD, Surrey I117334
32 Kersey, Ivy Dorothy R  Abt Nov 1984Richmond RD, Surrey I94757
33 Kirby, Hilda May  Abt Nov 1930Richmond RD, Surrey I55048
34 Morritt, Colleen Gertrude L  Abt Feb 1993Richmond RD, Surrey I94084
35 Moxham, Alice Jane  Abt Nov 1986Richmond RD, Surrey I124128
36 Swell, Emily Alice  Abt Aug 1972Richmond RD, Surrey I124130
37 Unknown, Sophia  Abt Aug 1866Richmond RD, Surrey I50514
38 Wallis, Charles  Abt Feb 1925Richmond RD, Surrey I63944
39 Woodhams, Jesse Albert  Abt Nov 1970Richmond RD, Surrey I64853
40 Wordingham, Walter  Abt May 1972Richmond RD, Surrey I55957


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andre, Philip Sidney Ewart  Abt May 1903Richmond RD, Surrey I137330
2 Atkinson, Aubrey Wilfred  Abt May 1910Richmond RD, Surrey I70788
3 Atkinson, Iris Irene  Abt May 1912Richmond RD, Surrey I70789
4 Austin, Martha Eliza  Abt May 1858Richmond RD, Surrey I49139
5 Comfort, Edward James  Abt Nov 1893Richmond RD, Surrey I37417
6 Cracknell, Nancy Ethel  Abt Aug 1903Richmond RD, Surrey I49563
7 Dafforne, Charles Robert  Abt Nov 1882Richmond RD, Surrey I36797
8 Dafforne, Freda Olive Nellie  Abt Aug 1909Richmond RD, Surrey I36799
9 Denyer, Archibald  Abt Aug 1884Richmond RD, Surrey I49712
10 Doye, William Frederick  Abt May 1894Richmond RD, Surrey I134752
11 Elgar, William Arthur  Abt May 1905Richmond RD, Surrey I78464
12 Evans, Winifred Ivy  Abt Feb 1910Richmond RD, Surrey I93228
13 Finch, Adelaide  Abt Feb 1852Richmond RD, Surrey I54518
14 Gowing, Alfred Leonard  Abt May 1902Richmond RD, Surrey I94281
15 Gray, Leonard Herbert  Abt Aug 1903Richmond RD, Surrey I92395
16 Gurney, Henry Cuthbert  Abt May 1878Richmond RD, Surrey I64588
17 Gurney, Howard Lionel  Abt Aug 1880Richmond RD, Surrey I64590
18 Gurney, Reginald Brodie  Abt May 1879Richmond RD, Surrey I64592
19 Hobbs, Dorothy Cooper  Abt Nov 1901Richmond RD, Surrey I27348
20 Hobbs, William Alexander Cooper  Abt May 1903Richmond RD, Surrey I19371
21 House, Alfred John  Abt Nov 1860Richmond RD, Surrey I37738
22 House, Alice Bertha  Abt Feb 1876Richmond RD, Surrey I36801
23 House, Arthur Sidney  Abt Aug 1887Richmond RD, Surrey I36802
24 House, Edith Amy  Abt May 1881Richmond RD, Surrey I36809
25 House, Eliza Ellen  Abt Nov 1866Richmond RD, Surrey I50484
26 House, Florence Mary  Abt Aug 1879Richmond RD, Surrey I36814
27 House, Laurence Stanley  Abt May 1892Richmond RD, Surrey I36819
28 House, Lucy Sophia  Abt Aug 1858Richmond RD, Surrey I50488
29 House, Nellie Ayrton  Abt Nov 1882Richmond RD, Surrey I36822
30 Howes, Elizabeth Ann C  Abt Aug 1932Richmond RD, Surrey I69070
31 Howes, Elizabeth Sackville  Abt May 1910Richmond RD, Surrey I4421
32 Howes, James Joshua  Abt Nov 1884Richmond RD, Surrey I21817
33 Howes, Leslie James  Abt Feb 1917Richmond RD, Surrey I117374
34 Howes, Reginald Geoffrey Stuart  Abt Nov 1915Richmond RD, Surrey I67647
35 Howes, Ronald Arthur Scovell  Abt Nov 1892Richmond RD, Surrey I53002
36 Howes, William Henry  Abt Nov 1865Richmond RD, Surrey I24435
37 Howse, Charles Griffin  Abt Nov 1853Richmond RD, Surrey I50494
38 Howse, Daisy Matilda Ada  Abt Feb 1897Richmond RD, Surrey I49245
39 Howse, Ernest Lane  Abt Feb 1894Richmond RD, Surrey I53008
40 Howse, Ethel Jane  Abt May 1888Richmond RD, Surrey I49209
41 Howse, Frederick Alfred  Abt May 1900Richmond RD, Surrey I49214
42 Howse, John Arthur G  Abt Feb 1920Richmond RD, Surrey I55037
43 Howse, Maud Alice  Abt Feb 1886Richmond RD, Surrey I49246
44 Howse, Vera Daisy  Abt Feb 1911Richmond RD, Surrey I116143
45 Isitt, Edward  Abt Nov 1893Richmond RD, Surrey I93952
46 Jeffreys, Emily  Abt Aug 1867Richmond RD, Surrey I10583
47 Kirby, Hilda May  Abt Feb 1887Richmond RD, Surrey I55048
48 Knapp, Maurice Arthur  Abt Nov 1914Richmond RD, Surrey I64132
49 Loveridge, Peggy Ethel Joyce  Abt Nov 1923Richmond RD, Surrey I135079
50 Martin, Leslie Sydney  Abt Feb 1912Richmond RD, Surrey I73270

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Abell, Anne  Abt May 1927Richmond RD, Surrey I16619
2 Howes, Herbert Edward  Abt May 1969Richmond RD, Surrey I6959


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andre / House  Abt Nov 1929Richmond RD, Surrey F41749
2 Atkinson / Pounsford  Abt May 1931Richmond RD, Surrey F22259
3 Chinn /   Abt Aug 1907Richmond RD, Surrey F507
4 Comfort / Chipp  Abt May 1923Richmond RD, Surrey F11634
5 Dafforne / House  Abt Feb 1908Richmond RD, Surrey F11461
6 House / Crutchfield  Abt May 1880Richmond RD, Surrey F11457
7 Howes / Cresswell  Abt Aug 1908Richmond RD, Surrey F4456
8 Howes / Evans  Abt Aug 1931Richmond RD, Surrey F27112
9 Howes / Greville  Abt May 1916Richmond RD, Surrey F15435
10 Howes / Soole  Abt May 1925Richmond RD, Surrey F25096
11 Howes / Willgoss  Abt Nov 1898Richmond RD, Surrey F6884
12 Howse / Andrews  Abt Aug 1897Richmond RD, Surrey F33851
13 Howse / Faires  Abt Nov 1922Richmond RD, Surrey F35451
14 Howse / Jonas  Abt Aug 1880Richmond RD, Surrey F23936
15 Oakley / Howes  Abt Dec 1925Richmond RD, Surrey F33652
16 Smith / Bowgen  Abt May 1898Richmond RD, Surrey F11375
17 Smith / House  Abt May 1920Richmond RD, Surrey F41748
18 Sweatman / Young  Abt Aug 1908Richmond RD, Surrey F19412


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howse / Kirby  Abt Nov 1911Richmond RD, Surrey F16104
2 Nunn / Howse  Abt May 1921Richmond RD, Surrey F37128
3 White / Howse  Abt May 1886Richmond RD, Surrey F41998