Putting our House in order - November 2019

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Putting our House in order - November 2019

Post by mardler » November 28th, 2019, 7:14 am

Happy thanksgiving for our American readers, and sorry to the Canadians whose feast I missed last month. I've decided to cut November short so that I can have some family time over the next few days. I might still do some genealogy, but I don't want the feeling of HAVING to write the newsletter hanging over me!

RootsTech in Salt Lake City in February 2020
Preparation for the next conference is now fully under way!

The good folks at RootsTech have announced their first keynote speaker in the form of David Kennerly. Who, you may ask? I did, I admit!
Here is the first paragraph of his Wikipedia article: "David Hume Kennerly (born March 9, 1947) is an American photographer and photojournalist. He won the 1972 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography for his portfolio of photographs taken of the Vietnam War, Cambodia, East Pakistani refugees near Calcutta, and the Ali-Frazier fight in Madison Square Garden on March 8, 1971. He has also photographed every American president since Richard Nixon." We've all seen his work! With the things he has seen and people he has met, I'm certain that he has many interesting stories to tell.

So, now for my big news. Remember that I gave away a free ticket for RootsTech Salt Lake City and again in London? Well, I have another one available for Salt Lake City, thanks to the organizers. I've decided to go completely open for the draw for the pass this time. All you need to do is click on this link and follow the instructions: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=193.
If for some reason the link doesn't work, go to the top of this page, click on Site Newsletters 2019 and then on the RootsTech piece.
Please do feel free to tell your friends about our giveaway.

Where we stand at end-November
Despite a shorter than normal month, we've still added over 1,000 people to the database. With shorter nights too up here in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope to keep up at least that level for the next few months.
This month , one extraordinary woman jumped off the pages at me as I entered her data: Lillian Lucilla Howes of Maine (https://howesfamilies.com/getperson.php ... ee=Onename). She was already divorced by the time she married for a second time, at the age of 17! Yes, you read that correctly! Amazing.
And, after I came back to Florida from the UK, I met with a John Howes who's probably the most local correspondent to me. Yes, it was us wearing those Howes Lube t-shirts! John has since been providing me with lots of data on his own and other families.

The biggest news for us longer run came from some discussions between me and the Dennis Historical Society. The Dennis referred to is the town on Cape Cod where the Howes clan has nearly four hundred years of history. The Historical Society (https://www.dennishistoricalsociety.org/) is very active and among other things is the publisher of Howes Genealogy, written by Colonel Bob Howes in 2006 as a totally updated and revised version of the original book by Joshua Crowell Howes which dates from 1892. I'm very pleased to say that the Society has given us permission to use the information in the book and recast it into the same format that we use for everyone. As a result, I've already changed the source citation for the book to include the words "used with the permission of the Dennis Historical Society" and have already started to add a few people from the book.

This will be a major effort for us over several years, I suspect. And even then, that's just a start, because we will need to add information from censuses, vital records, obituaries, and so on. Do you have a copy of that book, or access to it in a local library? Might you be willing to do a little transcription for us, please?

DNA project
HINT: yDNA tests are going very cheap, right now: only US$99 per test, only available from ftdna.com. (This is not the Ancestry/23&Me type test.)
DOUBLE HINT: Christmas is coming!

The results are in from the yDNA test of the first male Howes descendant of Thomas Howes and Mary Burr, the original Howes couple to settle on Capa Cod. I do not want to say too much at this point because "one swallow doesn't make a summer", but let's just say that Brian Howes and I (as the DNA project admins) are encouraged. That leads directly to my next pleas,

If you are also a male Howes descended from that Thomas, please would you consider taking a yDNA test?
If you are a male Howes whose family hails from BRANDON PARVA or BESTHORPE in Norfolk, please would you consider taking a yDNA test?
Actually, we'd be very happy for any man named HOUSE, HOWES, HOWSE, HOWS or HOWZE to take the test!

Ladies, I'm sorry, but you do need a y-chromosome to take this test. If you know a man who fits one of the above categories, please encourage him to take it.

And in other news
- I'm on MyHeritage's mailing list and I don't want to over promote one commercial service over the others, but this is free! MyHeritage has put a LOT of its educational materials online for all to use. Check it out here: https://education.myheritage.com/?utm_c ... i=78978361.

- I became friends on Facebook with British actor Tony Howes after finding an article about him in a newspaper from Northampton, his home town, where he was about to star in an old time music hall show. “I was born in the wrong era,” Tony quips, “I’ve always had a love of the old school music hall. If I had been born in that era, I’d have been a household name... like Domestos!” (North American readers: read, Clorox!) You can tell he has a good sense of humour. You can see Tony's picture and the full article here: https://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/what ... -1-9133781. I see he has moved on since then and is now in pantomime in Portsmouth.

- Here's a curious piece about a new feature film being shot in Wales and Western England by an Adam Howes, among others. I can't place Adam in our file. Does anybody know him or has anyone seen his film? https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/loc ... -premiere/

- Mrs H and I became grandparents last month and I got to see my granddaughter for the first time last weekend. Thanks to my elder son and especially Mrs H jr! Welcome, Adella Mollie!

Thank you for your continuing support, folks.

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Re: Putting our House in order - November 2019

Post by mardler » November 28th, 2019, 5:52 pm

Thanks to correspondents Mike and Stephen, who have already pointed out that Adam Howes's details are here:


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