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Mary Reynolds

Female Abt 1804 - 1884  (~ 80 years)

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Gertrude M Lock
Female Abt 1891-
Mabel Madge Lock
Female Abt 1898-
Thomas Henry Lock
Male Abt 1858-Abt 1936
Anthony Pulbrook
Male Abt 1838-
Henry William Howes
Male 1886-Abt 1964
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Julia Mary Bridget Howes
Female Abt 1888-Abt 1903
John George Howes
Male Abt 1890-Abt 1895
Elizabeth Annie Howes
Female Abt 1891-Abt 1892
Ernest Howes
Male 1894-1962
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Victor Howes
Male Abt 1897-Abt 1897
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George Watts Howes
Male 1900-Abt 1968
Agnes Bryant
Female 1897-1951
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Albert Edward Howes
Male Abt 1903-Abt 1905
Mabel Howes
Female Abt 1905-
Henry Howes
Male 1864-1916
Julia Tobin
Female Abt 1865-Abt 1911
Walter Herbert Howes
Male 1910-Abt 1973
Alice Maud Dobson
Female Abt 1869-Abt 1918
Eliza Hewitt
Female Abt 1829-
Sarah Howes
Female Abt 1826-
William George Howes
Male Abt 1878-Abt 1879
Mary Maria Howes
Female Abt 1881-
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Rosina Elizabeth Howes
Female Abt 1883-Abt 1885
Mary Jane Howes
Female Abt 1885-
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James Joseph Howes
Male 1890-Abt 1966
Alice Edith Howes
Female 1899-Abt 1974
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Elizabeth Howes
Female Abt 1892-Abt 1892
Louisa Howes
Female Abt 1893-Abt 1893
Rose Alice Maud Brown
Female Abt 1881-Abt 1911
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Lewis George Pitman Howes
Male Abt 1880-Abt 1880
Leonard Charles Howes
Male Abt 1881-Abt 1882
Annie Louisa Pitman
Female Abt 1850-Abt 1924
Joseph George Abel
Male 1879-Abt 1955
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John Edmund Howes
Male 1882-Abt 1882
Alfred Lawrence Howes
Male 1883-Abt 1931
Martha Munday
Female 1889-Abt 1972
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Margaret Eliza Howes
Female 1886-Abt 1887
Sophia Eliza Howes
Female 1888-Abt 1943
Bertie Gamble
Male Abt 1888-
Edmund George Howes
Male 1893-Abt 1968
Maud Ethel Bailey
Female 1899-Abt 1977
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Ellen Emily Jane Howes
Female 1897-Abt 1901
Alice Edith Howes
Female 1899-Abt 1974
James Joseph Howes
Male 1890-Abt 1966
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John Watts Howes
Male 1856-Abt 1929
Mary Eliza Grigg
Female Abt 1859-Abt 1929
Mary Henrietta Howes
Female Abt 1857-Abt 1951
Joseph Gorham
Male Abt 1855-
William Charles Howes
Male Abt 1880-Abt 1881
William Sewell
Male 1883-Abt 1946
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John James Howes
Male 1887-Abt 1947
Gladys May Callingham
Female 1908-Abt 1957
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Louisa Jane Howes
Female 1890-Abt 1982
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Annie Howes
Female Abt 1892-
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Alfred Howes
Male Abt 1895-
Mary Ann Howes
Female Abt 1897-
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Charles James Howes
Male 1899-Abt 1958
Muriel Frances Barfoot
Female 1903-Abt 1982
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James Howes
Male 1888-Abt 1953
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Henry Howes
Male Abt 1890-
Alice Lily Levett
Female 1894-Abt 1974
Alice Maud Howes
Female Abt 1893-
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Ellen Budd
Female 1903-Abt 1973
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Alice Evans
Female Abt 1867-Abt 1954
William George Howes
Male Abt 1828-1906
Thomas George Howes
Male 1875-Abt 1882
James Howes
Male Abt 1882-
Emma Jones
Female Abt 1887-
Emma Henrietta Howes
Female Abt 1884-Abt 1884
Mary Ann Trayte
Female Abt 1846-Abt 1884
Harriet Unknown
Female Abt 1841-
Margaret Howes
Female Abt 1831-
William George Howes
Male 1861-Abt 1938
Kate Davies
Female Abt 1869-
Elizabeth Clarke
Female Abt 1834-1864
Lydia S Britton
Female Abt 1893-
James S Britton
Male Abt 1896-
Ellen Britton
Female Abt 1902-
William Britton
Male Abt 1906-
Sidney Britton
Male Abt 1909-
George William Watts Britton
Male Abt 1865-Abt 1914
Henry Batchelor
Male Abt 1896-
Ada Batchelor
Female Abt 1902-
Minnie Batchelor
Female Abt 1906-
Ernie Batchelor
Male Abt 1909-
Henry Batchelor
Male Abt 1865-Abt 1945
William Britton
Male Abt 1899-
Mary Coombes
Female Abt 1876-
William K Kelly
Male Abt 1901-
Rose Mary Kelly
Female Abt 1910-
James Kelly
Male Abt 1874-
James Samuel Britton
Male Abt 1875-1952
Jessie Talbot
Female Abt 1881-Abt 1955
Mary Howes
Female 1840-
Ellen Howes
Female Abt 1842-Abt 1845
Mary Reynolds
Female Abt 1804-1884