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Charlotte House

Female Abt 1839 -

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Thirza Ann Howse
Female Abt 1879-
Violet M House
Female Abt 1917-
Stanley W House
Male Abt 1919-
Mary C Wakefield
Female Abt 1913-
New chart
Leonard Charles House
Male 1922-Abt 2004
William Charles House
Male Abt 1882-Abt 1946
Ellen Sophia House
Female Abt 1903-Abt 1911
Ellen Sophia Crook
Female Abt 1883-Abt 1914
Rose Elizabeth House
Female Abt 1885-Abt 1937
Henry Dodson
Male Abt 1883-Abt 1964
Doris Eileen House
Female 1915-Abt 1986
Frederick William Hoar
Male 1910-Abt 1982
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Leonard Charles House
Male 1922-Abt 2004
Frederick George House
Male 1886-Abt 1942
Rhoda Edith Grimes
Female 1891-Abt 1939
Charles House
Male Abt 1856-Abt 1925
Christiana Rumbould
Female Abt 1856-Abt 1919
Annie Evans
Female Abt 1911-
Charles H Evans
Male Abt 1913-Abt 1913
Edith Harriet House
Female Abt 1883-Abt 1966
Joseph Evans
Male Abt 1883-
Thomas Henry Cotton
Male Abt 1906-Abt 1959
Walter Cotton
Male Abt 1908-
Louie Cotton
Female Abt 1911-
Rose M Cotton
Female Abt 1912-Abt 1914
Albert Cotton
Male Abt 1914-
Nellie Cotton
Female Abt 1915-
Rose Matilda House
Female Abt 1884-Abt 1955
Thomas Henry Cotton
Male Abt 1884-Abt 1930
Lucy W House
Female Abt 1916-Abt 1916
Lilian M House
Female Abt 1917-Abt 1957
John Thomas B Ellis
Male 1913-Abt 1982
New chart
Albert Harry House
Male Abt 1919-Abt 1979
William James House
Male 1920-Abt 2001
Ivy May Hallam
Female 1911-Abt 1991
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Elsie Doreen House
Female 1928-Abt 1995
John Arthur Freer
Male 1925-Abt 1998
New chart
Robert Andrew House
Male 1932-Abt 1986
New chart
New chart
Alan J House
Male Abt 1937-Abt 1943
Albert House
Male Abt 1886-Abt 1968
Winifred May Aucott
Female Abt 1896-Abt 1966
Sarah E L Alton
Female Abt 1910-
George W Alton
Male Abt 1913-
John J Alton
Male Abt 1917-Abt 1918
Lucy House
Female Abt 1889-
John Edward Alton
Male Abt 1877-Abt 1944
James House
Male Abt 1918-
Gordon House
Male 1922-Abt 1988
New chart
Roland House
Male 1925-Abt 2000
New chart
Doris Lee
Female 1933-Abt 1993
James House
Male Abt 1890-Abt 1956
Violet Osman
Female Abt 1895-Abt 1954
Annie House
Female Abt 1892-
George C House
Male 1915-Abt 1993
Dorothy E Cook
Female Abt 1917-
New chart
Irene House
Female Abt 1917-
Olive M House
Female Abt 1919-2008
Denis Coleman
Male 1919-Abt 2000
New chart
Charles House
Male 1921-Abt 2000
Minnie Smart
Female 1920-Abt 1992
Leslie Gordon House
Male Abt 1922-2013
Dorothy Irene E Eastel
Female 1925-Abt 2006
New chart
Kenneth Milton House
Male 1930-Abt 1986
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New chart
Donald House
Male Abt 1937-Abt 1937
Garry Donald Haddow
Male 1937-Abt 1989
New chart
Charles House
Male 1894-Abt 1977
Emily Green
Female 1894-Abt 1989
Thomas S French
Male Abt 1915-
Esther M French
Female Abt 1916-
William H French
Male Abt 1917-
Albert E French
Male Abt 1920-
Esther House
Female Abt 1897-
Sydney Thomas French
Male Abt 1890-Abt 1931
Ivy Smout
Female Abt 1920-
Charles Bernard Smout
Male 1921-Abt 2004
Barbara Smout
Female 1925-Abt 1942
Raymond Smout
Male 1930-Abt 1942
Alan Edward Smout
Male 1932-Abt 2005
Charles William Smout
Male 1892-Abt 1969
James House
Male Abt 1859-Abt 1924
Esther Rumble
Female Abt 1859-Abt 1922
Frederick George House
Male Abt 1886-Abt 1886
William George House
Male Abt 1894-Abt 1894
George House
Male Abt 1896-Abt 1896
George House
Male Abt 1865-Abt 1933
Annie Lovelock
Female Abt 1859-Abt 1919
New chart
Charlotte House
Female Abt 1839-