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Howes Valley New South Wales Australia

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Howes Valley New South Wales Australia

Postby richardhws » December 2nd, 2016, 12:04 pm

Many thanks for the continued Monthly News
Maybe there is someone out there who is connected to the Howes of Howes Valley NSW?
Kind Regards Richard Howes
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Re: Howes Valley New South Wales Australia

Postby mardler » February 1st, 2017, 7:33 am

Oh dear, Richard. I've only just seen your note. I'm not sure I recall a Howes Valley in NSW. Where is it and can you tell us anything about it?
OK, I see from googlemaps that it's only about 30miles from Newcastle. If only I'd known about it when I was last in the area. May be a while before I get there again!
Anyone know anything about it?
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