Re-setting your password for the main site

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Re-setting your password for the main site

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People sometimes ask me how to re-set their password or get a new one, because they've lost the old one. It's quite easy, I hope! You need the email address you registered with (the one I send a note to every month) and the username you gave yourself.

To re-set your p/w, check the re-set password button when you log in.

If you have forgotten your password, put your email address into the 3rd box down the screen, and your user name in the 4th box. Then hit GO. You'll receive a temporary p/w which you can use to log in again, after which you can select a new one. If you can't remember your user name, just put your email address in the 3rd box only and hit GO. You'll get a note containing your username.

If you have trouble with these instructions, send an email to paul (at) howesfamilies (dot) com.
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