Keeping Howse - January 2024

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Keeping Howse - January 2024

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Happy new month, everyone. It was a very strange January for me. I took some time off! Seriously! Our new year started in St Lucia, in a lovely quiet 'hurricane hole" called Marigot Bay. At least it was quiet after a 20-minute barrage of fireworks, echoing off the steep hillsides all around! Mrs H and I needed a rest. Some friends of ours who had just sailed their yacht across the Atlantic asked us if we would spend a week aboard with them. It would have been rude not to! And then we had a quiet week in a hotel, to take a rest from taking a rest.

Our monthly progress
So, you can see why productivity has been way down this month! We have added over 800 people, though, finishing on 210,829. We've been busy extending families on both sides of the Atlantic. We've been dealing with correspondence from all corners of the world, it seems. I've given three presentations here in Florida (two on Irish research and one on British) and a friend has asked me to do some research on his family, for which he will pay me, which is great because that's a significant way to help fund our certificate buying program. It means I don't have to beg so often!

With all that, something had to give, and it is my monster project of checking England and Wales marriages where I still haven't finished 1913! I have to remind myself that there are only a set number of hours in the day!

One family serving the community
One of our team, Mike, is an ex-Guardsman and ex-policeman. He shared with us a photograph he'd found of two brothers and one wife as part of one police unit. The photo dates from 1980 and was in a magazine called Venture dedicated to police in the Cleveland area of North Yorkshire in England. The people are Douglas Howes (top left), Gordon Howes, his brother (right centre) and Douglas's wife Judith (front right).
Actually C Relief, I'm told by those in the know!
Actually C Relief, I'm told by those in the know!
B_relief_Middlesbrough.jpg (116.71 KiB) Viewed 479 times
Are there any other examples out there of multiple Howes/House/etc people in a group serving others? Send'em in!

Howes in the News
Apparently, there is a person called Lee Howes who works for the British cosmetic company called Lush. He, or she, had had some ideas about which fragrances might lead to good fortune in the amorous department and shared them with the New York Post, always ready for such articles. With Valentine's Day coming up I pass it on with no comment at all as to whether they might work. Try them out, by all means, but please don't send in your stories! ... -inviting/

I cheated a little. We only had one item from the news this month and that was it! Either there wasn't much, or I wasn't paying the right level of attention! And, once again, my apologies to members of the House clan: if anyone can figure out how to do a search for that name without getting twenty references to buildings for each actual person, please do let me know.

I've decided not to go to Salt Lake City for RootsTech this year, or to be an Ambassador for them. I will, however, be watching from home, at least for the first two days: Feb 29 and March 1. It's great value, because it's free! And they do a super job. Check out

Oh, and finally, if you are in Florida and want to see my presentation on Irish research, check out St Augustine Genealogy Society on March 2 and South East Volusia County Genealogy Society on March 3. Both societies meet in their respective libraries.

Thanks for all your support, folks. Paul
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