Hows your father? - June 2016

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Hows your father? - June 2016

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Hello everyone. Half-way through the year already. Time seems to pass more quickly as I get older.

Let us remember them
I write this in a sombre mood, remembering that 100 years ago tomorrow began the Battle of the Somme, apart from the Battle of Hastings perhaps the single biggest disaster in British military history. On the very first day, no fewer than 19,000 British men lost their lives and over the course of the whole battle over one million men were killed or injured. So let us remember Frank Howse of Merton in Surrey and Alfred George E Howes of Marylebone in London who both perished on that first day.

For a full list of those in our database who we have identified so far as dying in the battle, please click on this link: ... y=contains

I spend my summers in England and even though I have practically given up TV in favour of genealogy, it's impossible to ignore the publicity around this event. I understand that a commemorative film has been made of the battle. You can see the trailer for it here: ... -105910205

A Howes reunion
Life does go on for the rest of us and I'm pleased to report that I got to spend a little time this month with Russell Howes, his wife Toby and their daughter, Judith. They've been very helpful to me in the past with details on their family and just happened to be holidaying just 200 yards or so from my house here in Norfolk. The previous weekend they had just spent with over 50 members of their family celebrating Russell's 90th birthday. They shared with me the following picture, featuring Russell, seated and from left, his cousins Graham and Christopher Howes, daughter Judith, sister Josephine Nicholls, son Colin and wife Toby.
Russell and Toby Howes en famille
Russell and Toby Howes en famille
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Congratulations Russell and Toby, and thank you again for your help.

Howes goings on
And while we are on the topic of anniversaries, let me note three items from my global Howes, etc news feed this month:
- Joe and Peggy Howes of Louisiana celebrate 65 years of marriage. What a wonderfully active couple they are. Check out the article here: ... _farm.html
- a Ryan Howes in Zimbabwe was reported in the Indian press as being the proud maitre d' of a swanky Harare restaurant providing food for the touring Indian cricket team. The article described him as "the Greek, Ryan Howes". Do we have Greeks among us?
- a Jonathan Howes was recently appointed Executive Chef at the New World Hotel in Beijing.

We don't have any of these people in our database, as far as I'm aware. Does anyone know them? - free stuff
You know I like to share news of free stuff when I get it! Just today, I learned of two offers from FindMyPast. For the next week, their entire immigration and Irish record collection of FindMyPast will be free to access, albeit that you'll have to register to get access. Until July 2, also, FMP is offering a 20% discount on annual subscriptions. Happy hunting.

And to finish
First a HUGE thank you to Rob Howse of Australia who was kind enough to send me a copy of the book ANZAC Doctor, a biography of Sir Neville Howse, Australia's first winner of the Victoria Cross. I've started reading it already, pulling a few extra records for his database entry!

We finished the month with 110,318 people in our database, having added a further 700 people during the month. We also passed another milestone, because we now have over 5,000 people named Howse in our database.
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