October 2009

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October 2009

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Very quick update from me this month, folks. Autumn is taking a hold. Nights are drawing in, at least for those of us in the North. My crew and I have had a pretty enjoyable, windy, boozy and, yes, even successful summer in Melinda (still two more competitive weekends to go!) but now thoughts are turning again to family history.

Lots has been happening over the summer, just more slowly than usual. We're now all the way up to 16,500 people in the database with 116 registered users. What have I been up to when not sailing?
- Cheryl from Utah has been through the baptism registers for Catfield, Norfolk. She organized it and sent it to me in several tranches. We were able to confirm and refine previous sources and now have the 150 or so Howeses from that village completely nailed. Half the Howses came from the neighboring village of Ludham in the 1600s, but the other half came from somewhere yet to be found!
- I've had numerous small updates from people around the world, and Gloucestershire(!), for which thanks.
- I have continued to work on the Worcestershire Howeses, as before, though I suspended that when I:
- started plundering Ancestry.com's London Metropolitan Archives, probably the best single resource to go on the web since they started census transcripts. There are issues with accuracy, I know, but to have 200 years of parish registers on line and indexed is fabulous. There are 2,200+ Howes marriages, even without Hows's and Howses!

Unfortunately, during the last month or so, a lot of Russian "cockroaches" have invaded the Forum. We suddenly had 3,500 users, most of whom seemed to think we have a rather greater interest in viagra than family history! I've had to start the forum again from scratch. I do have a backup which I will reinstate when I can. Meantime, if you want to post, do register again. It's a bit more tricky than before, but it will keep the roaches out!

All the best

PS I nearly closed without asking again for help! I have lots of things that I'd love to get done. Some are big. Many are small. Most don't need a paid subscription to a website, though some do. Howes about it? Can you help?
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