July 2012 - Howse that?

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July 2012 - Howse that?

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Hello everyone. Just a very short monthly update for July. I have been at my yacht club's regatta for a very heavy week (some of which involved sailing!) and am currently in London for a couple of days because my family and I were fortunate to get Olympic Games tickets.

Despite being away for part of the month, we have been able to add almost 1,500 people to our database and now stand at 63,193 people with almost 450,000 facts. I want to say a big thank you to correspondent Doreen, from whom we hadn't heard for a while, but who sent us a file for a Howse family (unconnected to her) containing nearly 400 people. Marvellous job! Thank you, ma'am.

Regular readers will know that we have an occasional chuckle at the occasional unfortunate names given to members of our clan. Coffee drinkers may recognize the name of Maxwell House, born in Canada in 1915 and ending his day in England 70 years later! Have you come across unusual House, Howes, Hows or Howse names?

Happy (Northern hemisphere) summer. All the best
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