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Notable People » Captain Victor Tolubiev Howes (1822 - 1907) - Sailor and artist

Captain Victor Tolubiev Howes (1822 - 1907) - Sailor and artist

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Victor Tolubiev was the son of Yarmouth pilot, John Howes.  He was a Captain of clipper ships and veteran of the Far East.  After spending a life at sea, he retired to the Norfolk village of Thurlton where he painted pictures such as the one of the mail packet off Eastbourne shown here to the right.

From an internet message board in 2001:
"I am looking to find a link between the English family LIBBIS, a possible connection with a German family name Liebitz (could sound the same), and the Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia, wife of the ill-fated Paul I.
Georgiana Libbis married Nicolai Tulubiev (several spellings in English) in 1799 in Great Yarmouth.
Nicolai had been admitted to the Portsmouth Naval School on the direct personal intervention of the Empress.
In 1823 the Empress sent a letter of condolence to John Libbis, father of Georgiana, after, it seems, Georgiana, Nicolai and their son Victor were all deceased.
Nicolai and Georgiana had a baby called FEODOSIA shortly after their marriage -- surely named for the Empress.
I want to know more, more, more about young Nicolai, his family and what happened to him. Thanks, Mary
Does anyone have any ideas please?
Victor's mother's maiden name was Libbis.   This appears to explain the origin of the Russian middle name.  

Names of ships on which he was master or commander:
- 1847 - 1848: Chinese junk "LITTLE CATHERINE". Wrecked in Tonkin Bay
- 1851 - 1857: Chief Mate, Master from 1853 of HEMPSYKE, 665 tons; May 6-7 London - August 1853 voyage to Port Philip
- 1857: Master of KENT, 815 tons
- 1857-1864: Master of BURLINGTON, East India trade
- 1865 - 1866: Master of HIMALAYA, East India trade
- 1867 - 1870: Master of CLYDE, 1140 tons Voyages London-Calcutta with troops
- "ALBERT" (mission ship, abt. 1890)

More detail on Captain Howes can be found here: http://tpagar.wix.com/just


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