February 2014 - House it going?

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February 2014 - House it going?

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Four weeks ago as February began, my wife and I were having our posessions delivered to our new house in Florida. It's been an orgy of unpacking ever since but I'm pleased to say that now we are getting straight and I can spend a few hours here and there back working at our database. My colleagues Ian and Mike have been busy, though, and this month we added 870 people and passed a minor milestone: we now have over 4,000 people named Howse in our database.

Free stuff - Singapore newspapers
I've mentioned free Australian and Welsh newspapers online before. This month, thanks to a correspondent, I found Singapore newspapers online, at http://newspapers.nl.sg/. My attention was brought to this site by a correspondent who told me of a marriage in Yokohama, Japan involving a lady who would later marry a Howes. Given Singapore's situation, significance and history, it's not surprising that they published articles from across Asia and even beyond.
I found an article from 1939 describing a lion-tamer named Sidney Howes, who had been badly mauled by a lioness and went on with his show, regardless! You can see a transcript of the article here:
http://howesfamilies.com/getperson.php? ... ee=Onename

Red Howes beer
During February, my cousin Ian pointed out that I'd omitted something in my description of Red Howes beer. I must admit that I had not watched the video all the way through. So here's the link again in case you didn't, either:
http://www.metalunderground.com/news/de ... wsid=99435.
Jeff Olson reveals that Red Howes doesn't just refer to the cranberries, but also to his grandfather Elmore Greer House, whose nickname was Red! Elmore is a descendent of Thomas Howes and Mary Burr and is in our database, here: http://howesfamilies.com/getperson.php? ... ee=Onename
Has anyone tried the beer yet?

Mike Howes of Chipping Norton
I wanted to share this newspaper article because it is a super read about a super man named Howes who lived for his community and will be fondly remembered by the people whose lives he touched.
http://www.cotswoldjournal.co.uk/news/1 ... ?ref=var_0
I never met the man but thought it appropriate to share his story. Read it and marvel at how one man did so much.

Not such good Howes news
Not such good news for a couple of Howes people who made British national newspaper headlines this month. Michael Lee Howes ended up with 21 months in the slammer for stealing £50,000 from his ailing grandfather. I'm not going to link to an article about him. After the previous paragraph it's a salutary reminder that for every good'un, there's a wrong'un.
And then a young lady named Howes from Wroxham in Norfolk got a rather bad surprise when she took some heartburn tablets only to lose all her skin and nearly die. She is still with us, though, thank goodness. If, and only if, you can stomach some pretty gruesome pictures, feel free to click on this link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/artic ... blets.html

Boy Scout Silver Cross
Mention of Wroxham reminded me that a rather unusual item came up for auction in February: a Boy Scout Silver Cross for gallantry, of which fewer than 1,500 have ever been awarded. This particular medal was awarded to John (Jack) Henry Howes in 1928 after he attempted to save a friend from drowning in the river at Wroxham. The medal was presented to Jack by Lord Baden-Powell, himself. I'm afraid I don't know what happened to the medal at the auction, but you can read the story here: http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/rare_medal_ ... _1_3260935

And while on the topic of medals, we should also mention Dr John Howes who received Australia's highest award this month: the Medal of the Order of Australia, or OAM for short. Dr Howes got his for his studies into philosophy and teaching writing skills, as described here: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/nort ... 6809778511
Three people named House have won an OAM and one Howse, but until now it would appear from the list that no other Howes people have won. However, just a few days ago, I discovered that Shirley Stackhouse, the well-known writer and broadcaster on horticulture who won the award in 2005, was a Howes by birth!

Finally, if you know more about these stories or the people or families of those named, please do let me know, or point the folks themselves towards our website. Thank you
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