Man about the Hows - August 2022

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Man about the Hows - August 2022

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Hello everyone. Classic August for me: 31 days in the month and I’ve been out and about racing my boat on the Norfolk Broads for 19 of them! So we only added about 650 people this month. We finished on 198,379 people, just 1,621 short of the major milestone I’ve been talking about for a couple of months now. We’ve had lovely weather here, though for the last few days the wind has swung back to the North East. Coming in straight off the cool North Sea, just as it did for the springtime months. Ah well.

This month’s newsletter has a lot of content about individuals. Remember the proverbial number 9 bus? You don’t see one for an hour and then three turn up at once! Well, stories about people with our name are a bit like that. Some months are very quiet and some months, like this one, are super busy. So I’m taking full advantage!

Captain Harold Edward Howse
In the past couple of days my attention was drawn to a post on the Facebook page for the UK “MoD Detectives”. This is a team researching old soldiers for the UK Ministry of Defence. They wanted to get in touch with the extended family of this man, who hailed from South Africa. Within 24 hours, they posted that they had succeeded. I’d just like to ask whether there is anyone from the man’s family who is reading this and, if so, could you get in touch? A) I’m just curious what the MoD wanted!, and B) we have a number of questions ourselves about the man’s brothers and what happened to them.

Howes man climbs for charity
Here’s a heart-warming story about Englishman, Alex Howes, who was left partly paralyzed 30 years ago, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya to raise money for the British Heart Foundation in memory of his brother who died last year. Well done, sir. We salute you.

Saddle up with Heath Howes
Here’s another man who has overcome adversity to make a successful career, following his father into making saddles in Colorado, while always thinking about the deeper meaning of what he is doing. Here’s the soundtrack of the interview about how he got into his trade. ... dhd-video/

Funny, but as I looked into his history, I spotted that one of his male ancestors was a cabinet maker in 19th century central London. Although rural Colorado is wildly different than urban London, there is a strong similarity in the creativity and customer service required by each job. Was it already in his blood? You decide.

In Calgary? Fancy a traditional English beer?
While writing to me on another matter, John House from Calgary mentioned that his son, Simon, and daughter-in-law, Judy, are starting a new venture: a traditional Dorset pub/restaurant in Western Canada! Simon was born in Dorset which no doubt adds a little more authenticity to the hostelry. Oh, and did I mention that they have their own brewery?! If you are in the area, do check out their facebook page at

Farther West, Janis Howes wins an art competition
Here is her lovely painting of Trumpeter Swans
Janis Howes' "Trumpeter Swans of Skagit Valley Farmlands" won the Puget Sound Bird Fest Poster Art Contest
Janis Howes' "Trumpeter Swans of Skagit Valley Farmlands" won the Puget Sound Bird Fest Poster Art Contest
Swans.jpg (35.57 KiB) Viewed 706 times
Please note that I have used the image on the basis of ‘fair use” and want to give full credit to Janis and to the Puget Sound Bird Fest.
And here is the story: ... 23445.html

Skyler Howes has more two-wheeled success
Now we swing South to the American desert where Skyler Howes, often featured in these pages, has won the longest off-road motorcycle race in the US, from Las Vegas to Reno. Here is that story: ... sert-race/

And finally, a personal note
I will be giving a talk about this study to other members of the Guild of One-Name Studies on September 14th at 7:30pm BST. That’s 2:30pm EDST, 11:30am PDST, and so on. Guild webinars are open to members of the public. If you would like to register to watch, please feel free to click on the button at the bottom of this page:
I’m not certain but I believe that the recording will be available for public view after the event too.
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