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James Bray


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Charles Howse
Male Abt 1712-Abt 1712
Hester Howes
Female Abt 1713-
Susanna Howes
Female Abt 1713-
Lucy Clarke
Female Abt 1741-
Ann Clarke
Female Abt 1743-
James Clarke
Male Abt 1745-Abt 1745
James Clarke, Jr
Male Abt 1746-Abt 1765
Isaac Clarke
Male Abt 1747-Abt 1748
Elizabeth Clarke
Female Abt 1750-Abt 1750
Abraham Clarke
Male Abt 1752-Abt 1752
Samuel Clarke
Male Abt 1757-Abt 1758
Margaret Howes
Female Abt 1715-
James Clarke
Male Abt 1713-
Christian Howse
Female Abt 1741-Abt 1752
Celia Howes
Female Abt 1745-Abt 1777
George Tipple
Male Abt 1746-Abt 1824
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Gordon Howes
Male Abt 1749-1821
Sarah Hayton
Female 1752-Abt 1783
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Lucy Utting
Female Bef 1760-
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Armine Howes
Male Abt 1750-Abt 1750
Alithea Howse
Female Abt 1753-
Charles Howes
Male Abt 1717-Abt 1752
Ann Gordon
Female Abt 1724-Abt 1786
James Howes
Male Abt 1722-
Thomas Howes
Male Abt 1722-
Susann Bray
Female Abt 1687-
Charles Howes
Male -Abt 1723
James Howes
Male Abt 1722-1803
Margaret Howes
Female Abt 1724-
Rebecca Howse
Female Abt 1729-
Esther Warnes
Female -Bef 1841
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Isaac Howes
Male -Bef 1812
Martha Lane
Female Abt 1782-Abt 1830
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Theodosia Howes
Female -Abt 1803
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Hannah Howes
Female 1778-1855
John Castleton
Male Abt 1772-1855
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John Howes
Male Abt 1732-Bef 1803
Lydia Barnard
Female Abt 1750-Abt 1812
Mary Howes
Female Abt 1766-
Lucy Howes
Female Abt 1767-
Rebecca Howes
Female Abt 1769-Abt 1799
Charles Howes
Male Abt 1773-
Meshach Howes
Male Abt 1777-1839
Elizabeth Brundle
Female Abt 1778-Abt 1805
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Susanna Lawes
Female Abt 1778-Abt 1832
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Charles Howes
Male Abt 1734-Bef 1803
Elizabeth Pymer
Female Abt 1733-Abt 1816
Thomas Howes
Male Abt 1739-
Lucy Howes
Female Abt 1742-
Margaret Bray
Female Abt 1692-1768
James Howes
Male Abt 1696-Bef 1768