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Charlotte Chambers

Female Abt 1828 - Abt 1895  (~ 67 years)

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Thomas Bayly Doe
Male Abt 1870-Abt 1872
Thomas Radway Doe
Male 1872-Abt 1939
Frances Louise Bassett
Female Abt 1873-Abt 1922
Annie Doe
Female 1874-Abt 1948
Alfred Bayley Doe
Male Abt 1876-Abt 1934
Minnie Jane Edginton
Female Abt 1875-Abt 1932
Mary Doe
Female 1878-1957
Jeannie Doe
Female 1880-Abt 1926
Dorothy Doe
Female 1884-Abt 1885
Vera M Brewer
Female Abt 1917-
Maria Howse
Female Abt 1850-Abt 1889
Edward Bayley Doe
Male Abt 1845-Abt 1916
Ann Amelia Howse
Female Abt 1852-Abt 1934
Frederick Albert Gray
Male 1901-Abt 1971
Leslie Stanley Gray
Male Abt 1905-Abt 1971
Amelia Charlotte Howse
Female Abt 1873-Abt 1954
Ernest William Gray
Male Abt 1873-Abt 1907
William George Edward Allen
Male Abt 1882-Abt 1944
Samuel Howse
Male Abt 1874-Abt 1911
Caroline Howse
Female 1877-1963
Kenneth Edmonds
Male Abt 1915-Abt 1915
Charlotte Howse
Female 1880-Abt 1942
Viola Eugenie Atkinson
Female Abt 1907-Abt 1966
William Arthur Elgar
Male 1905-Abt 1979
Joan M Pounsford
Female Abt 1914-
Iris Irene Atkinson
Female 1912-Abt 1974
Mark Anthony Avery
Male 1907-Abt 1991
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Laura Lilian Howse
Female 1885-Abt 1973
Wilfred Atkinson
Male Abt 1865-Abt 1933
Reginald Wilfred Howse
Male 1914-Abt 2004
Dorothy Irene Howse
Female 1917-Abt 2003
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Cyril Howse
Male 1926-2015
Brenda Jean Beadell
Female 1930-Abt 1987
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Frank Fisher
Male Abt 1913-Abt 1913
Thomas H Fisher
Male Abt 1913-Abt 1913
Derrick S Fisher
Male Abt 1915-Abt 1966
Joan V Fisher
Female Abt 1919-
Annie Howse
Female Abt 1889-1944
Arthur Gordon Howse
Male 1917-Abt 2004
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Arthur Reuben Howse
Male Abt 1891-Abt 1926
Jessie Gordon
Female Abt 1892-Abt 1932
Edward Bayley Howse
Male 1894-Abt 1973
Amy May Simms
Female Abt 1891-Abt 1957
Samuel Howse
Male Abt 1854-Abt 1918
Caroline Stroudley
Female Abt 1854-Abt 1903
Sodonia M Ward
Female Abt 1913-
Louisa Howse
Female 1877-Abt 1941
Henry Ward
Male 1876-
Annie Howse
Female Abt 1879-Abt 1880
May Cotton
Female Abt 1903-1923
Harry Robert Allder
Male 1908-Abt 1975
Thomas Osborne
Male Abt 1863-Abt 1915
William Howse
Male 1883-Abt 1938
Ann Elizabeth Unknown
Female 1878-Abt 1959
Samuel Howse
Male 1885-Abt 1935
Thomas Howse
Male Abt 1888-
Edna M Rolph
Female Abt 1915-
Irene B Rolph
Female Abt 1917-
Elsie M Rolph
Female Abt 1918-
William Henry Rolph
Male 1921-Abt 1985
Henry John E Rolph
Male 1895-Abt 1971
Ernest George Howse
Male Abt 1895-Abt 1897
William Howse
Male Abt 1856-Abt 1930
Louisa Thomas
Female Abt 1855-Abt 1895
Emily Beatrice Howse
Female 1896-Abt 1978
Charles Edward Gosling
Male 1895-Abt 1975
Edith Maria Howse
Female 1898-Abt 1973
Dennis Alfred Meadows
Male 1923-Abt 1997
Winifred Mary Howse
Female 1900-Abt 1970
Alfred Henry Meadows
Male 1897-Abt 1981
Jacqueline Mary Howse
Female 1938-Abt 2000
William Henry James Rolfe
Male Abt 1889-Abt 1947
Unnamed Howse
Male Abt 1902-Abt 1902
John Leslie Howse
Male Abt 1903-Abt 1924
Gladys Eveline Howse
Female Abt 1904-Abt 1985
Alfred Edwin Ivings
Male 1907-Abt 1990
Kathleen Howse
Female Abt 1929-Abt 1929
Beryl Mary Howse
Female Abt 1930-Abt 1939
Alfred Howse
Male 1907-Abt 1950
Mary Ann Butler
Female Abt 1868-Abt 1937
Charlotte Howse
Female Abt 1858-Abt 1858
Emily Pinkney
Female Abt 1894-Abt 1894
Albert Cyril Pinkney
Male Abt 1897-1917
Dorothy May Pinkney
Female 1899-Abt 1986
Amelia Charlotte Howse
Female Abt 1860-Abt 1926
William Pinkney
Male Abt 1866-Abt 1957
Unnamed Howse
Male Abt 1863-Abt 1863
Rose K Howse
Female 1865-Abt 1947
Emily Mary Howse
Female Abt 1869-1928
William Robbins
Male 1880-1950
Charlotte Chambers
Female Abt 1828-Abt 1895
William Howes
Male 1826-Abt 1890