Putting our House in order - December 2023

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Putting our House in order - December 2023

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Hello everyone. I wish all of our readers a very happy and prosperous new year. Thank you for your help and support in our quest. We know we cannot finish it alone.

This is a very short report, since I am on a sailing yacht off the coast of the island of St Lucia visiting with some long-term friends. The internet connection is pretty good but I don’t want to burn up my friend’s bandwidth too much!

Our progress to date
December turned out to be an ‘almost month”! We have almost reached 210,000 people in our database – just 26 people short. And in monitoring English and Welsh marriages from 1837 to 1980, there are 33,763 marriages for people named Howes/Howse/House, Howis and Hows. Of that number, we have added over 27,500 into our database. And of that number we have 11,240 where we know both the data and the place, almost 1/3 of all the marriages.
We have, of course, added many, many thousands of other marriages for children of House/etc people, not just in England and Wales.
On our monster project to work through the English and Welsh marriages for the same time period and add more details where we can find them, we are now up to 1913.

In other news
- Sarah Agaton Howes failed to win the design for the new Minnesota state flag, which process we mentioned last month.
- A young lady from Norwich in England named Grace Howes helped the new Queen Camilla set up the Christmas Tree at the latter’s home at Clarence House in London. You can see more about Grace’s story here: https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/23981324.g ... tmas-tree/
- Here’s a lovely story about an octogenarian, named Michael House, who played the fiddle for his grandson’s wedding in Northern Quebec province. We were especially glad to have found this reference as Mr Google doesn’t sort out many articles about people named House for us. See more here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/cr ... -1.7040999
We know nothing about the man concerned other than what is in the article. Does anyone know of him?

Native American connections
So now we have three connections of our name to native North Americans:
- Sarah Agaton Howes is from the Ojibwe people in modern day Minnesota
- This Michael House is from the Cree people in Northern Quebec
- There are many descendants of Joseph Howse of Cirencester (in England) among the native tribes of Western Canada.

Anyway, that’s it for 2023, folks. Thanks again for all your support.
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