Howes your father? - May 2016

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Howes your father? - May 2016

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Hello everyone. This is a relatively quick and early monthly update because I am about to leave for a three day weekend of yacht racing interspersed with the occasional adult beverage at a remote spot on the Norfolk Broads. If you are at all interested in the whimsical boats we sail here, google “Thurne Mouth Open Regatta”. I've added a picture into the email pointing you to this post.

Working in our connected online world
The other reason why the post is shorter than usual is that I lost my notes. I use Evernote for this and other purposes and usually drop things in there daily. No idea how it happened but when I went in there to look one day the note was just blank. So, I opened my smartphone up, only to see the note I wanted disappear as the thing replicated with the online storage!

That made me realize a tip. IF you ever lose something that is replicated in the cloud, before you open up another device to find your copy, make sure it's disconnected from wi-fi and so on. That should at least give you a chance to see what you want and perhaps copy it and prepare an email to yourself with that copy before you reconnect to the web.

Battle of Jutland
Tuesday sees the centenary of the battle of Jutland, one of the most significant naval battles of the first world war, and I couldn't let it pass without mention. It involved most of the British and German fleets with the British getting the worst of the damage and loss of life. The British found some small solace from the fact that they had avoided a worse disaster that had been planned by the Germans. Among the 6,100 deaths for the British that day were no less than five people in our database:
Ordinary Seaman Harold House of North Petherton in Somerset
Stoker 1st Class Percival House of Melcombe Bingham in Dorset
Able Seaman Albert Howes of Birmingham
Petty Officer John Howes of Cork, in Ireland, who left two children
Ship's Steward Leonard Leopold Bridge, son of Emily Agnes Howes

Lieutenant Freddie House
While we are on the grim subject of death, while I was at the National Genealogial Society conference in Florida, I met a man from Utah who told me about having trained as a Corrections Officer at a facility named after Fred House who died in the line of duty back in 1988. In the few moments I've had to myself since then I've been tracing his family back from Utah to California, to Kansas, to Missouri and so far to Indiana in the early 1800s, and I'm not finished yet. It seems like a classic American story but I just wanted to bring to your attention that people in our peacetime security forces also die in the line of duty and to pay respects to Lt House.

Thanks to Bob
You know who you are, Bob. Thank you so much for an additional six marriage certificates this month, which you have purchased from your own pocket to help answer questions we had. So far the first three of those certificates have enabled us to link back three different strands of Howes families. Really appreciate your help, sir.

In TV personality news
We have two Howes TV personalities in the news this month:
First, Jean Howes celebrated her 90th birthday on the island of Bermuda. She was a “well-known musician and television personality” on the island, having moved there at age 2 from her native Nova Scotia. You can read her story here: ... jean-howes
I've not yet looked at her family. Anyone want to take it on?

Second, Ron Howes, a weatherman on TV in Nashville, Tennessee for many years, retired this month. If you'd like to see him perform on camera, try this link, though the pop-up ads are a little intrusive for my taste. ... -ron-howes
I've not even tried to look at this man's family either! It's Tennessee . . . is there a volunteer?

And, finally
We finished the month with a shade over 109,600 people in our database having added our usual 800 or so people. Thanks to everyone who writes in with news and even sometimes compliments!
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