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Willesden RD, Middlesex


Location : Latitude: 37.6001401, Longitude: -76.5663416


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Gladys M  Abt Aug 1912Willesden RD, Middlesex I76583
2 Anstead, Annie A  Abt May 1912Willesden RD, Middlesex I99208
3 Anstead, Rose  Abt Nov 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex I99209
4 Anstead, Violet L  Abt Nov 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex I99210
5 Audis, Raymond G E  Abt Nov 1924Willesden RD, Middlesex I93405
6 Bailey, Douglas E  Abt Aug 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex I80709
7 Bailey, Sidney J  Abt Aug 1914Willesden RD, Middlesex I80708
8 Beasley, Enid Valerie  Abt May 1932Willesden RD, Middlesex I31621
9 Brooks, Rose L  Abt Nov 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex I89658
10 Edmond, Reginald S  Abt May 1912Willesden RD, Middlesex I65779
11 Fruen, Norman William  17 Apr 1934Willesden RD, Middlesex I139525
12 Gould, Vera  Abt Nov 1913Willesden RD, Middlesex I78814
13 Hart, George Sidney  29 Apr 1911Willesden RD, Middlesex I111994
14 Hay, Charles E  Abt Nov 1914Willesden RD, Middlesex I67639
15 Hay, Ethel W J  Abt May 1916Willesden RD, Middlesex I67640
16 Hazelwood, Violet Ivy  14 Nov 1921Willesden RD, Middlesex I126992
17 House, Cyril Andrew S  6 Aug 1927Willesden RD, Middlesex I85303
18 House, Edgar Spendlove  20 May 1923Willesden RD, Middlesex I73604
19 House, John Arthur  19 May 1918Willesden RD, Middlesex I138020
20 House, John F  Abt Nov 1919Willesden RD, Middlesex I44149
21 Howes, Doris E  Abt Nov 1916Willesden RD, Middlesex I71149
22 Howes, Edith May  25 Oct 1913Willesden RD, Middlesex I77007
23 Howes, Frederick R B  Abt Nov 1920Willesden RD, Middlesex I112146
24 Howes, Frederick William  25 Nov 1936Willesden RD, Middlesex I61262
25 Howes, George Elias Judd  5 Apr 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex I123965
26 Howes, George Henry  22 Apr 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex I108848
27 Howes, George James  Abt May 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex I82705
28 Howes, Grace Edith  18 Feb 1933Willesden RD, Middlesex I20116
29 Howes, Joseph  Abt May 1930Willesden RD, Middlesex I65012
30 Howes, Kenneth Raymond  10 May 1921Willesden RD, Middlesex I53825
31 Howes, Louisa  Abt Nov 1917Willesden RD, Middlesex I65013
32 Howes, Maire Joyce  29 Dec 1921Willesden RD, Middlesex I117771
33 Howes, Margaret L  Abt Nov 1930Willesden RD, Middlesex I14005
34 Howes, Miriam  Abt Feb 1916Willesden RD, Middlesex I74019
35 Howes, Peggy Mary  Abt Aug 1922Willesden RD, Middlesex I58974
36 Howes, Peter T H  Abt Feb 1936Willesden RD, Middlesex I45740
37 Howse, Dorothy Nancy  20 Oct 1914Willesden RD, Middlesex I71729
38 Howse, Maurice Llewellyn Henry  3 Jan 1920Willesden RD, Middlesex I71725
39 Howse, Reginald John  Abt Aug 1926Willesden RD, Middlesex I110667
40 Hunt, Jessie  Abt Nov 1919Willesden RD, Middlesex I65025
41 Jay, Eric Stafford  20 Jun 1922Willesden RD, Middlesex I120775
42 Kille, Francis Albert S  10 Mar 1920Willesden RD, Middlesex I130604
43 Layton, Mary Ellen  23 Jan 1918Willesden RD, Middlesex I61272
44 Lewis, Elsie Nora L  5 Aug 1917Willesden RD, Middlesex I125104
45 McCallum, Alfred  30 May 1918Willesden RD, Middlesex I112414
46 Orrow, George H  Abt Aug 1917Willesden RD, Middlesex I61274
47 Parris, Pamela Mary  12 May 1928Willesden RD, Middlesex I130295
48 Timms, Albert F  Abt May 1918Willesden RD, Middlesex I48508
49 Timms, Doris M  Abt Aug 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex I48511
50 Timms, George W  Abt Nov 1912Willesden RD, Middlesex I48514


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anstead, Catherine Charlotte  Abt Feb 1932Willesden RD, Middlesex I99202
2 Anstead, Edwin Charles  Abt Nov 1947Willesden RD, Middlesex I99201
3 Anstead, Eileen M  Abt Aug 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex I99206
4 Bell, Margaret  Abt Nov 1954Willesden RD, Middlesex I15631
5 Berridge, Lucy Lilian  Abt Feb 1951Willesden RD, Middlesex I47033
6 Browning, Kathleen  Abt Aug 1952Willesden RD, Middlesex I64985
7 Bunn, Eleanor Mary Aaron  Abt Nov 1937Willesden RD, Middlesex I37291
8 Cherriman, Emma Blanche  Abt Nov 1953Willesden RD, Middlesex I112148
9 Cobbold, Ernest Thomas  Abt May 1939Willesden RD, Middlesex I72269
10 Cradock, John Henry  Abt Feb 1962Willesden RD, Middlesex I36292
11 Daniels, Frank C B  Abt Feb 1957Willesden RD, Middlesex I61235
12 Diggerson, Emma Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1917Willesden RD, Middlesex I50770
13 Edinborough, Grace Eliza Adelaide  Abt May 1957Willesden RD, Middlesex I93403
14 Fraser, Lilian Martha  Abt Aug 1943Willesden RD, Middlesex I410
15 Golding, John Henry  Abt Nov 1950Willesden RD, Middlesex I64989
16 Gould, Henry  Abt May 1938Willesden RD, Middlesex I78812
17 Gould, Vera  Abt Nov 1916Willesden RD, Middlesex I78814
18 Green, Maria  Abt Feb 1960Willesden RD, Middlesex I63062
19 Greenland, Minnie Elizabeth  Abt May 1960Willesden RD, Middlesex I113357
20 Hollins, William John  Abt Feb 1962Willesden RD, Middlesex I117531
21 House, Alice Jane  Abt Feb 1913Willesden RD, Middlesex I67315
22 House, Charles Arthur  Abt Feb 1947Willesden RD, Middlesex I39559
23 House, Christopher Augustus  Abt May 1952Willesden RD, Middlesex I39562
24 House, Cyril Albert Victor  Abt Aug 1953Willesden RD, Middlesex I80905
25 House, Derick W  Abt Nov 1934Willesden RD, Middlesex I97841
26 House, Fanny  Abt Feb 1913Willesden RD, Middlesex I67686
27 House, Richard John Whitting  Abt Aug 1937Willesden RD, Middlesex I37590
28 House, Stephen Stephens  Abt May 1926Willesden RD, Middlesex I18190
29 House, Walter Henry Frederick  Abt Aug 1916Willesden RD, Middlesex I67371
30 Howes, Ada Alice  Abt May 1919Willesden RD, Middlesex I47640
31 Howes, Albert Edward  Abt Aug 1956Willesden RD, Middlesex I15964
32 Howes, Alfred Charles  Abt Feb 1948Willesden RD, Middlesex I19970
33 Howes, Alfred John  Abt Nov 1957Willesden RD, Middlesex I18653
34 Howes, Catherine Charlotte  Abt May 1964Willesden RD, Middlesex I99198
35 Howes, Charlotte Mary  Abt Nov 1925Willesden RD, Middlesex I53355
36 Howes, Ernest Alfred  Abt Feb 1940Willesden RD, Middlesex I25635
37 Howes, Frederick R B  Abt Nov 1920Willesden RD, Middlesex I112146
38 Howes, Georgina Olive  Abt Nov 1948Willesden RD, Middlesex I47651
39 Howes, Helena Rosa  Abt May 1913Willesden RD, Middlesex I6957
40 Howes, Henry Charles  Abt Aug 1961Willesden RD, Middlesex I74008
41 Howes, Herman  Abt May 1939Willesden RD, Middlesex I24135
42 Howes, Jane Maria  Abt Feb 1949Willesden RD, Middlesex I36189
43 Howes, Joseph  Abt Aug 1930Willesden RD, Middlesex I65012
44 Howes, Joseph  Abt Nov 1963Willesden RD, Middlesex I22994
45 Howes, Margaret  Abt Nov 1931Willesden RD, Middlesex I87597
46 Howes, Margaret L  Abt May 1932Willesden RD, Middlesex I14005
47 Howes, Robert Edward  Abt Feb 1964Willesden RD, Middlesex I77432
48 Howes, Samuel Percy  Abt Nov 1951Willesden RD, Middlesex I50273
49 Howes, Thomas Heron  Abt May 1922Willesden RD, Middlesex I58680
50 Howes, Thomas William  Abt Nov 1960Willesden RD, Middlesex I44818

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dunsford, Cecil Horace  Abt Feb 1910Willesden RD, Middlesex I78823
2 Fruen, Norman William  Abt May 1934Willesden RD, Middlesex I139525
3 Hart, George Sidney  Abt May 1911Willesden RD, Middlesex I111994
4 Hazelwood, Violet Ivy  Abt Nov 1921Willesden RD, Middlesex I126992
5 House, Arthur Ralph  Abt May 1910Willesden RD, Middlesex I44131
6 House, Cyril Andrew S  Abt Aug 1927Willesden RD, Middlesex I85303
7 House, Edgar Spendlove  Abt May 1923Willesden RD, Middlesex I73604
8 House, John Arthur  Abt May 1918Willesden RD, Middlesex I138020
9 Howes, Constance Vera  Abt May 1911Willesden RD, Middlesex I1509
10 Howes, Edith May  Abt Nov 1913Willesden RD, Middlesex I77007
11 Howes, Frederick Courtney Beaumont  Abt May 1917Willesden RD, Middlesex I61260
12 Howes, Frederick William  Abt Nov 1936Willesden RD, Middlesex I61262
13 Howes, George Elias Judd  Abt May 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex I123965
14 Howes, George Henry  Abt May 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex I108848
15 Howes, Grace Edith  Abt Feb 1933Willesden RD, Middlesex I20116
16 Howes, Helena Rosa  Abt Aug 1910Willesden RD, Middlesex I6957
17 Howes, Kenneth Raymond  Abt May 1921Willesden RD, Middlesex I53825
18 Howes, Lillian Elizabeth  Abt May 1924Willesden RD, Middlesex I17179
19 Howes, Lillian Elizabeth  17 Jun 1924Willesden RD, Middlesex I17179
20 Howes, Louisa  9 Sep 1917Willesden RD, Middlesex I65013
21 Howes, Maire Joyce  Abt Feb 1922Willesden RD, Middlesex I117771
22 Howse, Dorothy Nancy  Abt Nov 1914Willesden RD, Middlesex I71729
23 Howse, Maurice Llewellyn Henry  Abt Feb 1920Willesden RD, Middlesex I71725
24 Jay, Eric Stafford  Abt Aug 1922Willesden RD, Middlesex I120775
25 Kille, Francis Albert S  Abt May 1920Willesden RD, Middlesex I130604
26 Layton, Mary Ellen  Abt Feb 1918Willesden RD, Middlesex I61272
27 Lewis, Elsie Nora L  Abt Aug 1917Willesden RD, Middlesex I125104
28 McCallum, Alfred  Abt Aug 1918Willesden RD, Middlesex I112414
29 Merriman, Gladys Eva  Abt Nov 1910Willesden RD, Middlesex I45983
30 Parris, Pamela Mary  Abt May 1928Willesden RD, Middlesex I130295


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Gadd, Alfred  Abt Aug 1964Willesden RD, Middlesex I85464
2 Howes, Alfred  Abt Aug 1916Willesden RD, Middlesex I30160
3 Howes, Frederick Harry  Abt Nov 1929Willesden RD, Middlesex I45802
4 Kranz, Eva  Abt Aug 1948Willesden RD, Middlesex I16414


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allister / Howes  Abt Nov 1927Willesden RD, Middlesex F17752
2 Audis / Howes  Abt Aug 1923Willesden RD, Middlesex F27175
3 Bassett / Meyer  Abt Feb 1928Willesden RD, Middlesex F17898
4 Bassett / Wathen  Abt Aug 1926Willesden RD, Middlesex F17932
5 Benge / House  Abt Aug 1923Willesden RD, Middlesex F14372
6 Carthew / House  Abt May 1928Willesden RD, Middlesex F33661
7 Daniels / Howes  Abt Aug 1935Willesden RD, Middlesex F17746
8 Dunn / Howes  Abt Feb 1947Willesden RD, Middlesex F35478
9 Farrington / Jones  Abt Aug 1911Willesden RD, Middlesex F13760
10 Fry / Howes  Abt Jan 1910Willesden RD, Middlesex F30640
11 Glanville / House  Abt Feb 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex F22379
12 Gould / House  Abt Aug 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex F22378
13 Gowing / Howes  Abt May 1930Willesden RD, Middlesex F27471
14 Henry / Howes  Abt May 1930Willesden RD, Middlesex F3251
15 House / Hemmings  Abt May 1915Willesden RD, Middlesex F22381
16 House / Spendlove  Abt Nov 1926Willesden RD, Middlesex F24425
17 House / Walker  Abt Feb 1924Willesden RD, Middlesex F40048
18 Howes / Brooks  Abt Aug 1937Willesden RD, Middlesex F25870
19 Howes / Cherriman  Abt Nov 1940Willesden RD, Middlesex F33631
20 Howes / Couchman  5 Dec 1936Willesden RD, Middlesex F13797
21 Howes / Edinborough  Abt Feb 1917Willesden RD, Middlesex F27174
22 Howes / Layton  Abt Nov 1936Willesden RD, Middlesex F17755
23 Howes / Legge  Abt Nov 1918Willesden RD, Middlesex F33629
24 Howes / Lilley  Abt May 1947Willesden RD, Middlesex F27470
25 Howes / Morrell  Abt Nov 1935Willesden RD, Middlesex F13796
26 Howes / Oakes  Abt Nov 1923Willesden RD, Middlesex F6005
27 Howes / Shepheard  Abt May 1938Willesden RD, Middlesex F28867
28 Howes / Sutherland  Abt Feb 1929Willesden RD, Middlesex F27352
29 Howes / Wilson  Abt Feb 1920Willesden RD, Middlesex F27354
30 Hows / Drury  Abt Nov 1942Willesden RD, Middlesex F26641
31 Hunt / Howes  Abt Feb 1945Willesden RD, Middlesex F34054
32 Jackson / Howes  Abt Aug 1935Willesden RD, Middlesex F27472
33 Laidler / Howes  Abt Nov 1932Willesden RD, Middlesex F1510
34 Lee / Howes  Abt Aug 1929Willesden RD, Middlesex F6160
35 Moore / Howes  Abt Feb 1940Willesden RD, Middlesex F28869
36 Nash / Nurse  Abt Aug 1921Willesden RD, Middlesex F31169
37 Nobbs / Morrell  Abt Aug 1944Willesden RD, Middlesex F27573
38 Rance / Howes  Abt Aug 1943Willesden RD, Middlesex F28784
39 Taylor / Howes  Abt Aug 1931Willesden RD, Middlesex F17170
40 Taylor / Howes  Abt Aug 1950Willesden RD, Middlesex F17753
41 Thompson / Howse  Abt May 1936Willesden RD, Middlesex F29978
42 Tomlinson / Howes  Abt May 1931Willesden RD, Middlesex F28868


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bamford / House  Abt May 1921Willesden RD, Middlesex F1764
2 Bishop / Howes  Abt May 1920Willesden RD, Middlesex F6914
3 Bowden / Horne  Abt Aug 1911Willesden RD, Middlesex F11494
4 Durtnall / Howse  Abt May 1920Willesden RD, Middlesex F15044
5 Farnhill / Howes  Abt Nov 1909Willesden RD, Middlesex F18908
6 Gray / Howes  Abt Feb 1913Willesden RD, Middlesex F2976
7 House / Clarke  Abt Nov 1916Willesden RD, Middlesex F20187
8 Howes / Couchman  Abt Nov 1936Willesden RD, Middlesex F13797
9 Howes / Curle  Abt Nov 1913Willesden RD, Middlesex F20601
10 Howes / Kilby  Abt Aug 1919Willesden RD, Middlesex F17111
11 Howes / Simpson  Abt May 1919Willesden RD, Middlesex F15797
12 Howes / Stratton  Abt Nov 1928Willesden RD, Middlesex F1894
13 Howes / Wilson  Abt Aug 1913Willesden RD, Middlesex F14233
14 Howes / Yeo  Abt Nov 1912Willesden RD, Middlesex F35477
15 Hughes / House  Abt Nov 1916Willesden RD, Middlesex F19875
16 Skron / Howse  Abt Aug 1911Willesden RD, Middlesex F15043


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   Family    Witness    Family ID 
1 Howse / Dowler  Abt Aug 1910Willesden RD, Middlesex F21783