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Notable People » Thomas Howes (c1590 - 1665) - First Howes immigrant to the US

Thomas Howes (c1590 - 1665) - First Howes immigrant to the US

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Patriarch of a huge US family stemming from his emigration to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637 with his wife Mary Burr on the Mayflower III.

The following text was provided by Al Howes of the Howes Family Association and I thank him for it.  Many people, especially those from outside the US, think that the US has become a terribly litigious society.  What Al's vignette shows is that it was ever thus!



Thomas & Mary left England in 1636 (maybe 1635 by some records).  “He was in Salem in 1635” Source: SWIFT in “OLD YARMOUTH” Pg 428) Cape Cod Library

Mary was pregnant and gave birth on ship, Mayflower III, as well as caring for two sons, Joseph, 7 years and Thomas, 3 or 4 years.

Soon after arriving in Salem, Massachusetts they settled in what is now Lynnfield.  Thomas was a yeoman Farmer.


“On June 1, 1638, an earthquake caused considerable damage to property and alarm to people and lasted for about four minutes.  It was followed by less severe shocks during the succeeding weeks.”   SOURCE: History of Lynn V.I Lewis-Newhall : 974.462 L18 L3.1 V1


James Haines V. Mr Howes and Mr. Hawkes

Mr. Houlgrave V. Th. House (spelling)

Mr. Houlgrave V. Tho. Howes, trespass

Abraham Temple V. Ye worshipful Mr. John Humpreys, Mr. Hows (sp) and Mr. Hanks

VERDICT FOR PLAINTIFF, Two Bushel of Corn + 5 shillings


Same Court more trouble:

Hugh Brown V. Tho. Howes, Trespass

James Moulton V. Mr. Howes + Mr. Hauks , Trespass

Jame Hinds V. Mr. Hows + Mr Hauks , Trespass

Henry Skerry V. Mr. Howes + Mr. Hauks , Trespass

  VERDICT FOR PLAINTIFF,  Amounted to 22 Bushel Corn, 12s 6p + 20s costs


A bushel of corn was worth 2 pounds, average income as reported in ‘Salem Town Journal’ was 10 pounds. Thomas and his horse (with no name mentioned) were fined a months income after just arriving from England!


NOTE Sept 25, 1638 - These verdicts were delivered in SALEM : But THEN >


December 18, 1638 - PLYMOUTH COLONY COURT  - “Mr.  John Crow and Mr. Thomas Howes, of Mattachesse, otherwise called Yarmouth, took oath of allegiance to King and of fidelity to Government.” 

-- January 7, 1638-9 A grant of land made to Thomas Howes in PLYMOUTH COLONY COURT  


- February 29, 1938-9  RICHARD WALKER of Lynn sued ____ Howes, Planter, Late of Lynn and then of Mattachesse, for damages sustained by him as surety for Howes a debt to Samuel Smith - 30 bushel of corn and 10s costs.


Poor Mary, what was she thinking?  “ Wish I stayed in England?”


Respectfully submitted by,

Albert James Howes, 11th Generation

Web manager: http://thomashowesgeneology.multiply.com/



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