January 2009

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January 2009

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Two or three things, folks, for a quick update:
#1 - as of a few minutes' time there will be more than 10,000 separate individuals listed on the site! A real milestone worth marking with an email. Thanks to everyone for contributing information on their families. I'm "feelin' groovy", and showing my age!

#2 - I just now posted on the Bulletin Board two messages from a lady with Howes roots in West Norfolk who needs a bit of help with sorting out her heritage. This is a typical kind of question that I've been answering myself by email but with her permission I'm posting it on the board to try to make the whole site more collaborative in future. If you can help, please chime in. If you want to ask your own questions, please go right ahead. 63 heads have got to be better than mine only!!

#3 - I am due to give evidence to a committee of the British House of Lords in ten days. So I'm going to keep my head down for a few days to give myself time to prepare. I will answer emails, but perhaps not as quickly as usual. (OK, just in case you are interested and want to know more, go here:

Best regards to all
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