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Rebecca Baker

Female 1763 - 1841  (78 years)

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Rebecca N Howes
Female 1813-1894
Salome N Howes
Female 1813-1880
Melissa D Howes
Female 1838-1846
Uzziel Howes
Male 1840-1846
Louisa Howes
Female 1842-1927
Mary L Darling
Female 1853-1922
Mary Snow Howes
Female 1851-1904
Amos Wixon Howes
Male 1856-1916
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Louisa Wixon
Female 1820-1881
Delilah Howes
Female 1819-1870
Emily Snow Howes
Female 1851-1935
Elnora Howes
Female 1855-1899
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Minnie E Howes
Female 1866-1886
Hannah S Walker
Female 1821-1900
Susan Howes
Female 1824-1909
Sophronia Howes
Female 1827-1890
David Howes, Jr
Male 1789-1870
Salome Nickerson
Female 1785-1874
Betty Howes
Female 1815-1865
Huldah A Howes
Female 1817-1863
Anna Howes
Female 1820-1904
Abigail Howes
Female 1822-1901
Esther Howes
Female 1824-1901
Ezra Howes
Male 1793-1826
Anna Allen
Female 1794-1886
Seth Howes
Male 1849-1884
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Seth Allen Howes
Male 1823-1889
Julia Ann Baker
Female 1827-1863
Emeline Crowell
Female 1829-1920
Eliza Howes
Female 1824-1826
Thomas Howes, Jr
Male 1829-1901
Mary Ann Howes
Female 1836-1889
Albert R Howes
Male 1851-1933
Francis Howes
Male 1838-1901
Maria E Howes
Female 1840-1870
Hattie T Bearse
Female 1853-1921
Thomas Howes
Male 1796-1871
Huldah Allen
Female 1796-1875
Abigail Howes
Female 1799-1888
Sylvanus Howes
Male 1822-1822
Sarah G Snow
Female Abt 1846-1882
Daniel Ramsey
Male 1840-1884
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Robert W Snow
Male Abt 1847-
Elizabeth F Snow
Female Abt 1849-
Ellen M Snow
Female Abt 1851-
Eliza B Snow
Female Abt 1852-
John B Snow
Male Abt 1854-
Elisha B Snow
Male 1858-1950
Carrie T Ellis
Female 1858-1949
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Eliza Ann Howes
Female 1826-1885
Amos Baker
Male 1820-1900
Sarah S Howes
Female 1852-1892
Mary Doane Howes
Female 1857-1939
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Hannah S Howes
Female 1859-1928
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Adella P Howes
Female 1868-1894
Melinda A Sisson
Female 1865-1932
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Isaiah Howes
Male 1832-1909
Mary L Baker
Female Abt 1853-
William C Baker
Male Abt 1855-
Ezra H Baker
Male Abt 1860-
Roxsenith Howes
Female 1834-1928
Wilbur K Baker
Male Abt 1833-
Henry S Crowell
Male 1851-1922
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Mary M Chase
Female 1856-1944
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Grace Ann Howes
Female 1876-1946
Joseph R Hefler
Male 1877-1957
Diadama Edwards
Female 1840-1913
Polly Howes
Male 1839-1925
Horatio Chase
Female 1837-1908
Nehemiah Howes
Male 1802-1880
Elizabeth Long
Female 1801-1878
Rebecca Howes
Female 1804-1867
Oliver Kelley
Male 1853-1945
Rebecca Howes
Female 1829-1912
Albert F Rogers
Male 1826-1918
Isaiah Sears Howes
Male 1856-Abt 1906
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Unnamed Howes
Female 1861-1861
Loring E Howes
Male 1863-1865
Albert Lincoln Howes
Male 1865-Bef 1920
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Rebecca D Howes
Female 1869-1876
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Jane Howes
Female 1834-1882
Unnamed Howes
Male 1862-1862
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Cynthia Eldredge
Female 1837-1900
Mary Eva Howes
Female 1861-1945
John F Rogers
Male 1860-1956
Jennie B Howes
Female 1864-1960
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Mary E Howes
Female 1841-1860
Isaiah F Wixon
Male 1838-1870
Elnathan D Howes
Male 1848-1907
Albert R Howes
Male 1851-1933
Polly Eldredge
Female 1809-1889
Hope Howes
Female 1810-1881
Daniel Howes
Male 1840-1846
Sarah Howes
Female 1841-1925
Stillborn Howes
Female 1874-1874
Alvah D Howes
Male 1847-1847
Ina White Howes
Female 1879-1929
Mary Lois Howes
Female 1851-1917
Lydia Howes
Female 1854-1941
Sears Howes
Male 1813-1897
Mary Ann Weaver
Female 1815-1904
Cyrus Howes
Male 1871-1873
Edwin C Howes
Male 1874-1901
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Melissa D Howes
Female 1879-1974
Cyrus Howes
Male 1838-1877
Albert R Howes
Male 1851-1933
Maria E Howes
Female 1840-1870
Francis Howes
Male 1838-1901
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Edith Maxim
Female -Aft 1957
Amos Frank Howes
Male 1874-1962
Addie F Doane
Female 1877-1908
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Ellen M Kendrick
Female 1844-1926
Alvah D Howes
Male 1847-1849
Sarah Jane Howes
Female 1850-1936
Isaiah Howes
Male 1816-1904
Jane Eldridge
Female 1818-1898
Rebecca Baker
Female 1763-1841
David Howes
Male Abt 1768-1843