Howze your father? - August 2016

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Howze your father? - August 2016

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Hello folks. Here's the slightly late August newsletter. As noted before, it was a little quiet month for us because of my other love of sailing! We added about 650 people in the month and finished with close to 111,800 people in the file. Later today, I hope to add a few hundred more as I catch up with the work of our researchers, Mike and Ian Howes.

John F Howes, centenarian + 2
Here's the picture I promised, which my mother found for me in the Eastern Daily Press of Norfolk:
John Howes EDP picture
John Howes EDP picture
JohnHowes.jpg (116.57 KiB) Viewed 1950 times
We recently found his Japanese PoW record card at FindMyPast and have updated his record here, ... ee=Onename. If you didn't read the article from his 100th birthday, I recommend clicking on the link.
I hope that I too can enjoy a couple of pints in the pub at his age!

Alex Howes, cyclist
Our own Tour de France finisher's wikipedia article is here:
We've been trying to find a note of Alex's parents, without success, all we can find being that his father was also a cyclist. Does anyone know this family?

"Rock Star" genealogist?
I was astounded to find my name on a global list of genealogists nominated to be voted on as a "Rock Star". There are some illustrious names on that list and it's an hono(u)r just to be there. If you like the work that we do here, please would you consider voting for me/us? The link is here:
https://anglo-celtic-connections.blogsp ... g-now.html
Oh, and if you REALLY like the work we do, tell your friends!

Thanks for your continued support of this site.
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