Going round the HOUSEs - June 2017

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Going round the HOUSEs - June 2017

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Hello everyone. Half the year gone, already! Amazing. At HowesFamilies.com we are in mid-summer mode and outside activities like sailing and gardening are playing their usual havoc with our efforts to keep up with adding records to our database! This month we added just 600 new people, although we have made amendments to several hundred others as more information has headed our way. We now have 122,548 people in our master file.

My thank you to the correspondent (you know who you are!) who sent me £50 to enable me to buy five certificates from our wish list. I have put my hand in my own pocket and bought another 15, making 20. I expect them to arrive within the next week or so and help us combine what are currently separate families somewhere in out file. Will anyone else help, please? We have more than 20 certificates left on our wish list and would be very grateful for any extra help. Happy to take cheques in £ Sterling or checks in US dollars, or any currency at all via paypal.

Intriguing poem
Christopher Howse is a journalist and writer for the Daily Telegraph in the UK. (Does anyone know where he fits?) He recently wrote an article about the following poignant poem in the church of St Matthew in Langford in Oxfordshire, which dates from the 1690s.
Within this Little Howse
Three Howses Lye:
John Howse, James Howse,
the short-lived twinns & I,
Anne, of John Howse once the
Endeared wife,
Who lost mine owne to give
those Babes their Life.
We three though Dead yet
Speak and put in Mind
The Husband Father whome
wee left behind
That we were Howses only
made of Clay
And Called-for Could no
Longer with Him stay,
But were Layd Here, to take
our Rest and Ease,
By death who taketh whome
and where he please.

Howse notes that it was customary to spell the word House as Howse in Oxfordshire at the time. I have checked our records and we do not yet have anyone from the parish of Langford in our database. Oxfordshire parish records are online courtesy of Ancestry.com, Is there anyone with an Ancestry subscription who would like to reconstruct this family for us?

Unidentified family photograph
Is there anyone who recognizes the people in this picture, sent in to us by Ken Howes?
Photo courtesy of Ken Howes
Photo courtesy of Ken Howes
Old_Photo Unknown Howes.jpg (39.49 KiB) Viewed 1503 times
We think it is a group of descendants of the family of Joseph Howes 1827 of Hackleton in Northamptonshire, but cannot figure out which. Any ideas?

From murderer to minister in two generations
I receive a daily news feed of obituaries via an online site. It makes me feel guilty because usually I don't have the time to deal with them and just delete the daily note, knowing that there's an online reference to them which awaits my attention, although before deleting, I do try to check to see whether the people are already in our database.

Just occasionally I risk taking the details from the obit and trying to build a family back. I say risk, because often it takes two or three days to do a good job and it stops me from doing much else while I am working on it. One such came through recently, for a Loren Gaylord House of Brockton in Massachusetts. He was a church minister.

In tracing his family back I came upon his grandfather's record at findagrave.com. John Henry House 1857-1924 was married no fewer than five times, though I can only find records of four marriages. Two of his wives left him, and two died in mysterious circumstances. Wife #3 died by hanging, ruled suicide. Wife #5 was believed to have been murdered by John and the police arrested him. He then hanged himself in his cell. All a bit gruesome, really, but amazing that one of his grandsons should have become a “man of the cloth”.

Another Howes clockmaker
I have mentioned before the family of Suckling Howes, a clockmaker from Norfolk. This month we came across reference to two more: William Howes and his son John, who plied their trade at Temple Bar in London in the 18th century. You can see an example of William's fine handiwork here: http://www.londonclocks.co.uk/william-h ... clock.html

Other Howes/etc in the news
- Mahkyla Howes of Sierra Vista in Arizona is one impressive young woman who is doing her best to recover after a paralyzing fall in the local mountains. You can read her inspiring story here:
http://www.svherald.com/free_access/a-n ... 37f21.html
- Jean Howes of Kamloops in British Columbia came across a half-finished project by her mother dating from the 1970s and finished the job to co-incide with Canada's 150th birthday. The final product looks marvellous. Check out the full story here: https://www.kamloopsthisweek.com/o-cana ... nerations/
- Winston Howes of Gloucestershire and his Heart of Oak tribute to his wife
We first brought this story to you 4 or 5 years ago, but it's so lovely and has been doing the rounds again over the past few weeks, even making the Japanese press! He's actually Frederick Winston Howes and he is in our database. Read the story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -wife.html

yDNA needed – Dorset and Norfolk
Are there any male HOUSEs from Dorset families, or male HOWESes from families descending from Brandon Parva or Besthorpe in Norfolk reading this? Or do you know a man from one of these lines? We would dearly love to have their yDNA to add to our project at FamilyTreeDNA. There are some problems in reconstructing Dorset families which we think can be sorted out using male DNA and for the Besthorpe/Brandon Parva lines in Norfolk, we want to establish the DNA profile for those lines, in case other males test later from elsewhere in the world. Both of these Howes lines go way back and if you have that DNA, you have something special! Please do read the page on DNA which we have written at http://howesfamilies.com/histories/dnastudy.php and remember that we can get prices on DNA tests which are not available anywhere else. Let me know if you would like to proceed.

Thanks for listening, folks!
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