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Thomas Howes

Male 1826 - 1905  (78 years)

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Thomas William Howes
Male Abt 1848-1850
Eleanor Mary Howes
Female Abt 1875-Abt 1875
John Thomas Howes
Male Abt 1877-Abt 1878
William Howes
Male Abt 1878-Abt 1879
Mabel Howes
Female Abt 1903-Abt 1918
Lily Howes
Female Abt 1904-Abt 1904
Constance Winifred Howes
Female Abt 1905-Abt 1928
Victor John Thomas Howes
Male Abt 1906-Abt 1907
Edith Marguerite Howes
Female 1908-Abt 1999
Alma M Howes
Female 1919-Abt 1988
John P Thompson
Male Abt 1915-
John Thomas Howes
Male 1879-Abt 1962
Edith Lilian Leader
Female Abt 1879-Abt 1926
Coral Eunice Long
Female 1887-Abt 1974
Reginald William Payne
Male Abt 1903-Abt 1949
Percival John Payne
Male 1908-Abt 1992
Dorothy M Payne
Female Abt 1915-
Eleanor Frances Howes
Female Abt 1882-Abt 1924
William Payne
Male Abt 1879-Abt 1958
Herbert Haydn Farnhill
Male Abt 1880-Abt 1953
Thomas Heron Howes
Male Abt 1854-Abt 1922
Mary Stafford Horsman
Female Abt 1854-Abt 1932
Jane Margaret Howes
Female 1906-Abt 1994
James Herbert Raine
Male 1905-Abt 1989
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Stanley Howes
Male 1911-Abt 1991
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Rita Howes
Female 1914-Abt 1996
Norman Frederick Howes
Male 1918-Abt 1989
Louisa Wilkie
Female 1917-Abt 2000
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Arthur Howes
Male 1922-Abt 1977
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Frederick Howes
Male Abt 1881-Abt 1935
Mary Sarah Wright
Female 1887-Abt 1930
Thomas Spensley Howes
Male Abt 1884-1953
Edith Harris
Female Abt 1884-
William Spensley Howes
Male 1913-Abt 1976
Vera Dodds
Female 1915-Abt 1999
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George Forster Howes
Male 1915-Abt 1992
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Mary Dalgleish Howes
Female 1919-Abt 1990
Thomas Tones
Male Abt 1919-
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Ann Spensley Howes
Female 1922-Abt 1981
Arnold Taylor Duncan
Male 1919-Abt 2000
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Robert Gent Howes
Male 1887-Abt 1970
Mary Jane Forster
Female 1888-Abt 1961
Allan Spensley Agar
Male Abt 1912-Abt 1992
Amelia Spensley Agar
Female 1914-Abt 1996
Walter Johnson
Male 1913-Abt 1986
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Ronald George Agar
Male Abt 1919-1940
Douglas Agar
Male Abt 1930-2016
Ann Hannah Howes
Female 1888-Abt 1973
Arthur Ernest Agar
Male 1892-Abt 1975
Amelia Spensley Howes
Female Abt 1890-1894
Jack Maddison
Male Abt 1916-
Lily Howes
Female Abt 1892-Abt 1916
John W Maddison
Male Abt 1891-
William Morgan
Male Abt 1918-
Nora Jane Howes
Female 1894-Abt 1976
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George Spensley Howes
Male Abt 1896-Abt 1955
Hilda May Holland
Female Abt 1897-Abt 1965
Harry Howes
Male Abt 1897-
Margaret Eleanor Howes
Female 1926-Abt 1926
Alexander Curtis
Male 1923-Abt 1999
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Arthur Spensley Howes
Male Abt 1928-2008
Arthur Howes
Male 1899-1968
William Howes
Male 1856-Abt 1933
Ann Spensley
Female 1858-Abt 1935
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Thomas Howes
Male 1826-1905
Eleanor Frances Heron
Female 1825-Abt 1890