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151 ! FARMINGTON WARD RECORD 1851 CENSUS NO CHR. WAS FOUND IN THEPARISHES WHERE HE LIVED IN ENGLAND, MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE anentry was found in an Independent church in Bungay,Suffolk veryclose to Ditchingham. Lost a leg below the knee when it wasshot off in the Crimean War. Moved to Utah in 1874 Palmer, George (I25007)
In Southtown in 1841 and Row 40 in 1851
Howes, Elizabeth (I14429)
154 !BIRTH CERTIFICATE, DEATH CERTIFICATE,PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE OFHELEN PALMER SNELGROVE From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2January 1996. Dalton, Helen LaMar (I19296)
155 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I10317)
156 !Farmington Ward Record Smith, Margaret Agnes (I23573)
157 !Farmington ward records have blessing but no baptism.California death certificate . California marriage certificate Palmer, Theodore Smith (I26891)
158 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I15475)
159 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5425)
160 " British Postal Service Appointment Books, 1737-1969". Source (S1076)
161 "Aged 1". From Latton parish records. Howse, Sarah (I108908)
162 "aged 23 at first marriage" House, Anne Flora (I67317)
163 "aged 25 at first marriage". Brown, Thomas (I67289)
164 "Aged 6 months - Son of John & Louisa" Howes, George William (I66691)
165 "Alice Maud Harris or Alice Maud Hawkes-Harris". Effects £187. Cash, Alice Maud (I98359)
166 "Also known as Howard". Probate to Barclays Bank Limited. Effects £20323. Davis, Arthur Howard (I98362)
167 "Andrews Newspaper Index Cards". Source (S1065)
168 "Australian Dictionary of National Biography". www.adb.anu.edu.au. Source (S1067)
169 "Australian War Memorial". transcript. Australian War Memorial. www.awm.gov.au. Source (S983)
170 "Australian Womens Weekly". http://trove.nla.gov.au/. Source (S1073)
171 "B2455 First Australian Imperial Force Personnel Dossiers, 1914-1920". image & Transcript. National Archive of Australia. www.naa.gov.au. Source (S1775)
172 "base born" to Mary Howes, widow
Howes, William (I63671)
173 "born in the county" in 1841 census, but see 1851 census. Parkins, Rebecca (I58505)
174 "born in the county", but see 1851 record. Howes, John (I9061)
175 "Burialls. Widdow House of Hopton was buried April 9th 1738" Unknown, Elizabeth (I52325)
176 "Canberra Times, Obituaries". . Source (S1063)
177 "Catherine Mary Howes, otherwise Katherine Emily Howes, widow". Probate to Edgar William Jenkins, solicitor's clerk. Effects £912.4s.1d. Wigmore, Catherine Emily (I6518)
178 "Charles Arnold of Kenilworth, farmer". Arnold, Charles (I88215)
179 "Charles Arthur Howes Cash otherwise Charles Arthur Howse otherwise Charles Arthur". Probate to Frederick Robert Cash [son], chief progress clerk, and Julia Ellen Matthews, widow. Effects £258.4s.2d. Cash, Charles Arthur Howes (I98360)
180 "Conditional" written in margin - sister Kate baptised at same time. Howes, Mary Elizabeth (I81521)
181 "Conditional" written in margin - sister Mary Elizabeth baptised at same time. Howes, Kate (I81522)
182 "cousin" Agnes (actually Ada) Howes, age 17, living with in 1901
Claxton, Charlotte (I55399)
183 "Daughter-in-law" of George Spiers and Sarah - probably step-daughter if Sarah re-married after husband William Howes' death in 1827. Howes, Eliza (I120994)
184 "Deceased" at daughter Sarah's marriage record. Howes, Henry (I36844)
185 "Deceased" on son's marriage record. Howse, William (I82299)
186 "Dorothy Velma Phyllis Ryan, aged 26 - resident at 3403 W. 113th Street, Inglewood, California" Howes, Dorothy Velma Phyllis (I108905)
187 "Eleanor was always known as Auntie Nellie and not until my recent searches did we know her real name. She came to visit us in Wellingborough in 1942 to have a rest from the Norwich bombings. Whilst we were out one day, Aunt Nell, my sister and I, we were standing outside a cinema when a stray German bomber came over and jettisoned his bombs as he was being chased by a Spitfire. Nell and my sister dropped flat, I ran and did not stop for about half a mile. Nellie died the next year and according to my mother, due to the shock of this incident causing cancer. The latter an Old Wives Tale of course." Howes, Eleanor Elizabeth (I15058)
188 "Elizabeth Ann Pearce", daughter of William Pearce, shoemaker, and Mary Ann, of Thornbury. Pearce, Elizabeth Ann (I55113)
189 "Elizabeth Hewitt - only next of kin" in mother's probate record. Howes, Elizabeth (I90780)
190 "Ellen Cross", daughter of pearl button maker Joseph Cross & Harriet of Bradford Street. Note that Joseph & Harriet did not marry until November 1850. Cross, Ellen (I96670)
191 "Eric was kiled in action 2nd November 1916 and is buried in Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval, France. Eric is not with the rest of the family in Norwich on the 1901 Census. He is to be found (wrongly transcribed as 'Erie') living with the Dyball family as a 3 year old in Cherry Tree Lane, North Walsham. I am sure the Dyballs are related in some way yet to be uncovered.
From Army Form E 501, Eric is shown to have been in the 6th Cyclist B Norfolk Regt in May 1915. Army Form B2505 shows him to be living in 6 Old Brew Yard, so the family must have moved from number 9 given on the 1901 Census. At that time in civilian life he was an Engine Driver and listed as serving in 2/6 Norfolks (TF), Army No 2132. I have visited his grave and the engraving shows him to have been in the Machine Gun Regiment. Many of his Military Records are illegible but I was able to read some on his medical examination, his height 5ft 5 1/2 inches with a 36" girth. It reminds how much bigger we modern generations have become."

For a photgraph of Eric, see: http://norlink.norfolk.gov.uk/02_Catalogue/02_013_PictureTitleInformat ion.aspx?searchTerm=&searchTerm2=howes&searchTerm3=&searchTerm4=&searc hType=97&Page=1&media=&branch=&authority=&language=&junior=&rcn=NP0001 0065&fr=tl&referrer=02_001_Search.aspx 
Howes, Eric Walter (I4497)
192 "George Cox MBE" - Probate to Amelia Cox, widow. Effects £4938.7s.3d. Cox, George (I97721)
193 "George H Howes aged 52" Howes, George Henry (I80638)
194 "George Henry Howes aged 52" Howes, George Henry (I80638)
195 "Herbert Buer, labourer", departed for Halifax, Nova Scotia on SS Scotian Buer, Herbert Neats (I87531)
196 "Hilda Nelly" comes from her cousin Sarah Elizabeth's wedding Howes, Hilda Nellie (I818)
197 "Howes" listed as maiden name.on headstone. Howes, Dorothy Velma Phyllis (I108905)
198 "Illegitimate son of Maria, a servant from Forthampton". Howes, Edwin (I107691)
199 "Jane House", widow. Masters, Jane (I109466)
200 "Jane otherwise Jennie Jefferies" - Administration to John Jasper Jefferies, retired labourer. Effects £421.0s.7d. Howse, Jane (I82048)

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