Going round the HOWESes - May 2018

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Going round the HOWESes - May 2018

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Hello everyone. For the first time in several months we added more than a thousand people to our database, finishing with over 133,500 people. A significant part of that came in the form of two sizeable House trees, from correspondents Jessica and Barry. One of them joins up with the German Haus/Hous tree and one with that of the House family of Eastwell in Kent. Thank you folks. In addition I submitted two proposals to talk about our One-Name Study at the RootsTech show in Salt Lake City next year. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!

Twice married, to the same person
Many congratulations to Trevor and Marlene Howes, both from Bristol in Gloucestershire but now across the Severn Bridge in Monmouthshire. This is such a great romantic story that I had to put it first. I can see from my scheduled daily internet search results that this particular piece of news has been rumbling around the world for the last two weeks; so apologies if you have seen it before. Anyway, read on:
http://www.theforestreview.co.uk/articl ... hyear=2018 or watch the video here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/v ... marry.html
Remember the farmer with the heart-shaped clearing in the forest he had planted in memory of his deceased wife? He was from the same area. Are West Country people more romantic, or just better at telling other people about it?!

And another video
I nearly forgot to mention that my friend, Bob Cumberbatch, and I recorded a webinar to promote the Guild of One-Name Studies. Bob and I talked about publicizing our studies, and in part to do exactly that as well as the Guild we have agreed to make the webinar publicly available in front of the Guild's pay wall. So if you would like to hear a little about how we do it and hear some of Bob's great stories, click here: https://one-name.org/2018-webinar-series-no-6/.
Guild webinars are open to the public. If you'd like to see the agenda for future sessions, click here: https://one-name.org/guild-webinar-series-2018/

If you want something done, ask a busy person
Godfrey Howes of South Africa is one of nature's busy people with a list of accomplishments under his belt, as you can see here: https://www.talkofthetown.co.za/2018/05 ... -woodwork/. Not only has he set up two businesses, but has taken on a series of local and national volunteer tasks and yet he has still had time for his hobby: what my dad used to call fretwork. Take a look at the picture to see the beautiful clock he has made.
see weblink for picture credit
see weblink for picture credit
GodfreyJHowes.jpg (40.68 KiB) Viewed 1337 times
I'm kind of glad he hasn't had a passion for family history or our own efforts would have been outclassed!

Councillor Alan Howes, RIP
I didn't know him, but it is clear from the obituary in his local paper, that to many people over the years, Alan was a royal nuisance, but he clearly knew his own mind and stuck to his guns. "He was a stubborn, cantankerous old git . . . . I'm proud to have known him" - those words are a lovely obit from a colleague and food for thought. What will people say about us? Read the rest of his story here:
https://theisleofthanetnews.com/tribute ... lan-howes/

Thirteen Golden Rules
If you have gotten this far through our monthly newsletter you must be pretty keen on family history too. So I thought I would share these thirteen golden rules which I spotted this month, published by gotogenealogy.com of California.
http://gotgenealogy.com/wp-content/uplo ... -Rules.pdf

I have just two observations that I'd like to add to those excellent rules:
1) four eyes are always better than two - get your work checked. We're very happy when people question our findings. Sometimes we get it wrong and are glad to be corrected.
2) no-one pursues their own family like a family member. We can do our best, but you know your families better than we do. You know details we cannot find and you have more energy to pursue those missing data points.

These are why we are so glad for your help. Keep it coming. Thank you for your continued support.
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