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Francis Howse

Male Abt 1791 - Abt 1839  (~ 48 years)

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Martha Ann Howse
Female Abt 1842-Abt 1915
Francis Howse
Male Abt 1843-Abt 1866
Ellen Howse
Female Abt 1846-Abt 1847
Elizabeth Ann Howse
Female Abt 1876-Abt 1943
Ernest John Miles
Male Abt 1879-Abt 1950
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Ellen Howse
Female 1879-Abt 1974
Ernest Lovegrove
Male 1873-Abt 1972
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Francis Howse
Male Abt 1882-Abt 1956
Edith Eliza Keep
Female Abt 1886-Abt 1928
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Charles Howse
Male Abt 1885-Abt 1958
Edith Mary Walford
Female 1898-Abt 1986
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Edith Mary Howse
Female Abt 1888-Abt 1921
Elsie Howse
Female Abt 1891-Abt 1894
Frances Ethel Howse
Female Abt 1896-Abt 1925
Alfred Howse
Male Abt 1848-Abt 1923
Charlotte Smith
Female Abt 1851-Abt 1922
Elizabeth Howse
Female Abt 1853-
Ann Howse
Female Abt 1855-Abt 1872
Joseph Howse
Male Abt 1859-Abt 1870
Charles Howse
Male Abt 1815-Abt 1866
Mary Ann Willett
Female Abt 1818-Abt 1888
Elizabeth Ann Pert
Female Abt 1839-Abt 1869
Charles Withers
Male Abt 1839-
Elizabeth Howse
Female Abt 1818-Abt 1878
William Pert
Male Abt 1811-Abt 1865
Herbert William Kinch
Male Abt 1864-Abt 1874
Eliza Helena Louisa Kinch
Female Abt 1869-Abt 1870
Benjamin Kinch
Male Abt 1842-Abt 1893
Eliza Green
Female Abt 1841-
Rosa Anne Kinch
Female Abt 1871-
William Kinch
Male Abt 1845-Abt 1907
Hannah Lowe
Female Abt 1839-Abt 1880
Rhoda Lowe
Female Abt 1846-Abt 1923
William James Joshua Kinch
Male Abt 1879-Abt 1881
James Kinch
Male Abt 1848-Abt 1907
Harriet Rosa Brownjohn
Female Abt 1852-Abt 1911
Elizabeth Kinch
Female Abt 1850-Abt 1853
Mercy Kinch
Female 1853-1853
Eliza Howse
Female Abt 1821-Abt 1853
John Kinch
Male Abt 1816-Abt 1886
Rebecca Howse
Female Abt 1823-
William Howse
Male Abt 1826-
Rebecca Kinch
Female Abt 1854-Abt 1855
Catherine Howse
Female Abt 1830-Abt 1857
John Kinch
Male Abt 1816-Abt 1886
Francis Howse
Male Abt 1791-Abt 1839
Anne Shury
Female Abt 1789-Abt 1842