May 2011 - Hows that?

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May 2011 - Hows that?

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Happy new month, everyone. May was an absolutely bumper month when it comes to building the database. We added an absolutely unrepeatable 3,000 people and as of earlier today had over 42,000 people in the database! One more number, because it is impressive. Every week, we upload to the web a fresh GED file. Our file this month exceeded one million lines for the first time. One million.

The two primary reasons were that my cousin, Ian, has been clearing out work that he has done over past months and my working through the 1911 census for Norfolk, adding in records and many new family members. In addition, we received a couple of GED files from new members (thank you), many fresh BMD certificates and a couple of marriage challenges from the Guild of One-Name Studies. One such, from Lymington in Hampshire, produced nearly 70 marriage details.

Also this month, we have:
- finally fixed all of the links to the 600+ certificates we have online after they went awry last winter. If you have sent in certificates and the links aren't correct, please let me know.
- added several hundred locations to the google maps that appear below most individuals' records. There are another 15,000 to go, however! Got any time to help, anyone?

In the last month, we added four people named George Washington House to the database. They were all Londoners, not Americans! The first was born in 1799. So there is no doubting the source of the name.

What's your favourite House name? Last month, we added Christmas Rose Howes. My favourite, however, is Olive Blanche Howes. What's yours?

Just a couple of days ago, we discovered that a William House went down with the Titanic in 1912. He was a steward in the first-class area. Sadly, he left a widow and six children.

The future
Over the past three years, people have asked whether we have a means of storing and displaying photographs for the individuals in our file. Recently, two people stepped forward to help manage the effort and I hope to make a further announcement in the next few weeks.
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