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John Hows

John Hows

Male 1825 - 1912  (86 years)

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Alfred Barnes
Male Abt 1896-
George Barnes
Male Abt 1903-
George Alfred Barnes
Male Abt 1872-Abt 1904
Edward Hall
Male Abt 1907-
Albert Hall
Male Abt 1910-
Eleanor Annie Wells
Female Abt 1878-Abt 1878
John Bridgeman Wells
Male Abt 1846-Abt 1906
Susannah Jane Hows
Female Abt 1848-Abt 1892
Robert Sidney Hows
Male 1904-Abt 1977
Florence Edith Lynch
Female 1903-Abt 1991
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Alfred Wilson Hows
Male 1874-Abt 1948
Elizabeth Maud Pruce
Female Abt 1868-Abt 1938
Florence May Hows
Female 1876-Abt 1940
Hester Hows
Female Abt 1883-
Eileen M Hows
Female Abt 1917-
Reuben McIver Bray
Male 1899-Abt 1977
Albert Frederick Hows
Male Abt 1892-Abt 1973
Elsie Litherland
Female 1893-Abt 1970
John Willson Hows
Male Abt 1850-Abt 1912
Hannah Maria Cowling
Female Abt 1852-Abt 1909
Kate Bixby Hows
Female 1876-Abt 1966
Henry Robert Freeman
Male 1873-Yes, date unknown
Leslie Horace Woodward
Male Abt 1906-Abt 1907
Mary Elizabeth Hows
Female 1878-Abt 1971
Horace William Lowe
Male Abt 1910-Abt 1910
Ella Edith Lowe
Female Abt 1911-Abt 2005
William Charles Lowe
Male 1881-Abt 1963
Cecil Edmund Hows
Male 1907-Abt 2002
Phyllis Ivy Drury
Female 1909-Abt 2005
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Francis M Hawkes
Male Abt 1902-Abt 1935
Harold Leslie James
Male 1906-Abt 1985
Jack Hows
Male 1909-1984
Annie Mary Glasper
Female 1912-Abt 2002
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Ethel Mary James
Female 1915-2006
Rachel Phoebe Hows
Female 1882-Abt 1973
Joseph William James
Male Abt 1880-1961
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Edmund George Hows
Male 1937-Abt 1978
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John Hows
Male 1884-Abt 1957
Elsie Saul
Female 1914-Abt 1975
Edmund J Hows
Male 1851-1933
Ann Parrish
Female 1841-1925
William H Hows
Male Abt 1853-1899
George Hows
Male Abt 1855-Abt 1855
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John Hows
Male 1825-1912
Mary Elizabeth Willson
Female Abt 1825-Abt 1856
Joan D Hows
Female Abt 1917-
Minnie Delacour
Female Abt 1888-
Frederick Hills Hows
Male Abt 1858-Abt 1923
Mary Ann Carter
Female Abt 1859-
Emma Bull
Female Abt 1832-Abt 1858
Alfred Coy Hows
Male Abt 1875-Abt 1875
Sarah Taylor
Female Abt 1831-