House families of Stoke St Gregory, Somerset

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House families of Stoke St Gregory, Somerset

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Sometimes the concentration of House/Howes families is so great that families intermarry over many generations and re-constructing trees can be very complex. The House clan of Stoke St Gregory is one of the classic examples. Below are the explanatory notes of my cousin Ian who has slaved over this family for many an evening! Thank you for an awesome piece of work, sir.

Dear reader: if you can help us improve on this family reconstruction, please do let us know!
James 1785 & Elizabeth Brewer
James & Elizabeth are on the 1841 with Eliza, John & Martha but Martha is on the 1851 with brother Richard. Richard is on the 1841 with Henry, Jane & Ann whom I have taken to be siblings. Martha & Mary Jane are with Richard on the 1861 as sisters. [This all appears to fit in with bap records]

son John 1819 Stoke St Gregory, Somerset & Elizabeth Trivitt (children included a son Thomas Trivitt House)
John's son Francis Trivitt House married Mary Aquillla House, daughter of Henry House & Rhoda Howe.

I have placed the latter Henry as a son of John House 1780 (John was perhaps a brother of 1785 James). John was with Jane (daughter per bap records) on 1841 at the same farm as John 1807 ( see below - who married Elizabeth Barrington). Henry & Rhoda were at an adjacent farm on the same 1841 census page. In 1861 Henry's daughter Harriett was with John's family and although not stated to be a niece, I have judged Henry & John to be brothers. Also a son of John & Jane is James 1814 per bap records.

John 1807 Long Load & Elizabeth Barrington [son of John, per marriage record]
William 1810 Long Load & Sarah (also had a son Thomas Trivitt House) [either a son of James/Elizabeth Brewer or a son of John/Jane] I have connected William to a brother Thomas Trivett House (c 1802) through Elizabeth, niece of Thomas with William in 1851.
William 1811 Stoke St Gregory & Elizabeth Barrington [son of Richard, per marriage & bap records]
James 1814 Stoke St Gregory & Ann Unknown (had a daughter Susan Trivett House)
Thomas 1815 North Curry & Anne Alloway Burnell (see notes below
Henry 1816 Stoke St Gregory & Rhoda Howe (also had a son Thomas Trivitt House)
Jane 1819 Stoke St Gregory & Robert James Barrington [daughter of John, per marriage record]
William 1820 North Curry & Louisa Buncombe Burnell

1845 - Jane House 1819, daughter of 1780 John, married Robert James Barrington, whose daughter Elizabeth Barrington married Thomas Trivitt House, 1883, son of Henry & Rhoda.
1865 - Henry & Rhoda's son, Charles Howe House - married Ellen Burnell House, daughter of Thomas & Anne.
1867 - William Barrington House, son of John & Elizabeth Barrington - married Jane House, daughter of Thomas & Anne. Jane subsequently married Thomas House (1876 in Neath), son of James 1813 & Ann.
1870 - Following the death of Thomas, Ann Alloway House, nee Burnell, married George Paddison. George Paddison was previously married to Ann House, born c 1823 North Curry. See the Horstman source re this connection.
1890 - Edward William House, son of John 1835, son of William 1810 & Sarah - married Jane House, daughter of Charles Howe House, son of Henry & Rhoda.
1894 - Annie House Westcott, daughter of Jane Kiddell House (dau of James 1814), married Henry Percival House, son of Henry & Rhoda

Also present is the family of Richard 1790 & Amelia Unknown (Richard possibly a brother of 1785 James & 1780 John)

N.B. See the note on the page of Mary Jane House re 1851 & niece Elizabeth House, born Chard. this is perhaps the Elizabeth who married Nicholas J G Harriman (see db) although we already have her at home on the 1851. Her parents William 1810 & Ann are also from Stoke St Gregory & farmers. I suggest their marriage was Q2 1840 Taunton RD - William House & Ann Barrington.

Another family in this area is headed by William House & Rebecca Cary with children:
Mary 1785
Thomas 1788
Richard 1791
Through Thomas in this family there is a Julietta Katharine House whose first marriage was to Thomas Chinn. Their son Edwin Thomas Chinn married Norah Julietta B Chipp, cousin through Julietta's sister Edith who married Tom Chipp (Chipp & Chinn - sounds like chip & pin!)

Julietta Katharine's daughter Florence Amy Chinn married Marwood Thomas House, son of William Savidge House & Sarah Ann Barwood (William Savidge being a brother of Julietta)
Believe it or not, there remain some Houses in Stoke St Gregory whom we have yet to join up!
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