June 2012 - Howes that?

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June 2012 - Howes that?

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For a change, I thought we'd share a little about five individuals whom we've come across in the last month and we start with a religious flavour:

Right Reverend Peter Henry Herbert Howes, 1911-2003
We have a bishop among us. He was assitant bishop for Kuching in Malaysia and spent a large part of his life there. He was born in Suffolk to a family that originated in Thurne in Norfolk, just three miles from where I am writing! You can read a full biography on his page here:
http://howesfamilies.com/getperson.php? ... ee=Onename
I loved that even in the tropics he kept a Stilton cheese for visitors!

Minister Jabez Bunting House, 1851-1917
http://howesfamilies.com/getperson.php? ... ee=Onename
This man was a carpenter who grew up in Somerset but took the cloth in Southern Illinois. He seems to have been quite an entrepreneur, at various times running a hotel and a newspaper, and also selling remedies, but was also a Methodist Minister for many years. What makes his story particularly interesting are two or three aspects:
- he had his credentials removed (ie, he was de-frocked) in 1894 and had them returned in 1905. It is not known why he was removed from the ministry.
- nothing is known about him for the ten years when he was not a preacher
- he and his wife adopted a daughter, Maud Russell Coleman. Nothing is known about this lady's origins
If you can shed any light on this man or his daughter, please do get in touch.

Teacher, Gertrude L Howes, 1889-1967
http://howesfamilies.com/getperson.php? ... ee=Onename
I happened to spot an article in a Boston, Massachusetts newspaper about a park named after Gertrude Howes being re-opened and posted on the Howes Family Association facebook page asking if anyone knew anything about her. Thanks to another Paul Howes for taking the initiative to ask the Boston City Parks department and finding that she was a teacher who helped children learn and support the First World War effort. The Parks Dept's full reply is shown on the good lady's individual page.

Living ancestor, Margaret Howes, 1920 -
From the Western suburbs of Sydney, Australia, we saw an article celebrating this great-great-great grandmother and showing a picture of her and her latest descendent, her great-great-great grandchild Count the generation gap!
You can see the original story here: http://inner-west-courier.whereilive.co ... yet-again/
A marvellous picture and we send our congratulations to Margaret and her entire family. I don't think she and her offspring are our database. If anyone is connected to this family, please do get in touch.

Trade unionist, Paul Howes – (another one!) - 1981-
From an apprently well-ordered Australian family to a rather more dysfunctional one. This Paul Howes is a trade union leader in Australia with a particularly strong flair for self-publicity, at least judging from my daily google search results! I've been in touch with him in the past, from which I knew that he was adopted and had very little interest in any Howes forebears. Now I understand why. He's had a tough life. Read these two stories and judge for yourself.
http://www.theage.com.au/lifestyle/priv ... 210ks.html
http://aww.ninemsn.com.au/news/inthemag ... ion-secret
If you're in Australia, you can read the full story in the magazine!

For the record, we added another 1,400 people to our files this month and as of a few moments ago, we have 61,700 people with over 436,000 facts relating (unintended pun) to them. A continued thanks to everyone who has sent in trees, or given us access to their files, sent in certificates, photographs, and so on.

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